Create This Book 2 | EPISODE #2


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    You really are very talented I love it

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    W Wo Wow Wo W "That took 48 hours"

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    When I just watch this video I was like “OMG OMG I have to buy this I love art!”

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    TEACH MEH YOUREH ways what imalazzy

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    You never use pink in the rainbow

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    Amanda's world live love laughIl y a jour

    Did you make this book???

  11. Amanda's world live love laugh

    Amanda's world live love laughIl y a jour

    Where can you get this book

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    I ordered the create this book 2 and it’s supposed to arrive Thursday, March 22nd..

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    My video ended with a pad commercial but the video didn't even finish😶😶😶😶

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    Me! I think she great and should be famous!Thank you whoever said that!

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    I cried when I saw repair I don't like working

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    Please do more of these!!!

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    I checked out some off the other FRreporterrs that r doing this but your more creative

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    Live this if you like crafts

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    OH MY GOSH...I LOVE art SO MUCHHH!!!!!

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    Your a good drawer and I love you so much you have a beautiful heart

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    That cupcake.... Looked SOO realistic OML (・∀・)

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    give me a shout out plz

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    How does she make her blobs of paint so PERFECT I tried and FAILED SOOO BAD

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    Yay I’m finally getting create this book ❤️

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    Love you Moriah so much oh and # done

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    Moriah Elizabeth i like rainbow!! Were like twins

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    Please do more

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    What pencils do u use because I might get create this book two ;)

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    Your left handed😁

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    Where to buy dat book? ;-; Meh wanna draw too like other ppl xDDD

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    from here

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    Nuuuuuu why u use an seallll use an narwhal cause they are the “Unicorn Of The Sea”(in a fantasy way)

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    Can we all just take a moment to appreciate her art it takes ages to do and Moriah love ya

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    4:54 LOLLLLLLLLL Moriah is on a date 💋

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    I’m getting create this book 2! And I am very exited!!!!!!! I luv ur vids and art so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Me ,I think she is awesome

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    I am in love with your designs so much. I also love rainbow colors so much

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    Moriah is the best drawer ever!! :3

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    I'm gunna buy create this book 2 Done

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    I love your drawings

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    How do u do those that is so cool I try to do art but my grandma want me to clean up ummm....I am to lazy 😬😬

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    You are the craziest person ever😎😎😎😜😜😜but I love your vids😻😻😍😍

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    Moriah I'm getting your book this week or next week!! I'm so excited my friends already have it!

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    You are sooo talented how do you draw and color this good

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    sneezing on it for good luck yup that's moriah

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    Your amazing and sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny

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    *Can we just take a moment to notice how creative she is!*

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    4:05 hey Opie no! Nooooooooo.... Moriah 2019

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    Please do a create this book 2 for next video please I love your videos

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    Moriah did you put the date 12/29/18 because that my birthday December 29

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    I just bought it and don’t know we’re to start

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    you r soooooooooooooooooo good at drawing but ur stars r a little but...ehhh i dont mean this as a hate comment just as a joke.

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    You are a great artised

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    I finally got the book YESSSSSSS

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    Me she is a great artist 🎨🎨🎨

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    I love her I have the create this book and the create this book 2 love it recommend it t

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    I love when you do these maybe I'll get create this book The First One for my birthday on March 27th

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    When you saneezed some dirt came on my phone 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    I’m so ready for part 3 of this series


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    OMG LOL you are soooooo funny

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    Who has gotten one but is just waiting for it to come 😫 Oh wait probs just me 😂

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    I have the book loving it

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    I love love love Moriah Elizabeth. But I also bought one of her books I’m really excited 😁

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    how do you get create this book

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    I had book 1 but I need to restart bc I messed up and I’m a perfectionist😂So I’m still on book 1😂

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    Im buying one of the create this book's soon! :)

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    Not sprinkle confetti? 😢

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    Moriah can you please show on camera all of that

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    omg she is so good at drawing , she could be a book writer and illustrator!!!!!

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    1 1 2019 was my birthday!

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    Hi! I am someone new to your channel. I have been watching some of your videos and they have made me laugh so many times. Love Opie! You have a great channel and deserve so many subscribers! Again, I love your channel so much! Congrats, you have just earned yourself a new subscriber!

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    Hey!...... those rocks came in handy when you hated them Mariah. Love the vid. Keep doing what you are doing

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    Jellyfish are sea clouds too

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    The stain page ( 6:58) looks like marble😂😂😂

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    You are a artist

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    How do you draw so good

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    I love you Moriah your so creative

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    From where to get create this book pls tell me

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    You are a really good Artist!!!!!!!

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    lely kath 😒 😔 /👗-/ /👘-👉 Lely:okay lets talk kath Lely:today i do not want to bully you Kath:wh- Lely:ya ya i know im friendly today Kath:but your face doesnt look hap- Lely:I KNOW Lely:my mom and dad hates me well.... Lely:everyone hates me in my family Kath:fine okay follow me 😥 😌 /👗\/👘\ Kath:that way Lely:what is it im sad... Kath:here Lely:WOAH Welly 👩 /| |-/ /---\ Welly:hi Kath oh whos that beautiful girl you bring? Kath:oh well introuduce yourself Lely:hi,im Lely i used to be a bully but ah,i j u s t r e a l i z e m y f a m i l y h a t e s m e Welly:all of them? Lely:yeah Welly:i make them like you again Lely:really wooho- Welly:dont get to exited here is the board read it ------------------------------------------------- | -i have to be brave_ if i loose| my mind_icant doit-_( hope | ido_nt )loose myh_-mind | Lely:oh i hope you dont lose your mind Welly:here goes nothing Welly:hiuh hiuh hiih WwllY:ohh hllo tteehre Mime ime WwllY Hhwo Ypou Lilllltt GrILE Lely:uhh Kath what happend to her...? Kath:she loses her mind she turn into WwllY! Kath:you know what 👼👸👼 / 👗\ 👼 LEGENDARY Kath:now can you fight me WwllY WwllY:WHHHy YTdes I CanHNOT LEGENDARY Kath:oh this is getting good LEGENDARY Kath:back of Lely... Lely:okay ohkay FIGHT STARTED FIGHT ENDED Kath:now im back its ok Lely all of your family loves you now Lely:yay AT HOME _+_#?,:*.@~-=﹉& Kath:what is that Lely:swear symbols Kath:why did you do that Lely:i dont know i have no idea what to do so i wrote them Kath:oh okay imma sleep now bye.. Lely:mkay ill go to my job AT THE JOB PLACE OKAY MY FINGERS HURT ILL END IT BUT HERES THE IDK WHAT TO CALL IT Kath named by my brother my brother got it from Katherine Lely named by myself i got it from Kelly Welly named by me and my brother we got it from Kelly IDK WHAT ELSE TO PUT SO BYE THEN

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    6:34 we said tape at the same time lmao

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    Do more

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    10:52 a pinch and a punch for the first day other the month... Or the year? (for you when you did it)

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    BLESS YOU =)

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    If you hit read more you're a complete devil