Bucket List: Aircraft Carrier


  1. Dude Perfect

    Dude PerfectIl y a 13 jours

    Stoked y’all love Bucket List!! What should we do next time?? love you all 👊🏼🙇🏻‍♂️ - DP

  2. sanyam jain

    sanyam jainIl y a 7 jours

    Scuba Diving into an Old Sunken Ship.

  3. Tryhard Studios

    Tryhard StudiosIl y a 13 jours

    Fly plane

  4. A&W Vanderlingen

    A&W VanderlingenIl y a 13 jours

    @TINO GAMING NETWORK you need to train for that

  5. Jaymhie Guerrero

    Jaymhie GuerreroIl y a 13 jours


  6. Petra Szczerba

    Petra SzczerbaIl y a 23 heures

    So is this basically what Kim-Jong-Un is doing all day?

  7. Petra Szczerba

    Petra SzczerbaIl y a 23 heures

    Next bucket list: *SPACE*

  8. Lesa Bradley

    Lesa BradleyIl y a 23 heures

    Next bucket list adventure: Hawaii

  9. Baran Tuna

    Baran TunaIl y a 23 heures

    Driving formula 1 cars

  10. Tasmaiy Upadhyay

    Tasmaiy UpadhyayIl y a jour

    Visit toughest places in India and eat the spiciest food.

  11. storm Gaming

    storm GamingIl y a jour

    You are my favourite youtube

  12. Jake Krsten

    Jake KrstenIl y a jour

    Do WWlll trick shot edition

  13. Luus _

    Luus _Il y a jour

    When i realize that you guys send the Rockets to iran

  14. MysticEye

    MysticEyeIl y a jour

    How about go through fire fighter training and participate in a fire rescue drill.

  15. Cool ranch

    Cool ranchIl y a jour


  16. 49er Playboy

    49er PlayboyIl y a jour

    Who else niticed tyes tay

  17. marvel. sanvio

    marvel. sanvioIl y a jour

    hey try to magnet fishing

  18. daniel whiteley

    daniel whiteleyIl y a jour

    definitely go to death valley

  19. Jason Miller

    Jason MillerIl y a jour

    Garrett: This has got to be the best burger restaurant in the middle of the Pacific Hawaii: Dude. Seriously

  20. Kim Burkett

    Kim BurkettIl y a jour

    Inthink you should deep dive with dolphins

  21. anton dragon

    anton dragonIl y a jour

    You Should go to a water park

  22. Elite-KraY official

    Elite-KraY officialIl y a jour

    Make new video pleacs

  23. Kathryn B

    Kathryn BIl y a jour

    Submarine next!

  24. Leo Yong

    Leo YongIl y a jour

    Fod came out of the jet 10:17

  25. Blitzerman

    BlitzermanIl y a jour

    You guys are so lucky! Its my absolute dream to fly in a fighter jet. Teary eyes at the thought!

  26. TheMinecrafter

    TheMinecrafterIl y a jour

    Dudes bucket list: aircraft carrier. Me: I just want a bucket list Also me: stoks

  27. 50k Subs With One Video?

    50k Subs With One Video?Il y a jour

    There is something missing. Maybe Ask Trump if you guys could fire a nuclear missile

  28. Julius Caesar

    Julius CaesarIl y a jour

    U.S. Army: Clowns))

  29. Peter Kaldawi

    Peter KaldawiIl y a jour

    This is so dope! My family and I went and saw the Blue Angels in Fort Worth, Texas a couple years back. We met all the pilots including Commander Rickoff and his captain. The Blue Angels are the most badass team in the world.

