Guillermo at the Oscars


  1. Kazuto9

    Kazuto9Il y a jour

    Sigourney Weaver 😍

  2. Wasim Sahi

    Wasim SahiIl y a jour

    Damn! What kind of Irishman doesn't speak to the Mexican?!! 😡😡

  3. Lukა

    LukაIl y a jour

    Trump hates Guillermo

  4. dimitra_ Mandi

    dimitra_ MandiIl y a jour

    Scarlett Johansson thought 😂🥰

  5. Μιχαήλ Αγγελόπουλος

    Μιχαήλ ΑγγελόπουλοςIl y a jour

    God damn you Brad Pitt your god damn American voice accent...

  6. Ahmed Eliba

    Ahmed ElibaIl y a jour

    this is always my favourite part of the Oscars.

  7. Quang Nguyen

    Quang NguyenIl y a jour

    Charlize was already inside. Bet she went back outside when she saw bunch of people getting tequila shots from Guillermo

  8. Ahles

    AhlesIl y a jour

    I want to see meryl streep accept that card

  9. iman :D

    iman :DIl y a jour

    i love how scarlett actually recognised him and went out of her way to speak with him, how cute

  10. Mewahang Plays

    Mewahang PlaysIl y a jour

    Where is matt dammon :-)

  11. alb share

    alb shareIl y a jour

    4:32 Mexican technology

  12. AntiMe GO

    AntiMe GOIl y a jour


  13. -TheDragonTAMER-

    -TheDragonTAMER-Il y a jour


  14. Daragh Logan

    Daragh LoganIl y a jour

    ive been waiting for this

  15. Audrey HJC Ducati 29

    Audrey HJC Ducati 29Il y a jour

    Black Widow very beautiful and classic

  16. Martin Hoobroeckx

    Martin HoobroeckxIl y a jour

    and this is how all the celebrities got corona

  17. Ikhlass Chioukho

    Ikhlass ChioukhoIl y a jour

    "I always give tequila on my banana" My mind is ssooooo dirty😂😂

  18. Roberto Mercado

    Roberto MercadoIl y a jour

    Guillermo you te Best eres el mejor Guillermo como cojes de pendejo a todo el mundo allí......

  19. Steven B ́Ayron

    Steven B ́AyronIl y a jour

    Hey Guilleromo there is a german tv presenter by your side Annemarie Carpendale. Next Year say Hello to her!

  20. Steven B ́Ayron

    Steven B ́AyronIl y a jour


  21. iloveu1ube

    iloveu1ubeIl y a jour

    awesome. I love many responses that the celebs gave to Guillermo.

  22. eazy 10

    eazy 10Il y a jour

    Scarlett Johansson she is adorable

  23. kiss Bela

    kiss BelaIl y a jour

    Where is his buddy Matt Damon?

  24. Globe football

    Globe footballIl y a jour

    "It's their year every year" i felt that😄

  25. Genco Company

    Genco CompanyIl y a jour

    Rechts steht Annemarie Warnkross-Karpendale. Deutsche Moderatoren-Schande am roten Teppich.

  26. MHX _YT

    MHX _YTIl y a jour

    "I love walking" Sure you do

  27. Chinu Nikhal

    Chinu NikhalIl y a jour

    Fix those dem subtitles

  28. gghice1

    gghice1Il y a jour

    So Scarlett Johansson was a nominee in two acting categories? I didn't know it was possible. Has anybody at once won two Oscars for acting?

  29. aisha ä

    aisha äIl y a jour

    WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT LIN'S "[meryl streep] should be nominated for walking down the street"

  30. Jan Tube

    Jan TubeIl y a jour

    Niemand: ProSieben: ich steck mal mein Mikro dazwischen wie ein Schmarotzer

  31. OscarAHG

    OscarAHGIl y a jour

    4:07 something kelly would do

  32. Janette Reynoso

    Janette ReynosoIl y a jour

    Regina, Scalett, Charlize and Greta are the best. It would have been so funny if Brad actually read the joke, come on Brad!!!

  33. Jakob_ s.m

    Jakob_ s.mIl y a jour

    5:04 da hat pro sieben kurz das Interview gecrasht 😂

  34. Belphe gor

    Belphe gorIl y a jour

    Scarlett is so nice!!!

  35. Joao Salvattore

    Joao SalvattoreIl y a jour

    I fukn love Scarlett ❤️😍😍

  36. Prashant chauhan

    Prashant chauhanIl y a jour

    I always keep tequila in my banana 🍌 😂

  37. Ciptho Wiryawan Jaafar

    Ciptho Wiryawan JaafarIl y a jour

    charlize theron is sooo coooooolll

  38. P E A C E

    P E A C EIl y a jour

    I always keep tequila in my banana 🤣

  39. Brian Tyson

    Brian TysonIl y a jour

    Guillermo should interview trump

  40. Wow 30 Something

    Wow 30 SomethingIl y a jour

    Guillermo is deep

  41. Marquisha Franklin

    Marquisha FranklinIl y a jour

    Scartlett and Charlize are who movie stars should look up too...real genuine beautiful women with a sense of humor

  42. Héctor Barrón

    Héctor BarrónIl y a jour

    Dude you’re awesome !


    ESAU HERNANDEZIl y a jour

    Ese Guillermo es un chingón...

  44. brian butler

    brian butlerIl y a jour

    he needs to be host then there viewers will go back up.

  45. Vickson Ngangom

    Vickson NgangomIl y a jour

    scarlett the best🥰

  46. MrKRABSnow

    MrKRABSnowIl y a jour

    Jimmy is famous because of big thanks to Guillermo

  47. Abdulrahman  H Q

    Abdulrahman H QIl y a jour

    1:00 is the best one to play Sinatra in a movie

  48. vikash kumar

    vikash kumarIl y a jour

    When he said *tequila is calling* I didn't realise it was literally *tequila* 😂

  49. Ricer Accord

    Ricer AccordIl y a jour

    Jimmy kimel shows are just plain stupid. It’s all about jimmy Fallon

  50. TheReal Doge

    TheReal DogeIl y a jour

    Fallon is the 2nd least funny host of all time and the worst one is james Corden

  51. - Lets - Slytherin -

    - Lets - Slytherin -Il y a jour

    Regina , scarlet and charlize were champs 😂🤩

  52. Vikram Singh

    Vikram SinghIl y a jour

    Why scar is so adorable and lovely always

  53. angelina chai

    angelina chaiIl y a jour


  54. John Wickes

    John WickesIl y a jour

    What no Matt Damion 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪

  55. Guillermo Rodríguez

    Guillermo RodríguezIl y a jour

    My maaaan 😂

  56. Meaggie B

    Meaggie BIl y a jour

    Lmfaoo amazing

  57. Chu Ken

    Chu KenIl y a jour

    I don't get the parasite joke.

  58. Emily An

    Emily AnIl y a jour

    Robert de niro is afraid of jokes now. Now I understand why he didn’t talk to guillermo.

  59. Mukhar Bajpai

    Mukhar BajpaiIl y a jour

    Scarlette is a great human. Wee see that.

  60. Emily An

    Emily AnIl y a jour

    I loooooove Guillermo he’s the man!!!!!!

  61. Hrvoje Bazina

    Hrvoje BazinaIl y a jour

    I live for Guillermo at the Oscars 😂😂😂

  62. Dulce Cardiel

    Dulce CardielIl y a jour

    ¡Te amo Guillermo!

  63. Jorge Franco

    Jorge FrancoIl y a jour

    Scar Jo is the best! She spotted him from far away and rushed to give him a hug. Then she was a champ about taking a shot! Love her!