How a video game can invade your dreams


  1. Sir cat

    Sir catIl y a 7 jours

    I just had a weird fever dream about tetris

  2. becca moses

    becca mosesIl y a 26 jours

    there’s a very good song about Tetris brain

  3. JeralDiePie

    JeralDiePieIl y a 3 mois

    I'm Chilean (Spanish Languaged) but I can understand every word without even using the Subtitles :D Reply this comment with a "YACT" (You Already Commented This), if I, bruh, I already said it, because I can't seem to find the last comment

  4. Chloe Dysart

    Chloe DysartIl y a 3 mois

    That explains why I dreamt about stardew valley lol

  5. Ivys Meadow

    Ivys MeadowIl y a 4 mois


  6. Capslok23342

    Capslok23342Il y a 4 mois

    boys, i can load older saves of my own dreams.

  7. Cosmic Catplant

    Cosmic CatplantIl y a 6 mois

    I dream of bloodborne monsters sometimes

  8. Ruby Parker

    Ruby ParkerIl y a 8 mois

    I mean this is neat and all but it's a little bit frightening to me as someone with really detrimental adhd that video games literally plan how to engross players for as long as possible it's already so hard to switch off and do other things I don't like that at all...

  9. Kazuma - kun

    Kazuma - kunIl y a 9 mois

    I'm getting in the zone just watching this.

  10. Felix C

    Felix CIl y a 9 mois

    I used to regularly have The Tetris Effect for Pokémon Go-it was pretty interesting

  11. Thuliumify

    ThuliumifyIl y a 11 mois

    That transition at the beginning 😍

  12. Tyrant Ib

    Tyrant IbIl y a 11 mois

    God it hurt to watch that Tetris gameplay

  13. Takeshi

    TakeshiIl y a 11 mois

    Tetris’ bizarre adventure

  14. Zhin Hoang

    Zhin HoangIl y a an

    Omg i have been dreaming about tetris for 2 weeks now because i have been replaying it for a month

  15. Lunablivion

    LunablivionIl y a an

    Been having it a lot thanks to KH3 lately lol

  16. Paul Maria

    Paul MariaIl y a an

    After playing Borderlands three days straight I only had dreams about war and shootings. It was like experiencing Vietnam flashbacks and was kinda creepy. You know, blood and limbs flying here and there

  17. Whatzit Tuuyah

    Whatzit TuuyahIl y a an

    I once fell asleep while playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, and as I was slipping into that dream state I vividly dreamt that I was playing Yoshi's Island on the GBA. So vividly, in fact, that it took me _months_ to figure out which game I had actually been playing and which one was the dream.

  18. Starry Handfish

    Starry HandfishIl y a an

    not to be that snotty guy but i'm genuinely curious how the amnesiacs told anyone what they saw in the hypnagogic state. did they pull themselves out of it immediately?

  19. Goosh Buddy

    Goosh BuddyIl y a an

    i get this with fire emblem's chapter maps, but also when fully awake and zoning out it also happens with any other simplistically styled video games im currently obsessed with

  20. _I'm Not Loss_

    _I'm Not Loss_Il y a an

    Short video gets ad revenue the game


    LETHAOINKIl y a an

    I’ve been doing math at school for 13 years, don’t see it in my dreams at all

  22. Jesse David Watson

    Jesse David WatsonIl y a an

    i got the tetris effect a lot with factorio when i used to play it all the time

  23. Abyssal

    AbyssalIl y a an

    I got it with the gta sirens

  24. Starnet 96

    Starnet 96Il y a an

    Same happened to me with Candy Crush lol

  25. inceptional

    inceptionalIl y a an

    I really wish this was on the other VR systems. I really want to try it on my Rift.

  26. Ellis Dee

    Ellis DeeIl y a an

    I get the Tetris effect with chess whenever I play too much of it

  27. Catriona of Doom

    Catriona of DoomIl y a an

    I played Minecraft every day for several months and eventually it entered my dreams. The world around me would be made of Minecraft blocks. At that point I realised that I was probably playing too much and just about stopped xD

  28. caty restrepo

    caty restrepoIl y a an

    But then why don't I dream about my phone

  29. TheGhosthunter 267

    TheGhosthunter 267Il y a an

    I wonder did they do it only to adults and not children too or they did both? I wonder if it will effect children too


    DR4GONDUDEIl y a an

    I have had plenty of time where I've been playing a game for hours and when I close my eyes I see elements from that game. The only time I've dreamed a game is when I was playing minecraft all the time. I had minecraft dreams.

  31. RoboLeezardLord

    RoboLeezardLordIl y a an

    I used to play Rez on my ps2 a lot as a kid, and i used to have nightmares and dreams of being in the game back then too. Every now and then i still get them and it's always been a bizarre thing with me. So happy they brought it back in VR

  32. Philippe Fanaro

    Philippe FanaroIl y a an

    These harvard professors should have played Go (baduk or weiqi) instead. The impact and visions are much stronger. I could easily see stones while daydreaming, with no sounds or funky images to the game.

