GRETA (2019) Ending Explained


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    I just found your channel through the Conjuring series explained and fell in love! Your relax voice just makes these movies bearable for me. I get spooked too easily and the not creepy music helps a lot too! I love your channel!!!

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    Do Triangle! It definitely needs explanation!

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    Do the vault please

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    I wanna see this movie dammit!!! It didn’t come out March 1st!!

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    Isabelle Huppert is really short.

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    Do a expland videa on us by jordan peel

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    How’d I become addicted to this channel? I literally stayed in bed all day watching! 😠


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    Can you explain the ending of project almanac

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    I know it's a bit late, but it would be awesome to see a in depth review of Circus Kane

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    So the moral of this movie is, never keep the bag take it to the cops. Also never take the bag.

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    Dude, you have to do Jordan Peele's Us

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    Plz do sacred games or ur racist

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    Please explain "The Enemy" movie


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    Hi can plzz explain the ending of project almanac

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    Your videos had been great all the time I had been waiting for this one. Hey can ,you do the uninvited. I will be waiting for it..

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    Please do a US and tag along explained 👈👈❤️❤️🤩🤩😎😎😎👇

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    Bitches be bonkers 😭🤦🏽‍♀️

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    This movie teaches me stanger danger and mind your business.

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    Michael VaughnIl y a 23 heures

    Would love to have a video explaining the lore of all the Puppet Master movies since the latest is now streaming on Shudder.

  21. Mad Maudlin

    Mad MaudlinIl y a jour

    The speculation near the end of this video about "well maybe if she just went along with what Greta wanted and kept visiting her and being a surrogate daughter things would have been fine" Things would absolutely not have been fine. This is a woman who locked her daughter in a toy chest throughout her daughter's childhood whenever she did something 'wrong'. And 'wrong' to Greta probably included things like 'having friends' or 'wanting to pick out her own clothes'. If Frances had continued to visit Greta, I guarantee Greta's neediness and demands on Frances' time would have escalated, probably much the same way with the threats and stalking, all to the point where she drugs Frances and hold her captive anyway. When it come to abusers like this, whether they are man or woman, parent or spouse, friend or any other connection...there is NOTHING you can do to appease them. They want absolute control, and they want to exert that control through fear and punishment. Abusers will look for faults committed by their targets as an excuse to vent their psychosis, and if they do not find a fault, they will make one up as a pretense. Abusers are never satisfied, and should only be placated by their targets in order for their targets to stay alive/uninjured long enough to escape or reach safety. I realize this comment has become a bit of a soapbox, and I don't pretend to be a professional or licensed in any way. But please, in real life: NEVER tell yourself or anyone else that if you/they just do what the abuser wants, everything will be fine and no one will get hurt. It's simply not true.

  22. Gergely Vincze

    Gergely VinczeIl y a jour

    Oh frick Gréta is a Hungarian name

  23. LudwigVxn Hentai

    LudwigVxn HentaiIl y a jour

    Is it cliche that most mc's in horror movies mothers are dead before the movie starts.

  24. Sammmmmmm

    SammmmmmmIl y a jour

    when you said "learn their lesson" i thought you meant "to not be helpful" not "they need to call the cops"

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    Demon 15Il y a jour

    Who else thinks he should do a ending explained on the movie US by Jordan Peele like if u agree

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    Colin CattyIl y a jour

    Dark Skies ending explained please!

  27. fiyverina

    fiyverinaIl y a jour

    Fun fact; I think the box is actually a Tulipános Láda, aka "tulip chest" which held an important part in the former times of hungarian folks. In those times clothing was a luxury and people often had only one nice outfit for the rest of their lives. The girls from childhood started to sew and collect clothing pieces in preparation for her wedding and stored them in the tulip chests. So basicly all she had (wealth) was stored in the chest. Nowadays its just a heredity and lost its function. I think its a nice little touch, having Greta holding onto a chest which was meant for her daughter

  28. MegaMr JIN

    MegaMr JINIl y a jour

    This movie was SOOOOOOOOO frustratting to watch. Many times it was a facepalm moment for me because of very stupid and naive mistakes from the protagonist. But I'm so glad that loco cuckoo bitch Greta got a taste of her own medicine.....literally.

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    Can u make a explanation of underworld series

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    Four words:Erika is the boss

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    Can someone please help. I am trying to find the name of a thriller movie where a woman goes to a dinner party when people start killing, however she has survivalist skills and fights back. This is a fairly recent film but for the life of me I can not find anything on Google. Thanks from Australia.

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    A Starker that's a woman who's staking a young woman? O-O

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    Hey you should do 9 next, I know not exactly the scariest movie it just seemed kinda confusing to me and maybe others and could use your thoughts and in depth discussion

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    Could you do one for The Pyramid?

