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    Sorry 😐 was a good morning honey I love you sweetheart sunshine ☀️ is your day I just want to you see you guys I am going home to get your haircut 💇 right right after I got my lows back at caulking I just passed my school 🏫 was the night and I’m so tired 😓 is my day Tuesday afternoon I was gonna I am going right now and then take care of your lunch and lunch I love 💕 you have to wake you sooo much more than I love 💕 is your day and I am so tired 😓 was my last time you got your time I love ya so I just passed ya I didn’t want you to come home 🏠 I love 💕 you know I had no friends house 🏠 I like the kids I know I just realize I have stuff to take care of myself I don’t care 🤷‍♀️ was like the last day I just didn’t know I had to school 🏫 I just passed school I just passed the house 🏡 is the time I get home to pick

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    123 Go gold German ist der beste Kanal!

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    123 GO! GOLD hi I’m kinda new and I’m a little noob to your channel

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    @Jaliyah Springfield bbcg c cv/ vtfffgfgfgv. Vnmkkklkkl

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    Brooklynn and moon moon blue moon 🌙 are hhhhhhhhhhyuttry great dad and moon moon 🌙 and

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    How could it be months ifs she’s wearing the exact same thing

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    Use this app to be able and help me find my time

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    She used a plastic straw. Omg save the turtles TURTLE KILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😲😡

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    I love 123 go they're the best if you also like/love 123 go like this comment 👇👇✌️👇

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    What are your real names , countrys, ages and all dudes, or are your names helly, vicky , Sofia and all ? I got so many questions. Poste s video telling them all .😄😄😄

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    Are these real life hacks

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    hi i am a huge fan

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    I love all your videos, but I would like to hear their own voice and see the person talking

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    What you gais du

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    That is prity cool

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    I like that you gais mack osom thincks

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    😱😨😮 omg that is osom your videos

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    Please all in 123 go come to live video on youtube

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    what if you forgot to take it out

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    So liked girl

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    9:29 know that everybody knows this hack its not a hiding place for your stuff

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    You copied unicorn princess

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    Привет все зачем вы по русский не разговаривает давай на этот трась русский

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    123go, is so good at thinking out the box🥳

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    Lana taked the straw without telling Ami.

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    Mayas teeth is yellow.she did not brush her teeth

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    Instructions Unclear: I microwaved my brother.

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    Thief: watches this looks into my washing machine instant disapontment

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    @Cheryl Odom what is that to mean

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    123 go I love your channel and always

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    Is it just me or did the voice over say mya instead of Mia

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    The thumbnail is DISGUSTING!!! 🤢🤮

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    I don't find hair but I always found dirt

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    How did she go In the water but she was still dry 🤣

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    You can also just say no to your friends about the gum

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    What if dirt gets on the gum

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    Where do you put the glass of water???????

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    Can we put the money in the dryer instead of the washing machine

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    If u keep saying sucker then u are a sucker

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    Just me or does my microwave have only buttons??

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    Spongebob’s female cousin having a warm bath be like...

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    Vsco girls:are u using a plastic straw? Girl:yeah why? Vsco girl:*invisible mental breakdown*

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    Does the straw trick really work? @00:50

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