Bad Barbers Bad Haircuts - animation


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    Drop a like for the most consistent youtuber of all time

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    Bro I’m from Pflugerville my guy I know the place to go

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    If that happens to me we throwing hands 😭😂

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    WolfIl y a jour

    Don can you tell me how you get ur like that like your hair is cool

  6. Wolf

    WolfIl y a jour

    Don can you tell me how you get ur like that like your hair is cool

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    I live near you and I’m a subscriber

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    I can’t believe you grew up in broward, and I live in broward all my life. Anywho, love your stories give me a good laugh when I’m feeling down. Keep at it

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    jus move too the ATL bro

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    like the video

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    I just noticed that i wasn't sub..forgive me my saunceness

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    Hair toutorial


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    hey don! it has been a week! i am sad! where is my new video? where is my new jawn telling me you posted?????? WHEREEEEEEEEEEEEEE?????????????????snsn but fr im waiting.

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    The cuts $16 wtf mine are $20

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    Nike:"Just do it" Don:"L3t m3 d0 1t

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    Hahahahahaha thats so relate able today i got a haircut and my hairline is ok but its pushed back alitte but the barber i have is the best most of my haircuts are great its just that one day but yeah press f in the comments for me

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    You are a f*cking copper you a**h*le

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    U said u from broward thats lit 🔥🔥

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    My guy I got a fucking haircut and they butchered my shit like I told him to trim the sides and leave the top and than he goes straight down the middle

  22. izzy 220

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    So nobody going to mention that he's from Jamaica and now he's some fake typical black guy with a huge ego LOL

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    Dont think i didnt see that "buy plan b" at 3:39

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    Facts go to broward for a cut

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    Here from tik tok

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    What part of Jamaica u from

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    How is it that I found out about your music before I found out about you do FRreporter ?

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    My guy at the end u too loud

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    This is so relatable bro

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    Yuh he name dropped the p-ville!!!

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    Aye I’m from Pflugerville bro what place did you go to

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    Over here in Australia, we dont tip unless your at a restaurant (even if then) since they get payed actual pay

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    I like in pflugervill

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    When you realize you’re in the same state and city as the sauce god after moving. So I’ll introduce you to me I’m the glorified one and only JiBeezy

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    Who else caught the “Buy plain B”😂😂

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    Why the coach gotta be white 😭

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    Houston got all the good black barbers 💈

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    The best youtuber ever🔥🔥🔥👌

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    Yooo i’m 16 and i cut my own hair i do my own hair line and everything cause they had my hairline too high up so i said fuck these barbers

  41. SPRYTE E

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    “Buy plan b” 💀 💀

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    Who else has a barber who’s always in the phone

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    Young Dawn The sauce god strikes again

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    Subscribe to the notifications on and I love your videos bro Youngs Zion the sauce God strikes Again

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    I copped the headband its clean af my g

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    You not slick buying that plan b


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    Legit bro I used to live there🤷‍♂️🙅‍♂️

  48. like a horse

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    They called you a d and said what kind of aside is that

  49. like a horse

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    I think they was racist cause I’m black and the were both white not to be racist or nun

  50. like a horse

    like a horseIl y a jour

    It’s not on your vedios

  51. like a horse

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    But I stand up for you

  52. like a horse

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    Don I’m so mad right now cause these people called you a d and they said what kind of sauce is that

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    360 jezzzzeeey

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    5:49 that shit had me dying 😂😂😂

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    on saturdays he buys plan B

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    One time my Cousin tried to cut his hair and his head looked like a burnt riped up shirt

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    Uh haha 883Il y a jour

    That happens to me all the time

  58. matthew senpai

    matthew senpaiIl y a jour

    My hairline has been pushed back for 2 months

  59. Fuz Beatboxer n

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    My Dad is my cosh and and barber.

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    “I’ve never met a good barber with a shitty camera phone.” That shot had me screamin😂😂😭😭😭

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    Damn I live in Broward,Florida

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    3.38 got me

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    Ayyye Shout out to 360jezzy


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    i go to haitian barbers, they do tha shit good.