Billie Eilish Freaks Out While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones


  1. First We Feast

    First We FeastIl y a 2 mois

    Shout out to the youngest guest in Hot Ones history!

  2. Crill

    CrillIl y a 3 jours


  3. Tyler - Strucid Roblox, etc

    Tyler - Strucid Roblox, etcIl y a 8 jours


  4. Edgar Kjellburg

    Edgar KjellburgIl y a 8 jours

    Least fave episode

  5. Berk Playz

    Berk PlayzIl y a 15 jours


  6. ok ok

    ok okIl y a mois

    we stan

  7. Toastyz

    ToastyzIl y a 38 minutes

    *S A D*

  8. Simon Schwarzenegger

    Simon SchwarzeneggerIl y a heure

    And of course Billie is more hot! ❤️

  9. xXDragonsVenomXx

    xXDragonsVenomXxIl y a heure

    0:56 I thought she was going to take the teeth out of her mouth like the start of bad guy XD

  10. nick- fire

    nick- fireIl y a heure

    6:02 - 8:29 *oh **-yeah-*

  11. Ishmael Bulbulia

    Ishmael BulbuliaIl y a heure

    All the facial expressions.. I enjoyed it.

  12. Genki G

    Genki GIl y a 2 heures

    now heres an artist i can respect

  13. Edge Potato

    Edge PotatoIl y a 2 heures

    I was really shocked at how rude she was. I mean she seems relatively humble but she has awful manners and was kind of uncortious with the interviewer.

  14. Brane William

    Brane WilliamIl y a 2 heures

    Her expression on that last hot sauce was amazing, 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. olma97

    olma97Il y a 2 heures

    Why does she look really high

  16. DarkSide

    DarkSideIl y a 2 heures


  17. OnlyFrost

    OnlyFrostIl y a 3 heures

    I've taken out my invisiline, an-and this is the Hot Ones!

  18. Caroline Johnson

    Caroline JohnsonIl y a 4 heures

    i trough billie is vegan?

  19. RyE4Z XBL

    RyE4Z XBLIl y a 5 heures

    8:46 she’s like “damn you really had to put me on the spot?”

  20. Khinh Phu

    Khinh PhuIl y a 6 heures

    dont make her eat anymore :) i mean its spicy

  21. José Explosion

    José ExplosionIl y a 6 heures

    7:04 Acting like we don't eat ass in 2019

  22. ADR13N

    ADR13NIl y a 6 heures

    Rdr do go hard

  23. Terminal Entity

    Terminal EntityIl y a 7 heures


  24. Zamepov

    ZamepovIl y a 8 heures

    so all of you!!

  25. Mustafain ul Haque

    Mustafain ul HaqueIl y a 8 heures

    The interviewer is absolutely merciless

  26. Hubert Ski

    Hubert SkiIl y a 8 heures

    This guest, single handedly ruined The Hot Ones for me. How are people worshiping such trash? Unsubscribe.

  27. Noah Sullivan

    Noah SullivanIl y a 8 heures

    8:54 😂🤣😂

  28. ZomBEAST TV

    ZomBEAST TVIl y a 9 heures


  29. Sally Mathews

    Sally MathewsIl y a 9 heures

    Hey do you half to be a celebrity to be on this show

  30. ༒ຮнเภσσ༒ GOD ༒

    ༒ຮнเภσσ༒ GOD ༒Il y a 10 heures

    I have a crush on billie eilish

  31. Keenan Camacho

    Keenan CamachoIl y a 10 heures


  32. nasty Nas836

    nasty Nas836Il y a 10 heures

    I feel bad for her toilet

  33. Andrew Glass

    Andrew GlassIl y a 10 heures

    Billie Eilish is what happens when you put weed/ THC in your breast milk.

