Dax - "My Last Words" (Preview + Life Message) [Video]


  1. Dax

    DaxIl y a 2 mois

    “My Last Words” won’t be a song. It’ll be a moment. Before this drops please consider what I say in the preview + message. I can’t wait to share this moment with you and the world soon. As of now it’s looking like April 5th. Make sure to dm me on ig @thatsdax and tell me how this video made you feel. Love y’all. Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/thatsdax/mylastwordspreviewmessage/s-9GJtK

  2. Damontra Stevenson

    Damontra StevensonIl y a 29 jours

    what is your answer to your own question

  3. MiDNiiTE ESxAPE

    MiDNiiTE ESxAPEIl y a mois

    Give back that 400$ you thief. Lmfao. Supporting a fraud. I was looking up to you. Now knowing you stole lyrics and ripped off another rapper. You below me regardless how high you may feel. Fake! Support a fake scandalous wannbe 2Pac. I rather bleed my ears out before hearing another breathe out your mouth. Search up Progresss to see what im talking about.

  4. fire mage

    fire mageIl y a mois

    Hey man I see alot of potential in you I want you to keep pursuing your dream and follow gods work. When you finally become big I want you always keep this mentality with you. Finally watch yourself there is alot of people out there some bad some worse don't let them get to you rap your way to the top👍😉

  5. Nabu TWS

    Nabu TWSIl y a mois

    I think I'm dying to live

  6. L Cifer

    L CiferIl y a mois

    How many days left bro pls bro tell me

  7. Apollo !!

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  8. NASER khan

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  9. 2-D

    2-DIl y a 19 jours

    I think I have those same exact pants

  10. Muslim Mirzayev

    Muslim MirzayevIl y a mois

    Mom: Is it a boy? Dad: Is it a girl? Doctor: IT'S DAX!

  11. Vitaly  Vitaly  14

    Vitaly Vitaly 14Il y a mois


  12. Francisco Alcantara

    Francisco AlcantaraIl y a mois

    My lasting words 🗣

  13. Raw Power

    Raw PowerIl y a mois

    I love you too bro

  14. H-MAN 0209

    H-MAN 0209Il y a mois

    This part wasn’t in the music video???

  15. Anas Elshobakey

    Anas ElshobakeyIl y a mois

    Its: hax on fortnite

  16. Wolfie 2164

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  17. Online Monkey640

    Online Monkey640Il y a mois

    Uh oh it's gonna be just like x dieing releases a song about dieing and then dieing👏👌

  18. junior toussaint

    junior toussaintIl y a mois

    powerful outro words for my last words respect to u dax the world anit ready

  19. 7EverBreak

    7EverBreakIl y a mois

    Dax just sat laughing at these haters whilst he watching a movie, volume on max, eating his snax all he be doing is spitting fax oh btw. ITS DAX

  20. lewis griffin

    lewis griffinIl y a mois

    Hes trash i dont know why anyone would fuck with his music that is if you want to count what he doesn't music he's a Mumble rapper he sounds like he is a dick stuck in his throat when he's trying to rap he's a con artist and rips people off he thinks he's Eminem charging people $3,000 just to do a little his career is over

  21. Real Jbmnt

    Real JbmntIl y a mois

    Go hide you dumb fuck at least he does something, has goals in life.. what do you do hate over the internet but wouldn’t say shit in person🤦🏼‍♂️ such a low life bitch, BUT it’s ok.. cuz you clicking on this video is making him cash so you played ur self💀

  22. Pizza Flix

    Pizza FlixIl y a mois

    To all them who say he's shady and steals 400 this and that you don't know what da fuck jr talking about just enjoy the message he's trying to convey to us I read it as be great full far what you've got and not to leave this earth without doing something good Dax used to be a janitor he's living proof u can alway be successful I'm 16 and live on a pretty rough estate in the UK but always be thankful far what u have got instead of moning about what u haven't got RESPECT Dax true inspiration far life.

