Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Meal In A Coffee Maker?


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    Make more like this plzzzz

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    The salmon makes me want to vomit

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    Technically she used a refrigerator too for the truffles.

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    I want,more of this

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    Please do more of these, but with a toaster or waffle maker

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    Can we get recipes for these?

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    I swear I’ve watched this video at least 10 time, not joking 🙃 I just love Alexis so freaking much defo my fav tasty producer

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    Famous last words🤣

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    THERE FRreporter, I WATCHED IT!

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    PLEASE make this a series! It was so fun to watch.

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    Do another one of this videos :)

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    You can make like pan fried salmon

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    She kinda looks like Marina

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    This is so white

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    More of these please

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    Lol I have that coffee maker

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    I don’t know why I’m watching this, i eat cereal for dinner

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    Did anybody else see the big junk of peel peel she left at a piece in 4:04?

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    sis at the end looks like a mini Michelle Obama. she is gorgeous 😍😍

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    *alexis is so pretty* *like if u agree*

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    ... ... ... if those were dried beans they are 100% poisonous just a heads up Edit: yes they would be toxic the poison (Phytohaemagglutinin) is present in that species of bean and i don't think she got them up to 180° at all let alone for the time required

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    Where’s the next episode?

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    I like her skeptical :)))))))

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    When she filled up the carafe with oil 😳 ⚠️⚠️⚠️

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    “No one will ever know” You forgot that its recorded right?😂

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    Lol I always get pleasant and happy vibes whenever I watch her ☺️

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    Imagine seeing a big piece of salmon in your coffee maker in the morning.

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    Part 2

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    I can’t even cook with regular cooking utensils

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    6:15 “No one will ever know” Except for the millions of people watching 😹

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    6:37 it's salmon, it is a sea creature

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    Wishing I had the recipe for that shrimp salad

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    Pleas make another one

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    Well wait to see if you get these ingrediants in an apocolypse honey

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    Next video: Making pie with with the sun

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    Kiano is sassy af

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    *a chef doesnt know how to make coffee from a maker*

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    Fat? This is albumin! It's a protein! How can you call yourself a chef and don't know the difference between a protein and fat in a piece of salmon?

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    I can't even make coffee properly using a coffee maker. How the fuck?!

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    And this is how you cook a full meal in a dorm room

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    She on x games mode

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    good luck with your apocalypse survival skillz, im sure the electricity wont b affected

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    Guess what, my teacher’s father is the one who first did cooking in a coffee machine.

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    I love Alexis and Alix

  53. Daniela Garcia Arellano

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    Alexis NAILED that challenge!!! You are awesome!!

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    this is tasty trying to rip-off of good mythical's "Will it *blank* ?" The title should be "Will it coffee"? no hate:)

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    The black girl in the striped shirt is gorgeous.

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    This is like the time Conan made Jordan drink coffee out of a drip brew coffee maker.


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    video idea: making 3 course meal in microwave

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    7:53 *Famous last words* XD

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    7:16 "Putting beans in a coffee pot feels just wrong " says the women who just cooked shrimp and salmon in a coffee pot!

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    75% of the people commented cannot boil an egg properly but tryna be Gordon duhhh 🙄

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    welp now i know what to get when i get to college :3,that is,if i can afford to college and somehow apply to an art college and they somehow accept my application

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    Is it just me of this chick reminds me of Petra from Jane the Virgin 😂😂🤣

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    You should try to make a meal using only a pizza maker(no pizza allowed)

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    BuT tHe SinK Is aN ApPLIAnCe AnD uR nOT AlloWEd To usE ApPliances

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    I thought it was Marina from Cut lol

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    its a hot plate not a griddle lol

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    I cooked ramen on a cinder block with a bowl in the sun and it was cold but I ate it with chopsticks made out of sticks actual sticks 🤢

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    She used a fridge

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    Next vid : Cooking A fish in the dishwasher or.....Baking a cupcake in a rice cooker A real thing btw

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    "it's like a see creature"

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    I can’t even make one course with a pan

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    Next challenge:boil eggs in toaster.

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    How can I find the recipe for the white bean with poached salmon recipe? I really want to try it...using a real stove.

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    « and with the dill it looks like a sea creature »....It already was a sea creature...

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    when i clicked on this video, i was picturing a coffee machine - the one with the coffee handle and was like wtf is she gonna do with that

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    Uh any good chef probably made coffee more than three times in their life.

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    U could have made some stuff like fry something on the coffee maker by taking the glass jar and using the bottom bit

  90. xXAlexPlaysXx Alex and friends. :D

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    Video in the future: Make chips in coffee maker

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    xXAlexPlaysXx Alex and friends. :DIl y a 15 jours

    The olive oil SHOULD be added in the big part before u fricking poach the salmon

  92. Tito Oliveira

    Tito OliveiraIl y a 15 jours

    I wouldn't recomend anyone to put stock on the coffee maker, cause overtime it might gunk up the water passage. But everything else feels pretty legit

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    "I dont even drink coffee" Left the vid there after 😂

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