  34. Louie Luis Gamer Boii

    Louie Luis Gamer BoiiIl y a 11 heures

    14:40 you’re welcome

  35. Justin Riccitelli

    Justin RiccitelliIl y a 11 heures

    Soda and milk is bomb R.I. thing

  36. David Rogers

    David RogersIl y a 12 heures

    They r not eating wings. They are eating nuggets


    BOXING PUNCHALOTIl y a 12 heures

    Am start at three im baaaad bitch .,..#vomit


    BOXING PUNCHALOTIl y a 12 heures


  39. Eden Smith

    Eden SmithIl y a 13 heures

    omg when she talks about ilomilo i can't

  40. Gamer_Guy_2018 _xxx

    Gamer_Guy_2018 _xxxIl y a 13 heures

    Yay 😀

  41. Gnarly rae jepson

    Gnarly rae jepsonIl y a 13 heures

    Man I wish I was famous I’d love to be on hot ones! I love hot wings so much lol

  42. Bobby Frank

    Bobby FrankIl y a 13 heures

    She’s a vegan? Yikes

  43. Sharese Newbill

    Sharese NewbillIl y a 14 heures

    Oml I’m sorry but I can’t BILLIE IS SO HOT 😭 😍 🥵

  44. meme team

    meme teamIl y a 14 heures

    "food is such a powerful lil hoe; she can take over anyone"

  45. Facundo Fleitas

    Facundo FleitasIl y a 15 heures

    She's gassed.

  46. MARRO1190

    MARRO1190Il y a 15 heures

    Chick is fugly as fuck.. What a horrible episode already :(

  47. Ridonkulous

    RidonkulousIl y a 16 heures

    Is he in ESPN?

  48. 랖빠기

    랖빠기Il y a 16 heures



    ANIMAUXIl y a 16 heures

    why did you guy choose this girl for this?

  50. TS

    TSIl y a 18 heures

    Shes so cute😂😂😂

  51. Random and Weird

    Random and WeirdIl y a 18 heures

    Billie: home schoolers are crazy! Me:Yes, yes we are.

  52. Christian Langford

    Christian LangfordIl y a 11 heures

    Least we don't shoot up our house 😏... lol

  53. Blue Gamer

    Blue GamerIl y a 18 heures

    Does anyone know how to spell Billies favorite videogame

  54. WallFlee

    WallFleeIl y a 19 heures

    She's such a kid, so expressive, different and aware... this is what hollywood and all the young kids looking for idols need

  55. Lita

    LitaIl y a 20 heures

    LOL funny Shaun funny video with Bilie I liked this video yes!!!! :) #OceanEyesWasGoodTooBTWJuatSaying

  56. salma mohamed

    salma mohamedIl y a 20 heures

    Sorry but what toose that she spit it out

  57. Dizzy Spell

    Dizzy SpellIl y a 21 heure

    Hey Sean, love these videos! I am a fan of super spicy food as well. I was wondering, have you ever had a wing that was made with MadDog 357 hot sauce on the show? My dad and I eat it from time to time and I cannot imagine anything hotter that that! (Obviously I haven't had the opportunity to try any)

  58. hilariously bad gamer

    hilariously bad gamerIl y a 21 heure

    The album dropped on my birthday lol

  59. spectacular kid show

    spectacular kid showIl y a 21 heure

    7: 17 when you see your crush..

  60. spectacular kid show

    spectacular kid showIl y a 21 heure


  61. Jprich77

    Jprich77Il y a 22 heures

    "As a diseffected emotionless host..." lol someone has been listening to their haters.

  62. mohamed

    mohamedIl y a 22 heures

    Is billie drunk today?

  63. Revv Squad

    Revv SquadIl y a 22 heures

    14:26 it's should be on the bad guy video music

  64. Supreme Bart

    Supreme BartIl y a 23 heures

    7:02 how you know what anus tastes like hmmm 🤔🤔🤔

  65. Natalie Gibson

    Natalie GibsonIl y a 23 heures

    I cant wait to watch this young lady grow into a bad bitch (because at this point, with the way her brain works, she's destined to be one of the baddest in history).

  66. R M

    R MIl y a jour

    Dare I ask how she knows what an anus tastes like?

  67. Joshua Michael Cook

    Joshua Michael CookIl y a jour

    i love this channel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Valiant

    ValiantIl y a jour

    Heres the thing you wanna watch 2:56 4:27 Bonus (soda guess) : 6:12 7:53 9:48 14:08 16:00(she almost gave up but she just dip) 16:16 17:15(she cant do it anymore) 20:11 21:26 Men im doing this for likes 👇 Do it!

