Homemade vs Fast Food: McGriddle • Tasty


  1. Wolfie Gacha

    Wolfie GachaIl y a 2 jours

    They make it look better than it is you eat the bread it’s delicious but you eat the rest you never know mc Donald’s always got something wrong 😂

  2. Vekttap Kostholdsekspert

    Vekttap KostholdsekspertIl y a 3 jours

    You�re welcome, and have a nice day

  3. Lily Pebbs

    Lily PebbsIl y a 3 jours

    Alix has such an energetic persona, just wish she lost a little weight 🏃🏼‍♀️

  4. Neveah Fox

    Neveah FoxIl y a 4 jours

    It gets me mad every time sugar is a wet ingredient it is classified as a wet ingredient and before anyone trys to say something look it up.

  5. Yeah K

    Yeah KIl y a 5 jours

    She said were graduating today but I actually graduated today

  6. Mz. YumYum14

    Mz. YumYum14Il y a 8 jours

    McDonald's is disgusting pork is disgusting

  7. Brenda Jasmine

    Brenda JasmineIl y a 26 minutes

    @Mz. YumYum14 oow..... ok ok

  8. Mz. YumYum14

    Mz. YumYum14Il y a heure

    Brenda Jasmine you can't kill all the contaminants and pardon my language the crap that is absorbed into the meat of the pig from what he eats a pig will eat anything and everything literally and the way their digestive system is made up everything they eat is absorbed into their body so all the trash they eat and everything to that extent is absorbed into their meat so they're very bad to eat they're very salty they're not healthy in any type of way but they are marketed a lot because it is cheaper and for other reasons as well it is marketed people need to be more aware of what they're eating

  9. Brenda Jasmine

    Brenda JasmineIl y a heure

    @Mz. YumYum14 but it can clean , u washed and heat and when it cooking made bacteria and conspiracies and other bad died...., but still ... i know u feeling

  10. Mz. YumYum14

    Mz. YumYum14Il y a 22 heures

    Brenda Jasmine yes pigs eat everything and anything so all the garbage they eat is absorbed into their body which is absorbed into their meat of their body that's why they are no good to eat the best animals to eat are the ones with more than one stomach like cows deer there are a lot healthier chickens even though I love me some chicken depending on how they're raised is depending on if you should eat the chicken or not

  11. Brenda Jasmine

    Brenda JasmineIl y a jour

    @Mz. YumYum14 oh ok lucky i hate eat pork lol

  12. Jahcrooks

    JahcrooksIl y a 9 jours

    Hey, 2 raspy voiced girls.

  13. Sarai Moctezuma

    Sarai MoctezumaIl y a 10 jours

    “If you ain’t thick you ain’t it” I’m dead lmao 😂

  14. Racquel Johnson

    Racquel JohnsonIl y a 10 jours

    Julissa soooo funny lml shes me when I'm cooking or eating food

  15. Mini Wolfsbane

    Mini WolfsbaneIl y a 10 jours

    I always want to scream at these videos. USE A FUNNEL!!!!!!!!!!! They make things ten times harder then they need to be, and messier.

  16. Lainey Rowland

    Lainey RowlandIl y a 11 jours

    For them time is money literally because they are getting paid to do this video

  17. Donnie Wallace

    Donnie WallaceIl y a 11 jours

    Alix is a bad girl

  18. Anna anna

    Anna annaIl y a 5 jours

    @Donnie Wallace damn..... idk but ok

  19. Donnie Wallace

    Donnie WallaceIl y a 5 jours

    @Anna anna bad is street talk that's all lol

  20. Anna anna

    Anna annaIl y a 5 jours

    @Donnie Wallace are u really???? So damn confusing words

  21. Donnie Wallace

    Donnie WallaceIl y a 5 jours

    @Anna anna bad down south means ... amazing she's beautiful

  22. Anna anna

    Anna annaIl y a 5 jours

    and u are worst human. why u try .... omgosh wtf did u said!

  23. musiclover

    musicloverIl y a 12 jours

    @ Tasty Next recipe please? Cherry mango popsicles! Oh and we need more of julissa.

