GRETA (2019) Ending Explained


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    Has anyone els notice he said Stephanie and the note says "Samantha Bale"?

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    I watched this movie and i actually liked it, though the stupid movie character mistakes are apparent

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    Psycho Bitch

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    I always go to your channel when I want a horror movies ending explained. Great video

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    Great video as usual but I would say suggesting that if she had just complied with Greta things might have turned out okay kind of misses the point of what stalkers are about in my opinion. Stalking is a horrible ordeal because the police won't do anything since technically they're not hurting you but things will always escalate. In this case I think even if she had complied with Greta It never would have been enough. Greta would have wanted her to move in Etc and eventually it would still have led to violence. That's just the nature of a stalker and abuser. Many people try and follow the rules of their abuser to avoid violence or emotional reprucussions but in the end that is a form of abuse in itself as you give up your autonomy and is anyway just a stopgap because it will never be enough and the abuser will lash out eventually regardless

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    Dude the sound on the logo is literally a free sound that I used in one of my stop motion animations when I was like 12

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    However, every mother-daughter relationship has its problems, so the end would have been the same

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    Finch shouldn't you be in London (V for Vendetta reference)

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    Not use to the big city he says. She's from Boston.

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    Please do us next

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    5:38 is that Bay Station?

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    Will you do US??

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    I’m patiently waiting for you to drop the US video. I want to see if our thoughts align on the movie

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    I cant find this movie no where... Any help?

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    luv the end of this ending explained & the cat ( :

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    US explained please

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    If your friend doesn’t do this for you and risking their life to find you. YOU SHOULDNT WANT EM

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    Living Dark: The story of Ted the Caver

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    Foundflix please buddy I’m rooting for you to do a ending explained on The house that jack built

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    You need to do “us” ending explained

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    Grety is gay for a fact 😒

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    Please do an Ending Explained of US (2019) movie!

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    He did

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    Hi! Could you do „Incident in a Ghostland“ for us? I‘d love to have a synopsis of this one, done by you, because I‘m interested in the theme, but I can‘t watch this movie. You do this sooo well! Thanks!

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    Please explain the movie Us

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    Can you please explain Resident Evil movies 🙏

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    you should do us when it comes out on Dvd

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    Frances was actually told to go look for CANDLES in the cabinet, not wine glasses then that's when she found the many other creepy ass bags

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    Yes, a bag, in the subways, surely not a potential bomb right?

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    Can you guys do a Series Explained for the Conjuring universe ( like you did jigsaw)?

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    FoundFlix saved me from wasting my time

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    I love his skits @ the end! 🤣

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    i’m confused.. does greta want to be her mother or be w her ? 👀

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    Please review us it got real confusing

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    Is it bad I’d rather watch these than the actual movies lolol

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    Hey bro I love your videos. Can you do a ending explained for the movie Boo!? It's from the producers of insidious. I've tried watching the movie but have zero idea what's even going on lol thanks bro. Much love from New Zealand 💪

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    This movie is basically about 'good samaritan gone wrong'

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    Greta seems like Kathy bates in "misery" ... damn these crazy older broads they should have killed her or informed the police of all this craziness.

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    Can u analyze the Jordan p. Movie "Us" next?

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    Why does Chloe look so much like Frances Bean Cobain ???

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    what if a guy brought the bag back

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    I'm here because I'm too scared to watch the actual movie 😂

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    Hey you should really do one on “love death and robots” their great little short story’s and get animations for all of them especially “the secret war”

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    Reminds me of split when he has the girls locked up and they see the different personalities when she locks up Francis and keeps her in a room

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    do i'm the pretty little thing that lives in the wall

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    *finds abandoned handbag at the subway* *leaves it with the subway security or the police* *The End*



    What about the security n the police????????????????

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    Where are my overthetop villains with camp, catchprase, and charisma 😩?

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