Halsey: Making 'Manic,' The Music Industry, and Her Musical Evolution | Apple Music


  1. Grecia Monserrat Jaramillo

    Grecia Monserrat JaramilloIl y a jour

    Her voice is so soft 😍😍😍

  2. Delphine Joyce

    Delphine JoyceIl y a 9 jours

    uhhh hello? where is part 2??


    UNCLE ALBERTIl y a 12 jours

    Sorry, but I really dislike this woman.

  4. carla x

    carla xIl y a 26 jours

    Two honest, intelligent, and heart-centered individuals having a conversation. This interview is fucking great😭👌👌👌👌

  5. 3dnygma

    3dnygmaIl y a 28 jours

    awesome host! he was so respectful and genuinely interested

  6. Shannen Gordon

    Shannen GordonIl y a mois

    when she spoke about that "comedown" from creating I couldn't agree more and it was like a relief to know someone feels the same sometimes. I'm currently going through that and it really does feel like I have to create but all i want to do is not look at it and to stop filling my head with inspiration and ideas. Even when I have an idea its sometimes difficult to get it out of my head and into real life. Really like the album too.

  7. Merlot Tunnell

    Merlot TunnellIl y a mois

    anyone gonna mention his sweater ooommmggg jin you gotta see this your sense of fashion!!!

  8. cheerleader says

    cheerleader saysIl y a mois

    She’s very well spoken and articulate .

  9. JustALil Funny

    JustALil FunnyIl y a mois

    Halsey is one badass talented intelligent women

  10. Laura Gray

    Laura GrayIl y a mois

    I’m so gay for halsey if only she stopped dating men who hurt her😓

  11. busaj383

    busaj383Il y a mois

    Listened to Manic the night it came out over and over again and it is great! Every interview makes me love Halsey even more and more... she is the sweetest person ever 😊

  12. J. G.I

    J. G.IIl y a mois

    Her narcissism is at Kanye level! wow..

  13. Fla Gal

    Fla GalIl y a mois

    She is absolutely one of the most eloquent speakers I've ever heard. I could listen to her talk all day. Zane is quite the compassionate interviewer, I'm so impressed.

  14. Polly Needham

    Polly NeedhamIl y a mois

    3am is *SO GOOD* and ashley is so pop punk inspired *I LOVE IT* her style is so unique and the way she weaves alt music into it is so awesome

  15. Alexus Ruelaz

    Alexus RuelazIl y a mois

    "I only wanna die somedays" - Halsey "I only wanna die Sometimes" -The1975

  16. Jared Land

    Jared LandIl y a mois

    Most people can't take responsibility for being a Hater of Halsey or anyone in this World so.

  17. Lucielle Ecton

    Lucielle EctonIl y a mois

    Clearly, I have been entertained.

  18. Vanessa

    VanessaIl y a mois

    I know everyone is talking about her music but I'm dying to know where that jacket/coat is from..anyone?

  19. Quantum Gravity

    Quantum GravityIl y a mois

    Omg I’m crying 😫

  20. Alex Lesane

    Alex LesaneIl y a mois

    I relate so fucking much to this album and how she feels.. from the mania,love,heartbreak and loss etc

  21. Riley Joy

    Riley JoyIl y a mois

    I want Halsey to take care of herself. I can wait for music. I just hope she's in a good place.

  22. Darius Holland

    Darius HollandIl y a mois

    Idk why but I always imagined her speaking voice to be breathy 😂

  23. Liiindzay

    LiiindzayIl y a mois

    where's the full interview>??!!

  24. Soleil Imperial

    Soleil ImperialIl y a mois

    I dont want Halsey to wear boots

  25. mary k

    mary kIl y a mois

    no matter what you do,i'll follow all the way.never before have i seen such a genuine,true and pure artist before.i'm ''manic'' all they way!

  26. lock heart

    lock heartIl y a mois

    This album EXCEEDED my expectations

  27. Cat Cat

    Cat CatIl y a mois

    she spoke about the deaths of artist, and is hard but good for her for facing what she needed to face(and still facing) cause not everyone can do that. rip xxx, juice,miller, peep, etc

  28. Reaction Albanian in&out

    Reaction Albanian in&outIl y a mois

    Her voice is so cute a beautiful 💜

  29. Ida Emilie Just

    Ida Emilie JustIl y a mois

    Is this the full interview?? Seems like it cuts off weirdly

  30. LUXAETERNA6603

    LUXAETERNA6603Il y a mois

    It's not there's an hour plus video too

  31. Nabihah Ahmed

    Nabihah AhmedIl y a mois

    omgg why does it end like that OUCH, love this interview so much, she is the best.

  32. Lima

    LimaIl y a mois

    I love her so much. I love her honesty, her vulnerability, the way she speaks. So excited to see her live soon ❤❤❤

  33. Sarah B

    Sarah BIl y a mois

    Where can we hear/see the full interview?

