Dead by Daylight | Chapter 15 Teaser


  1. Wyatt Marshall

    Wyatt MarshallIl y a 21 heure

    Bro it's chain chomp

  2. Cute Looper

    Cute LooperIl y a 21 heure

    Ginger snaps ?🐺

  3. bop6306

    bop6306Il y a 21 heure

    I think it's pinhead honestly

  4. Vittorio Sgarbato

    Vittorio SgarbatoIl y a 21 heure


  5. Incest Just incest

    Incest Just incestIl y a 21 heure

    I think its azog from lord of the rings

  6. Belladonna

    BelladonnaIl y a 22 heures

    Great, probably another ranged killer 😅

  7. PennyOhms

    PennyOhmsIl y a 22 heures

    "Get Over Here" ⛓⛓⛓⛓💘

  8. Mr. Doge

    Mr. DogeIl y a 22 heures

    I’m so exited for the new killer >:3 I guess the new killer has some sort of chains

  9. kumar tejas

    kumar tejasIl y a 22 heures


  10. CallMeConnor XD

    CallMeConnor XDIl y a 23 heures

    Pinhead theorys I sleep Chain Chomp REAL SHIT

  11. thagamer 76

    thagamer 76Il y a 23 heures

    saw this meme with the chainchop in dbd... HMMMMMMMMMMM

  12. Yuuki Terumi

    Yuuki TerumiIl y a 23 heures

    That chain will be use to catch survivor.

  13. Jon Ric Taguiam

    Jon Ric TaguiamIl y a 23 heures

    What if his power is to swing around his chain and if it hits a survivor they get pulled to him???? Oh god that would be awesome.....

  14. Daniel soto

    Daniel sotoIl y a 23 heures


  15. Tabby Cosplay

    Tabby CosplayIl y a 23 heures

    When you see a new add for a new killer but you have just been waiting for Stretch from Texas chainsaw 2 ;-;

  16. Antonio Luna

    Antonio LunaIl y a 23 heures

    Zombie lui kang 👀

  17. Bruna Sousa

    Bruna SousaIl y a 23 heures

    PINHEAD !!!

  18. Alien dude

    Alien dudeIl y a 23 heures

    Chris walker maybe

  19. VzE Racc

    VzE RaccIl y a 23 heures


  20. Luke Phillips

    Luke PhillipsIl y a 23 heures

    Could be Pinhead from Hellraiser. His weapon of choice is the hook chains.

  21. car _09

    car _09Il y a jour

    Pinhead lol

  22. John Castillo

    John CastilloIl y a jour

    I think I know who it is.... Pinhead from the Hellraiser franchise.

  23. John Castillo

    John CastilloIl y a jour

    Idk who this killer is but who I really want is the monster from Jeepers Creepers. He’s the creepiest killer out there.

  24. Flan O'Flare

    Flan O'FlareIl y a jour

    Oh shit gravel.

  25. Scra p

    Scra pIl y a jour

    Reminds me of that one crypt tv monster

  26. Julian

    JulianIl y a jour

    The Jackal From 13 Ghosts? 🤔

  27. VirtueVengeance

    VirtueVengeanceIl y a jour

    How did they get a license with Nintendo?

  28. Billy The squid

    Billy The squidIl y a jour

    Bruh it’s chain chomp

  29. purple guy 202 bowers

    purple guy 202 bowersIl y a jour

    Pinhead hell raiser

  30. อภิมหาเด็กเกรียน 2020

    อภิมหาเด็กเกรียน 2020Il y a jour

    Killer : Jason Voorhees Survivor : Tommy Jarvis Map : Crystal lake I would be so happy if thats real

  31. อภิมหาเด็กเกรียน 2020

    อภิมหาเด็กเกรียน 2020Il y a jour

    Jason Voorhees?

  32. David Silverman

    David SilvermanIl y a jour

    Could you imagine chain chomp being the killer, he would be like 10 meters tall and destroy whole jungle gyms, ruff ruff holy fuck run!!! Booooommm... no loops

  33. Adrian Baca

    Adrian BacaIl y a jour

    Chain chomp

  34. Martín Seara

    Martín SearaIl y a jour

    New killer

  35. Emir Juri

    Emir JuriIl y a jour

    John Wick?

  36. Creeper _Rulezzz_

    Creeper _Rulezzz_Il y a jour

    Would be cool if it was ghost rider haha

  37. Sr.Facundooh-

    Sr.Facundooh-Il y a jour

    More dlcs? No Problem

  38. Kactuz YT

    Kactuz YTIl y a jour

    Can you just fix the game before you start releasing new content to a broken game. Dont get me wrong i love the idea of the game and i have 1000 h + but there are some game changing bugs / laggs in this game which stopped me from playing it.

  39. ItsBrettFoo

    ItsBrettFooIl y a jour

    Jeepers Creepers

  40. Mistress Milky

    Mistress MilkyIl y a jour

    if it’s not pinhead i’m DCing

  41. Gaming brawl stars

    Gaming brawl starsIl y a jour

    Is it a made up killer or movie killer

  42. Kee Dennis

    Kee DennisIl y a jour

    Can y’all fix the servers before yall decide to promote something else????

  43. Dev On

    Dev OnIl y a jour


  44. ReechForTheBleech

    ReechForTheBleechIl y a jour

    Can we get the Alien as a killer? Or the Thing? Where the killer has to complete a minigame to shapeshift into a survivor? So as a survivor it becomes a mindfuck as to who is who. And if the killer gets part of the minigames wrong then the shapeshift process goes a bit wrong and makes it easier to spot the killer.

  45. my dad left me

    my dad left meIl y a jour

    It’s road hog everyone it’s so obvious

  46. Champion Club

    Champion ClubIl y a jour

    I think it's 50/50 werewolf or Pinhead calling it

  47. grim reaper

    grim reaperIl y a jour

    Why was my first thought ghost rider?

  48. Angela Merrick

    Angela MerrickIl y a jour

    Great. The next killer is a chain

  49. Trapanese Finest

    Trapanese FinestIl y a jour

    Why not Candyman!?!!?!?!?!

  50. StylnFly

    StylnFlyIl y a jour

    It's definitely a killer from scooby doo, and we are getting shaggy as a survivor. Mystery solved if it wasn't for those meddling developers.


    TOWSKY XDIl y a jour


  52. This derpy COW

    This derpy COWIl y a jour


  53. Brodie Trotter

    Brodie TrotterIl y a jour

    Just me that thinks they should add Norman bates (the guy from the movie psycho)

  54. The one girl who decided To show up

    The one girl who decided To show upIl y a jour

    Pin head maybe? The chain can be a sigh that it is him and is you have seen hell raiser then you would know that he uses chains as a weapon. Also maybe another teaser can show maybe the box or the “I remember” thing pin head says. I THINK IM RIGHT ABOUT THIS!!!

  55. Wormwood

    WormwoodIl y a jour

    Pinhead will be great but..... this doesn't looks like pinhead chain style. Time will show.

  56. Gamerfox909

    Gamerfox909Il y a jour

    I wonder I think it’s the smasher idk

  57. DementedCaver

    DementedCaverIl y a jour

    That's the sound of the men working on the chain gang.

  58. Jon The Doom Guy

    Jon The Doom GuyIl y a jour

    New Killer: Scorpion New Survivor: Quan Chi New Map: The Netherrealm

  59. Chase Mcmichael

    Chase McmichaelIl y a jour

    EVIL DEAD 🤷🏻‍♂️

  60. Chloe Britchford

    Chloe BritchfordIl y a jour

    I wish they made Eddie Gluskin a killer in this game