  23. Lil Xay

    Lil XayIl y a mois

    1:01 “I wanna mmmake sure”

  24. Sunny YEETS

    Sunny YEETSIl y a mois

    I’m living to die and I was thinking about this and and we should take control and have a good life

  25. Xxfortnite Gamerxx

    Xxfortnite GamerxxIl y a mois

    my life sucks i just hate my life i will never achieve my goals

  26. Fredy Ngimba

    Fredy NgimbaIl y a mois

    Thank you Dax this project have touched my life. U be blessed more n more on doing God's work. From Tanzania East Africa. Welcome to this side n impact more lives one day

  27. Wcbin

    WcbinIl y a mois

    Dax: you must put every creative idea into the world Also dax: *turns off mic* so I can use it for myself

  28. Arshiyan Rahman

    Arshiyan RahmanIl y a mois

    I just did a freestyle over a lovely instrumental. Remember to check it out you all. frreporter.com/v/vid%C3%A9o-e-f7CiZy7zg.html

  29. Ps4bruv Gamer

    Ps4bruv GamerIl y a mois

    Good song

  30. Mohamad Alsawafi

    Mohamad AlsawafiIl y a mois

    Why does Dax call himself: "Greatness in the making",when he is already publishing: semi-hits,diss tracks,freestyles,one takes,cooperations w/Swift productions,(I think) LLC entertainment,and more?

  31. Destinee BeautyLee

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  32. N1L

    N1LIl y a mois

    Love you too bro


    ELIJAH WAREHAMIl y a mois

    Yo fr everyone fuck off this man did some shit...SOME. You hear that? Not a lot. This man should be forgiven he is just tryna make it big and I respect him no matter wut. This man is inspirational and uplifting. If you got some shit to say go somewhere else, leave my guy alone.


    YOUNG PLUGIl y a mois


  35. Fire girl Scott

    Fire girl ScottIl y a mois

    This song made me cry 😭😭😔😔

  36. monotone

    monotoneIl y a mois

    pwahah this is garbage

  37. PhantomKeith

    PhantomKeithIl y a mois

    Dam dude you got all the talent don’t let hatters get to you bro

  38. Hayk avitisyan

    Hayk avitisyanIl y a mois

    The next G.O.A.T

  39. RoyalRyanMC

    RoyalRyanMCIl y a mois

    Hell to the no thats some real shit Dax said.

  40. Im gay

    Im gayIl y a mois

    he spit fax he make disstrax but most improtantly ITS DAX

  41. somewhat memes

    somewhat memesIl y a mois

    *and um*

  42. Brock Alen Estabrook

    Brock Alen EstabrookIl y a mois

    He'll yeah


    TOC PROOFIl y a mois

    Im seeing all these comments saying "Scam" and "pay him his $400" and "stolen verse" every rapper has done every single one of those b4, is that all u haters can say lol, let this man be, yall aren't pulling in 1 million plus views on yall music 😂😂 haters nowadays funny asf to me 😂😂

  44. Ybn saucey

    Ybn sauceyIl y a mois

    Your amazing keep up the good work your my fav

  45. Saad Malik

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  46. pro tiggers

    pro tiggersIl y a mois

    Max I will try some times I use my x box

  47. Klaudiusz

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  48. Jay'Den Mitchell

    Jay'Den MitchellIl y a mois

    My goal is to make a lot of people lime 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000 people happy and to it lest get 10000000000000000000000000000000000$ to help people like my mom family help homeless durante to chairid

  49. Daniall Mudasar

    Daniall MudasarIl y a mois

    Dope song

  50. Mr Gaming Star XD

    Mr Gaming Star XDIl y a mois

    Ok this made me sad I JUST CRIED

  51. Random Randomer

    Random RandomerIl y a mois

    Maybe you don’t want to give your talents to the world and choose just to live and enjoy life, think about that ?

  52. CHE

    CHEIl y a mois

    No disrespect but we know he says "It's Dax" a Lot But anyone feel it's justgettin 'Old' in the comments? "Don't Shoot" 🙆🔫 Just askin'?..

  53. Ghost Avenger

    Ghost AvengerIl y a mois

    Nigga im living to die i wanna join the military and die just so i can have a flag on my grave

  54. Casper Selkäinaho

    Casper SelkäinahoIl y a mois

    Sorry for The diss track

  55. Infinity

    InfinityIl y a mois

    Who's here after the full song released?

