CAPTAIN MARVEL Full Movie Breakdown! Easter Eggs & Details You Missed!


  1. MisterPudding

    MisterPuddingIl y a heure

    Goose is named goose because the actor for goose is the real goose the cat

  2. thedecker6578

    thedecker6578Il y a 2 heures

    he also played Comeau in Scott Pilgrim

  3. Julia Lol

    Julia LolIl y a 3 heures

    Imagine losing your eye a cat...

  4. brad barker

    brad barkerIl y a 3 heures

    what the hell. Is this about captain marvel or express vpn. pff

  5. Rico Isaac

    Rico IsaacIl y a 5 heures

    I think that they didn't choose the red and gold color scheme because, uhhh... A few years before the movie takes place there was a country who's flag had red and yellow and like sharing everything.

  6. Juliusmy336

    Juliusmy336Il y a 5 heures

    How do you get all this information

  7. Wynner3

    Wynner3Il y a 8 heures

    It was nice seeing Clark Gregg back on the big screen in a Marvel movie. I would love to see more of Ronin The Accuser in the future, even though I know his fate.

  8. Hayden Degitz

    Hayden DegitzIl y a 9 heures

    I wanna see a super skrull

  9. Marc Stone

    Marc StoneIl y a 9 heures

    You guys really need to rethink how you use the word "Missable"

  10. Frobie200

    Frobie200Il y a 9 heures

    I think hulk might be a skrul, and that's why he remembered

  11. Anthony Bert

    Anthony BertIl y a 10 heures

    and his protect initiative reads Phase 1, maybe marking phase one in the MCU as an Easter egg.

  12. Noah Rodriguez

    Noah RodriguezIl y a 10 heures

    Hey guys I just rewatched infinity war and noticed that in the after credits scene when Fury and Maria get in the car crash, Maria screams, “Nick, Nick!”. And if we remember from Captain Marvel that everybody calls him “Fury”. Just saying, Maria could be a Skrull? Not necessarily against them but with its own stake in the conflict. Could be nothing but it’s something I noticed.

  13. grayjeep _

    grayjeep _Il y a 11 heures

    Movie seemed very predictable

  14. isa novo

    isa novoIl y a 12 heures

    I appreciate that you took time for captions, i have a hard time just listening and need to read information visually to truly understand

  15. stephanie40196

    stephanie40196Il y a 12 heures

    I have a question that's been bugging me, and I don't really know where else to ask it. In this movie, Fury makes a big deal about being called "Fury". He specifically states that no one calls him "Nick". But, doesn't Maria Hill always call him Nick? What does this indicate about their relationship? I don't really read many of the comics anymore, but is this referenced in any tie-in comics? Am I just overthinking this?

  16. Yvette Blacknall

    Yvette BlacknallIl y a 12 heures

    We do see him write The Avengers Project, you have to stay to the very end of marvels movies😉😊

  17. TacoShell Z

    TacoShell ZIl y a 12 heures

    I nutted when I watched it and saw the Mellon Collie poster

  18. B. Catão

    B. CatãoIl y a 12 heures

    Captain Marvel and the Guardians of the Galaxy vs Adam Warlock is the movie I want to see.

  19. Benjamin Schwartz

    Benjamin SchwartzIl y a 12 heures

    Whats this about hawk eye being a "scroll"?

  20. Dutch Van der Linde

    Dutch Van der LindeIl y a 13 heures

    I want Bruce Banner to end up being a Skrull

  21. Daniel Esperanza

    Daniel EsperanzaIl y a 13 heures

    I pay for FRreporter red to not watch ads...

  22. Halo Mashups

    Halo MashupsIl y a 13 heures

    I personally really wanna see a secret invasion movie, that would be hinted art o.j., the endgame after credit scene

  23. Emanoel Melo

    Emanoel MeloIl y a 14 heures

    20:15 When the Quadjet hits zero grav, a pen is seen floating in the air - this is probably a reference to 2001.

