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Ariana Grande - thank u, next


  1. Il y a heure

    3 iconic movies in 1 music video oooof that’s everything

  2. Vitória Miranda

    Vitória MirandaIl y a heure

    Brasil alguém?!?!?!

  3. Alex Martin

    Alex MartinIl y a heure

    Gotta love that gal

  4. Just Being Aniaya

    Just Being AniayaIl y a heure

    I need help someone!! There’s this girl who lives in my neighborhood and I really wanna be friends with her but I am too shy. What should I do? How to introduce myself? Should I offer her something? Help please?!!!

  5. HEY STEPH !

    HEY STEPH !Il y a heure

    Fans of Ariana grande from dominican Repúblic say hi !!

  6. Dulce Resendiz

    Dulce ResendizIl y a heure

    Is Lindsey lohan? :000000

  7. bear0134

    bear0134Il y a heure

    She looks like the porn star “Little Lupe”.... except lupe knows how to suck cock really good with a very tight Arse hole..

  8. bear0134

    bear0134Il y a heure

    She looks like the porn star “Little Lupe”.... except lupe knows how to suck cock really good with a very tight Arse hole..


    LUISA VLOGSIl y a heure

    Cópia de cheguei o começo

  10. Dana Medina

    Dana MedinaIl y a heure

    December,2018 ❤️ THANK U, NEXT 💜

  11. Atlai Lopez

    Atlai LopezIl y a heure

    Que ascooo

  12. яȏṡѧʟıє ѧєṡṭһєṭıċ

    яȏṡѧʟıє ѧєṡṭһєṭıċIl y a heure


  13. Tina Stebih

    Tina StebihIl y a heure

    I love it hi ariana

  14. osnapitztony

    osnapitztonyIl y a heure


  15. blu 2010

    blu 2010Il y a heure


  16. Paolita Morales

    Paolita MoralesIl y a heure

    Ariana la putita barata

  17. Il y a heure

    Hi m8

  18. Futurism - 8D Electronic Music

    Futurism - 8D Electronic MusicIl y a heure

    I uploaded a 8d remix of this song! (wear headphones 🎧) and who else is coming back to rewatch this song to see how many views it’s at!

  19. kareem faour

    kareem faourIl y a heure

    Ide love to eat 10 rats than ever listening to this Ebola infested song

  20. Tre Daitrel

    Tre DaitrelIl y a heure

    *Please come watch the cover video I posted* 🤞😏

  21. BTS 061213

    BTS 061213Il y a heure

    I will say to my haters, thank u next bitch

  22. Destiny Lobattp

    Destiny LobattpIl y a heure

    Am I the only one who realized Robbie and jade from victorious are in the video

  23. Jackie Xoxo

    Jackie XoxoIl y a heure

    Is that kris jenner or supposed to be and why is she on here someone lol? Not a Ariana fan

  24. Fia

    FiaIl y a heure

    DoNt HiT TrOYe

  25. Your Whispering

    Your WhisperingIl y a heure

    Bruh that's Jade from Victorious

  26. Fia

    FiaIl y a heure

    It’s catchy It’s not one of my favorite songs tho But I LOVED that music videos

  27. Adela Rico Roque

    Adela Rico RoqueIl y a heure

    I love you so much and I hope you have a great day💖💖💖😍😍😍😭😭😭

  28. Anmolg.x

    Anmolg.xIl y a heure

    girl, that short hair on you looking AMAZINGGG!

  29. Peter George

    Peter GeorgeIl y a heure

    A angel

  30. Autism Is A Gift

    Autism Is A GiftIl y a heure

    Fucking hate this shit, but arianna is bad AS FUCK

  31. Jorge Flores

    Jorge FloresIl y a heure

    Does anybody see the girl pregnant at 2:38

  32. Pjandbolt

    PjandboltIl y a heure

    "Thank u next bitch". 😂😂

  33. Fahad Waliullah

    Fahad WaliullahIl y a heure

    Anybody still watching this 2019?

