Best Street Food at Pakistan University - CRISIS OMELET in Islamabad | Pakistani Food Tour!


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    Hope you are having a great day, thank you for watching! Read more about Majeed Huts on the blog: and Follow on Instagram for more food:

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    So Tasty!

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    Humayun ShafiqueIl y a mois

    Thanks Mark bringing back the reminiscences of all the nostalgic feelings associated with Crisis Omlet of Majeed Huts and my Alma mater Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad. Have a happy traveling fiesco 👍

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    Shankar BoroIl y a mois

    Sir iam a big fan of your,I would like to meet you..

  6. Saif Ullah Khan

    Saif Ullah KhanIl y a 50 minutes

    I have just realised that Mark is incredibly close-minded when it comes to desserts or sweet dishes. We get it you don't have sweet teeth but ffs don't act so mardy when you taste them

  7. AB

    ABIl y a 4 heures

    12:58 wow, was that a dish to?

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    Miss AIl y a 5 heures

    The guy at 12:57 who invited you to his table has beautiful eyes mashallah! 😍

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    This so amazing goooooooooooo Pakistan make your country great.

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    12:56 oh my god hes so cute and that blue eyes tho holy moly... 😍

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    Extreme salivation...

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    Anybody knows what is the song the singer is singing, after "tere mast mast do nain"? The harmonium tune is great...

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    13:35 check the man in the background

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    Scorpio DoidIl y a 2 jours

    I used to eat Afghani food in Dubai....I like kebabs & rice really delicious...its sweet & tasty....never taste like that before....btw Im from Malaysia...hope can visit Pakistan soon...what a really nice country & food....

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    Every time he takes a bite I feel like his eyes will pop out of his head lol


    ALPHA PREDATORIl y a 3 jours

    Mera roza hai Yaarrrrr

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    Images its war between Pakistan and Indian. But nobody goes there. They sit together and exchanges food cousins experiences. War you loose!!

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    Hi Mark, if I can make a suggestion - have a drink of grape juice to cool down the heat of the chillies and spices after those meals. Do not have milk as some people do.

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    It's good 💥💥

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    Damn you eat so much!

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    Islamabad looks like the cleanest city in Pakistan by far

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    The moment you realize that only indians are spreading hate in the comment section #sickmentality

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    Mark you are one beautiful soul... Micah amd ying are very lucky to have you. You are loved by all.

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    Ian BuchanIl y a 7 jours

    Wow what lovely people and the food , amazing

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    Rao OneIl y a 8 jours

    Funny how there are videos on Indian scamming tourist while Pakistan welcomes them.

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    Pakistan is father of foods love from Kashmir

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    Thank you for visiting Quaid-i-Azam University.

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    Mohammad AliIl y a 9 jours

    Where is this afghan burger place, is it in g9

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    The comments made me emotional 😩❤️ love to all these sweet people

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  32. Hai Bao

    Hai BaoIl y a 13 jours

    OMG. I have been brain washed by Mark wiens. I never thought Pakistan is a country with such delicious food. it is a must-go for me now and I wish I could carry out my trip plan soon

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    Moon khan Khan sahabIl y a 14 jours

    Love Pakistan

  34. Sonia Arham

    Sonia ArhamIl y a 14 jours

    Thanks to all respected viewers from every corner or country of our lovely planet earth, Pakistani people are hospitable, loving, kind hearted people and very peaceful land the Fox news and CNN like channels only try to malign the sanctity of Pakistan. Pakistan is the land of love and peace, joyous and wonders, unmatchable and amazing, this is my Pakistan. Once again thanks to all of you. Love from Lahore, Pakistan

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    rational mindIl y a 15 jours

    financial crisis can certainly change the attitude a prime example of it.

  36. Wendy Walsh-Pardey

    Wendy Walsh-PardeyIl y a 15 jours

    Oh Mark. I love how you travel as a family and not leave them at home. Micah is so loved and has a full passport already!!. Bless.

  37. Sunreet Chakraborty

    Sunreet ChakrabortyIl y a 15 jours

    I think we Indians and Pakistani people are the most unfortunate. We cannot stay in peace for some politicians. Really wanna visit Pakistan... Spread peace...

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    you are very slim and smart but you eat everything. so cute and wonderful man best of luck 😀👍

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    this is our heaven and this is the real pakistan.proud and patriotic pakistani..

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    I was here for the food but that guy Esen is so hot! Another reason to visit Pakistan.

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    Hahhaha that type of hot gyy is everywhere in pakistan u should visit then you will have better option 😂

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    Love Pakistan .... So very friendly

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    Sara's PlayworldIl y a 19 jours

    I absolutely love Pakistani food and this video was mouth watering!!! One tip I would like to share is if you can put the meal prices at the end of your video please! Thank you and good luck 😊

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    I think India is better than Pakistan hands down we beat Pakistan in cricket I think India is better than Pakistan in everything

  47. Intel Explora

    Intel ExploraIl y a 4 jours

    Nope who are you Unknown who made a false profile to say congratulations you must be sad to do something like that poor you

  48. Intel Explora

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    East V West india is the best 😂👀

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    They are playing Indian songs 😍

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    Mark.. Ur reaction when taste the food.. I loved.. 😀

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    Mark Wiens! You are a force for good in the world. Thank you for sharing Pakistan with us. A beautiful country, people, culture -- oh yeah, and FOOD!