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    Plz Love Death And Robots

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    Aye you gotta do the movie clove hitch killer

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    that skit at the end lol you're one funny dude

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    Please do an Ending Explained for the ending to the Canadian French horror movie Martyrs

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    Would you mind doing an ending explained for Await Further Instructions in the future?

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    horrible fast narration gave up watching after 5 minutes..please do a public speaking course

  41. Leif Guist

    Leif GuistIl y a jour

    This movie sucked so bad that I of all people, an absolute avoid horror at all costs kind of guy, literally laughed. There was even a scene where I leaned over to my friend and said "this would be really kinky out of context." It was a great comedy.

  42. 1hellofapluto :p

    1hellofapluto :pIl y a jour

    Can you do a ending explain of Bunraku b/c I don’t understand that whole movie

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    I know I’m late but can you do 1408 by Stephen king?

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    What if a guy finds the bag?..

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    Do Let me in.

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    what happened to the dog tho?

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    Us ending explained 🚿💀🔪

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    Can you do an explanation on MA the psychological thriller and US by Jordan Peele. Thanks ❤️

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    Erin GaughnIl y a jour

    I don't think cooperating with Greta would ultimately work. Greta's level of needing to control someone isn't something that's going to find an equilibrium, it's only going to grow.

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    swagdaddy 69Il y a jour

    Can you do ending explained on the movie us when you can

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    yeah112358Il y a jour

    This movie looks so bad and annoying! Thank you sir for rescuing me from being irritated by this flick!! Even from watching the trailer, I was wondering why wouldn't the girl just drop the bag with a subway worker and leave it at lost and found? Because that would make too much sense!

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    can you make a Ending Explained for: Splinter (2008) ?

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    haha you are such a goof, thats the thing i like about your show

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    hi I know this wasn't a movie option but...Donnie Darko

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    single White female part 2

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    I need you to explain what “US” is about. The trailers are so vague

  57. A.J Pocan

    A.J PocanIl y a 2 jours

    Probably an unpopular opinion: this movie was pretty much terrible in every way, dark and over the top for really no reason other than to be “edgy” and the acting was average at best. The musical score wasn’t good and the pacing was ridiculously slow and uneventful to say the least.

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    Do Coraline next

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    Has anyone taken the subway in NY? Never have I ever seen the subway that empty! Imagine leaving a bag in NY subway, it'll be gone in a flash!

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    Why do they always just hit them once, smash their brains out then run!!!!!...... Thought every person ever.

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    Hey can you do the movie “mother” on Hulu

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    @foundflix plz do a ending explained on would you rather. It kinda had me tripped up in the ending. And if your reading this love the vids 😊 thanks

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    Do a video on 1408!! There’s a lot that needs to be explained please

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    Stephen Rea. Cool

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    Twisted. I am going to watch this. Thanks for the upload

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    This boi on trending!! Great job dude!

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    Thanks for explaining the whole movie to me. Now I don’t have to watch it. I was curious about it...but thought it would probably be really stupid. As most are.

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    Reminds me of the butterfly room

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    His voice🙉 stop talking like that sir

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    Thai is basically split but without the split personality part


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    Ending explained = Spoiling the entire movie. I actually came here because for a moment I thought I might have missed something that should've been obvious. NOPE.

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    I feel like "Ma" with Octavia Spencer is going to be so good.

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    Yuck this movie made me so mad fuck this movie.

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    I only watched this movie because Chloe Grace Moretz has been my childhood crush since Kickass.

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    Can you do the Kirlian frequency

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    I see death and loss as a curse that slowly eats away your sanity.

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    Do one for "Case 39"!

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    Ummmm she was fetching candles not wine glasses from the cupboard I just came form the movie

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    This vid is good but your voice stays at the same tone so it’s not as interesting as it would be

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    Just the trailer of this nightmare nearly made me crap my pants

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    Great breakdown of the movie, well done

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    Hello, Humans. Can you see the sun, while it shines in your eyes? The sun is powerful. It has claimed the lives of countless beings throughout the universe. The sun is alive. It knows what it knows and it feels what it feels. It only knows heat and rage. One day, the sun will explode and all life will stop. Sometimes in life.......🌞 TERRANCE OUT

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    Why do all these movies have a hungarian meanie in them? 😅 not all of us, hungarians are evil guys ❤ just sayin 😋

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    Suspected stalking is something the police could investigate.

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    The movie had so many cringey scenes. I want my money back and definitely don’t recommend paying money to see it in the theaters. They had so many opportunities to make this movie more interesting. “Her daring escape” attempt was ridiculous 🤦🏻‍♀️.

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    The Oscar should go to the guy who plays the flower delivery guy for his line “I wish!!” .

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    I like how the cat got out of the room, like "You are all being weird again, I am not having any part of this...seeya hunties"