Game Theory: The Murky History of Minecraft's Underwater Gods


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    Minecraft is Halal

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    Lol so minecraft is a muslim game

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    Blazes don’t Naturally Spone (sorry for my bad spelling autoCorrect wasn’t working in the world I was looking for keep turning to Spohn

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    If you drop a cow it drop cow flesh

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    That Nintendo switch case doe?

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    CICADA 3301

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    You should do a theory on destiny 2 because there is waaaaayyy more content and lore that could be theorized on

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    Mesopotamia: am I a joke to you?

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    Dr. Evil: I want a fish and it will come with frickin laser beams

  10. MFM Nazi Recorder

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    5:05 guardians and elder guardians are the only under sea creatures that can live indefinitely on land turtles: **sad slow noises**

  11. BrookiiHatesJohnDoe

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    so disc 11 has a creeper face in the spectrogram also cave ambient sound 14 has a creeper face in the spectrogram this means they both have something in common lets see disc 11 is played in a cave, cave ambient sound 14 is played in a cave too but 14 is after 13 disc 13 is played in a cave the thing is cave ambient sound 14 sounds...broken almost sounds like a broken recording wait a minute what if the numbers go in order in disc 11 there is a creeper explosion but the recording still works so the creator maybe thought "maybe I will make a recording of cave sounds" so he tried and then there is another explosion now it got really broken the creator thought "well maybe it still works" he tried and it didn't work or it could be that he knew it broke but maybe herobrine chased him so he tried recording but it sounded disturbing

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    Btw we muslims dont think that the kaaba is the connection of heaven and earth

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    GT Switch case is sold out help D:

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    I’m Muslim matpat I just really like how your taking about my religion

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    Teacher: what’s 13+10 Class: 23 Matpat: Oddly specific...

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    Then the drowned killed MatPat for making the whole video about guardians and not the drowned

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    As a Muslim this theory is probably my favourite Thanks Matpat for pronouncing all the words and names correct

  18. Anthony Buck

    Anthony BuckIl y a 2 heures

    A theory to add to yours ---maybe the guardians are some sort of re-animated fossil life form from thousands of years before steve? Perhaps whatever ancient ppl built the temples build them to worship the guardians? heck they could be older than the civilization that came before steve, and whatever cataclysm that destroyed the overworld civilization woke then back up? it would explain their stony appearance and lack of food drops..... ik this probs won't be seen lol but just a thought

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    10:15 Nobody: Not even a single soul: Matpat: Obama temple

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    6:15 if you drop a cow?

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    Steve is Muslim confirmed

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    well i you put a zombie in water and close the top it will be come a drowned,oh and thanks matpat for making my live smater!

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    Hey MatPat! You actually helped me with an honors project,when I began to structure and write my essay I immediately thought of your video scripts and how they're structured! Turns out you write essays as a job,thanks for this channel MatPat and for helping me with school.

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    me, a muslim, laughing at the way matpat says "kaaba" and "quran":

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    0:20 I thought Queen Of Mean was about to play ._.

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    I seriously can't imagine notch reading koraan and going to the Kaaba lol

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    The End exists just to make us feel good about ourselves, it is not really the end. Who agrees? 👇 I also make minecraft videos. Road to 👇 200 subs. Any help would mean the 👇 world to me.

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    Wow I really type a lot of comments

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    MatPat: Guardians are machinese! Me: *big gaaaaaaaaasp* Also me: Fish have robots!!!!

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    MatPat: talking about how important number 23 is Me: what time is it? Time: 20:23 This joke: the worst joke that ever existed

  31. SomethingTabz AJ

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    i just had a thought Do a Danganronpa theory; Specificly V3, cause that ending was a massive headach and some people are really unsure of how true it was do to plotholes, you being as amazing at this as you are, i'm sure you could figure it out! (i recently got into Danganronpa and there's not many theories i could find that tie this ending up all that well)

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    converting to islam in minecraft

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    MatPat: some unusual creatours video: *shows pufferfish picture* Pufferfish: I'm an alien

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    dam so we all islamic now

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    7:50 There's a command block inside the guardian

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    I HATE YOU, go away

  37. I’mamuffin

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    He says that it’s a religious structure but in the wither episode he said it was one of the hiding places of the ancient civilizations

  38. leith hussain

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    your pronciation of arabic words is ABSOULTLY TERRIBLE its kah-at-bah not kar-ba

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    looking forward to part 2. i really love these minecraft theory videos :)

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    Can you do a digimon theory