  24. Anna anna

    Anna annaIl y a 5 jours


  25. Jay Turnner

    Jay TurnnerIl y a 12 jours

    I love Alix... she seems like the bubbly blonde and then you see she is smart af bout food

  26. Lea Mari Maldonado

    Lea Mari MaldonadoIl y a 12 jours

    Alix sounds like Cat Valentine on 3:39 OMG!

  27. Jenny Juarez

    Jenny JuarezIl y a 14 jours

    Dabs 😂

  28. Alejandra Reyna

    Alejandra ReynaIl y a 15 jours

    Am I the only one who doesn't like McGriddles but still wants to make the McAlix version

  29. Shayla Amey

    Shayla AmeyIl y a 15 jours

    I hate Mcgriddles

  30. Brenda Jasmine

    Brenda JasmineIl y a jour


  31. Call Me Presh

    Call Me PreshIl y a 18 jours

    She reminds me of a black female version of Miss Vanjie from Drag Race

  32. jeryan williams

    jeryan williamsIl y a 18 jours

    Alix should try and making a giant skittle

  33. Jeca Martinez Art

    Jeca Martinez ArtIl y a 18 jours

    “So when you start seeing air bubbles on the top, just like any pancake, then you know that it’s ready” Me, having just made and eaten a pancake for breakfast that’s a bit undercooked inside: Ohhhh.... 🤔🤯

  34. Virginia Boss

    Virginia BossIl y a 18 jours

    Make a large batch of the pancakes and a large batch of the sausage patties and freeze them separately wrapped in wax paper. Then all you have to make fresh are the eggs while the griddle cakes and sausage patties warm up in the oven.

  35. Yoowol Kang

    Yoowol KangIl y a 18 jours

    ''A little salt'' throws in a whole tablespoon - everytime lol

  36. Pnib3auty03

    Pnib3auty03Il y a 19 jours

    J is so loud

  37. DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer

    DannyDaDuffyDucking DafferIl y a 19 jours

    Ah edible meth...the best kind

  38. DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer

    DannyDaDuffyDucking DafferIl y a 19 jours

    Alix: ".....thick......" Me: thicc? Oh hell yeah😜...

  39. ChirpNDerp

    ChirpNDerpIl y a 19 jours

    theirs looks way more appetising

  40. cicie unicorns

    cicie unicornsIl y a 20 jours

    I love their energy 🤪🤪❤️❤️🤣

  41. guinea pig girl vlogs? ???????

    guinea pig girl vlogs? ???????Il y a 20 jours

    my favorite breakfast food from mcdonalds is a bacon egg and cheese mcgriddle

  42. Laura Lovewell

    Laura LovewellIl y a 20 jours

    Make a couple dozen and freeze them. You'll have breakfast for the month!

  43. Zest 91210

    Zest 91210Il y a 21 jour

    So awesome frreporter.com/v/vid%C3%A9o-S-u6qdeaPoE.html

  44. Anna anna

    Anna annaIl y a 5 jours

    what is that??? that is no sense..... wtf did u share! omgosh

  45. jia pjw

    jia pjwIl y a 21 jour

    alix's voice is so squeaky it's so cute 🥺

  46. Michelle 8899

    Michelle 8899Il y a 21 jour

    What was that sound at 7:50ish? It sounded like a car crash

  47. tiny kass

    tiny kassIl y a 21 jour

    I think I'm actually in love with Alix. She's so damn cute

  48. MELA castillo

    MELA castilloIl y a 21 jour

    Julissa and alix make a good freindship sooooooo funny together made my day and made me choke on water bc of how funny they were🤣🤣🤣💕

  49. Thor Monkey1

    Thor Monkey1Il y a 21 jour


  50. Ashley Aiko

    Ashley AikoIl y a 22 jours

    this girl said i love u @ the last bite 😂😂😂

  51. Zainab Khan

    Zainab KhanIl y a 22 jours

    Can we get a recipe ? I really wanna try this

  52. Pinkypie 311

    Pinkypie 311Il y a 22 jours

    Alix : Milk and more butter Lactose People : Oh heck nooo

  53. I'mGrii

    I'mGriiIl y a 22 jours

    Me 😂, i can deal with cheese and a little bit of butter but milk is a no go.

