Game of Thrones Season 8 Trailer Explained


  1. Alt Shift X

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    We held a big livestream right after the S8 trailer came out - and we'll do more streams after each S8 episode. Subscribe and press the bell to be notified next time!

  2. Tom Wiech

    Tom WiechIl y a mois

    one of the trailers for season 8 shows wildfire! i think that wildfire will play an instrumental role in the showdown to come! they can douse the area just north of winterfell with it and send a flaming arrow in once the walkers are above it. what do you think?

  3. Protocol Infinity

    Protocol InfinityIl y a 2 mois

    The White Walkers: *Can only be killed by Obsidian. *Slaughtered 300 all-in-black crows *Only let dead people join their army. *Are invading and occupying a foreign country. *Annihilating a cannon-fodder-army of mostly Dothraki, & Westerosi peasants... They're obviously *racist,* And *classist,* And *genocidal...* *RADICAL DEAD SUPREMACISTS!* But Worse still: *All male, *Radically pro-life, (forcing, young mothers to give birth before taking their baby into their care... Except girls. **Rape culture* encourage incest rape, therefore obviously haven't seen the Gillette commercial... And *ARE THREATENING THE REIGN OF THE FIRST QUEEN OF THE IRON THRONE (+ the claim of a second!)! Note: #NotAllWhiteWalkers _we must be respectful of their apolyptic culture, as only a tiny minority of extremists will lead to extinction..._

  4. Riccardo Bianchini

    Riccardo BianchiniIl y a 2 mois

    Why didn't White Walkers kill Samwell Tarly?

  5. Rasmus Møller Blangsbøll

    Rasmus Møller BlangsbøllIl y a 2 mois

    For the april fools video, you should do a theory on what podrick really did to those prostitutes haha

  6. Krystof Verbik

    Krystof VerbikIl y a 16 jours

    6:10 "Game of Thrones Director said he study the Helms Deep battle for this episode" (Long Night).... Im speechless. They took two years off, they prepared (suposedly) and this is what they came up with? I dont understand... just, sad :///

  7. nd4spd

    nd4spdIl y a 7 jours

    The storyline is just not what many expected, and although I even have some grievances with the direction the storytelling has gone, I think characterising it as ruined or horrendous is hyperbolic nonsense.

  8. stick

    stickIl y a 7 jours

    The battle itself was amazing and the director did a good job, it's just d&d that fucked up the storylines

  9. nd4spd

    nd4spdIl y a 9 jours

    That specifies nothing.

  10. Krystof Verbik

    Krystof VerbikIl y a 10 jours

    +nd4spd about the episode.... It was terrible

  11. nd4spd

    nd4spdIl y a 10 jours

    What exactly are you complaining about here?

  12. Far Cry 5

    Far Cry 5Il y a 16 jours

    11:09 is vayris

  13. Arcus Cerebellumus

    Arcus CerebellumusIl y a 17 jours

    So fucking disappointing. And previous season too. think I'mana skip the series ending and just wait for the books to come out...

  14. Roaming Thereal

    Roaming TherealIl y a 19 jours

    10:45 This pretty much sums up everything. Where are my goddamn elephants?

  15. Steven Pick

    Steven PickIl y a 22 jours

    4:55 Oh, Gendry "reunited" with Arya alright

  16. Melon Pupper

    Melon PupperIl y a 29 jours

    "But hopefully there will also be time for Gendry to reunite with his old friend, Arya." Oh they reunited alright...

  17. Bruno Melo

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  18. Hugh James-Berry

    Hugh James-BerryIl y a mois

    The Red Woman told Arya 'we will meet again...' so idk if she dies. but dude! you predicted everything right so far!

  19. User Name

    User NameIl y a mois

    The show's directors are ripping off LotR like GRRM wasn't already inspired by it.

  20. nd4spd

    nd4spdIl y a 7 jours

    "almost like" ; "wasn't already"

  21. User Name

    User NameIl y a 9 jours

    +nd4spd note that I said GRRM was inspired by it. I also said the directors were ripping of LotR which they are and they are admitting it. But I do not recall saying that it is a bad thing. Hell, they are even crediting LotR for it!

  22. nd4spd

    nd4spdIl y a 10 jours

    Weird, it's almost like a suitable sharing of artistic sources is a bad thing to you.

  23. What Me Worry

    What Me WorryIl y a mois

    Basically the mountain is already dead so it would be interesting to see what if at all the white-walkers can do to him and more interestingly if Qyburn can do one zombie why can’t he make thousands more to fight the walkers? kind of a dead army vs a dead army, the night king vs Cerci

  24. blurrygirl06

    blurrygirl06Il y a mois

    Thank the old Gods Tormund and Beric survived!

