Box Office - 1917 Golden Globes boost, The Rise of Skywalker Update


  1. Veer Chasm

    Veer ChasmIl y a 14 jours

    1:25 No one PLANS to go to New Jersey Grace...

  2. Aguilar International

    Aguilar InternationalIl y a 23 jours

    Poor kristen :(

  3. Joe Sollitto

    Joe SollittoIl y a 28 jours

    I guess that nobody remembers that 1917 is exactly the same story as "Gallipoli". No mention whatsoever?

  4. portland 182

    portland 182Il y a mois

    Mendes is clearly copying Nolan.Just look at all those Mendes' sci fi blockbusters, and superhero movies... Oh, wait...

  5. Bhargavm Solanki

    Bhargavm SolankiIl y a mois

    Dunkirk didn't have cool visuals- Grace She is so stupid sometimes....

  6. Jarrod Matthew Hardy Esq.

    Jarrod Matthew Hardy Esq.Il y a mois

    1917 copies Silent House. All shot in one take. The Nightingale was Best Picture, but it is Australian.

  7. Jarrod Matthew Hardy Esq.

    Jarrod Matthew Hardy Esq.Il y a mois

    The Nightingale should have won Best Picture

  8. Jermaine Sneed

    Jermaine SneedIl y a mois

    I’m not a TLJ fan. However I still can’t understand wanting The Rise of Skywalker or anything film to be bad and or fail. It’s just an idiotic mentality.

  9. Stephen Hughes

    Stephen HughesIl y a mois

    Someone who gives pile of shit superhero movies good reviews, thinks 1917 is a gimmick, and a copy of other people's work. Why did I bother to watch more than five minutes of this shit.

  10. Turtle Power

    Turtle PowerIl y a mois

    That movie was flipping insane.. saw it in IMAX

  11. O1993

    O1993Il y a mois

    1917 was on my radar but then again, I’m a history buff. Plus I’ve been looking for a good WWI movie ever since I started watching The Great War.

  12. Luis Alvarez

    Luis AlvarezIl y a mois

    Grace I LOVE YOU... but I strongly disagree with that statement that Mendes is copying Nolan. 😞

  13. James Lee

    James LeeIl y a mois

    That would have been stupid for Michael B Jordan to take the role as superman or Neo that would have killed his career he's not that stupid!!

  14. David Castle

    David CastleIl y a mois

    It was on my radar! BUT of course like you pointed out, it didn't go wide until this past weekend. Saw it though and it was great. The Irishman was robbed though that is a better film for sure.

  15. Vampire Assassin

    Vampire AssassinIl y a mois

    Great movie I went to see it on Saturday and absolutely loved 1917 went to work Sunday and told everyone to go see it

  16. RidingwithSam

    RidingwithSamIl y a mois

    Copy Dunkirk? Dunkirk was trash!! Hahaha

  17. Wari

    WariIl y a mois

    I love how Kennedy haters pretend she wasn't involved in a male leading Mandalorian series. Toxic star wars fans killed The Kenobi film, thanks to Kathleen she moved it as a series to Disney + ....where toxics won't subscribe thankfully

  18. Atticus X

    Atticus XIl y a mois

    underwater was a really good movie. Plus it is original.

  19. The Movie Belt

    The Movie BeltIl y a mois

    Will definitely be seeing 1917 soon!

  20. Paully808

    Paully808Il y a mois

    So Rian Johnson has a box office hit movie, critically acclaimed movies and he just got an Oscar nomination?! I just KNOW TLJ haters are mad as hell 😂😂😂😂😂😂😁 looks like Rian got the last laugh.

  21. Phrank

    PhrankIl y a mois

    War movies existed way before Nolan & Spielberg and just because another black man makes movies doesn't mean he's copying. There is enough room for everyone don't be weird Grace!

  22. Xela In Focus

    Xela In FocusIl y a mois

    Waiting for your thoughts on 2020 Óscar nominees!

  23. Rōnin七七

    Rōnin七七Il y a mois

    Grace Morbius!!!!!! Looks sick

  24. Raul Gomez

    Raul GomezIl y a mois

    Where is the reaction to Morbius Grace?!

  25. Edward Branscomb

    Edward BranscombIl y a mois

    4th place is great news?

  26. Welsh Inc

    Welsh IncIl y a mois

    Glad we're getting more WW1 films over 2. Now waiting for that All Quite adaptation or something not about the allies on the western front

  27. docsamson198

    docsamson198Il y a mois

    War movies, when marketed correctly, are a "secret weapon" (no pun intended) for box office success. Look at The Deer Hunter, Saving Private Ryan and America Sniper. Heck, The Green Berets made John Wayne a fortune and it's a laughably bad movie -- somehow the sun sets in the east!

  28. tunzlunz

    tunzlunzIl y a mois

    Lol no one can become a better Nolan are you kidding me?

