Hillary Clinton on the Howard Stern Show Pt. 2


  1. The Howard Stern Show

    The Howard Stern ShowIl y a mois

    Watch Hillary Clinton's FULL interview with Howard Stern: siriusxm.us/HillaryOnHoward

  2. Renee

    ReneeIl y a mois

    The Howard Stern Show Ever since Howard’s admitted therapy I went from 👎 to an Affinity for him. ☺️👏 I want to go on his show and talk to him all day now. 😄👍

  3. Your Name

    Your NameIl y a mois

    Thank you STAFFERS!!1

  4. integral

    integralIl y a mois

    So much easier for her to be open and relaxed now that she's not running for office.

  5. Brizzle

    BrizzleIl y a mois

    The Howard Stern Show excellent interview Howard. Bravo.

  6. mike odonnell

    mike odonnellIl y a mois

    Chardonnay, PARTY!!!!!!

  7. Str8 Luscious

    Str8 LusciousIl y a 7 jours

    Her Moms story hit me in the soul .. I know those feelings

  8. Dylan .M

    Dylan .MIl y a 8 jours

    Wow change my whole perspective of her great interview

  9. shopperoo99

    shopperoo99Il y a 28 jours

    Her husband, Bill Clinton, biological father passed away when his mother was pregnant with him. His step father was abusive but Bill over came those obstacles , went to school, and became 42nd president of the US

  10. Duke Magneto

    Duke MagnetoIl y a 28 jours

    some kind of wonderful

  11. shopperoo99

    shopperoo99Il y a 28 jours

    Wow amazing interview. Didn't realize she came from such a humble beginning and accomplished so much. Truly an intelligent talented woman with so much depth and insight.

  12. Tobin Hays

    Tobin HaysIl y a 29 jours

    Very impressive and insightful interview. I gained a lot of respect for Hillary.

  13. Carlos Cruz

    Carlos CruzIl y a mois

    Didn't like her that much at first but after seen this interview now I have respect for her!

  14. Dino Radja

    Dino RadjaIl y a mois

    She does really well here. She's good small crowd

  15. Monica Bustamante

    Monica BustamanteIl y a mois

    I love her!!!! Even with the imperfect her, like we all are!!

  16. tom

    tomIl y a mois

    30k for a house in 1951? Seems high


    JOEJOEJIZOEIl y a mois

    Wow. This interview was quite pleasant. I almost felt like sitting next to her and holding her hand; To listen to her finish talking.

  18. midnighfairy

    midnighfairyIl y a mois

    A woman should never take the moral or spiritual abuse from a cheating husband specially in front of the whole world . So please hilary stop preaching to girls something you don't and have never practice. Where have your self esteem been since bill was accused of rape how many times did you protected and defended him legally??? I lost respect for you long ago since bill was governor is nothing new but people watch these things we have eyes Tell us about benghazi... you need to stop this hate you raised because you lost .

  19. Shannon Moore

    Shannon MooreIl y a mois

    Heartbreaking story about her mother and her aunt. Wow

  20. guthax30

    guthax30Il y a mois

    I will always remember that election as "Caesar Augustus vs Caligula" now. 😂 He uses his time with Howard to do boring body-rating bits and incest jokes and this woman actually says interesting insider stuff we really want to know about her life and political career. This is an actual modern historical document and Trump's interviews now look like sophomoric sunday-morning radio bull by comparison. I'm not saying his interviews were BAD...but this Hillary stuff is real gold. She always seemed like a robot to me but now she seems warm and sweet. Even though yes, she's a politician, so she of course has a dark vicious side and tons of secrets; they all do. It's just nice to see her as a more vulnerable person for once even if there's an element of facade to it.

  21. Milli Vanilli

    Milli VanilliIl y a mois

    Pure filth

  22. Juaquin De La Rosa

    Juaquin De La RosaIl y a mois

    "Bill Clinton is a people person". Yea, so much so that he even breaks the law just to get close to the ladies. This is such a PR stunt.

  23. Dave V

    Dave VIl y a mois

    Oh my god. What have we done? Electing Turmp has been the biggest failure of this new century. He isn't even worth of cleaning Clinton's toilet.

  24. vampire siren reese

    vampire siren reeseIl y a mois

    Hopefully she wins cause even kkk members want obama back instead of trump.......

  25. Man Yau Edwin Law

    Man Yau Edwin LawIl y a mois

    H Clinton must show her experiences , opinions and past Success in this radio talks regarding her vision about foreign policy to save USA face. Trade war, Iran , Iraq, Israel affair, climate changes , USA, world economy and establishing peace and Russian Putin plus Ukraine.

  26. ahimsahome

    ahimsahomeIl y a mois

    She was always this version of herself!!!! This is who she is.

  27. Paula Dimicello

    Paula DimicelloIl y a mois

    Wow love her more than I did before

  28. Baldi Locks

    Baldi LocksIl y a mois

    She’s a good woman

  29. Luis H. Lopez

    Luis H. LopezIl y a mois

    What a President you would have made . The electoral college has to go , majority needs to rule !

  30. maxhammertruth

    maxhammertruthIl y a mois

    Touching interview Howard. GOP destroyed this woman in their propaganda machine. 😢

  31. Enstigator Official

    Enstigator OfficialIl y a mois


  32. Andrea Talbot

    Andrea TalbotIl y a mois

    Amazing interview! Thanks for sharing 👍

  33. Pj Lewis

    Pj LewisIl y a mois

    this is so good!!!!

