GOTTA SEE IT: Tkachuk & Fleury Cause Huge Dust-Up That Nearly Starts Goalie Fight


  1. Deborah Hill

    Deborah HillIl y a mois

    Miller should’ve dropped gloves as soon as Flower fell and kicked his ass for what he did to Flower. BS. Tkachuk didn’t pull that stunt when Reeves #75 was out there. Awww hell nah!

  2. iiKrOna

    iiKrOnaIl y a mois

    He barely touched flower

  3. Doggy Flip Flip The Third

    Doggy Flip Flip The ThirdIl y a mois

    Mess with the most beloved player in the game. = Riot.

  4. Gabrielle Munoz

    Gabrielle MunozIl y a mois

    When fleury bats Tkachuck’s helmet away 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Constance For Life

    Constance For LifeIl y a 2 mois

    Je suis pas là pour toi je te fais des gros bisous je t’aime

  6. skipper523

    skipper523Il y a 2 mois

    Flower. Was. Pissed......but smiling the whole time....lolol ❤️

  7. In Between

    In BetweenIl y a 2 mois

    they don't know how serious we take Fleury here. If someone screws around with him they get jumped by a few players

  8. Daniel Allemang

    Daniel AllemangIl y a 2 mois

    DO IT

  9. O-H-I-O Go Buckeyes

    O-H-I-O Go BuckeyesIl y a 2 mois

    So this video was restricted? Lmao

  10. Bauer and ccm hockey gear

    Bauer and ccm hockey gearIl y a 2 mois

    He did not see flower

  11. 3B Triconix

    3B TriconixIl y a 2 mois

    Wow, favorite goalie of mine and favorite player of mine r goin at it, feels bad man

  12. Peng Li

    Peng LiIl y a 2 mois

    Have to watch this again and see what player hit the Ref in the back of the head! That was no accident! REF YOU SUCK!! Looks like Schmidt!!

  13. Peng Li

    Peng LiIl y a 2 mois

    I was at this game. They didn't show how loud the Fleury Chanting was!!

  14. HDS mack

    HDS mackIl y a 2 mois

    Lol if your going to fight, hockey and NFL are the best sports to do so. Nothing but pads and hard hats lol

  15. Canadian Nick

    Canadian NickIl y a 2 mois

    I’ve never seen a turtle play hockey before until Tkachuk.

  16. G Elder

    G ElderIl y a 2 mois

    Flurey would have gotten his ass kicked

  17. Kevin Gunnery

    Kevin GunneryIl y a 2 mois

    Funny how MT is tough as nails when 5 and 75 aren’t on the ice.

  18. J.

    J.Il y a 2 mois

    If Ryan Reaves were on the ice, Matthew Tkachuk would be in the hospital right now.

  19. Aleezzz W

    Aleezzz WIl y a 2 mois

    0:41 Looks like Brodie and Eakin are hugging. Also, looks like Hanifin and Marchessault are hugging. Looks like they're best buds who don't want to be separated😂

  20. Aleezzz W

    Aleezzz WIl y a 2 mois

    Rittich just calmly be standing there😂

  21. Rob Martin

    Rob MartinIl y a 2 mois

    Get your headline right. Tkachuk backed in to Fluery.

  22. Brendan Stringer

    Brendan StringerIl y a 2 mois

    Tkachuck is such a goon

  23. Max The Cat

    Max The CatIl y a 2 mois

    For a second I thought this would be from the 90s.

  24. Patrick Smith

    Patrick SmithIl y a 2 mois

    Fleury would take Tkachuks lunch money!

  25. TheObserversTV

    TheObserversTVIl y a 2 mois

    lmao tkachuk would bully fleury

  26. Chuck G

    Chuck GIl y a 2 mois

    Hah … Fleury, puts stick down and looks at Rittich like, what, want some?

  27. sleep tight puppy

    sleep tight puppyIl y a 2 mois

    I hered aj styles song

  28. John Smith

    John SmithIl y a 2 mois

    Marc Andre Fleury, Another quality Canadian product.

  29. J Hart

    J HartIl y a 2 mois

    Miller should have fed him cross check after cross check

  30. Tasko Ty

    Tasko TyIl y a 2 mois

    1:09 - AJ Styles theme?))

  31. Mining_Canadian

    Mining_CanadianIl y a 2 mois

    Tkachuk is an amazing player I love it

  32. Auto E

    Auto EIl y a 2 mois

    I doubt it “nearly started a goalie fight” Fleury was just chirping Rittich.

  33. Samantha Miller Videos

    Samantha Miller VideosIl y a 2 mois


  34. Joe Thomas

    Joe ThomasIl y a 2 mois

    I'm a Pens fan but I still love Fleury. dudes a beast. I love that he still visits Pittsburgh on his off time in Vegas. He still tears up. what a great guy he is.