  33. Gnokx Fastpaw

    Gnokx FastpawIl y a an

    nick robinson already talked about this but ok

  34. Darren & Stacia Johnson

    Darren & Stacia JohnsonIl y a an

    I absolutely drilled through loz twilight princess and throughout my gaming day in and day out i dreamed only of twilight princess.

  35. Kevin

    KevinIl y a an

    I played skyrim for days straight and I couldn't sleep because i kept seeing Skyrim UI interfaces in my tired reality

  36. SwallowFox

    SwallowFoxIl y a an

    I dont get tetris effect, like tetris isnt hard if youre not playing against someone else. It just feels like this game was made for seriously casual players (and I dont say that lightly because I consider myself a casual player but I just dont get tetris effect) or its more of a 'visual experience' than a game

  37. Ryan Robert Amado

    Ryan Robert AmadoIl y a an

    You call it Tetris Effect... I call it the blocks when defragmenting a hard drive... We're living in a simulation...

  38. triplebutt

    triplebuttIl y a an

    Great vid but you make it sound like that one mind control video game that took over the Enterprise in Star Trek

  39. Adam Wylan

    Adam WylanIl y a an

    There was a point in my life where I was playing a lot of chess and the Tetris effect was happening like crazy. I would dream about moves constantly

  40. Gunchaman684 CH.

    Gunchaman684 CH.Il y a an

    I really like this game so much. And of course! This video too.

  41. Chris Ang

    Chris AngIl y a an

    No lie. I used to play a lot of Tetris when I was younger. When I was a kid, I had recurring dreams of the game but the blocks were massive and I was at the bottom of them as they descended.

  42. pureOwarrior

    pureOwarriorIl y a an

    Does it have online mode?

  43. ultra lord

    ultra lordIl y a an

    I've been getting Tetris effect with tekken. Combos.. so many combos...

  44. ultra lord

    ultra lordIl y a an

    I bought this game last night around 12am and I literally played until 6am. Like wtf happened to the time???

  45. Brent Allen

    Brent AllenIl y a an

    Being new to the PS4 after a long history of PC gaming, the sensation of my controller pulsing to the beat of the music was a super effective and welcome addition to the Tetris experience for me.

  46. Sook

    SookIl y a an

    Hey guys, not sure if anyone has commented on this yet, but that MRI at about 2:40 has a massive lesion on it. Hopefully that got checked out.

  47. syntheticgerbil

    syntheticgerbilIl y a an

    Remember when Polygon wasn't boring?

  48. ash !!

    ash !!Il y a an

    when i first got puyo puyo i dreamed about tetris for ages! also when i was obsessed with breath of the wild, i would be out in public and see odd things and think “is that a korok seed?”

  49. Honcho

    HonchoIl y a an

    i want to live in minecraft

  50. Alexis Kerst

    Alexis KerstIl y a an

    I played through Portal & Portal 2 for the first time in a single sitting one Saturday and when I finally got up I hallucinated portals on my walls for a period of time. It was great

  51. Abyssal

    AbyssalIl y a an

    I played gta while suffering from a severe two week long period of insomnia, even after I fixed my sleep I could still hear the LSPD sirens, I thought I was going insane, at the time i was also suffering from a sleep deprivation induced daze, even the sound of crickets nearly got stuck in my head, but i can't describe how maddening hearing sirens in your head is.

  52. Yassir Rossel

    Yassir RosselIl y a an

    When i play a game a lot and then i go to sleep, i dream about playing the game xd

  53. The Sleyer

    The SleyerIl y a an

    Man, whenever i see this game all I can think of is this would give me such a migraine.

  54. B Kelly

    B KellyIl y a an

    I had dreams of the Windows 95 capture the flag game Hover! years after I had even played it. It's amazing how video game maps can incorporate into your long term memory almost as if they are real places you have been to.

  55. jodoesflute

    jodoesfluteIl y a an

    I used to get this with DDR!

  56. Eydril

    EydrilIl y a an

    I loved the Metamorphosis level. I have the theater version of it on my channel, I just uploaded it because I love that level so much because of the music

  57. kevin vang

    kevin vangIl y a an

    Play this while on shrooms or high

  58. Dillon Davis

    Dillon DavisIl y a an

    If you enjoyed it this much a recomend you take a look at a forgotten gem called child of eden!

  59. Legoduckie

    LegoduckieIl y a an

    The Tetris Effect is probably why I just dreamed of pottery.

  60. Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice

    Beetlejuice Beetlejuice BeetlejuiceIl y a an

    Apparently Clayton listens to Wonderful!

  61. Browk

    BrowkIl y a an

    I fuckin love radiolab