  34. Paula Dimicello

    Paula DimicelloIl y a mois

    Wow such an amazing life an amazing story

  35. lithgrapher

    lithgrapherIl y a mois

    She probably had some strong brandy to lose herself for this show.

  36. Frankie Jaimes

    Frankie JaimesIl y a mois

    If Hillary decides to run for Office again...I will vote for her this time around.

  37. therobotalien

    therobotalienIl y a mois

    God you people are the worst. Were you high all year in '16 or are you just slow? She should be our president NOW. You see ONE fucking HOWARD STERN interview and you're all of the sudden now ready to think rationally and do the right thing? Do you not see how stupid that is?

  38. Casey Chapman

    Casey ChapmanIl y a mois

    Watching this interview I am so so sad. So sad that this isn’t our president. I’ve been a supporter for a long time - but reading these comments I see everyone seeing the person that I always saw. A hard working woman who just wants to make a change. It’s such a shame what we have now. But such a wonderful interview. Howard’s never been better and neither has Hillary. I think this truly ranks as his AND her best interview. She will always be my president. Love you HILLARY. And LOVE you HOWARD.

  39. Dennis Wenger

    Dennis WengerIl y a mois

    Vote Trump 2020!

  40. BigCheech 4509

    BigCheech 4509Il y a mois

    I supported Trump. I thought Clinton was a Fanatical Nut Case.. After this interview she seems So Normal. If politicians just acted themselves they would succeed so much more. If she acts normal like this. Who wouldn’t love her. She is normal here.

  41. Nick Halden

    Nick HaldenIl y a mois

    Dam. This conversation was interesting. dam.

  42. souris verte

    souris verteIl y a mois

    it wasnt enough that this war and oil corporate and wall street mongerer pusher cheated the progressives out of the elections but now she has the nerve to bash tulsie and bernie who are the only candidates that are not proquo and want to give us medicare and policy

  43. 7739299926

    7739299926Il y a mois

    What a smart, insightful, and intelligent woman! Loved this interview so much! #StillWithHer

  44. nasser wiz

    nasser wizIl y a mois


  45. sin car

    sin carIl y a mois

    republican always destroy the country

  46. Tom Callaghan

    Tom CallaghanIl y a mois

    We really blew it by not electing Mrs. Clinton she would’ve been great!

  47. wallstthug

    wallstthugIl y a mois


  48. wallstthug

    wallstthugIl y a mois

    wow Howard humanized Hillary

  49. SARA

    SARAIl y a mois

    We don't deserve this wonderful woman as President of the United States.

  50. clockwork914

    clockwork914Il y a mois

    🇺🇸 BERNIE 2020 🇺🇸 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  51. heat cliff

    heat cliffIl y a mois

    Hillary 2020

  52. Jake Mcfee

    Jake McfeeIl y a mois

    Wow. Never seen Hillary being so open and candid. Howard Stern is the master of interviewing people. She's now more likeable. Isn't this crazy she had so many interesting details to tell about her life

  53. Thomas Dudley

    Thomas DudleyIl y a mois

    I supported hill at first but somehow felt trump was better for the rebuilding of the country don't get fooled their all friends still

  54. Raph Sherman

    Raph ShermanIl y a mois

    Augh! Still wish she would have won. America wouldn't be going through all this BS if she won! Live and learn... Live and learn!

  55. Jesus explains ...

    Jesus explains ...Il y a mois

    WHY doesn’t TRUMP wear glasses 🤓 Because he has 2020

  56. Catherine

    CatherineIl y a mois

    This is the best thing ever

  57. Jillian M

    Jillian MIl y a mois

    Dear 2K who ARE STILL HERE to dislike the video, Why? Sincerely, Someone who doesn’t have that kind of time to waste

  58. Michael Prazmark

    Michael PrazmarkIl y a mois

    If you fast forward you are apart of the problem!

  59. MSK

    MSKIl y a mois

    She’s such a strong lady.

  60. Jayson

    JaysonIl y a mois

    This interview would have made her president.

  61. SJ SMITH

    SJ SMITHIl y a mois

    Yes, Hillary would be President today if this interview had been done before the 2016 election. She had trouble expressing her honest personality before the election. Could she beat Trump this go around? Could be! Biden isn't it! Unfortunately.

  62. J M Lorenzo

    J M LorenzoIl y a mois

    This interview was awesome. @HowardStern thank you for showing her the respect she deserves

  63. Inspirational Nomad

    Inspirational NomadIl y a mois

    Excellent job interviewing Howard, you have truly Refined your Gift. Good job

  64. Greg Kirkland

    Greg KirklandIl y a mois

    This interview has COMPLETELY changed my mind about Hillary. If this interview had taken place before the election, I would have voted for her and not the Independent guy who ran. I'd vote for her if she runs again. HILLARY 2020!!

  65. cornellcornell1

    cornellcornell1Il y a mois

    Greg Kirkland too little too late. I don’t understand the visceral hate she got in the last election. People like you are the reason the country is in shambles under this administration

  66. DAVID

    DAVIDIl y a mois


  67. Andre Jenkins

    Andre JenkinsIl y a mois

    Awesome interview. I wished Hillary had been a little more like this (in the interview) during her campaign. In the interview, She was forthright, calm, forthcoming and very personable. Again, excellent interview. Hillary would have made a far better president than the idiot that’s in the position now. Dumb dumb trump.