A Boy Ate Only Chips And French Fries For 10 Years. This Is What Happened To His Eyes.


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    0:00 who writes the stories? 🤔 I love this content and it's obviously still legit but never knew the stories around it were made up. Or am I reading this wrong?

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    This woman perforated her stomach from drinking liquid nitrogen on accident, could you do a video on that?

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    @Chubbyemu Please keep making these videos, they are very interesting and I honestly love them. Not only do theses videos inform me but all of the other viewers. Honestly your channel, these videos are in my opinion some of the best on FRreporter

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    This is tragic, but there are lessons in it for certain other people too. If your diet requires you to supplement with pills made in a lab, then it's not a natural diet. If it isn't a natural diet for your species, then you shouldn't follow it. We are the only animal on the planet that gets confused about this. Humans are demonstrably omnivores. We are not herbivores.

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    A little girl pet a kitten. This is how her kidneys shut down

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    Limiting self to three foods because of texture. Sounds like Aspergers.

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    Why is every name he says only 2 letters?

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    A Boy Said Hi to His Mom, This is What Happened to His Liver.

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    2:11 whAT??! YOU'VE NEVER PLAYED TUBER SIMULATOR?? you know it's fun, right?

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    An Irish person I see

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    So the limit is 9 years and 364 days.

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    A man did not look at a seal for 2 seconds. This is how his lungs shut down.

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    Those are rookie numbers.

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    A boy breathed. This is what happened to his cancer.

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    I saw you at Christiana Mall just now XD or at least I saw your doppelgänger

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    This video should be shown as important reference of nutritional education at any high school that I seriously hope.

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    STOP putting scary music 😂😂😂😂

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    When I’m craving beef and tired I know I’m low on b12. It’s just the way my body and mind connect. I know because it’s happened to me. I also know when I’m low on electrolytes because I get nautious and vomit and I’m at risk for seizure activity. Time to increase Gatorade to prevent seizures.

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    I missed your videos! I kept visiting your channel because it's educational and I learned a lot of things and lessons from your channel! 💖❤️

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    Guys stop joking about his videos, they are very serious and interesting to me.

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    I am a simple man, I see chubbyemu. I click

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    I like his hair

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    A student binged Chubbyemu videos. This is what happened to his grades.

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    Jeez he gets diabetes

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    That thumbnail is creepy

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    wish you would post more content. let's keep up the good videos.

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    A girl watched Chubbyemu This is how her anxiety increased by 100

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    Vitamin B12 is one of the reasons suggested for why herbivores occasionally snack on animals (calcium and just plain calories are other proposed reasons).

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    Ah yes, I see you too watch pewdiepie and play tuber simulator

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    I had low B12 you wanna know what happened? I got real sad.

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    A boy ate food This is what happened to his stomach

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    Nigga just eat some normal food

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    Love these videos

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    Why do I feel this guy can cure cancer. He should have been on house or the good doctor he's got a hell of a brain on him. XD

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    medical expert but cant fix his acne

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    If they told him to eat something else... Medicine is a mental hobby - very overrated and overpaid. Good on paper, in a lab, in a room of academics, elitists sniffing each other's butt like dogs, clapping hands. We dont need these drug dealers most of our lives. Most of it is a common knowledge now but eventually they'll get paid :)

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    Get hit my a train and die inc.

  43. Minecraftbuilding

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    K m l e a n c y e x a w w q m p l a t e f s g h

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    So the limit is 9 years...

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    Hi guys, do you know what happened to the video he posted on April Fools(of him reciting all medical terms)? I can't find it anymore... T^T I want to watch it again, it'll help me so much

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    A man drank water for 50 years. This is what happened to his toes

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    Parents should be charged for child abuse.

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    No they just watch for his health

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    Drink chaga people.

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    A *-1793* year old car ate a house, this is what happened to its ignition system...

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    This would be a good House episode from the sounds of it...

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    A boy watched chubby emu videos at 3am this is what happened to his single brain cell

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    You know some of the stuff I watching here is really scary I just want to say bro you're really scary sometimes I guess it's a good thing I watch your videos this might be a dumb question but is there any videos out there telling the bad things about being a truck driver when it comes to your health lol

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    I don't know why I clicked this while I'm literally eating french fries. Also. WHAAAAT? You've never heard of Tube Simulator?

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    Why would someone only eat Potato Chips, French fries, and white bread? Wouldn't you eventually get tired of eating the sabe thing all the time?

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    A child drank water This is what happened to his ear

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    so i just got scared into eating vitamin b12

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    Bad parenting....Get off your phones people and wake up. There is far more to you and to life than a back lit computer screens, social media and unnecessary dramas and war.....Wake up and free yourselves.

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    He's autistic and has an eating disorder for food textures

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    Chubbyemu: DA is a 17 year old boy Me: You mean Da da da aha da da da

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    Same, but not really. Once when I was a kid for some reason I woke up to get my vitamins and they were GONE. My parents were always busy and never had time to get more and with low iron, I always did things more slowly and lost a lot of energy from it. When I didn't take my vitamins or iron pills, my ankles and wrists started to hurt, and I got tired from running faster. I always went to sleep at 9:30 and had a normal hygiene routine every day, but I still felt terrible pain. I ended up skipping a day of school from the pain in my ankles, I didn't want to move. That day, my dad brought me vitamins and refilled iron pills. Once I had taken my vitamins, I felt much better the next day. My ankles and wrists no longer hurt, and I could run faster and longer than before. So, kids, take your meds. DON’T EXPERIENCE WHAT I HAVE. C:

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    My friend just passed away from a school shooting

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    A man coughed up blood. This is what happened to his cat.

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    These videos always make me sad

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    Lesson learned, add deep fried eggs to diet.

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    Nobody: This dude`s thumbnails: Bone growth in the brain crushing blood vessels and parts of heart so tiny they stop functioning

  67. Oliver S

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    how can a14 years old eat Fries for 10years?! What's this parenting?