  25. Baldina Kate

    Baldina KateIl y a mois

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  26. Khaled Ratul

    Khaled RatulIl y a mois

    Arya is smug. Cersi is smug. Dany is smug. Jon is Emo. Sansa is Emo. Bran is Super-Emo They should've started a band this season.

  27. Sander Denayer

    Sander DenayerIl y a mois

    Seems like 90% of the trailer already appeared in the first episode. Good.

  28. Hot Bachs

    Hot BachsIl y a mois

    No Elephant action, it would seem.

  29. Inspiring Arrow

    Inspiring ArrowIl y a mois

    People who actually believe Cersei is pregnant with a 4th child... idk how you can believe it with her prophecy stating she’d only have 3 children... I honestly think she’s grasping at anything she can to hold Jaime... does anyone else think she’s lying or am I totally blind?

  30. nd4spd

    nd4spdIl y a 10 jours

    Or... she'll die

  31. Johnkeav

    JohnkeavIl y a mois

    Due to the prophecy of Cersei only have three children.... i wonder if her unborn child is dead...or will be born dead, and will then become a Wight when the Night King is near and ultimately kill her during birth

  32. nd4spd

    nd4spdIl y a 10 jours

    Or... she'll die

  33. ChrisViral Vlogs

    ChrisViral VlogsIl y a mois

    Well... RIP elephants

  34. Tobin Thomas

    Tobin ThomasIl y a mois stream and download online got 8

  35. 030405as

    030405asIl y a mois

    Sorry, no elephants...

  36. Hair Care Specialist

    Hair Care SpecialistIl y a mois

    lol amazing

  37. Anthony Singh

    Anthony SinghIl y a mois

    This analysis was awesome. Loved it

  38. Hasti

    HastiIl y a mois

    I think Bran will tell Jon about his Targarian blood in the 5th episode.

  39. Neneh Agan

    Neneh AganIl y a mois

    Got 8 is 2 days away 🍾🍾🍾

  40. Michael Sweeney

    Michael SweeneyIl y a mois

    Anyone realize Jaime's sword is called "Widow Wail" and Cersei is still considered a Widow since she never married after King Robert died is this possible that this theorizing that he will indeed kill her!?

  41. Jutta Maier

    Jutta MaierIl y a mois

    If the night king is capable of riding a dragon, does that mean he is Targaryan?

  42. Kleo Zane

    Kleo ZaneIl y a mois

    Jutta Maier No, he's just badass

  43. Money Mule

    Money MuleIl y a mois

    Varys has gone from the confident, all knowing, spider to some mere mortal with no balls lol

  44. Money Mule

    Money MuleIl y a mois

    Every interview for GoT I've seen has has been them saying how big the ending is. I'm going to predict it ENDS. like no one survives, the world doesn't continue, it just ends.

  45. William Pozehl

    William PozehlIl y a mois

    So hyped for Sunday!

  46. Sharat Sachin

    Sharat SachinIl y a mois

    Okay. So at 1:28, me being colorblind, see no difference at all between the dragons. Are you saying that one is red and the other is green?

  47. emjayphil23 unstopable

    emjayphil23 unstopableIl y a mois

    more episode please not just eight episode make 20 episode more!!!! the story is too good and then i enjoyed also the nudes hehe

  48. Jennifer Butler

    Jennifer ButlerIl y a mois

    so good

  49. nick valentino

    nick valentinoIl y a mois

    I'm calling it now, Jon is on Rhaegal's back at 1:46 they just edited him out for the trailer

  50. nick valentino

    nick valentinoIl y a mois

    BIG MIKE I just know these things

  51. BIG MIKE

    BIG MIKEIl y a mois

    nick valentino haha you got it bro

  52. t mac

    t macIl y a mois

    Why does it have to end for Cersei?? Is she really pregnant??? Shes smart and conning,,, Maybe she’s sitting on the Throne at the very end????????

  53. t mac

    t macIl y a mois

    Don’t use the word zombie,,, They’ll never say the word!!!

  54. Felipe Carlos

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  55. Faeryn Gully

    Faeryn GullyIl y a mois

    I think ayra respects warrior women daenarys is a dragon rider but not a warrior, I think ayra will be sincerely disappointed by dany

  56. jflash05

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  57. Bing bong Ching chong

    Bing bong Ching chongIl y a mois

    I loved the Simpson reference when he was saying the colours of the dragons 😂😂

  58. R Nickerson

    R NickersonIl y a mois

    Jon gave the command to Dolorous Edd, but that's not how one becomes Lord Commander

  59. R Nickerson

    R NickersonIl y a mois

    Drogon is black with red accents

  60. My time

    My timeIl y a mois

    I don't want it to start because I don't want it to end😭😢

  61. Elise Hanssen

    Elise HanssenIl y a mois

    I like that Oathkeeper, which came from Neds sword, has been owned by her who swore to protect the Stark children.