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    are you a stoner

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    I love Pakistan mujhe bhi Jana hi

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    I so wanna visit Pakistan nowwwwww awesome fooooood

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    Its 2 late night and I'm now hungry ..😪

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    I have been to monal

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    Says the people with the worst accent ever

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    That was a fake crisis laugh lol

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    Mark sr plz go sialkot good food very lovli

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    watched the video after having dinner and am feeling hungry again :(

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    Eat.. Sleep... React... Repeat...

  64. Mohammad Shamim

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    Pakistan is better than india

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    11:08 welcome to the most attractive place in Islamabad ; the Monal Restaurant

  66. Muhammad Awais

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    Welcome to the 2nd most beautiful capital in the world......Islamabad he beauty

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    I wish I could have husband like mark weins

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    Averytime that I watch he's videos I am always hungry

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    Hi You are the best you tuber in this world..😊

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    Wow that was a fake crisis laugh lol

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    What is dagi gee love from cape town south africa

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    you should go to quetta cafe (great network) in islamabad for special 30rs tea wowowowow

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    12:56 💙😙 what a beautiful man!

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    Bollywood songs in background

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    hey mark go back in time and try some salad with chicken lol ,

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    Nostalgia is definitely kicking in. Mark, you bring up some sweet memories. 🇵🇰♥️

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    You eat lot but you never looks fat. Gr8 job,

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    PAKISTAN ZINDABAND..u are awesome and ur videoz are awesome and ur family is beautiful❤❤🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

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    Thax for coming and uncovering the beauty of Pakistan before the world .Mark tell me the secrets of being very slim,you eat too match things but still you are soooo...slim ,how can I be?😉

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    Hoor HasanIl y a mois

    Lots of love from Pakistan ❤️

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    I m very happy to see u in my country.

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    Crisis omelette? Er no thanks

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    The way Ali speaks is so fake and cringy

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    How can I be part of your crew? I really enjoy your videos

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    Thanks Mark for showing the right face of Pakistan. I love you mark💝

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    Mark... Start a 'Mark Weins' diet...share the secret.. How do u do it bro? I just watched you eat breakfast and I put on 7 pounds!

  89. Sarah

    SarahIl y a mois

    Lighting is horrible


    THANK YOU, GRACEIl y a mois

    Breathtaking views and Delicious, Colorful Cusines. A destination worth visiting soon. Looking forward to learning their recipes and cooking their delectable savory dishes. Loving all these vlogs regarding this magnificent country and their finest people there. 👍❤


    VAIBHAV MOHITEIl y a mois

    Be safe over there !!!! I hope u will return safe to ur may Allah protect u from terrorists... #LoL

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    VAIBHAV MOHITE bharway how was the tea the tea was fantastic sir .

  93. Prem Guragai

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    I know for sure that pakisthani people always eat delicious and healthy food.

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    I watch everytime when i eat

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    Who’s the hottie at 14:15 😏

  96. ishtiaq ahmed

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    come on mark u need to tell me ... how come u not fat after eating that much food lol .. Your are most well come in our country ...

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    What a fantabulous country ...I love pakisthan from India

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    Vijayalakshmi viji thank you we love you too

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    How are you smart.? Even eating so much..

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    Ik people have heard loads of lies about Pakistan but when it comes to new people, Pakistan is REALLY welcoming

  101. pushpanjali chhetri

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    Hi Mark, I truly appreciate the manner in which you accept people, appreciate their cultures and cherish their cuisines. It's a huge applause for you and your group.

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    I so want to be there and sample the fantastic food on offer and meet the lovely people.

  103. Nut Cracker

    Nut CrackerIl y a mois

    George Foster most welcome it’s visa on arrival policy for almost every country in the world from the new government of great leader imran khan just google it to see whether your country is on the list or not if are a back packer all you need an airline ticket minimum of $1000_$1500 for 20 _ 40 days you can easily survive depend upon your own self if you have friends or make friends with someone on Instagram or Facebook than you don’t even have to worry about boarding and lodging inshallah the host in Pakistan will take care of you that is our culture that is our tradition that is our religion take care best months to visit specially northern part province kpk of Pakistan is winter months from November ____ February because of snow in these areas but if you can stand the heat of summer than you can go anytime after March to October May June July are the hottest August September October are most humid depending upon which part of Pakistan you are but no matter whenever you will come you will throughly enjoy your trip.

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    Mark your so blessed to have great loving fans.

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    Hi Joel

  106. Christina Holguin

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    I love how you love pepper and spicy. My faves as well.

  107. Mtem Dlamini

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    The media shows us crap about Pakistan how can they be this careless with information. Thank u Mark for your showcase,thumbs up to you, Mrs Weins,Micah & yourteam🇸🇿❤️

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    Joel face look my brother and his smile is look like child's smile.

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    On the way for some off that delicious food love Pakistan ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


    NIBEDITA MONDALIl y a mois

    How do you maintain your digestive system weight???

  111. Jo

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    Wow that's again amazing foodgasm . My mouth is watering. The people that you have met seem really nice and specially the main person from government who arranged everything for you guys. That's really down to earth gesture. I just wandered how is it for the girls/ladies out there? Do they have to wear the same clothing including covering heads at all times ? Are they allowed to join the family and friends freely when eating out in dhawa where you guys have been eating ? Just curious as our group of girls from UK want to go on a trip .

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    +Ali Hassan thank you

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    I guess, people have seen more truth here than what other governments around the world try to show on their media. Never thought about this, but Pakistan will be the second country on my list to visit after Israel. Love from India!