  56. wolfie gamer/blogger

    wolfie gamer/bloggerIl y a mois

    M8 I'm not that gpod of a rapper but imma try to do the challenge

  57. Clauz

    ClauzIl y a mois

    1:29 - 1:33 is Dax describing his current place in the music industry

  58. Clauz

    ClauzIl y a mois

    Kos Vas yep

  59. Kos Vas

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  60. misstuh wavyguy

    misstuh wavyguyIl y a mois

    What your last word would be?? 🔥🔥

  61. Reese Mcnabb

    Reese McnabbIl y a mois

    I love you too dax stay blessed

  62. Buba Tunkara

    Buba TunkaraIl y a mois

    Bro the music is lit but the talking kinda ruined it

  63. DragonMan14

    DragonMan14Il y a mois

    Buba Tunkara It’s a preview

  64. jasmine

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  65. mario santos

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  66. Michael M. Alvarez

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  67. Michael M. Alvarez

    Michael M. AlvarezIl y a mois

    3duardo TV i can’t wait any longer🤧

  68. 3duardo TV

    3duardo TVIl y a mois

    thats what I'm asking rn

  69. Almin

    AlminIl y a mois

    Fucking cunt

  70. Berkay Yilmaz

    Berkay YilmazIl y a mois

    Fight KSI (JJ) you dumb bitch I don't care a fucking shit about you fight him and understand who you're against #KSIforlifenigga

  71. Wyatt Aguero

    Wyatt AgueroIl y a mois

    Bruh where's it at?????

  72. Nick Squires

    Nick SquiresIl y a mois

    Yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo this shit deep

  73. G-Money Productions

    G-Money ProductionsIl y a mois

    Dax I love you bro I've been here through the thick and thin through the Tory shit and the Scru shit. But my last words to u my man is thank you Dax. Love you bro you keep doing what you are doing dax

  74. Maxwell Nana

    Maxwell NanaIl y a mois

    Dax is trash

  75. CLPR Gang

    CLPR GangIl y a mois

    Piece of shit scumbag

  76. Parkour Gaming

    Parkour GamingIl y a mois

    CLPR Gang stfu dumbass

  77. Cavin Adithya

    Cavin AdithyaIl y a mois

    Anyone here after listening to the full song

  78. Senior Buff

    Senior BuffIl y a mois

    *Dax on the death row* Officer: What do you want to eat as your last mean? Dax: *ITS SNAX!*

  79. Ceust Hoel

    Ceust HoelIl y a mois

    That's the next thing in this comment section😂😂😂

  80. XChief Gamer

    XChief GamerIl y a mois

    1 DAY

  81. didntknowthatistillcouldgetalongassusernamewtflmao

    didntknowthatistillcouldgetalongassusernamewtflmaoIl y a mois

    Not here

  82. Ceust Hoel

    Ceust HoelIl y a mois

    9 mins

  83. Iain Johnstone

    Iain JohnstoneIl y a mois

    At the bottom of it, there will always be people critiquing every action you make. The more people know you, the more critics you will have as people are always going to be jealous that they aren't you and aren't in control of their own lives. $400 stolen? Are you kidding me, in the music industry that's called a consultation fee, just because that's two weeks pay for you doesn't mean it's highway robbery. DAX, you've done well man, keep speaking to the people. Peace love and positivity brother.

  84. Real Jbmnt

    Real JbmntIl y a mois

    Facts bro

  85. Mr. Anonymous

    Mr. AnonymousIl y a mois

    To all the haters He showed his dms to the people who claimed he had scammed them and he did prove tht he didnot scam anyone so all of you assholes can go suck a dick

  86. triton darkhunter

    triton darkhunterIl y a mois

    He stole a lil peep verse look up progress vid

  87. Ceust Hoel

    Ceust HoelIl y a mois

    That's FACTS

  88. Mr. Anonymous

    Mr. AnonymousIl y a mois

    +Real Jbmnt they dont have anything to do but to hate on others

  89. Real Jbmnt

    Real JbmntIl y a mois

    The haters already know he didn’t scam nobody but they’ll still keep saying it cuz they low lifes

  90. dankthrash

    dankthrashIl y a mois

    fuck dax

  91. V!bes!

    V!bes!Il y a mois

    How he steal peep verse I'm lost af

  92. Majd

    MajdIl y a mois

    *He's the biggest meme not rapper of 2019 lol*

  93. Gabriel

    GabrielIl y a mois


  94. Lickerou s

    Lickerou sIl y a mois

    *It's Dax!* Literally Nobody: *That's Fax!*

  95. LiableSquid

    LiableSquidIl y a mois

    shitty musician who disrespected a dead mans music and ruined his rep for 400 dollars, dax youre a fake bitch and if you delete this comment atleast you'll know yourself that im right