  62. susie red

    susie redIl y a mois

    "...until the bitter end. " Ah, indeed.

  63. retired noona

    retired noonaIl y a mois


  64. turd nerd

    turd nerdIl y a mois

    1:42-1:48 lmao XD

  65. xaoc

    xaocIl y a mois

    Wight Rickon of course.

  66. Jackson Ville

    Jackson VilleIl y a mois

    I'm calling varys gonna die real quick, his part is pretty much played out by this point

  67. binondoboy1

    binondoboy1Il y a mois

    Jon is a auntie rider and he is good at it

  68. 王旭

    王旭Il y a mois

    maybe Arya killed by mountain

  69. bronxbombers 2211

    bronxbombers 2211Il y a mois

    Jorah will most definitely beat the Night King in single combat. He will save the world, and still be in that dreaded friend zone. Then want to kill himself after. Most likely wont make a song about it, but Jorah will finally understand. The Queen chose a rabid warlord, a questionable sell sword, and then to top it off... her fucking nephew. I'd lay with a damn white walker and start this shit again if I were him

  70. Das Die Der Erik

    Das Die Der ErikIl y a mois

    I think you overlooked that the scenery where Aria fights with her spear is very similar to the one where we see the Hound with fire in the background. She's fighting with a spear, like Oberyn did when fighting the Mountain, the shared enemy of Arya and the Hound. Maybe the Mountain kills the Hound and she's shocked because of some Oberyn-esque Mountain-kill move. This would also explain the stains on her face, either it's whatever the Mountain has in his veins or it's blood and whatever else of the Hound.

  71. Yep Its me

    Yep Its meIl y a mois

    Now i feel more nervous, excited but at the same time, I’m sad that i cannot watch the final season with my friends who are also avid fans, I couldn’t discuss with them together with full enthusiasm because I’m here in the UAE and I don’t have friends yet. Plus the videocall service here is inconvenient and expensive 😭😭

  72. david Fashoro

    david FashoroIl y a mois Live leak Link To see season 8 episode 1 click link quick before it gets deleted !

  73. George G

    George GIl y a mois

    Jon becomes a NK.

  74. sno86

    sno86Il y a mois

    7:58 i loved the airhorn

  75. Mitchell Shelton

    Mitchell SheltonIl y a mois

    "..with a needle still locked tight between your frozen fingers" - Interesting, since her sword is called "Needle"

  76. Ryan E

    Ryan EIl y a mois

    What would happen if someone paid a faceless man to kill a white walker?

  77. Das Die Der Erik

    Das Die Der ErikIl y a mois

    I'm not too sure if they'd kind as sacrifice for the many faced god, since they're technically already dead and an embodiment of death, as stated in the video. The faceless man only deliver the gift to people, walkers might not count as people.

  78. George G

    George GIl y a mois

    If Arya requested NK's death in the beginning, Tv series would be over.

  79. Simon Andrews

    Simon AndrewsIl y a mois

    Could your voice sound anymore monotonous or uninteresting....yawn


    BONG VOYAGERIl y a mois Please watch and subscribe

  81. Suweno16

    Suweno16Il y a mois

    1:44 This is too heavy for me 😨

  82. Ugly Yankee

    Ugly YankeeIl y a mois

    Yo nigga can Arya change her pussy to cock like she changes faces?

  83. Guillaume Ohz

    Guillaume OhzIl y a mois

    You are a genius

  84. PBR Streetgang

    PBR StreetgangIl y a mois

    "Explain" it for me daddy, I would have never been able to figure this shit out on my own.

  85. DGiovanni

    DGiovanniIl y a mois

    I don't think people in Westeros know about fetal alcohol syndrome. Heck, even if they do, Cersei has children with her brother; a little wine is the least of that baby's problems.

  86. carlos pazo

    carlos pazoIl y a mois

    If arya kill cerci she could take her face and command the army to help to fight the night king

  87. wickandde

    wickanddeIl y a mois

    Too happy for GOT won't happen man

  88. EdgelessTitan

    EdgelessTitanIl y a mois

    11:08 The person with the red hair could be Melisandre?

  89. Andrea Avila

    Andrea AvilaIl y a mois

    +Jps9 She said both herself and Varys die in foreign land (Westeros to them). She also said to Arya they will meet again last time she saw her.

