Flamin' Hot Pop-Tarts Taste Test | SNACK SMASH


  1. Chris RJ

    Chris RJIl y a jour

    If you have a brother or 7, you could bring them onto the show, and call the episode SNACK SMASH BROS.

  2. Chris RJ

    Chris RJIl y a jour

    (Maybe they know of a good snack smash, cuz I sure can't think of any.)

  3. Untrained GM

    Untrained GMIl y a 2 jours

    How do you just Throw things in But have it WORK

  4. thelemoid

    thelemoidIl y a 3 jours

    Not sure if it's the microphone or the sound mix or what but some of these videos are really treble heavy. Josh sounds a bit like a chipmunk compared to other videos he's in

  5. Gimme Some ASMR

    Gimme Some ASMRIl y a 3 jours


  6. Peanut Butter Kraken

    Peanut Butter KrakenIl y a 3 jours

    Did you match the mixer on purpose?

  7. Izabella Guelck

    Izabella GuelckIl y a 4 jours

    So essentially were gonna watch josh take a sh*t lmao haHha

  8. Izabella Guelck

    Izabella GuelckIl y a 4 jours

    Giving birth to a baby snack is just pooping though ?.... 😂

  9. Pancho El Sancho

    Pancho El SanchoIl y a 5 jours

    Make a Takis Cheesecake

  10. Dixie Doll

    Dixie DollIl y a 5 jours

    Josh, Please make one of these... 1. Almond Joy Rice Crispies. 2. Reese Hot Pockets (or warm pockets so you don't get choc burns). 3. Nacho stuffed Egg Rolls. 4. Licorice Pretzels. Yay! Have fun... :)

  11. Thatmangabe 893

    Thatmangabe 893Il y a 5 jours

    I like pears, i fell down the stairs, facial hairs.

  12. Awesomely Hooked

    Awesomely HookedIl y a 6 jours

    Oh how I love me some Josh 😏


    SONUNBEKNOWN TVIl y a 6 jours

    Do more of these

  14. 1423 171

    1423 171Il y a 8 jours

    Josh never change you're hilarious

  15. taylor laubs

    taylor laubsIl y a 10 jours

    josh deserves the whole world and by god i will sTEAL IT TO GIVE IT TO HIM

  16. Max Russo

    Max RussoIl y a 10 jours

    Wow I love what Chris Morocco did with his hair

  17. pandatwee

    pandatweeIl y a 11 jours

    Snack Smash is just pure entertainment. There is no way anyone is watching this to actually make these smashes. Says a lot about the content and even more so the star of the show: Josh. 👏👏👏

  18. Majin Prince.

    Majin Prince.Il y a 11 jours

    S’mores pop tart with ness amiibo

  19. Highlord91

    Highlord91Il y a 11 jours

    This guy makes me smile, never change

  20. SnapWizaard

    SnapWizaardIl y a 11 jours

    Claire: takes multiple days and attempts to make a semi-close version of the original Mythical Chef Josh: Hold my spatula

  21. Liz Pean

    Liz PeanIl y a 13 jours

    I love how his shirt matches the mixer

  22. Paul Sakay

    Paul SakayIl y a 13 jours

    He's like alternate universe Jesse Eisenberg.

  23. Tristen Muldner

    Tristen MuldnerIl y a 17 jours

    Josh is a f**king idiot and its funny

  24. Tony Price

    Tony PriceIl y a 17 jours

    You are in fact the best train wreck I have ever seen

  25. Miriam Vail

    Miriam VailIl y a 17 jours

    Josh is the definition of "chaotic good"

  26. Shnoz Bub

    Shnoz BubIl y a 17 jours

    Josh seption

  27. Stephen Gibson

    Stephen GibsonIl y a 18 jours

    Do Nacho Cheese Doritos and Reese Cups

  28. Twilight Protige

    Twilight ProtigeIl y a 18 jours

    Okay okay here me out. Jalepeno lifesavers. Jellied jalapeno slices made and colored like lifesavers a

  29. BitO Wit

    BitO WitIl y a 18 jours

    I love that the Kitchen Aid matches his shirt.