  54. Mhekaella D.

    Mhekaella D.Il y a 23 jours

    The way the brown sugar drop its like poop luke if you agree

  55. Melike Atici

    Melike AticiIl y a 23 jours

    Julissa is like the older version of liza koshy

  56. Koko Da Game Smasher

    Koko Da Game SmasherIl y a 23 jours

    "This is what I did to my ex-boyfriends' car... I'M JUST KIDDING" Ex boyfriend watching video: "So that's what happened to my car"

  57. Mariam H

    Mariam HIl y a 23 jours

    “Do you like science?” “I like food” lmao m e

  58. azteclibra13

    azteclibra13Il y a 23 jours

    Ahahahaha!!! I’m happy to see Julicia on tasty and Alex is one of my favs on here too! Coño J always finds the good food!

  59. هناء سعيد

    هناء سعيدIl y a 23 jours

    Alix you so punny girl loving it 😁😂

  60. Itzell Carrasco

    Itzell CarrascoIl y a 23 jours

    Alix: "do you like science" Jalissa: "I like food" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🥞🍳🥚🍔🍟🍟

  61. Mica Davis

    Mica DavisIl y a 23 jours

    Omgosh I am definitely going to try this

  62. Raymiah Burns

    Raymiah BurnsIl y a 23 jours

    12:37 😮 Look so good! The music sounds AWESOME, too! To me, though. 😓

  63. TheRealBougieDaily

    TheRealBougieDailyIl y a 23 jours

    They were flirting low key lololool😂😅

  64. Mileah Hugh

    Mileah HughIl y a 20 jours

    TheRealBougieDaily Interesting deduction.

  65. Brinna Madden

    Brinna MaddenIl y a 23 jours

    “TAKE IT OUT!!!” 💀😂

  66. I.IS. Batman

    I.IS. BatmanIl y a 23 jours

    "If the thermometer gets too hot it could explode" 😳 "TAKE IT OUT" 😂

  67. I.IS. Batman

    I.IS. BatmanIl y a 23 jours

    McGriddle is not good lol 😝

  68. About Me

    About MeIl y a 24 jours

    it's a thick griddle.. it's Alix.. i like 'em thicc

  69. H- Sama

    H- SamaIl y a 24 jours

    Alix looks like kaleesi

  70. Hanoa Freitas

    Hanoa FreitasIl y a 24 jours

    Alix is so cool.

  71. Xander 22

    Xander 22Il y a 24 jours

    *i like food* sis all of ur comment section agrees

  72. Evi Leona

    Evi LeonaIl y a 24 jours

    i swear if they say “she thick” 1 more time 😂😂😂😂💟

  73. Erka Bur

    Erka BurIl y a 24 jours

    The last part should have been to heat up the entire thing so everything is nice and warm and the CHEESE is melted.

  74. Erka Bur

    Erka BurIl y a 24 jours

    I dont like this girl with the fro. She's a bit dense.

  75. Maygan Byrd

    Maygan ByrdIl y a 24 jours

    alix is seriously the sweetest human being lmao

  76. AnimeGirl 8792

    AnimeGirl 8792Il y a 25 jours

    Anything homemade look good

  77. יאיר קקון

    יאיר קקוןIl y a 25 jours


  78. nolan mullins

    nolan mullinsIl y a 26 jours

    Did anyone else noticed alix said potty not patty

  79. Hay Bai

    Hay BaiIl y a 26 jours


  80. Bianca Fiestas

    Bianca FiestasIl y a 26 jours

    “A little salt” *pours like 10 grams of salt*

  81. gigiis lushious

    gigiis lushiousIl y a 27 jours

    I just want to take the time to thank tasty for Alix and Pero Like for the time I had with Julissa

  82. BillieBills

    BillieBillsIl y a 27 jours

    Homemade definitely looked bomb

  83. WolvesandComics 101

    WolvesandComics 101Il y a 28 jours

    Cooking is science!!

  84. Jens Bluemmert

    Jens BluemmertIl y a 28 jours

    Alix is Jennifer Lawrence’s Doppler ganger 😨

  85. Julissa Marie

    Julissa MarieIl y a 28 jours

    She’s so gorgeoussss

  86. Rachael Sadowski

    Rachael SadowskiIl y a 28 jours

    What does the J stand 4??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Ava M

    Ava MIl y a 29 jours

    Alix sounds like Emma

  88. Skye Terrigan

    Skye TerriganIl y a 29 jours

    Add baking soda and baking powder *THEY'RE NOT THE SAME!?*

  89. ur dream

    ur dreamIl y a 25 jours

    no they're not

  90. ujesdcbejdcbieewfe eedfefdew

    ujesdcbejdcbieewfe eedfefdewIl y a mois

    she remind me of tana

  91. Shawn Stuchell

    Shawn StuchellIl y a mois

    Gaint McGriddle please look so good

  92. ter 20

    ter 20Il y a mois

    Now i'm hungryyyy!

