Can Teens & Parents See Eye to Eye?


  1. Milly Perry

    Milly PerryIl y a heure

    Teens are definitely not less innocent now days, they can just document it online now

  2. Penny Pearson

    Penny PearsonIl y a 7 heures

    Do more of these I love it!!!

  3. Lenora Xoxo

    Lenora XoxoIl y a 9 heures

    Parents today are clueless bc of social media. Back in the day it was so easy for parents to take care of their children. They don’t know how to use it or what there kids are doing. Kids get away with a lot more. Back in the day a lot of things were more acceptable.

  4. DurpyRainbow 004

    DurpyRainbow 004Il y a 10 heures

    The teens probably would have answered differently if their parents weren’t there.

  5. Thotius Clyde

    Thotius ClydeIl y a 14 heures

    aye bro what her @

  6. Eve Macri

    Eve MacriIl y a 16 heures

    1 minuet in and I know that these are not normal people...

  7. Des Bethea

    Des BetheaIl y a 17 heures

    Not saying that these kids aren’t normal, but I think they’d should’ve gotten like “regular” teenagers and maybe stranger parents, instead their actual parents.

  8. Josie SC

    Josie SCIl y a 18 heures

    There were no difficult relationships in this

  9. Caleigh Mei Tan

    Caleigh Mei TanIl y a 19 heures

    I think they shouldn’t be able to see how the other side answers. Because I can see that sometimes they choose depending on what the others answer.

  10. gillian owens

    gillian owensIl y a 21 heure

    Never stop learning

  11. Sara Oswald

    Sara OswaldIl y a 23 heures

    Can you do an episode with Americans vs foreigners. The foreigners should be from Canada, Australia, and Norway. The Americans need to be from different states so as to receive a different perspective. The questions could be based around healthcare, military spending, education, politics, climate change ECT.... This would be interesting.

  12. ALicia c

    ALicia cIl y a 23 heures

    I wish my parents were open enough to even have talks like this with me.

  13. Rowan Moorhead

    Rowan MoorheadIl y a jour

    The Australian girl’s mom is great♥️

  14. why3ij

    why3ijIl y a jour

    No offense but Mateo’s mom could get it

  15. Maria Ysart

    Maria YsartIl y a jour

    God these parents are so unnecessarily strict

  16. a nostalgic babe , here I go again

    a nostalgic babe , here I go againIl y a jour

    "Im Elizabeth im 39+1." awe

  17. Hey O

    Hey OIl y a jour

    “I’m 39 + 1”... so you’re 40? Just say you’re 40. Saying “39+1” it’s not gonna make you any younger

  18. Alyssa wants to go home

    Alyssa wants to go homeIl y a jour

    I'm sorry but is Ms. Fanny from One day at a time

  19. Kayley

    KayleyIl y a jour

    ofc the teens are gonna act different with there real parents

  20. Emily Harfst

    Emily HarfstIl y a jour

    Okay but Fanny reminds me of the mom from One Day at a Time

  21. Raphael Grenier

    Raphael GrenierIl y a jour

    oh yeah yeah

  22. Rylie R

    Rylie RIl y a jour

    are we not gonna talk about how pretty fanny (mateo’s mom) is??

  23. Alyssa

    AlyssaIl y a jour

    Can we get a re-do of this just unrelated teens and parents. I think teens maybe more outspoken without their parents being there...

  24. Janae Shackelford

    Janae ShackelfordIl y a jour

    Hate the assumption “younger people think they know everything” ummm I’ve neverrrr thought that😂

  25. Leigha Gippo

    Leigha GippoIl y a jour

    taylor is so pretty

  26. slim brown

    slim brownIl y a jour

    Ima need some more damaged people to start part taking in these videos how come in every video everybody parents are so mature and understanding '

  27. Maacãdeliç

    MaacãdeliçIl y a jour

    That bald dude basically just said he regretted having kids lol, tried to cover it up but-

  28. Yee Lee

    Yee LeeIl y a jour

    Your child is gay btw

  29. MaximumVolume1000

    MaximumVolume1000Il y a jour

    This was pretty much just parents talking to their own child, I wish it was more advice giving

  30. Hannah Dockerty

    Hannah DockertyIl y a jour

    Hi I'm jackson, I'm 11 and I'm a 2 time gold medallist in blindfolded acrobatics

  31. el

    elIl y a jour

    mental illness comes from a lack of innocence?? no, kids just dont suppress themselves as much as they used to

  32. Huss Puss

    Huss PussIl y a jour

    Shia vs Sunni

  33. Daniel Rodriguez

    Daniel RodriguezIl y a jour

    Interesting to see Mateo hug Elizabeth, but Taylor handshake Jeremiah

  34. Matthew Cook

    Matthew CookIl y a jour

    the dad looks like a blad Elon Musk

  35. Shake that beauty blog

    Shake that beauty blogIl y a jour

    This is the only middle ground so far i dont like. Its not raw enough.

  36. Ariel Hatten

    Ariel HattenIl y a 2 jours

    I actually found this very endearing!

  37. zack jones

    zack jonesIl y a 2 jours

    People who support/don't support the border wall.

  38. Tessa Berner

    Tessa BernerIl y a 2 jours

    The answer is simply no.

  39. boop the sad sheep x

    boop the sad sheep xIl y a 2 jours

    Witchcraft and Christians

  40. Nyxx

    NyxxIl y a 2 jours

    I wanted sex talks

  41. Belen C.L

    Belen C.LIl y a 2 jours

    Is anyone else worried about the skinny girl cuz she said that "I could control what I ate, what I wore" after the divorce. Screams eating disorder to me. I know I can't diagnose but I've been down that hole and I hope I'm wrong.

  42. Mizzy Almeria

    Mizzy AlmeriaIl y a 2 jours

    Vaxxers vs Anti Vaxxers

  43. Dana Ascolesi

    Dana AscolesiIl y a 2 jours

    I think this video would have been a lot better if you brought in kids that everyone could relate too, and parents that weren't related to them. These kids are literally "prodigy" kids. Most teenagers aren't like this. They're all goody two shoes. Also, since the parents are related to the kid, the answers are more censored. It would be better if this was done with strangers, and more relatable teenagers. I was excited to watch this but I was disappointed by the outcome

  44. Emily Von Dohre

    Emily Von DohreIl y a 2 jours

    Anxiety and depression isn’t up because of lack of innocence

  45. Emily Von Dohre

    Emily Von DohreIl y a 2 jours

    I’m 39+1 😂😂

  46. Jonas Haugen

    Jonas HaugenIl y a 2 jours

    American parents seem so over protective

  47. yuehh tewbb

    yuehh tewbbIl y a 2 jours

    No. They need an overpaid jewish interpreter to tell them what they're thinking and what to do. Good golems.

  48. s.e.d.

    s.e.d.Il y a 2 jours

    taylor looks like billie kinda

  49. MAL

    MALIl y a 2 jours

    I wish they had for The parents: the irresponsible parent, the child's wannabe best friend and The strict parent for The kids: The rebel, the goodie tooshoe, and the sheltered kid

  50. Joceline Robert

    Joceline RobertIl y a 2 jours

    Choked on my chicken🙈😂 0:35 gosh I’m so immature 😂😂