Celeste and Jesse Forever Official Trailer #1 (2012) - Rashida Jones, Andy Samberg Movie HD


  1. acidjack73

    acidjack73Il y a 6 ans

    The only thing that ISN'T a heartbreaker in this movie is the last 5 minutes. If you like to wallow in sadness with people who aren't likeable or realistic, this movie's for you. Otherwise do yourself a favor and skip it.

  2. acidjack73

    acidjack73Il y a 6 ans

    Unfortunately, it's not...at all.

  3. acidjack73

    acidjack73Il y a 6 ans

    I was HIGHLY disappointed with this flick. It is NOT a comedy, but a cynically depressing drama about 30-something's who seem incapable of an adult relationship and wallow in self pity. The writing is poor, many of the characters are unrealistic cliches, the acting is sporadic, and what humor there is seems forced most of the time. Not as bad as "This is 40", but pretty damn close.

  4. marypls

    maryplsIl y a 6 ans

    this looks great

  5. PrestigeWorldwideism

    PrestigeWorldwideismIl y a 7 ans


  6. Elizabeth Roberts

    Elizabeth RobertsIl y a 7 ans

    whats the first song

  7. Elizabeth Roberts

    Elizabeth RobertsIl y a 7 ans

    what song starts at 1:01?

  8. MichaelNicle

    MichaelNicleIl y a 7 ans

    WHAT'S THE SOOONGGG ?????? At the end of the trailer ???

  9. Itsaleex

    ItsaleexIl y a 7 ans

    Emma Roberts. haha

  10. Sam Sepiol

    Sam SepiolIl y a 7 ans

    they friendzoned each other

  11. Yourself

    YourselfIl y a 7 ans

    forever friend zone

  12. izzad ibrahim

    izzad ibrahimIl y a 7 ans

    in love forever? forever in love? great, another depressing movie for forever alone. fml

  13. Sam Barnhart

    Sam BarnhartIl y a 7 ans


  14. DezyxTLR

    DezyxTLRIl y a 7 ans

    Jesse- Bethy sooo angry... Celeste- Yahh..she is Uber angry.. Both-Yeahhhhhhh... Lol

  15. asdfghjkl9260

    asdfghjkl9260Il y a 7 ans

    no, this is the movie where you think you are going to do that, but instead you wind up depressed and sad.

  16. Josh

    JoshIl y a 7 ans

    whats the song?

  17. Cherry Azuela

    Cherry AzuelaIl y a 7 ans

    My name is Celeste... and fuck, my life is sooooooooo much boring than this.

  18. Alex Hanly

    Alex HanlyIl y a 7 ans

    Cannot wait for this, the director made The Vicious Kind which is one of my favorite films.

  19. JosephDiEgidioIII

    JosephDiEgidioIIIIl y a 7 ans

    0:17, is it me or is Eric Olsen looking more and more like Cary Elwes??

  20. Cece Does Art

    Cece Does ArtIl y a 7 ans

    It's kinda weird seeing Andy Samberg in a more serious role since I'm so used to seeing him with The Lonely Island...it's a nice change.

  21. Widmouno

    WidmounoIl y a 7 ans

    wow...wth -.-

  22. Ronald Briceno

    Ronald BricenoIl y a 7 ans

    Nice to see Andy in a more serious role. Think it will work out perfectly.

  23. Daniel Apolé

    Daniel ApoléIl y a 7 ans

    rashida jones is perfect

  24. Serena25

    Serena25Il y a 7 ans

    i wanna watch it!

  25. marc s

    marc sIl y a 7 ans

    This looks cool I'll go see it Andy and rashida great job!

  26. Chantel Pearce

    Chantel PearceIl y a 7 ans

    Porcelain Raft - Drifting In and Out

  27. stonecutters07

    stonecutters07Il y a 7 ans


  28. Salah Al-Bloushi

    Salah Al-BloushiIl y a 7 ans

    This time.... the chick gets friendzoned

  29. 091MW2

    091MW2Il y a 7 ans

    the title kinda gives away what will probably happen in the end

  30. ateamofme

    ateamofmeIl y a 7 ans

    Vaughn with his tiny nipples!!

  31. Capitano81

    Capitano81Il y a 7 ans

    *sarcasm machine activated*: that is like so original!

  32. livvw

    livvwIl y a 7 ans

    This actually looks good.

  33. chasemebaby

    chasemebabyIl y a 7 ans

    Typical.. he gets to meet someone first. LOL Hollywood, in most situations the women gets lucky much faster, because men are already lined up before we are even single. It looks ok but, they lost me when Ugly Andy gets to be the one who is the decider. whatever.

  34. Uriel Reyes

    Uriel ReyesIl y a 7 ans

    Nah, Karen from The Office.

  35. UTLonghornPistol

    UTLonghornPistolIl y a 7 ans


  36. mochalatte233

    mochalatte233Il y a 7 ans

    No. Beautiful Anne from "Parks and Recreation."

  37. mochalatte233

    mochalatte233Il y a 7 ans

    the movie got great reviews, since it premiered at many movie festivals during the year. That's why it got a wider release. It's that good.

  38. Whoaman

    WhoamanIl y a 7 ans

    We need more movies with Elijah Wood as a psycho killer. Those blue eyes just want you dead.

  39. dibdubhobo96

    dibdubhobo96Il y a 7 ans

    no, not really... I'd say the girl is friendzoned lol. Did you even watch the trailer?

  40. Belthazzar

    BelthazzarIl y a 7 ans


  41. Skolney

    SkolneyIl y a 7 ans

    "sometimes the end...is just the beginning" Really? You're gonna saddle your film with the most cliched tagline ever?

  42. FilmGamer

    FilmGamerIl y a 7 ans

    Boring indie crap. Same story we've seen a million times except less interesting.

  43. pod4124158

    pod4124158Il y a 7 ans

    me too bro me too

  44. Nelsy Guerrero

    Nelsy GuerreroIl y a 7 ans

    Who knows the song?

  45. NGH Games

    NGH GamesIl y a 7 ans

    ooooh man that soundtrack

  46. king ebora

    king eboraIl y a 7 ans

    Hey guys. The story is kinda

  47. angryjoe15

    angryjoe15Il y a 7 ans

    other way around

  48. pemchem

    pemchemIl y a 7 ans

    I may be wrong about this, but I feel like the really long summary is trying to compensate for how average this movie is going to be.

  49. iqbaldisouza1

    iqbaldisouza1Il y a 7 ans

    fuckin both ugly jews

  50. Bmanritchie

    BmanritchieIl y a 7 ans


  51. Crunchwrap Supreme

    Crunchwrap SupremeIl y a 7 ans

    so many people are going to relate to this movie i think

  52. fallingskyz

    fallingskyzIl y a 7 ans

    who the hell breaks up with Rashida Jones?!?!

  53. CasusUniversum

    CasusUniversumIl y a 7 ans

    I've done this... dont' do this... If you break up, BREAK UP!

  54. augustrunsred

    augustrunsredIl y a 7 ans

    Not really...they did get married...

  55. QuickRushx

    QuickRushxIl y a 7 ans

    The story of a man in the friendzone.

  56. Sharpe7

    Sharpe7Il y a 7 ans

    amen, then go home and watch diehard to get it out of your system

  57. Koopa

    KoopaIl y a 7 ans

    song: Drifting in and Out” by Porcelain Raft

  58. TheShaikhAble

    TheShaikhAbleIl y a 7 ans

    what is the song towards the end?

  59. Ramza X

    Ramza XIl y a 7 ans


  60. swimlikerocky

    swimlikerockyIl y a 7 ans

    Emma Roberts!