  93. Heavenly Nocturne

    Heavenly NocturneIl y a mois

    These two are perfect partners 😍😂

  94. Good Tunes

    Good TunesIl y a mois


  95. Bloodiamondeyes

    BloodiamondeyesIl y a mois

    for those of you that haven't gone to McDonald's. don't, the food is garbage for it's price. if you seek quality food. McDonald's isn't the way to go. trust me, I've worked there. you're wasting your money.

  96. 17 Lexii

    17 LexiiIl y a mois

    my name is Julissa :)

  97. Micky Blick

    Micky BlickIl y a mois

    Man, I love women with beautiful teeth! They have beautiful teeth! It creates memorable smiles, just my opinion! 2 thumbs up!

  98. Mireya Monjaras

    Mireya MonjarasIl y a mois

    Loooove you Alix!! Your laugh and personality is contagious. Keep up the good work and attitude girl!!

  99. Michael G

    Michael GIl y a mois

    Yoooooo. Julissa is HILARIOUS in all her videos. I love her. Alix is an amazing personality AND cook! This video was great!! 🍳 I LOVE the McGriddle, but I will deadass make this Thickgriddle at home now. 👍🏿 👍🏿 👍🏿 👍🏿 BAMMM!! 💪😡 LOL.

  100. Omar

    OmarIl y a mois

    She really needs to clear her throat...

  101. JC

    JCIl y a mois

    Notice how the brown sugar pour? 9:21 lol

  102. Brenda Jasmine

    Brenda JasmineIl y a jour

    So sticky so what made it lol? U think about poop??!!!

  103. Tyra Wideman

    Tyra WidemanIl y a mois

    They are so goofy I love them!

  104. Julissa Rosario

    Julissa RosarioIl y a mois

    Thats cool, Julissa has the same name as meeee😂😀

  105. Chip Noir

    Chip NoirIl y a mois

    Does anyone else buy these with the hashbrown, and put the hashbrown in the sandwich?

  106. George O'Neill

    George O'NeillIl y a mois

    We don't have McGriddles in England

  107. RainbowToastStudios

    RainbowToastStudiosIl y a mois

    No shade intended but it would be so fast and cheap to have her try the original first to actually have a better idea of what she’s doing though

  108. San Junipero

    San JuniperoIl y a mois

    I just wanna Thicc Griddle :((

  109. Kayah Rae

    Kayah RaeIl y a mois

    These two need to do more videos together!!😂😂

  110. Angelface Montana

    Angelface MontanaIl y a mois

    🤔....((Takes a bite))...👀..."This F*CKING GOOD!" #Classic 🤣

  111. Selena Escobedo

    Selena EscobedoIl y a mois

    U know McDonald's dont take this much time and effort into making the Mcgriddle. 😂

  112. Per Thyrén

    Per ThyrénIl y a mois

    Have McDonalds begun serving food, I have to go and try it ;)

  113. Kerri Evans

    Kerri EvansIl y a mois

    Tasty, do a per portion price comparison. That's the only thing that makes sense!

  114. Keshav Nathoo

    Keshav NathooIl y a mois

    Alix reminds me of jennifer lawrence 😊😻, she cuuute!

  115. Daniel Chia

    Daniel ChiaIl y a mois

    I think you guys can start a cooking challenge with the main ingredients being the left overs from the other videos. Combine them to create a dish 👏🏻

  116. Life with Annie

    Life with AnnieIl y a mois

    When you think about it, cooking technically is science. I mean mixing all the right components at the right temperatures and stuff?? P.s.: if you'd like, can you check out my FRreporter channel? I'm a small creator that makes all kinds of videos and I'd love you forever 💜😄

  117. Jamie Reyina M. Villanueva

    Jamie Reyina M. VillanuevaIl y a mois

    Resulting to more Alix and Julissa combo💖💖