Homemade vs Fast Food: McGriddle • Tasty


  1. Hamburger 123

    Hamburger 123Il y a 14 minutes

    Baking Soda and Baking powder aren’t the same?

  2. You're Welcome

    You're WelcomeIl y a 2 jours

    Damn they need to be lesbian for each other already.. bc GOT DAYUMMM is it just me or are they like mon stop flirting


    MISFITIl y a 2 jours

    Holy shit that black girl is annoying. Alix specifically said pour the wet ingredients SLOWLY and she pour all of it in one go. Whats not fucking clicking?????

  4. Aroa Ben Toumia

    Aroa Ben ToumiaIl y a 2 jours

    Julissa is kind of dump

  5. Ingrid Bauer

    Ingrid BauerIl y a 3 jours

    Dream Team.

  6. Joe Seward

    Joe SewardIl y a 3 jours

    Thicc griddles

  7. thibault973

    thibault973Il y a 4 jours

    Americans and fast food, I just don't get it.

  8. octopu5ie

    octopu5ieIl y a 5 jours

    3:15 "It already looks like it's getting hard" hahaha I thought, how could you tell if you haven't touch it?

  9. DJ Harlaque

    DJ HarlaqueIl y a 7 jours

    I'm trying to imagine her high af on weed. Seriously, she seems like she is now lol, but you know she'd be just as funny and making a whole Thanksgiving meal for everyone lmao

  10. Nikki Matthys

    Nikki MatthysIl y a 8 jours

    I don't know about anyone else but when i watch cooking videos and they put the sugar in with dry ingredients I'm screaming at my laptop SUGAR IS NOT A DRY INGREDIENT ITS A WET ONE you would have been taught this if you took a cooking class and watched many years of the food network sugar is a wet ingredient because when baking you always put it in the butter to cream it and it dissolves

  11. Michael Camacho

    Michael CamachoIl y a 8 jours

    They put some shatter in the pancake

  12. Viktoriya Kovalchuk

    Viktoriya KovalchukIl y a 9 jours

    Alix is permanently smiling

  13. Corey Fazoe

    Corey FazoeIl y a 10 jours


  14. Magical Domo

    Magical DomoIl y a 13 jours

    "make it fancy"

  15. HxllaItsJaz

    HxllaItsJazIl y a 13 jours

    In the UK in a Breakfast muffin, McGriddle sounds so cool

  16. Katelyn Royce

    Katelyn RoyceIl y a 16 jours

    I love these girls

  17. Caitlyn Herr

    Caitlyn HerrIl y a 16 jours

    This is like meal prep for the week but healthier than fast food. Love it

  18. Aly Pelobillo

    Aly PelobilloIl y a 17 jours

    I love this duo omg

  19. ytzel zapatà

    ytzel zapatàIl y a 17 jours

    Mm its a perfect combination i love it

  20. MakeupLexx

    MakeupLexxIl y a 18 jours

    unrelated but Julissa is just soooo 😍🥵

  21. Amairani Galvan

    Amairani GalvanIl y a 19 jours

    Love them!

  22. Frank Rock05

    Frank Rock05Il y a 20 jours

    In Denmark we don’t have McGriddles and ever since I saw this I begged my parents to make us go to America just to try it

  23. JustMe Marissa

    JustMe MarissaIl y a 23 jours

    This duo is AMAZING

  24. Lita Metha

    Lita MethaIl y a 24 jours

    this one gonna be my favorite

  25. OLe Jack Green The weird green guy

    OLe Jack Green The weird green guyIl y a 24 jours

    Good F*CK American Cheddar da Cheese > American "Cheese"

  26. OLe Jack Green The weird green guy

    OLe Jack Green The weird green guyIl y a 24 jours

    Add some bacon to the mix !

  27. Pussy Wrangler

    Pussy WranglerIl y a 25 jours

    Couple hours?!

  28. suriya Parthiban

    suriya ParthibanIl y a 26 jours

    Watching only for Alix🥰

  29. Aviana Hinton

    Aviana HintonIl y a 29 jours

    Who else is scrolling though the comments while watching this 😆😆🤣🤣

  30. Aviana Hinton

    Aviana HintonIl y a 29 jours

    Omg I love crunch wrap supreme !!!! I get them every time I go to Taco Bell 🛎

  31. Saffron-Scotch & Universal Oneness

    Saffron-Scotch & Universal OnenessIl y a mois

    So loud and the nervous laughter is so extra. Cool test though.