  24. Fantasy Realm

    Fantasy RealmIl y a 14 heures

    I know it's unlikely but I hope goose is in endgame cause he was my favorite part of captain marvel

  25. OhItsAidan

    OhItsAidanIl y a 14 heures

    When the movie ended and said captain marvel will return in avengers endgame a old person behind me said endgame huh that’s what it’s called

  26. JustSomeGuy

    JustSomeGuyIl y a 14 heures

    Excellent video. But thumbs down for the ridiculously long VPN commercial. Sorry.

  27. Masha Prikhodko

    Masha PrikhodkoIl y a 14 heures

    When he said let’s rewatch the movie, I checked the time of the video.😂

  28. Jay Boz

    Jay BozIl y a 15 heures

    Secretary Ross is a skrull. Just wait! That’s why he’s always trying to ruin the avengers.

  29. Naemi Be

    Naemi BeIl y a 15 heures

    You guys are sick 😍

  30. Optimus Prime

    Optimus PrimeIl y a 15 heures


  31. Not Quadity

    Not QuadityIl y a 15 heures

    When Tony says "-projects Pegasus, Exodus, and Goliath." Project Goliath is the project that Hank Pym and his black friend, from AM&TW, conducted to see if they could use the Pym particles to grow bigger. The back friend was originally Goliath from the comic.

  32. Justin Gentry

    Justin GentryIl y a 15 heures

    Saw the movie today and after I got home I knew the first video I'd watch was this one

  33. Hunter Swift

    Hunter SwiftIl y a 15 heures

    5:06 is that thanos ?

  34. Ruly Mantee

    Ruly ManteeIl y a 16 heures

    Captain marvel Nova in 2

  35. Palden Sherpa

    Palden SherpaIl y a 16 heures

    The cat

  36. Ian Roach

    Ian RoachIl y a 16 heures

    We need a goose spin off.

  37. J Compass

    J CompassIl y a 16 heures

    I thought this movie was great

  38. ban fan

    ban fanIl y a 16 heures

    Wolverine. For the sole reason for him to be in the MCU

  39. ThisIsAigle

    ThisIsAigleIl y a 17 heures

    You missed an important thing. Protector is another character that went by Captain Marvel after Mar-vell.

  40. Shania Jasmine

    Shania JasmineIl y a 17 heures

    the theatre starting singing with nick when he started singing please mr postman by the marvelettes... ...including myself

  41. Katma Tally

    Katma TallyIl y a 11 heures

    I think I sang back-up

  42. Sizwe Kambule

    Sizwe KambuleIl y a 17 heures

    I remeber the scrolls from fantastic 4

  43. My Africa Adventure

    My Africa AdventureIl y a 18 heures

    When I saw the movie last night lots of people including myself clapped after the Stan Lee tribute Marvel Studios intro. 👏🏽

  44. Spider Yovani

    Spider YovaniIl y a 18 heures

    Because Hawkeye doesn't deserve peace

  45. Josh Nichols

    Josh NicholsIl y a 18 heures

    Rip Stan lee

  46. Duane Dedig

    Duane DedigIl y a 18 heures

    Doesn't one of Carroll's suit options look like the nova suits?

  47. Joseph Nusbaum

    Joseph NusbaumIl y a 18 heures

    "very popular" captain marvel comics were so bad they got canceled multiple times

  48. mr_ sammy

    mr_ sammyIl y a 19 heures

    Looks like a diagonal cut to mee

  49. erta dukas

    erta dukasIl y a 19 heures

    We actualy do see that he wrights "The Avengers initiative" well at least i did when i saw the film

  50. simonas zalalis

    simonas zalalisIl y a 19 heures

    You say "Skrulls that are not so friendly" isn't that quite an easter egg in itself? Because thanos is part skrull just that he's "not fully skrull" that's why he can't shapshift.