  96. Lord Tachanka

    Lord TachankaIl y a mois

    Dax: *Has a few fuck ups* angry mob: *goes in on his shit* Dax: *actually tries to help people* people: *ignores*

  97. Ceust Hoel

    Ceust HoelIl y a mois


  98. Michael Gaming

    Michael GamingIl y a mois

    Tomorrow.... Are my last words

  99. McCorkleee

    McCorkleeeIl y a mois

    Fucking scumbag

  100. Lil bleach

    Lil bleachIl y a mois

    he doesn’t even acknowledge any comments exposing him he thinks this is just gonna slide. dax we know you’re a fuckin scam there’s no turnin back

  101. Ig. Daxx

    Ig. DaxxIl y a mois

    Dax I love u and am from Canada to please replay to me

  102. djcksjwbhqoskdbd

    djcksjwbhqoskdbdIl y a mois

    Cant wait for tomorrow my man

  103. Abel Morales

    Abel MoralesIl y a mois

    You suck dude you used the same flow and almost the same words that you use in a song to diss ksi!!!

  104. matt !

    matt !Il y a mois

    this dude is the biggest fucking bitch ever, no cap

  105. Dyson Dishwasher

    Dyson DishwasherIl y a mois

    Nigga u dad fucking retarded that nigga should’ve used a condom

  106. Dyson Dishwasher

    Dyson DishwasherIl y a mois

    Dad yous a lil bitch fucking over everyone

  107. joel 2006 tanki

    joel 2006 tankiIl y a mois

    It’s fax’s

  108. Ossabossen

    OssabossenIl y a mois

    The only thug thing you're doing is stealing verse from a dead man....

  109. Lucy Coughlin

    Lucy CoughlinIl y a mois

    Dax you need to explain yourself. you loosing a lot respect just hiding in the corner. Either come out with proof you are not the scamming lier they say you are. An they got proof to make that seem fact.

  110. Abandoned Exploration*Horror*

    Abandoned Exploration*Horror*Il y a mois

    Waited a month for you to fucking drop last word for god sake.

  111. Vicks

    VicksIl y a mois

    Say it again guys. We do not steal from the dead for any reason. Money, clout whatever.

  112. its awpsy

    its awpsyIl y a mois

    And your talent is fking clout chasin and stealin verses go kill you’re self FK off

  113. its awpsy

    its awpsyIl y a mois

    I hopp u die your dying for clout bitch

  114. Dabbist Doge

    Dabbist DogeIl y a mois

    THIS IS GOING TO BE LIFE CHANGING! What are we dying for, what are we living for?

  115. Caspar Kjær

    Caspar KjærIl y a mois

    GTFO you stealing piece of shit. Karmas gonna get you mf

  116. Fred Hernandez

    Fred HernandezIl y a mois

    My last words are Give the man his 400$ back!

  117. Michael M. Alvarez

    Michael M. AlvarezIl y a mois

    Fred Hernandez he did

  118. Its Avvex

    Its AvvexIl y a mois

    why is everyone talking about dax stealing 400 dollars, what happened

  119. triton darkhunter

    triton darkhunterIl y a mois

    And progress exposed dax

  120. triton darkhunter

    triton darkhunterIl y a mois

    And lied to crpyt

  121. triton darkhunter

    triton darkhunterIl y a mois

    Dude he stole 3k from.scru and 1k from crypt dissed people on 4 hoursemen


    CLAY NXTIONIl y a mois

    To everyone who keeps mentioning a stolen line and $400 being stolen, *get over yourself* He's aware of his mistakes

  123. Reetron 9000

    Reetron 9000Il y a mois

    I love you so much. You inspire me in so many ways. I hope you read this. One day I'll get to your level and I'll be thanking you

  124. Tarikplayzz

    TarikplayzzIl y a mois

    Hi dax im a big fan your singing is good and its funny when you say janitor and when you say Its Dax!!!

  125. d venator

    d venatorIl y a mois

    just a janitor from canada

  126. Kodiak the Karnivore

    Kodiak the KarnivoreIl y a mois

    Dax’s Master Plan (presumably written in crayon): Step 1- Fuck over a fan for $400 Step 2- Have a friend do free feature on track Step 3- Charge said friend 3k for a feature on his own track, then insult him in the feature Step 4- Run from Tory like a baby back bitch and lie about the situation Step 5- Steal a dead man’s verse while looking like Chucky from Rugrats Step 6- PROFIT