  32. Kashvi Wadhwa

    Kashvi WadhwaIl y a mois

    Alix: Do you want to mix? Julissa: Sure, why not? Me when offered a knife🤣 I'm kidding btw

  33. Daniel Alvarez

    Daniel AlvarezIl y a mois

    I really love it when alix laugh😊😊😊😊.

  34. Joshua F Boyer

    Joshua F BoyerIl y a mois

    The obnoxious, loud, and over dramatic way these two are acting kind of comes across as being forced as well as their excessive lines of dialogue slightly makes viewers feel left out. What made me immediately stop watching this video is when the black chick said "tooken a nap" at 7:56 . I had to replay that section, at least three times, before confirming that she went full potato with her comment.

  35. Tasneem B

    Tasneem BIl y a mois

    I see alix's face, i click play.

  36. missy mason

    missy masonIl y a mois

    Homemade food 100% better! Cone on!

  37. Sunny Navar

    Sunny NavarIl y a mois

    I think if they would’ve made the Korean fluffy pancakes that Alvin made for the buns

  38. julisa hehe

    julisa heheIl y a mois

    my names julisa too mmm

  39. Jojaz Espinosa

    Jojaz EspinosaIl y a mois

    McGriddle is my favorite thing from McDonalds too

  40. Chitchat Universe

    Chitchat UniverseIl y a mois

    I'm going to make this one day

  41. chefboyardhillan

    chefboyardhillanIl y a mois

    To be fair, the first pancake always comes out ugly

  42. Ka'pella Nuwavin

    Ka'pella NuwavinIl y a mois

    They both can get the Bizz

  43. Jen Tuesday

    Jen TuesdayIl y a mois

    If you don’t have a thermometer and don’t want to buy one atm, check out Hilahs cooking video. She explains the syrup boiling better so you can go by your eye instead of a thermometer.

  44. Willette J

    Willette JIl y a mois

    I’m making my own sausage!

  45. cris

    crisIl y a mois

    i want a video with alix, julissa, rie and inga

  46. Galaxy Vulture

    Galaxy VultureIl y a mois

    I guess I'm the only one that hates those sandwiches. I just feel that egg is pretty gross and the bread is too hard.

  47. Orlito and Mommy

    Orlito and MommyIl y a mois

    I feel like julissa isn’t herself like she was at perolike with gadiel

  48. zjunegirl

    zjunegirlIl y a mois

    Am I the only one who never buys breakfast at a fast food restaurant?? Like if I’m gonna waste money on a fast food restaurant I want a burger 🤤

  49. Ek'Aay Cloudyoni

    Ek'Aay CloudyoniIl y a mois

    13:46 *Alix facial expression 🤣😂😂🤣*

  50. kelsey pearsall

    kelsey pearsallIl y a mois

    Where can the recipes be found? for the pancakes & he sausage

  51. Ek'Aay Cloudyoni

    Ek'Aay CloudyoniIl y a mois

    8:07 ~ 8:11 *They freaky women are pervs* 😏😁😏 *Us men are far to eloquent*

  52. TheManInYourBasement101

    TheManInYourBasement101Il y a mois

    "Do you like science?" "I like food" 👏👏👏 Best response I've ever heard

  53. Faith Stanley

    Faith StanleyIl y a mois

    i have the ingredients to make this at home (though not so much from scratch, but aye, you win some you lose some) already so guess what i'm having for breakfast tomorrow.

  54. Salted Milk

    Salted MilkIl y a mois

    *McDonald's wants to know your location*

  55. Angie Alcala

    Angie AlcalaIl y a mois

    their friendship seems so genuine; loved this

  56. Jaime Acosta

    Jaime AcostaIl y a mois

    A: makes a tastier McGriddle* -McDonalds wants your location*

  57. Sir Fox

    Sir FoxIl y a mois

    Can someone please tell me, where i can find the amount of the ingredients that are used in this video? Please. I would love to make exactly these at home. Thank you verry much. ❤

  58. Sandra Dz

    Sandra DzIl y a mois

    McMuffins are where it’s at tho

  59. Sara Samaletdin

    Sara SamaletdinIl y a mois

    I always wonder if these foods are cold when they are eaten. Why not try to make the pancakes the same time as sausage?

  60. Yonaton Kadosh

    Yonaton KadoshIl y a 2 mois

    Alix is cute she has too much fun she just eats parties and bothers rie all day