  51. J P

    J PIl y a 19 heures

    3:20 ummm Gmail anyone :)

  52. Tr V

    Tr VIl y a 19 heures

    I live in Budapest lol :)

  53. Shadow Dancer

    Shadow DancerIl y a 19 heures

    You missed the fact that the autopsy scene is a clear parallel to the autopsy in the Secret Wars comics that took place between Mr. Fantastic, Tony, and Hank Pym who was revealed a few pages later to be a Skrull, as Mendelssohn is as well. C'mon, Voss, get it together. I think I made an inhuman noise when I saw that moment, as it was one of the first comic books I owned.

  54. Musty Eve

    Musty EveIl y a 22 heures

    I miss the claps and cheers in the movie theater when Stan Lee made his traditional cameo. RIP

  55. Katma Tally

    Katma TallyIl y a 11 heures

    I murmured "That is so great" -- and heard -- AWWWW from some folks.

  56. Anthony Bee

    Anthony BeeIl y a 22 heures

    I want rocket to meat goose in end game it will heal my heart

  57. Matthew Platt

    Matthew PlattIl y a 22 heures

    Maria Hill is a skrull. You heard it here first

  58. Anthony Bee

    Anthony BeeIl y a 22 heures

    In the theatre I literally yelled for people to stay at the end after the credits and people got back in there seats but most people ignored me and walked out of the theatre but did save them to see the end we’re it shows what happens in end game so I feel like a hero it’s my only confident boost 😂 😂

  59. DeathRiden

    DeathRidenIl y a 22 heures

    did anyone realise that the photon blast has the default glider deploy noise in fortnite

  60. Wendy Too

    Wendy TooIl y a 22 heures

    The kree burned fury burn eye out watch the post credit and listen carefully

  61. Jacob West

    Jacob WestIl y a 13 heures

    No he was just saying that because it would be embarrassing if he told them a pseudo-cat did it to him

  62. DeeARTIST Jewelry

    DeeARTIST JewelryIl y a 23 heures

    Dear Erik, I have to admit - I've enjoyed this video more than the movie.

  63. lee -DeadGaming

    lee -DeadGamingIl y a 23 heures

    Don't know what versions you guys watched but the one I saw he fully typed avengers

  64. Lavi Legos

    Lavi LegosIl y a 23 heures

    You’re technically trending

  65. Sabøba

    SabøbaIl y a 23 heures

    I think a ronin movie that expands him as a character would be cool

  66. Diego Kiwi

    Diego KiwiIl y a jour


  67. Narwhals And Capybaras

    Narwhals And CapybarasIl y a jour

    what if thanos is a kree or a skrull

  68. therugergeneral

    therugergeneralIl y a jour

    he also used it as a second retina scan in winter soldier

  69. Drneoone

    DrneooneIl y a jour

    This is so much better than actually watching the movie haha, just save your money now 😁

  70. Bobby Walser

    Bobby WalserIl y a jour

    Yet no mention of the Skroll in Collector's glass case in Guardians of the Galaxy.

  71. FBI

    FBIIl y a jour

    Plot Twist: Thanos was a skrull this whole time

  72. Impersonation Gaming

    Impersonation GamingIl y a jour

    you missed the second cut scene where the flerken spits out the tesseract

  73. Morgy

    MorgyIl y a jour

    Who thinks Proton will get a feature in end game?

  74. someonemagical

    someonemagicalIl y a jour

    Anyone notice the line Monica says to the kid skrull? "Don't ever change your eyes." Looks like they're setting up that kid skrull to play a role in future movies. And his eyes will be a clue to whether he's shape shifting or not.

  75. Asna Shaikh

    Asna ShaikhIl y a jour

    Waiting for a Nik fury spin off.

  76. Mr Llama129555

    Mr Llama129555Il y a jour

    I haven’t seen the movie but I heard it’s terrible so I’m probably not gonna watch it

  77. Ernest

    ErnestIl y a jour

    seriously why hawk eye?