  90. Jps9

    Jps9Il y a mois

    She indeed said that she had to die in westeros in season 7, very possible

  91. no one

    no oneIl y a mois

    I'll be honest, with how shit the last two seasons were, I can't wait for this to be over with, and yes I said shit! I like good story telling over sfx and since season 6 (when they went past the books) story telling is atrocious, especially since they have now started contradicting their own story with the last season! Seasons 1-4 are the best tv series in existence, season 5 was ok, just not as good as what come before, season 6 & 7 are terrible! You Can really see the struggle without having George's books to go by! And don't give me the battle of bastards episode in series 6 or the finale of that season, don't give me the spoils of war ep from season 7, one or two so called good episodes does not make the entire season great if the other episodes suck. And if you think these episodes i just mentioned are what made them seasons so good, well, just proves the point of choosing special fx over good non contradicting story telling

  92. skinny roach

    skinny roachIl y a mois

    remember that witch told a young cersei she will have three kids and lose them all. that happened so this next will be a miscarriage, making cersei spiral even further into madness and ruthlessness

  93. iippaa

    iippaaIl y a mois

    The red head in the throne room mostly looks like Sansa to me but could it be Melisandre? She has yet to return to Westeros to die in that strange country.

  94. Akseli Halonen

    Akseli HalonenIl y a mois

    You mean "Grey wind" and Missandei right?

  95. Cyndi Pittman

    Cyndi PittmanIl y a mois

    AHH...I didn't see live stream. Got it.

  96. Akseli Halonen

    Akseli HalonenIl y a mois

    +Cyndi Pittman he called Grey worm Grey wind multiple times on his live stream.

  97. Cyndi Pittman

    Cyndi PittmanIl y a mois

    No. Grey Worm. Grey Wind was Robb Stark's direwolf.

  98. Grace D’Eden

    Grace D’EdenIl y a mois

    @1:47 made me die of laughter 🤣🤣

  99. FinlandForceTeam

    FinlandForceTeamIl y a mois

    Holy fuck, 2 weeks until season 8!

  100. Lisa Walker

    Lisa WalkerIl y a mois

    The Wild Host (White Walkers and co.) Generally only take unchristened babies. Since Little Sam has a name, now, I doubt the NK will still want him. But maybe.

  101. white kid

    white kidIl y a mois

    I hope arya dies and jon snow became the king

  102. ZvyySzn

    ZvyySznIl y a mois

    Which like you get is who you are 1. "Jon Snow" 2. "Cirsei Lannister" 3. "Joffrey Lannister" 4. "Daenerys Targaryen" 5. "Arya Stark" 6. "Petyr Baelish" 7. "Ramsay Bolton" 8. "Khal Drogo" 9. "Robb Stark" 0 Or 10."Jaqen H'ghar" Im jon targaryen btw😋

  103. turtleThoughts

    turtleThoughtsIl y a mois

    i rely like ur vids but i saw a vid like this before link: they have almost the same exact points with that vid i linked coming out a day before idk if its a coincidence or what but its kinda sus

  104. turtleThoughts

    turtleThoughtsIl y a mois


  105. Fiona Coffey

    Fiona CoffeyIl y a mois

    Has anyone else noticed that Sansa and Arya’s monuments/statues looked jut like they do now, but Jon’s statue looks like he is significantly older?

  106. Anodyne Melody

    Anodyne MelodyIl y a mois

    Yes, I noticed that, too! Arya's statue looks like it was carved from her as she appears in Season 7 and Season 8 trailers. She's one of my favorite characters, so I hope she doesn't die too soon in the next season.

  107. ACE & FURY

    ACE & FURYIl y a mois

    What happened to Rhaenys Targaryen?

  108. Lockdog 45

    Lockdog 45Il y a mois

    Even if Jon is told he’s a heir he’s not one to want the iron throne

  109. Allen Lichner

    Allen LichnerIl y a mois

    Jamie will try to rape Danny and eaten by a dragon. The dragon will eat Cersi and the midget

  110. Felipe Duque

    Felipe DuqueIl y a mois


  111. Briandon Stark

    Briandon StarkIl y a mois

    It sucks that you're putting more thought and effort into analyzing this trailer than D&D will put into the script of this season.

  112. InvisibleMan95

    InvisibleMan95Il y a mois

    There's only one bowl that matters. The Cleganebowl. And it is here.

  113. jabojr

    jabojrIl y a mois

    I believe the Starks will rise, but they will be on the side of the living.