  35. Myles Goodwin

    Myles GoodwinIl y a 2 mois

    Rittich looks super cereal

  36. SpikeFlea

    SpikeFleaIl y a 2 mois

    Oh no, you do NOT go after Fleury son....

  37. flamesfan911

    flamesfan911Il y a 2 mois

    Refs handed Vegas this game. Make no mistake

  38. Ravit5

    Ravit5Il y a 2 mois

    Fleury is a terrible actor.

  39. Joe Hoe

    Joe HoeIl y a 2 mois

    Tkachuk deserved to get the boots put to him, on that one.

  40. its lexi depietrio

    its lexi depietrioIl y a 2 mois

    Ahhhh classic Tkachuk.... don't mess with FLOWER!!!

  41. C K

    C KIl y a 2 mois

    Way to go Flower 🌸😁

  42. Ry Lee

    Ry LeeIl y a 2 mois

    Miller is very lucky.

  43. Andrew Ewing

    Andrew EwingIl y a 2 mois

    My boy rittich would’ve beat up flower

  44. jon reeves

    jon reevesIl y a 2 mois

    sooner and more vicious yup.

  45. Ed vicheck

    Ed vicheckIl y a 2 mois

    I forget what team the Pens were playing at home and there was a big brawl and MAF tried to get to center ice to fight the goalie but linesman cut him off before he could get there. The linesman kept skating and blocking him. You could see the smile on MAF face.

  46. BlackSwanGaming

    BlackSwanGamingIl y a 2 mois

    Dirty PIG

  47. KnuckleHeadNate

    KnuckleHeadNateIl y a 2 mois

    Rittich looked like an afk EASHL goalie.

  48. Michael Martinez

    Michael MartinezIl y a 2 mois

    Hate The Last Vegas Knights With A Passion 🖕🖕🖕Dirty Azz Players..

  49. Bryan M

    Bryan MIl y a 2 mois

    Man imagine if reaves got ahold of him in that

  50. S T

    S TIl y a 2 mois

    Tkachuk was on the ice and Miller went at him? Fleury shouldn’t chirp people and not expect to pick a fight

  51. cforr154

    cforr154Il y a 2 mois

    Sean Avery reincarnated.

  52. Johnny Dong

    Johnny DongIl y a 2 mois

    Fleury is soft

  53. Averagestoner

    AveragestonerIl y a 2 mois

    And I was so close to banging Lindsey Vonn, then Subban came home, so it didin't happen, therefore I did not do it stop the Hype Leafsnet

  54. Farpure

    FarpureIl y a 2 mois

    Not even mad, this guy's gonna be a legend

  55. Hooked Toronto Fishing

    Hooked Toronto FishingIl y a 2 mois

    i love this kinda stuff! keep it in the game

  56. brenb1120 / nyscene911

    brenb1120 / nyscene911Il y a 2 mois

    Damn I guess running into goalies is a Tkachuk family tradition

  57. JAKE W

    JAKE WIl y a 2 mois

    Gotta love it!

  58. Volve

    VolveIl y a 2 mois

    I would swep all your ass off

  59. Ryan Dunne

    Ryan DunneIl y a 2 mois

    Gotta love Tkachuk 😂

  60. Black Mamba

    Black MambaIl y a 2 mois

    Need more players like thakuk

  61. Michael Rincon

    Michael RinconIl y a 2 mois

    After having Fleury ripped from Pittsburgh I feel a little more at ease for Fleury's safety over there seeing his teammates go after people like they should I feel Fleury is in good hands

  62. chad hult

    chad hultIl y a 2 mois

    Mike Smith would of 100% fought

  63. Mr Sir

    Mr SirIl y a 2 mois

    Tkachuk is lucky Reaves was on the bench at that point in time.

  64. DurdyClaude

    DurdyClaudeIl y a 2 mois

    Daddies boy tkachuk will get whats coming to him...all douches get what they deserve.....

  65. John Sweet

    John SweetIl y a 2 mois


  66. hockeycub19

    hockeycub19Il y a 2 mois

    Garbage flames

  67. phobos258

    phobos258Il y a 2 mois

    No one wants to talk about Miller's stick being up in Tkachuk hands and chest before the contact with Fleury?

  68. carter mcdonalds

    carter mcdonaldsIl y a 2 mois

    honestly doesn’t look intentional

  69. sweiland75

    sweiland75Il y a 2 mois

    Marc almost had his perfect teeth ruined.

  70. Person Of Interest

    Person Of InterestIl y a 2 mois

    I've seen worse at a girls soccer game.

