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  1. Alejandra Segura

    Alejandra SeguraIl y a 25 minutes

    3:13 Girl I got ya

  2. n n

    n nIl y a jour

    I am looking for a poor girl to marry and live with me in Algeria

  3. lœv uwu

    lœv uwuIl y a jour

    Omg the two girls are so cuteee❤❤

  4. zemog 37

    zemog 37Il y a 3 jours

    I would say teeeeeeeen

  5. Parker Lion

    Parker LionIl y a 3 jours

    ' if two girls?'🤣🤣🤣🤣😂❤️

  6. Alexandra Lozano

    Alexandra LozanoIl y a 3 jours


  7. Rikki Chadwick

    Rikki ChadwickIl y a 3 jours

    Was her name Mika? Whatever the cute little lady’s name was, she’s adorable 😂

  8. Mbonge Mabaso

    Mbonge MabasoIl y a 4 jours

    I want to play this game so much.

  9. Brittany Love

    Brittany LoveIl y a 4 jours

    When the guy said his partner tested positive for chlamydia but he tested negative... okay so he cheated on you? Lol

  10. Lizzypoo

    LizzypooIl y a 4 jours

    “Both my grandmas are dead” *laughs hysterically

  11. Alivia Roberts

    Alivia RobertsIl y a 5 jours

    guys 💀 57 inches is 4’9 not 4’7 lmaoooo

  12. lauren harper

    lauren harperIl y a 5 jours

    i shipped the first couple as soon as they met

  13. Whodaasiangirl

    WhodaasiangirlIl y a 6 jours

    Yaaaaas that was so cuuuuuute 🥺 #believeinloveagain2020

  14. Dricka Arouche

    Dricka AroucheIl y a 6 jours

    "I like to spoil a bitch"

  15. Amber Nadira

    Amber NadiraIl y a 7 jours

    This was so fucking cute

  16. Needlecrash

    NeedlecrashIl y a 7 jours

    The look on the red shirt guy's face was fucking priceless after the Asian guy said he doesn't do hookups. DAMN!

  17. Problem Child

    Problem ChildIl y a 8 jours

    The two girls are so fucking cute and I really hope that worked out for them and they are together

  18. Coriente Williams

    Coriente WilliamsIl y a 8 jours

    😂😂😂is that how it works😁

  19. Rishab Bhansali

    Rishab BhansaliIl y a 8 jours

    When my man said "you don't have to lie once you've crossed 6ft" 😂

  20. Tethis Nomf

    Tethis NomfIl y a 9 jours

    That girl should take out the black piecing out of her nose or change the color, in some angels she looked like Hitler!

  21. iGoVroomVroom

    iGoVroomVroomIl y a 9 jours

    57.5" is 4' 9.5"...

  22. Vass Mihi

    Vass MihiIl y a 11 jours

    Fuck, I'm Bulgarian..

  23. Devin Berry

    Devin BerryIl y a 11 jours

    6'5" here- when someone shorter attempts to measure someone taller, the measurement is almost always off. Get these short people a step ladder so that they can see eye level...not looking up from way down there...

  24. ellen kaori

    ellen kaoriIl y a 11 jours


  25. Totty B.

    Totty B.Il y a 12 jours

    @ 4:08 in the she was not “lude” she was fully clothed 🤣 lol

  26. Will Turnbull

    Will TurnbullIl y a 13 jours

    I want like several videos with the two girls. They're so chaotic but its so cute and wholesome at the same time!

  27. Mongolian Summer

    Mongolian SummerIl y a 15 jours

    "You're gonna send your grandma that?!?" 🤣🤣🤣🤣 bahaha

  28. Megan Rawlyk

    Megan RawlykIl y a 15 jours

    God I love those two girls... I'd love to e friends with shorter!

  29. Lucy Harper

    Lucy HarperIl y a 15 jours

    i saw the girl with glasses and the hawaiian shirt and i fell in love

  30. Jols Jo

    Jols JoIl y a 15 jours

    I would swipe right the guy in Red jacket 😝

  31. Ashley

    AshleyIl y a 15 jours

    “I’m like a romantic type.. I like to spoil a bitch” hahaha yes

  32. Nia

    NiaIl y a 17 jours

    The stigma surrounding STIs is honestly ridiculous!! People be fuckin just like let it go

  33. Emily 1804

    Emily 1804Il y a 17 jours

    These girls are sooooo cute omg

  34. Ghadir Maher

    Ghadir MaherIl y a 17 jours

    The girl who was with the guy with glasses Cameron.. She is wearing a necklace says Palestine in Arabic "فلسطين".. She was soo cute ❤️❤️🇵🇸🇵🇸

  35. Melissa Moussa

    Melissa MoussaIl y a 18 jours

    The girls are cute together but they are both ugly AHAHAHA

  36. Hankiñho

    HankiñhoIl y a 18 jours

    1:48 she's 1,45cm tal.

  37. innerpowerup

    innerpowerupIl y a 18 jours

    Why did the 1st couple have the least time in the video?

  38. Alyssa Faith

    Alyssa FaithIl y a 18 jours

    That girl was literally 4’7” 😭

  39. Sofia

    SofiaIl y a 19 jours

    bottom top or "verse"? Does that mean like both

  40. Georgia Girard

    Georgia GirardIl y a 20 jours

    Those girls, I swear they are meant to be.

  41. Sabrina

    SabrinaIl y a 20 jours

    lesbians literally say i love you 20 minutes in

  42. Sierra S

    Sierra SIl y a 21 jour

    Mika is so damn cute

  43. Monty Natious

    Monty NatiousIl y a 22 jours

    I want to put Nika in my pocket and travel the world

  44. Harper

    HarperIl y a 22 jours

    wholesome and cute as hell

  45. john kil

    john kilIl y a 22 jours

    Shes fun sized

  46. Тюлень Северный

    Тюлень СеверныйIl y a 23 jours

    I need these girls ' instagrams

  47. Mackenzie Weber

    Mackenzie WeberIl y a 24 jours

    Omfg they were Hawaiian shirts that's so fucking adorable, we need an update!!!

  48. Leah - · -

    Leah - · -Il y a 24 jours

    So did the two gay girls move in together and get a cat/dog... or?

  49. Katharina G

    Katharina GIl y a 24 jours

    Girl on the right wanted to hold her hands so bad at the end

  50. Helena Alba

    Helena AlbaIl y a 25 jours

    Why didn't they give the g/b pairing the bottom/vers/top question?

  51. Sarah Nwosu

    Sarah NwosuIl y a 25 jours

    "both my grandma's are dead" 💀💀💀💀💀💀

  52. Dakota C

    Dakota CIl y a 25 jours

    I hope the girls get together. Y'all keep us updated!

  53. Isabella Markovinovic

    Isabella MarkovinovicIl y a 25 jours

    it would be so cool to see updates on people from all the dating videos!!

  54. Luhanece TV

    Luhanece TVIl y a 25 jours

    abdul is so handsome!!!!!!

  55. Rohith reddy

    Rohith reddyIl y a 25 jours

    If you are an Asian(including the subcontinent ) and your Asian parents come to know that you’re on a dating app boiiiiii you are soooooooo dead !

  56. K. S.

    K. S.Il y a 26 jours

    I have the same black and white Hawaiian shirt

  57. chloe B

    chloe BIl y a 26 jours

    the gay couples though :)

  58. Namynnuz

    NamynnuzIl y a 26 jours

    Totally tolerant clip...

  59. BunnyFett

    BunnyFettIl y a 26 jours

    The female couple is so adorable.

  60. elegantbitchez

    elegantbitchezIl y a 27 jours

    mika is adorable