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    Thanks for watching guys! Next Video: Overtime 8! Follow our Instagrams so we can be best friends 😎 🏆 🧔🏻 👱🏻‍♂️ 🙋🏻‍♂️ 👨‍🦰 ⛹🏻‍♂️

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    Please upload overtime 8 fast I am dying for it

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    Yes!! More overtime!!

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    wow.. what next? i got one for yall.. swimming in shark alley 🤔👊✌️

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    Dude Perfect 👌 was a fantastic

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    How mamy time to make that perfect vidio

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    We love Panda He shouldn’t clean floors

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    Adamlar yapıyor ya

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    Nice stuff😎😎😎

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    Can u make another games with consequences

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    The twins are my favorite

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    High school trick shots;)

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    How did he lose his eye brows?

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    The twins are my favorite

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    Jeff toney is your panda . See your dp hq 2 video at 3:25 ,see on the left side office glass. It is wrote Jeff toney, Mr P (Mr panda) . And one more thing, Jeff is Tyler brother

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    Those eyebrows (or lack of) though!

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    ... if this goes poorly just know I wish I wouldn't have done it😂😂😂

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    do a 40 000 000 special

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    Cory's eyebrows are starting to grow back

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    I am not team Cory I am team Coby

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    I am not team Cory

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    Next video: model rocket battle ples

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    dudes ur really perfect

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    is your panda is jeff toney?

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    Can I talk to you guys

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    Can I meet dude perfect and my favourite Taylor


    FLASH THEIl y a 2 heures

    How to make that plane ??? Can u show me ??? Please !!! I like it very much !!!!!!!!

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    Can you guys do a badminton trick shots

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    Please make a Nerf-Battle

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    Always awesome

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    Im sorry for my wrong Gramma😅😅

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    Happy 40million dp😅😅😅really happy about it 🥰🥰


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    Oh man you could become stearile if plane didnot hit balloon

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    40 Million Subscribers Congratulations

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    I hope it's cory in wheel unfortunate

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    Amazing video

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    I want new video

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    Nice try dude

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    His eyebrows are finally growing back. Lol

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    Anyone remember Brodie Smith his mom was my third grade teacher

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    Do you even guys notice when someone gonna sponsor them, they will make a video??

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    Есть русские? Где взять такой самолёт

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    العربي لايك وشتراك

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    Do pickleball trick shots

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    Double amount of dude perfect subs +10 mil =sub to pewdiepie

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    Its so hard BRUH

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    I hope there's wheel unfortunate

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    Can someone tell me who is the panda guy???

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    Hey guys please do cricket(game) trick shots

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    Helo i come from indonesia

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    Dp is the best channel in the world

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    And that is dude perfect

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    How did du that?

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    Cory looks so wierd

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    This is unbelievable

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    Saw you guys on tv pga event...standing watching Jon Rahm at the practice range.

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    Can you make another video with f2

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    WHAT THE FAC😬😬😬😂😂😂

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    I did not realize that in different parts of the video you were wearing different shirts. I was talking about the one u were wearing at 0:32

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    You guys should make like another video similar to the rocket battle videos but you can make your own rocket and plane but with one of these planes attached to the rocket and it releases the plane with like a go pro on it and who ever plane goes the farthest away from you guys that actually flies wins

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    I stopped at 1:17 because the song became too annoying.

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    You are the best !!! I am greatly inspired by you all !! 😀😀😀😀😀 Please see my channel too... Please...🤗🤗🤗

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    Кто русский.

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    Hi Dude Perfect...I'm a big fan...Can you please do the million dollar challenges in Minute To Win It cause i was wondering how fast can you do that 😊

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    0:45 check that...on Ty's shirt.

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    After watching this nasa send a plane to Pluto which return to Earth with out using any fule


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    Coby is panda

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    Wow very bright

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    Inventor of paper airplanes: Get out. Professional plane thrower ( if it's a thing): Mehh Dude Perfect: These people are not human.....

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    You are the best

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    can i buy that plane ✈

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    How about something useful like splitting a cord of wood?

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    Why Cody doesn’t have eyebrows

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    can you do epic trick shot with brodie smith and logan please?

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    Were can you get the airplanes?

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    We don't know how much they pay to the airplanes ... To always strike at the right place😂😂

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    How about table tennis trick shot?

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    where do u get dude perfect merchandise ?????????

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    Can you tell us how to make your plane please because your plane is to perfect

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    Awesome cool

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    5:18 Those welds on the stairs are might suspicious..trash

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    please send more video of dude perfect and you people are awesome

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    Badminton trick shot?

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    What happened to bottle busters like if u want them back

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