  30. thomas spragg

    thomas spraggIl y a 18 jours

    I can never figure out if Josh is real tall or just a lot of the people who work at GMM are real short

  31. Nicholas Sheffield

    Nicholas SheffieldIl y a 20 jours

    This is the most look alike thing he has ever made. and was his shirt the same color as his cooking equipment on purpose? or just a coincidence????

  32. Wired4Reality

    Wired4RealityIl y a 20 jours

    Twinkies and Pork Rinds

  33. Jasmine Hughed

    Jasmine HughedIl y a 20 jours

    I want to see him on chopped because he would thrive

  34. Alexzander Kay

    Alexzander KayIl y a 20 jours

    His shirt almost matches the mixer.

  35. Sanaa Broadway

    Sanaa BroadwayIl y a 21 jour

    I just got flaming hot cheeto popcorn, would 1000000000000000% reccomend

  36. Sanaa Broadway

    Sanaa BroadwayIl y a 21 jour

    Also know as Claire 😂😂😂😂😂

  37. catriona m

    catriona mIl y a 22 jours

    nobody’s going to talk about the spork on his inner forearm

  38. Paul Burkhalter

    Paul BurkhalterIl y a 23 jours

    Do sour patch kid flavored doritos. Please.

  39. chris grass

    chris grassIl y a 23 jours

    Shout out to the pears....

  40. Indya Padilla

    Indya PadillaIl y a 23 jours

    Josh really should guest star on Bon Appetite. Maybe on Brad Leone’s IT’S ALIVE

  41. Starlight Shimmer

    Starlight ShimmerIl y a 24 jours

    He should wear a protective mask when cooking with powder... The crew should wear them too... Just go to a Dollar General or other store and pick up a mask that you can use...

  42. Arvin Dizon

    Arvin DizonIl y a 24 jours

    BA crossover please

  43. cj mason

    cj masonIl y a 24 jours

    Rick "I like pears" Ross

  44. Gavin Stone

    Gavin StoneIl y a 25 jours

    I’m still wanting to see the cheek clapping combo of tropical skittles and sweet chili Doritos 👏🏻👏🏻🍑🤖🤖

  45. Eli Orkin

    Eli OrkinIl y a 25 jours

    this is just an early-onset mid-life crisis combined with an aneurysm

  46. Edge of Hell

    Edge of HellIl y a 26 jours

    We are gonna add some hot cheeto dust, and just walk away... so it can't hurt you

  47. Chigo Aniobi

    Chigo AniobiIl y a 26 jours

    That “shout out to all the pear” reference killed me💀

  48. Kenny Credence

    Kenny CredenceIl y a 26 jours

    I like pears ~Rick Ross 1834

  49. daniel cruz

    daniel cruzIl y a 26 jours

    Why you write like that

  50. A Fluffy Redneck

    A Fluffy RedneckIl y a 27 jours

    we want meatloafers pizza

  51. NinjaBinjaGAME

    NinjaBinjaGAMEIl y a 27 jours

    Josh: *_"Like they say, once you crunch, the crunch don't- the munch don't crun- the- once you cru-"_* *Speech 100*

  52. Hayden Thompson

    Hayden ThompsonIl y a 27 jours


  53. jekanyika

    jekanyikaIl y a 28 jours

    I didn't realise you could move a video to a new channel and keep the views.

  54. Max Sanders

    Max SandersIl y a 28 jours

    Josh: I'm gonna make sure I dont breathe in the fumes so that I dont cough on the food Also Josh: *coughs*

  55. Gavin Stone

    Gavin StoneIl y a 29 jours

    You should do tropical skittles and sweet chili Doritos that combo sounds like it would clap cheeks

  56. Catherine Hawkwind

    Catherine HawkwindIl y a 29 jours

    It’s not often I like a spin off or other hosts but Josh is definitely an exception.

  57. Katie Bean

    Katie BeanIl y a 29 jours

    Okay, but am I the only person who doesn’t put PopTarts in the toaster/microwave? I just eat it out of the package..

  58. James Tipton

    James TiptonIl y a mois


  59. Scott

    ScottIl y a mois

    Try a ramen + pizza 😏

  60. A Blue Noodle

    A Blue NoodleIl y a mois

    God he's hot

  61. Nehemiah White

    Nehemiah WhiteIl y a mois

    Smash noodles and doritos