  71. Håkan Westerdahl

    Håkan WesterdahlIl y a 2 mois

    No 1. I think The f.cking Idiot Tkatchuk is a player that is dangerous for the NHL ? He knows exatly what he is doing in this situation and soon some goalie gona get hurt bad ( I hope not ) No 2. Send the dork to the Hairdresser PLEASE 🤡

  72. Jake Brodie

    Jake BrodieIl y a 2 mois

    Tkachuk will get no love in Pittsburgh after this either.

  73. Paul Vivier

    Paul VivierIl y a 2 mois

    Kids got grit and brings hockey back to being hockey

  74. justin spence

    justin spenceIl y a 2 mois

    They don't want none hahaha phenomenal song

  75. Warren Viegas

    Warren ViegasIl y a 2 mois

    must be a rule if the goalie crosses the blueline, that the faceoff would be int heir zone :)

  76. 3goals4bonzai

    3goals4bonzaiIl y a 2 mois

    Ohhhh MAF. Just get back in net.

  77. Nikita Kucherov

    Nikita KucherovIl y a 2 mois

    I love tkachuk he brings back old school hockey.

  78. Tricko

    TrickoIl y a 2 mois

    Ta-punk 🙄 what an idiot

  79. Rob Strehlau

    Rob StrehlauIl y a 2 mois

    Miss you Flower

  80. Lucky Star

    Lucky StarIl y a 2 mois

    That was goaltender interference, right?

  81. Tim Haskett

    Tim HaskettIl y a 2 mois

    Just like his dad.....greasy player

  82. Andrew G

    Andrew GIl y a 2 mois


  83. Mike Kresser

    Mike KresserIl y a 2 mois

    AJ Styles' Theme Song fits so perfect for this🤘🏼💪🏼😂

  84. RonnyDonny13

    RonnyDonny13Il y a 2 mois

    Looked like an accident to me.

  85. Allec Anderson

    Allec AndersonIl y a 2 mois

    You shouldn't be playing professional hockey if you forget where the crease is, and either way accident or not it's his fault for not looking where he was going

  86. chaseman12

    chaseman12Il y a 2 mois

    Fleury doing all this with that big grin he always has on his face.

  87. juha kari tapio

    juha kari tapioIl y a 2 mois

    gotta love tkachuk

  88. gavin Gould

    gavin GouldIl y a 2 mois

    why dont someone rip his soother out like fransen did to kane

  89. David

    DavidIl y a 2 mois

    Why couldn't Tkachuck fight Fleury? This goalie vs goalie nonsense has to end, let skaters fight goalies.

  90. sgtderk1

    sgtderk1Il y a 2 mois

    That's the goat right there

  91. Dillon Potter

    Dillon PotterIl y a 2 mois

    NHL is so soft. Prove me wrong. Pewee hockey is tougher

  92. Queendidine C

    Queendidine CIl y a 2 mois


  93. David S

    David SIl y a 2 mois

    Fleury has so much personality , this is too funny!

  94. Hebs

    HebsIl y a 2 mois

    It was clearly an accident when he backed up BuT OkAy

  95. Артем Смирнов

    Артем СмирновIl y a 2 mois

    Как я хочу чтоб этот Ткачук на Ривза или на Тома Уилсона нарвался. Может после хороших люлей будет потише.

  96. Artem Karev

    Artem KarevIl y a 2 mois

    Вот реально ощущение что он ждёт когда нарвется на реального тафгая. Чёт слишком много неадеквата от него последнее время.

  97. commonzac

    commonzacIl y a 2 mois

    Embarrassing that in today's NHL this is what passes for a 'huge dust-up'.

  98. Ancient Keyboard Warrior

    Ancient Keyboard WarriorIl y a 2 mois

    Would love to see fleury get knocked around

  99. El Doucheo

    El DoucheoIl y a 2 mois

    Loving that Fleury wants to go all the time! Lmao! That's a real goalie!

  100. Iam Matrix

    Iam MatrixIl y a 2 mois

    I saw a huge penis at 1:47

  101. Bigdog123

    Bigdog123Il y a 2 mois

    Reaves on ice: Tkrack, Tboom, Tpow! RIGHT IN DA FACE!

  102. Chris Dumbaugh

    Chris DumbaughIl y a 2 mois

    "he ran into a jaguar in the rainforest... And got his esophagus ripped from his throat"

  103. l3l24lvol0lv

    l3l24lvol0lvIl y a 2 mois

    Huge dustup? So soft ...

  104. Nathan Blasdell

    Nathan BlasdellIl y a 2 mois

    I hate Tkachuk, everytime he does something annoying like this