  34. The Patterson's page Patterson

    The Patterson's page PattersonIl y a heure

    great song but I just wanna say thank you too god.and next I wanna thanks Jesus Christ not for this video but for life and powerful moves and of course waking up every day to actually get up and work and provide for my kids

  35. Pizza John

    Pizza JohnIl y a heure

    So what’s the break up count guys does she have her emp yet

  36. eduardo canales

    eduardo canalesIl y a heure

    Selena gomez

  37. Luciene Santos

    Luciene SantosIl y a heure

    Elizabeth Gillies & Danielle Monet ❤

  38. bumpfel

    bumpfelIl y a heure

    I love this waaay too much

  39. Alejandra Rodriguez Hdz.

    Alejandra Rodriguez Hdz.Il y a heure

    Elizabeth gillies se parece a Lindsay Lohan cuando estaba en sus mejores tiempos :)

  40. Lisane Liebenberg

    Lisane LiebenbergIl y a heure

    And I'm 10 4 November

  41. Lisane Liebenberg

    Lisane LiebenbergIl y a heure

    I love you Arianna Grande i grow up watching you since I was 5

  42. Melyssa Mendoza

    Melyssa MendozaIl y a heure


  43. Amanda Biles

    Amanda BilesIl y a heure

    The 12 year old girl in me screams

  44. Isabella Naples

    Isabella NaplesIl y a heure

    mean girls

  45. Boggy Longo

    Boggy LongoIl y a heure

    This video is not following FRreporter's Guidelines and should be taken down.. At 1:20 she is touching herself in a sexual manner, this is violating the FRreporter Guidelines under 6.D stating (Sexual content including Sexual Intercourse, Masturbation, Nudity and more will be taken down). If this video is not taken down, I will take this in to court. The most sad thing is this video isn't even age restricted, allowing young children to be exposed to masturbation at a young age..

  46. annabell Bravo

    annabell BravoIl y a heure

    I just realized that in the video he imitates parts of movies

  47. Glendura Lagas

    Glendura LagasIl y a heure

    There are so many actors and stars in here, the first time I saw this I was paying attention to all the references

  48. Levys RST

    Levys RSTIl y a heure


  49. Levys RST

    Levys RSTIl y a heure

    Você já ouviu alguém chamar o seu nome, mas não vê ninguém? Existe uma teoria que diz que isso quer dizer que você está em coma e a sua vida é toda um sonho, então essas vozes seriam de pessoas tentando te acordar.

  50. Levys RST

    Levys RSTIl y a heure

    Você já ouviu alguém chamar o seu nome, mas não vê ninguém? Existe uma teoria que diz que isso quer dizer que você está em coma e a sua vida é toda um sonho, então essas vozes seriam de pessoas tentando te acordar.

  51. Levys RST

    Levys RSTIl y a heure

    Brazilian. M

  52. Katarzynamaria Muszynska

    Katarzynamaria MuszynskaIl y a heure

    Really ariana? I like her songs But for such.young girl she has so much inmaturity Changing guys like a gloves Really reckless I think is wrong with her mentally

  53. Cantusaurus123

    Cantusaurus123Il y a heure


  54. alejandra hernandez urbaneja

    alejandra hernandez urbanejaIl y a heure


  55. Calvin Biefeld

    Calvin BiefeldIl y a heure

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  56. Jeon Jung Kook

    Jeon Jung KookIl y a heure

    One word QUEEN

  57. Mell Costa

    Mell CostaIl y a heure

    I love you Ariana !❤😻😘😍

  58. Wango Bango

    Wango BangoIl y a heure

    Support Our Military Veterans...or else!!!

  59. nada zh

    nada zhIl y a heure


  60. Moonlight Wolf

    Moonlight WolfIl y a heure

    Is that scene from the movie mean girls

  61. Nati Pescacen

    Nati PescacenIl y a heure

    5:22 ❤️

  62. Black Bullet

    Black BulletIl y a heure

    The dislikes are from FRreporter Rewind supporters

  63. Bianca MTV Barrymore

    Bianca MTV BarrymoreIl y a heure


  64. Beatriz Santos

    Beatriz SantosIl y a heure

    Lindíssima falou tudo ❤️ Awesomeeere I loved 💚💛

  65. Mairely Alvarez

    Mairely AlvarezIl y a heure

    4:50 sounds like "Bacon, Eggs"