  34. Akbermet Zh

    Akbermet ZhIl y a mois

    Halsey, thank you for everything 💞 I looove your music, thank you for sharing such personal things ✨

  35. T Christine

    T ChristineIl y a mois

    I completely forgot the album was titled 'Manic'. Perhaps it's because I am currently going through a bit of a manic phase, myself. I LOVE the album so much. 929 got me right in the feels, as I experienced a miscarriage around the same time as she was while on tour. I love how each song has such a different feel. Absolutely nothing strange about always wanting to change.. CLAIM ALL THE GENRES, GIIIIIRL!❤

  36. Mieke Decuypere

    Mieke DecuypereIl y a mois

    I find myself in her, her words they really spoke to me💕💕

  37. Lucy Bic Navarrete

    Lucy Bic NavarreteIl y a mois

    Express your vibe but speak it fluently we all have one thing in common our mind and love for ourselves. Agree to disagree world we all have different ideas and vibes. We’re all finding god little step by step. God bless

  38. Chrys Alvarez

    Chrys AlvarezIl y a mois

    I love her so much 🥺 & coming from someone who suffers from bpd/mania, her description of it was so spot on. this album is a masterpiece. (:

  39. Alexandra S

    Alexandra SIl y a mois

    I like how she gets real about manic depression. Appreciate it.

  40. Feliz-Olivia Jean-Jules

    Feliz-Olivia Jean-JulesIl y a mois

    how can BTS and her be so in sync like, WAS THIS PLANNED? How can they both release music about the exhaustion that comes with being an artist and how to be true to yourself. I guess they were meant to be

  41. Oello👽

    Oello👽Il y a mois

    This interview is amazing. I love her so much. 💙

  42. Ken Leonoras

    Ken LeonorasIl y a mois

    People need to watch this!

  43. Desiree Smith

    Desiree SmithIl y a mois

    This beautiful, amazing, wonderful woman introduced me to a genre I usually hate. Country. Normally hearing a sort of country twang, that isn't actually country but sounds country to people who hate it, I would usually hate that song. But this album is just so fucking perfect. Thank you for showing yourself to us, Ashley. We love you more than you will ever know.

  44. Brianna Ramirez

    Brianna RamirezIl y a mois


  45. danielle sve

    danielle sveIl y a mois

    A lil pretentious tbh

  46. Gavin Gould

    Gavin GouldIl y a mois

    Great interesting interview into artist thinking process and life

  47. Laura Lamb

    Laura LambIl y a mois

    She's really good at talking about herself and life.

  48. Jo Benz

    Jo BenzIl y a mois

    I just love to listen to her voice so much

  49. sarina xo

    sarina xoIl y a mois

    *oh and ps. i love eminem and all , im in my early 30s so i kind of grew up listening to him in high school we all did, but he dropped a suprise album on the same day as halsey released manic and he is blocking her from getting that #1 billboard album spot. just because he is friend with gerald, halseys ex. and halsey is close with machine gun kelly who eminem hates. its actually petty. let halsey have her #1. stop blocking people. I dare him to release on the same day as Taylor Swift or Adele lmao. I havent heard his album YET because i want to support the Manic album. So please everyone get a streaming service SUBscription (its so so cheap) because THOSE streams count as way more "streams" compared to listening for free. if you dont have a credit card Just buy those Spotify Gift Cards from your local food shop lol. And just play it on the lowest of volume 24/7* :)

  50. sarina xo

    sarina xoIl y a mois

    shes on another level of intelligence and talent. shes like walking art. like *oops sorry i just dropped some art by bad*. Is there more to this interview? she has so much wisdom and life experience i wanna hear more.

  51. Kathleen Artis

    Kathleen ArtisIl y a mois

    I love Halesy I want clean various in sopfity

  52. Devani Anjali

    Devani AnjaliIl y a mois

    this is her best album so far. by a long shot (and i love badlands & hfk was mostly good!). but Manic is just a whole other level. so amazing.

  53. Timothy Dabriel

    Timothy DabrielIl y a mois

    You are worth it trust me be love

  54. Angela Feliciano

    Angela FelicianoIl y a mois

    this lady is just so smart and eloquent

  55. UrChallenger

    UrChallengerIl y a mois

    there's something about Halsey's voice that instantly made a song sounds very good. that's why I'm a fan

  56. Mark Terrenz Fulgar

    Mark Terrenz FulgarIl y a mois

    I love you, Halsey😍i'm one of your true fans.

  57. Peter Donegan

    Peter DoneganIl y a mois

    BADLANDS is probably her best work and it gets forgotten

  58. Minimalist Vlogger

    Minimalist VloggerIl y a mois

    actually, if you look at the youtube views, badlands has very high views on most of the songs, compared to hfk

  59. janvi vaghela

    janvi vaghelaIl y a mois

    I love her makeup and hairstyle!!! She gets me crazy😭😭😭

  60. smileyface702

    smileyface702Il y a mois

    She's so good at verbally communicating; very eloquent

  61. Lucia Isabel Roos

    Lucia Isabel RoosIl y a mois

    Most people don't know the positive side of being manic. This album is a great example to play for the ones who just don't understand. No one ever did this before, well done, Ash. 🖤

  62. Blake Hanrahan

    Blake HanrahanIl y a mois

    she is so well spoken