First to beat IMPOSSIBLE NINJA WARRIOR COURSE wins! (Trampoline park)


  1. Aaden Ryan

    Aaden RyanIl y a jour

    Corey do you got snapchat

  2. Lincoln Gemmell

    Lincoln GemmellIl y a 5 jours

    Go coery

  3. little demon

    little demonIl y a 5 jours

    Do a triple quad flip!

  4. Saucy Siyy

    Saucy SiyyIl y a 7 jours

    1:25 he look like blue face

  5. Steven Barnard

    Steven BarnardIl y a 7 jours

    I Thought Black Shirt Was Blueface At First😂😂

  6. Zach H

    Zach HIl y a 12 jours

    Do they still ride scooters

  7. Elite_ Josh75

    Elite_ Josh75Il y a 13 jours

    I love u guys

  8. Shane Lee

    Shane LeeIl y a 14 jours

    You guys are very talented.

  9. Avy Melistas

    Avy MelistasIl y a 15 jours

    Do a nather truck video

  10. Liana Snicket

    Liana SnicketIl y a 16 jours

    Why is no one talking about how it's a almost 20 min video with 7 ads

  11. Shayne Monroe

    Shayne MonroeIl y a 17 jours

    I just played it back and he did 5

  12. Erin Josey

    Erin JoseyIl y a 18 jours

    Get eggs thrown on you

  13. Archie Pearson

    Archie PearsonIl y a 23 jours

    Corey: very average FRreporters going at Me: .......... how do you you get up that ramp?

  14. Alexi Tritsaris

    Alexi TritsarisIl y a 26 jours

    I love when they do things the love it just makes the video better

  15. Sunde Daughrity

    Sunde DaughrityIl y a 26 jours


  16. puga Hudson

    puga HudsonIl y a mois

    do a quadruple flip at a trampoline park as a video

  17. Lauren Lineen

    Lauren LineenIl y a mois

    Can you give me a shout out please say got to tik tok and follow @bree_18 I love you guys you just make me laugh and smile

  18. Lauren Lineen

    Lauren LineenIl y a mois


  19. Strete Karina

    Strete KarinaIl y a mois

    You can also collaborating with Team Edge that will be awesome

  20. NovaKillz Clan

    NovaKillz ClanIl y a mois

    1:49 your so awesome 😂😂


    RED SPARTANIl y a mois

    “I only run from the cops” lol that was funny

  22. blue yoda

    blue yodaIl y a mois

    Make a discord server

  23. Sydney Robinson

    Sydney RobinsonIl y a mois

    Whoever can swim a across an ocean

  24. Rohz_Lester 2007

    Rohz_Lester 2007Il y a mois

    What was that trampoline park called because I went to one that looks like it

  25. Hey wanna get clappe D

    Hey wanna get clappe DIl y a mois

    What’s discord

  26. Noah Hall

    Noah HallIl y a mois

    Not trying to be rude just wondering why you decided to be a FRreporterr don’t have to answer worry choice and love your video’s

  27. Noah Hall

    Noah HallIl y a mois

    And I ment your choice not worry silly spelling corrections

  28. Kaleb Villaruz

    Kaleb VillaruzIl y a mois

    I can do that huge ramp and I’m 4’8

  29. A burrito

    A burritoIl y a mois

    How come they didn’t mention Kevin bull was there Bruh

  30. bilzdraft

    bilzdraftIl y a mois

    I can

  31. Brian Hilligsberg

    Brian HilligsbergIl y a mois

    Can you see who can stay in the air the longest

  32. EPICNInJA1234

    EPICNInJA1234Il y a mois

    joogsquad went there

  33. Jay Rooks

    Jay RooksIl y a mois

    Fuck brother


    S_M PRODUCTIONSIl y a mois

    Hey it’s a slanted trampoline It pushes you that way ITS HARDLY GOING To PUSH YOU DOWN

  35. keith bauer

    keith bauerIl y a mois

    did anyone else notice the lady behind them at 8:29

  36. Cynthia Swartzlander

    Cynthia SwartzlanderIl y a mois

    why does Capron walk like that at 18:11

  37. Ry playzz

    Ry playzzIl y a mois

    See how many front flips and back flips u can do at the same time no stoping between Front and back like when u get dusty move to the next one sorry if I did don’t explained it good enough hope u do it🤞🏻

  38. Ry playzz

    Ry playzzIl y a mois

    Like who can do the most

  39. Lily Dixon

    Lily DixonIl y a mois

    2020 anyone

  40. Kelsy Hart

    Kelsy HartIl y a mois

    Y’all should come to Dothan, Alabama to Xtreme Air trampoline park🙂

  41. donald farrell

    donald farrellIl y a mois

    welcome back to

  42. ama ama

    ama amaIl y a mois

    My son wants to know what is ur discord

  43. ToXic Håksøn

    ToXic HåksønIl y a mois

    "I only run from the cops" Z 2019 Like if ur watching in 2020

  44. Crazy diamond King

    Crazy diamond KingIl y a mois

    Corey: very average youtubers going on it Me: average? Ps. You guys are talented

  45. RobbBTW H

    RobbBTW HIl y a mois

    And u guys should get a gimbal

  46. RobbBTW H

    RobbBTW HIl y a mois

    I hate kids at trampoline parks

  47. Itsyourboy Bray

    Itsyourboy BrayIl y a mois

    I saw Kevin bull from American Ninja Warrior

  48. Jair Martinez

    Jair MartinezIl y a mois

    2020 anyone

  49. Abbaby Ruthless

    Abbaby RuthlessIl y a mois


  50. MBZBOSS2

    MBZBOSS2Il y a mois

    Got to defy clovis on January 5th at 12:00 pst

  51. Fluid Viking

    Fluid VikingIl y a mois

    That’s the Lakeland defy

  52. Cooper Martin

    Cooper MartinIl y a mois

    you should bring me to the place im a liturall monkey

  53. Samuel Garton

    Samuel GartonIl y a mois

    How dose the man holding the camera get the best

  54. brenda herrera

    brenda herreraIl y a mois

    Team edge came to this one

  55. L Brummage

    L BrummageIl y a mois

    The dangie bros also did that same course, or tfil I don't remember between those 2 channels.

  56. Shaun Walshe

    Shaun WalsheIl y a mois

    I was the 1,395,000 person, to watch this video.

  57. Aaron Ayala

    Aaron AyalaIl y a mois

    I did 6 backflips at home

  58. Mane Alba

    Mane AlbaIl y a 2 mois

    I’ve been watching the funk bro’s before 2014

  59. Łuñar Gãçhã

    Łuñar GãçhãIl y a 2 mois


  60. Mayleey 4 ever X

    Mayleey 4 ever XIl y a 2 mois

    and can you pls like this comment pls

  61. Mayleey 4 ever X

    Mayleey 4 ever XIl y a 2 mois

    pls sub to me i dont make vids thoe im sorry

  62. Mayleey 4 ever X

    Mayleey 4 ever XIl y a 2 mois

    hello i love you guys so much i feel like i am your biggest fan ive subbed and liked dont worry

  63. Arya Jayaraj

    Arya JayarajIl y a 2 mois

    2020 anyone is what everyone says