  78. To409m4

    To409m4Il y a jour

    when i went to see the film i was flerkin out

  79. sycoinc

    sycoincIl y a jour

    Need to see the story of how 'Goose' traveled to earth :D

  80. Justin Z.

    Justin Z.Il y a jour

    Stan Lee thinks he's slick.. He knew if he stayed around any longer, we'd begin to question his mortality.. Hes always one step ahead.. Stay woke

  81. curing cancer non conventionally

    curing cancer non conventionallyIl y a jour

    This is amazingly detailed and in depth - very enjoyable. But your mother called me - she's worried about you!

  82. georgi nedkov

    georgi nedkovIl y a jour

    Does that mean whrn the shapeshifters copy someone look with clothes there is nothin under the clothes because they didnt see it

  83. Arbix

    ArbixIl y a jour

    8:09 ERDE german for Earth lol

  84. KYLO

    KYLOIl y a jour

    When i saw it before the film, someone sat in front of me and said "somethings stabbing me in my ass"

  85. Pussy Eater

    Pussy EaterIl y a jour


  86. Kit Kat the Cat Katie's cat

    Kit Kat the Cat Katie's catIl y a jour

    *Fury looks young now* *yay*

  87. Shray Sinha

    Shray SinhaIl y a jour

    If a white hole is the opposite of a black hole, then does it have a minus mass? The gravity in a black hole is so strong that not even light can escape it, hence its colour. Gravity is caused by mass (the more mass an object has, the stronger its gravity is). This is why black holes are speculated to have an astronomically high mass. If white holes are the opposite and they push objects out, then how low would the density be?

  88. Aaron Adrian

    Aaron AdrianIl y a jour

    It felt like the directors didn’t know anything about the established MCU.

  89. Mistercharming

    MistercharmingIl y a jour

    Does he say deep thinked?

  90. Travis Miley

    Travis MileyIl y a jour

    Fury used his fucked up eye in Winter Soldier to get into that secure room. So it gives credence to your theory that Fury can use his eye as a Skrull deterrent too.

  91. Kato

    KatoIl y a jour

    Goose will kill Thanos

  92. Tom Foolery

    Tom FooleryIl y a jour

    The Postman scene was NOT a Vine reference. That's a popular classic song, you uncultured swine.

  93. Rat King

    Rat KingIl y a jour

    Thanks for doing this so I don't have to support that loser's movie.

  94. E PAT

    E PATIl y a jour

    You're the real loser!

  95. Stefan Tonio Sampson

    Stefan Tonio SampsonIl y a jour

    Can't believe- as i watched Cap Marv in the theatre- i actually CAUGHT the 'French Connection' visual reference.... I feel so cinematic. #FilmNerd

  96. Katma Tally

    Katma TallyIl y a 11 heures

    I was sitting there going, damn, this looks familiar

  97. Josephine Razo

    Josephine RazoIl y a jour

    There’s a small plot whole where nick fury says SHIELD instead of the whole anagram

  98. Bayer Head

    Bayer HeadIl y a 14 heures


  99. Fan Artrx

    Fan ArtrxIl y a jour

    Roses are red people are dead I can't believe Thor didn't go for the head

  100. NoodleMan Lee

    NoodleMan LeeIl y a jour

    Bruh I thought Pegasus was from yugio

  101. Spongebrain520

    Spongebrain520Il y a jour

    At the end when Fury is creating the Avengers initiative under it it says Phase 1

  102. MuffyCakeMan

    MuffyCakeManIl y a jour

    Voss says "sleep with your teacher and keep it hush hush" LOL

  103. Jon Zook

    Jon ZookIl y a jour

    You are a scroll!!!!!!!

  104. peedila

    peedilaIl y a jour

    Captain Marvel is the 1st avenger technically

  105. Marianne Thomas

    Marianne ThomasIl y a jour

    I say a story with Carol and Monica having space adventures would work with me

  106. Phills69

    Phills69Il y a jour

    Loki and Captain Marvel love affair should be part of the next one...