  30. FFP Natzscho

    FFP NatzschoIl y a jour

    Something weird I noticed is that the aircraft carrier isn’t with any other ships like destroyers or escort ship, that isn’t supposed 2 happen never, idk y it went 2 sail without an escort, if you read this pls respond me y u think it wasn’t escorted

  31. Carlos Naia

    Carlos NaiaIl y a jour

    Challenge yu will not 25 Bottel Flip Stack

  32. Zeco

    ZecoIl y a jour

    next bucket list: climb a pyramid


    ALL MIGHTIl y a jour

    What about scuba diving

  34. mrseaweed1000

    mrseaweed1000Il y a jour

    I know you guys are popular, but getting to play around on a $4.5billion aircraft carrier is just next-level insanity 😂

  35. Emem Medalla

    Emem MedallaIl y a jour

    Can you do a kite flying battle or a falconry battle?

  36. nazmi mislah

    nazmi mislahIl y a jour

    That jet shooter sign stuff probably cost hundreds thousand of dollars worth of fuel

  37. EMMANUEL Rafael

    EMMANUEL RafaelIl y a jour

    Bucket list: I want to go to dude perfects head quarters im from the phillipines I am a real fan of dude perfect

  38. roouit patan

    roouit patanIl y a jour

    My disappointment when they didn’t break the sound barrier is immeasurable

  39. corvuscorax

    corvuscoraxIl y a jour

    Go to the Moon

  40. roouit patan

    roouit patanIl y a jour

    zero gravity plane

  41. Kaan Bek

    Kaan BekIl y a jour

    Drive one of the fastest cars with lewis hamilton

  42. Wallace McDonut

    Wallace McDonutIl y a jour

    Heli skiing/boarding at "SnowWater" in Canada. Those guys are awesome and the heli pilots are cool.

  43. Kehje jahsh

    Kehje jahshIl y a jour

    they are so chilled wow

  44. Felix Seidl

    Felix SeidlIl y a jour

    Next bucket list: white house

  45. MAJ

    MAJIl y a jour

    Bucket list: Swim with a lion Bunji jump Ride the fastest car Skydive

  46. Nix

    NixIl y a jour

    Dab is dead and its cringe

  47. GreenMatsLp

    GreenMatsLpIl y a jour

    Get 1 or 2 Bugattis and drive it!

  48. I Tran

    I TranIl y a jour

    5 guys sitting in a hot tub 1 inch apart cause they’re best friends

  49. Gillian moore Moore

    Gillian moore MooreIl y a jour

    For the 1% who see this have a great day and 👋

  50. Skeeter 907

    Skeeter 907Il y a jour

    Only in America

  51. Tolga Burak Lelik

    Tolga Burak LelikIl y a jour

    how much did you pay

  52. KacangNgoding

    KacangNgodingIl y a jour

    Imagine if they really get from nasa to go to the ISS. "Literally 'around the world' trick shoot"

  53. Mitch_Law_18

    Mitch_Law_18Il y a jour

    Yea we’re gonna chum the water as they are driving away from the pattie

  54. Bangla Squad

    Bangla SquadIl y a jour

    Come at Bangladesh. Plz

  55. Emzy Sniper

    Emzy SniperIl y a jour

    Next, Fire Starion.

  56. waterzoid

    waterzoidIl y a jour

    zero gravity plane

  57. Simon Stagier

    Simon StagierIl y a jour

    Go go spaaaaaaace

  58. Marco Garcia

    Marco GarciaIl y a jour

    go with the marine corps next

  59. DanielTheNeptunian

    DanielTheNeptunianIl y a jour

    Next should be Area 51

  60. Bailey Glynn

    Bailey GlynnIl y a jour

    Your the best

  61. Bailey Glynn

    Bailey GlynnIl y a jour

    Im a human with an eye

  62. Kingston Paston Ross

    Kingston Paston RossIl y a jour

    im honestlly getting annoyed at the amount of bad salutes in this video

  63. kavya bhansali

    kavya bhansaliIl y a jour

    Area 51

  64. Joshua Mrugalski

    Joshua MrugalskiIl y a jour

    Almost 50 mil

  65. Joban Gill

    Joban GillIl y a jour

    DP do cricket trick shots

  66. Milan Shah

    Milan ShahIl y a jour

    my dad said that when he was on ship in the marines, some guys went fishing off the deck