  69. Nut_In_Yo_Mouth

    Nut_In_Yo_MouthIl y a jour

    those spicy chicken nugs seem so fucking good rn

  70. kosta1605

    kosta1605Il y a jour

    hahaha when she talks about Jaden Smith "Im healing you" and that look she puts on her face...lmfao

  71. Sir Jedsalot

    Sir JedsalotIl y a jour

    Depressed girl loses it while agent 47 who gathered beard hairs from foes is havin’ a good time

  72. Louie Rivera

    Louie RiveraIl y a jour

    So epic 👀


    JUST KAZUMAIl y a jour

    she really cant



    Pause at 7:14 lol

  75. cade_olson

    cade_olsonIl y a jour

    Anyone else cringe so hard from watching this chick

  76. João Ribeiro

    João RibeiroIl y a jour


  77. Angelo Causing

    Angelo CausingIl y a jour

    I noticed she's a Christian but her songs are secular lol..

  78. Ryan AJ

    Ryan AJIl y a jour

    21:20 looooollll

  79. Francisclyde Villo

    Francisclyde VilloIl y a jour

    Shes fuckin gorgeous

  80. William Pennington

    William PenningtonIl y a jour

    Is she eating nuggets?

  81. therealguy

    therealguyIl y a jour

    Ferb is litteraly a gem

  82. Eliana Din

    Eliana DinIl y a jour

    watching them eat makes me hungry

  83. Masa Kyon

    Masa KyonIl y a jour

    14:40 nightmare fuel ahegao face

  84. Cabib Tanggomay

    Cabib TanggomayIl y a jour

    Billie is so Pretty. ❤️

  85. Sofia Calcagno

    Sofia CalcagnoIl y a jour

    Is she eating chicken nuggets?

  86. Amr Mustafa

    Amr MustafaIl y a jour

    The music 🎧❤

  87. Quiggy

    QuiggyIl y a jour


  88. PureKaoZ

    PureKaoZIl y a jour

    I want to auto-downvote because she's Vegan but this was a solid episode.

  89. Crow

    CrowIl y a jour

    Id love nothing more than to just chill with Billie Eilish and play video games while sittin in giant bean bags in sweats.

  90. Legit FaZe

    Legit FaZeIl y a jour

    Why does she always seem high? Tf..?lol

  91. GrovelingMold 33

    GrovelingMold 33Il y a jour

    I hated ilomilo growing up cause I was so bad at it but everyone else likes it

  92. ahmmed63

    ahmmed63Il y a jour

    الي جاي من الكوميدي كلب يخبط لايك

  93. Kingston Blue

    Kingston BlueIl y a jour

    I’m I the only one that didn’t know Billie was only 17

  94. Gerard Obaya

    Gerard ObayaIl y a jour

    Billie Eilish is gud song

  95. DelGamer CP

    DelGamer CPIl y a jour

    Just a Normal interview :)

  96. AungleTheMaster 12

    AungleTheMaster 12Il y a jour

    I wonder if the bald man gets the shits


    IM_HUSTLEONCOWSIl y a jour

    i wish i have white teeth like her i tried flossing

  98. Sesti

    SestiIl y a jour

    She remembers to my sister 😂

  99. Charles Scruffy

    Charles ScruffyIl y a jour

    who is she??

  100. Baja Fern

    Baja FernIl y a jour

    So who broke your heart??

  101. Ariesfire

    AriesfireIl y a jour

    who cares about billy ellish

  102. KAnIme supreme

    KAnIme supremeIl y a jour


  103. Lj Spencer

    Lj SpencerIl y a jour

    21:53 Coraline?

  104. gacha eyelash

    gacha eyelashIl y a jour

    5:32 that face is butyful

  105. Joe Cox-Vowles

    Joe Cox-VowlesIl y a jour

    Is she High AF or what?

  106. CrazyI3lake Productions

    CrazyI3lake ProductionsIl y a jour

    What's making my mouth water? Billie? The wings? The world may never know

  107. - -

    - -Il y a jour

    "it's a heart!" - billie eilish last words

  108. - -

    - -Il y a jour

    also if she doesn't want to get recognized i suggest not wearing the rings and stuff