  114. Andrew Phelan

    Andrew PhelanIl y a mois

    Arthur Dayne=star Whent=smoke(harrenhall) Hightower=salt(they are known for trading or they are a port so the salty sea) Hightower is a little shotty but to me it makes sense that jon is azor. ahai

  115. The Voodoo Child Cubop Güaño

    The Voodoo Child Cubop GüañoIl y a mois

    oh aight. yea i know the houses are known for certain things but i ain't know the other details. thanks brotha. i appreciate your time!

  116. Andrew Phelan

    Andrew PhelanIl y a mois

    +The Voodoo Child Cubop Güaño well according to the lore azor ahai was born amongst salt smoke and star. When jon was born at the tower of joy these three knights guarded him. Thats why i think they represent them. There houses are known for certain things, like these

  117. The Voodoo Child Cubop Güaño

    The Voodoo Child Cubop GüañoIl y a mois

    Andrew Phelan ...could u explain that please?.... theres things im still learning.

  118. BubbaSteve Garcia

    BubbaSteve GarciaIl y a mois

    Alt, I love you man but can you please not say AND, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. You list something?

  119. Markus Patients

    Markus PatientsIl y a mois

    What is "Game of thrones" and why is the "T" in thrones capitalized? Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn...

  120. Nathan Badeau

    Nathan BadeauIl y a mois

    1mm views ? Alt shift is terrible when it comes to theories. All they do is go on reddit and pick old ones posted from years ago to make videos.

  121. raditya anugrah

    raditya anugrahIl y a mois

    a man has to stop clicking on game of thrones related video a man can't wait no longer for season eight a man is going crazy

  122. Max Jame

    Max JameIl y a mois

    Well if you remember Syrio Forell telling Arya that there's only one god and his name is death, so I think most of the Braavosi men worship the lord of death, well if the lord of death is the many faced god, then Arya is talking about the lord of death. Death has many faces, he's the many faced god.. And the white walkers are a walking "death".

  123. Hey Ziaa

    Hey ZiaaIl y a mois

    1:49 ooo you already saw that 😂😂😂

  124. John Smith

    John SmithIl y a mois

    Wait wait wait wait wait... So you said that Daenarys' brother was Johns real father..? And John had sex with Daenarys... so isn't that like... y'know... 0.0 .... y'know!?

  125. Alt Shift X

    Alt Shift XIl y a mois

    Yupp, Jon banged his aunt

  126. akhilesh kumar kc

    akhilesh kumar kcIl y a mois

    Why is anyone talking about the wild fire 🔥 and Qyburn who knows so much about death and helping in killing white Walker's... May be The nights King rally his army upto Kings landing and the wild fire destroys the whole Kings landing like the dream Danny saw in Asshai... Those predictions and also Bryan Dream could help bring more theories ?

  127. Tamara Magdalene

    Tamara MagdaleneIl y a mois

    Here is a question about humanity. How is the actions of mankind throughout the show any less evil than the Night King. I wonder to myself if any of these characters had the same power as the Night King what would they have done with it. And with Dany I wonder what she wouldve been like had no one checked her impulses as Tyrion mentioned. Why is Cersei evil when she enjoys watching people burn but Dany is often excused for burning people alive and not batting an eye as opposed to Jon Stark who is depressed about killing. There's even that one scene where Dany says to Jon "we all enjoy what we're good at" and Jon says "I don't." And if Dany had no dragons who would she be? Jon always had himself and became something greater than expected. Dany has many obnoxious titles, Jon does not. Dany wants to rule, Jon does not. If you noticed throughout the series Dany's dragons refuse to remain captive and even snap at Dany meanwhile the direwolves are loyal to their master or herd, which to me foreshadows the problems that will come up for Dany and Jon. The showrunners I think are pulling the Devils Trick...they have us all focused on the obvious evil throughout the show when the real threat is one many considered to be a hero the entire time. Even if Dany isn't the outright villain, perhaps she will realize something about herself that needs to be sacrificed.

  128. Alejandro Preciado

    Alejandro PreciadoIl y a mois

    I don't think Arya is scared for herself. Notice she never looks back. I think it's much more likely that she's scared for something/someone else, like she is on her way to rescue Sansa or the people hiding in the crypt, or maybe she's scared of failure on some desperate suicide mission, and feels like Winterfell or the realm will fall if she fails.

  129. Whoulphinbowser

    WhoulphinbowserIl y a mois

    Lenny = White Carl = Black

  130. SeanO

    SeanOIl y a mois

    I just realized jon is fire and ice... lol

  131. EcoDimension

    EcoDimensionIl y a mois

    lets hope you reach 1 million subs before season 8 ends

  132. No Name

    No NameIl y a mois

    Person holding the bow could be Bran