  66. lexu3121 lexu3121

    lexu3121 lexu3121Il y a heure

    You and Liz gillies are beautiful in this I love this song your amazing and hope your relationship with your girl is gonna work so happy for you. ❤️I love you ARI❤️

  67. Osksjeje Ksjsjehwu

    Osksjeje KsjsjehwuIl y a heure

    She is so beautiful

  68. Delta Alfa 777

    Delta Alfa 777Il y a heureéo-yaL0jU_BjFM.html 😂😂😂

  69. Kiara Gibson

    Kiara GibsonIl y a heure

    I love this song

  70. FireRam YT

    FireRam YTIl y a heure

    That ending 😂

  71. Emma Yandle

    Emma YandleIl y a heure

    this is the best video ever!!!

  72. Taylor Hasley

    Taylor HasleyIl y a heure

    And robby

  73. Jessica Fairbrother

    Jessica FairbrotherIl y a heure

    The beginning of the video lol

  74. Isabella Birdsong

    Isabella BirdsongIl y a heure

    Ariana are you really sisters with With Colleen aka Miranda sings

  75. Taylor Hasley

    Taylor HasleyIl y a heure

    I found jade from victorious

  76. Corrupted Zombie

    Corrupted ZombieIl y a heure

    Yo im a guy this is my first time hearing this and this is tuff

  77. Salomon Garcia

    Salomon GarciaIl y a heure

    It sounds like she is saying bacon eggs

  78. Cihame Amimer

    Cihame AmimerIl y a heure

    Burn book

  79. MDNA

    MDNAIl y a heure

    This movie!! The Notebook!!! 😍

  80. Lisette Diaz Hernandez

    Lisette Diaz HernandezIl y a heure


  81. Max Sl

    Max SlIl y a heure

    мама Стифлера ! приколько ))

  82. Edey Rojas

    Edey RojasIl y a heure

    150 M in 7 days OMGAAAAAA

  83. Omid Akbari

    Omid AkbariIl y a heure

    Is that jade from Victoria? Idk if I got her name right

  84. Jenine's vlog

    Jenine's vlogIl y a heure

    Yes it is Jade!

  85. lowkey craving sugakookies and tae

    lowkey craving sugakookies and taeIl y a heure

    Yes that is jade

  86. Joyce Woods

    Joyce WoodsIl y a heure

    It sounds like you are saying bacon&eggs

  87. smile Billy

    smile BillyIl y a heure

    Why there are so many "Who is better?" comment here ?

  88. Jerrea Marie

    Jerrea MarieIl y a heure

    Follow my FRreporter channel please


    DAS GRUENCHEIl y a heure

    Jacksfilms > Ariana Grande Fight me

  90. alexandra saenz

    alexandra saenzIl y a heure

    Peace of shit.

  91. Marco Antonio Cordova Gamarra

    Marco Antonio Cordova GamarraIl y a heure

    I really really hate you, son of bitch

  92. Bruno Rodrigues

    Bruno RodriguesIl y a heure

    Quem veio por causa do Luba??

  93. anah ._.

    anah ._.Il y a heure

    Em Qual vídeo o luba fala da ariana ?

  94. Praised RSA

    Praised RSAIl y a heure

    Why am i catching Britney Spears vibes on this video

  95. Alexis/ Lexus101

    Alexis/ Lexus101Il y a heure

    OMG MY MOVIES👏👏👏👏Thank u Ariana now we have to see what comes next My queen👏👏👑👑👑 (see what I did there) Psssshhh I'm so late seeing this video😶😔

  96. Maybackarthur Blanck

    Maybackarthur BlanckIl y a heure

    I love youuuu

  97. Wango Bango

    Wango BangoIl y a heure

    Caitlyn Trans-Jenner gonna show her pussy in her next video

  98. Fuegozz

    FuegozzIl y a heure

    Her video got copyrighted lol

  99. new nation

    new nationIl y a heure

    Is dat Elizabeth Gilles whoah

  100. sabrina c:

    sabrina c:Il y a heure

    a queen hit

  101. Regiane Bittencourt

    Regiane BittencourtIl y a heure


  102. Moskov Snake eye commander

    Moskov Snake eye commanderIl y a heure


  103. 123KOBEMVP

    123KOBEMVPIl y a heure