  29. anthony castillo

    anthony castilloIl y a mois

    Did you see the two mentions about little women? “Congratulations to those men “for the directors. Also sad that Awkwafina did not make it

  30. Nella J

    Nella JIl y a mois

    Yep. Lol I saw the Oscar announcements

  31. Justin Siviero

    Justin SivieroIl y a mois

    Underwater was terrible. Chopped to shit. The editing was the worst editing I've seen in a long while. The movie was nearly incoherent. I blame the studio

  32. yap dem

    yap demIl y a mois

    Mendes new career path, Nolan

  33. Ceti Fox Productions

    Ceti Fox ProductionsIl y a mois

    "Must-see". LOL. I only watch science fiction or action films. "People" movies or historical movies bore me to tears. So, no, this isn't must-see.

  34. TJ K

    TJ KIl y a mois

    I'm hoping 1917's success will lead to more WWI movies.

  35. Nella J

    Nella JIl y a mois

    Me too

  36. Rochee Dubois

    Rochee DuboisIl y a mois

    star wars still not a billion pffffff

  37. L Karamazov

    L KaramazovIl y a mois

    Grace, you just can’t stop shilling for Star Wars....

  38. Jonatas Silva

    Jonatas SilvaIl y a mois

    It wasn't good Grace, do like your girl Elza and learn to let it go.

  39. Sayed El Sherif

    Sayed El SherifIl y a mois

    Grace at the beginning of any video: *HELLO*

  40. Stephen

    StephenIl y a mois

    men-dez not men-deez

  41. Michael Angel

    Michael AngelIl y a mois

    The one-shot isn't a gimmick - it was done to help the audience become part of the soldiers journey. Works bloody well.

  42. Nella J

    Nella JIl y a mois



    GAMEBOIMARCUSIl y a mois

    I think 1917 was a Nolan film... 😕

  44. KuarentaKilla Killa Arkives

    KuarentaKilla Killa ArkivesIl y a mois

    Grandfather probably made up half of the movie

  45. Clint Rey

    Clint ReyIl y a mois

    Stewart in any trailer makes me not want to see the film. My friends and family agree she's a so-so actress. Cringe!

  46. MrKockNoker

    MrKockNokerIl y a mois

    No one likes what Kathleen did with Star Wars. Only like 2% of fans.

  47. Darien Chase

    Darien ChaseIl y a mois

    I'm surprised she didn't just say *Welcome to Movie Math. Best picture Joker Joker Joker Oscar Joker Joker Joaquin Phoenix Joker Joker. Well that this week's Movie Math. Joker*

  48. Nella J

    Nella JIl y a mois


  49. Mohamed AL mahfood

    Mohamed AL mahfoodIl y a mois

    My favorite movies of sam Mendes : 1. Skyfall 2. Road to prediction I did not watch 1917 to date

  50. Fabian Persson

    Fabian PerssonIl y a mois

    ”Dunkirk didn’t have the visuals”. Excuse me?!

  51. jayversusjay

    jayversusjayIl y a mois

    Charlie's angels was not good

  52. Redmage 77

    Redmage 77Il y a mois

    Charlie’s angels isn’t an ip anyone cares about. Stewart took some bad bets.

  53. Gabriele Potuto

    Gabriele PotutoIl y a mois

    "No One would have expected 1917 to have chances at awards" Like wtf? As soon as the info and trailer about this film came out, everyone who had seen them, knew this was going to be great

  54. Hannah Freeborn

    Hannah FreebornIl y a mois


  55. Nella J

    Nella JIl y a mois


  56. GenreOnline

    GenreOnlineIl y a mois

    You should have tried seeing 1917 in Brooklyn Grace. American Beauty won Best Picture too.

  57. Coballoway

    CoballowayIl y a mois

    You didn't shit all over Todd copy Phillips stfu

  58. Marcelino Dreams

    Marcelino DreamsIl y a mois

    Haven't watched it don't care too. 1917 isn't my kind of moVie.

  59. alpha leonis

    alpha leonisIl y a mois

    Did you know that deathstroke has a show out now Just finished watching and it's pretty good

  60. Jojo Smith

    Jojo SmithIl y a mois

    I'm interested to find out how much it cost to produce and market Star Wars The Rise of Sky Walker.

  61. lawrence

    lawrenceIl y a mois

    George Mackay should be nominated for ‘Best Actor’ man I enjoyed him!

  62. Jack Lines

    Jack LinesIl y a mois

    He was AMAZING

  63. Solve For X

    Solve For XIl y a mois

    I think the trailer is why 1917 blew up.

  64. jb-barbell

    jb-barbellIl y a mois

    Please watch and review Netflix Messiah



    Our cinema was full of older viewers for the 1917 showing.

  66. Nella J

    Nella JIl y a mois

    Not surprised that older viewers went to go see this film

  67. Artemus Over Easy

    Artemus Over EasyIl y a mois

    I don’t see how 1917 wasn’t on anyone’s radar. I’ve been seeing commercials for this and hearing about it online for months. Ahhh Shakespeare in Love. That classic timeless masterpiece of a movie. Lol. And Grace come on…… Charlie’s Angels has NEVER been good since s1 of the TV show. Give it up.

  68. Alexis Collazo

    Alexis CollazoIl y a mois

    He turned down superman 😂 I call B.S