A Student Ate Only Chips And French Fries For 10 Years. This Is What Happened To His Eyes.


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    Chubbyemu k

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    I don't eat eggs , meat , yogurt and cereals sometimes.. do I also have deficiency of B 12 ?

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    You chosegood videos

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    CPS where are you!!!!!!! Why aren't his parents doing anything to help?

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    A man was eating a balanced diet his whole life this is how he got cancer apparently

  9. Doc Emit Brown

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    A pair of eyeballs ate only chips and French fries for 10 students. This is what happened to his years

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    Is that...TUBER SIMULATOR????

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    You lost me at enzyme.

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    Your the man bro so informative

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    And when this type of channels are not included in the rewind, the dislike bar rises.

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    So we're just not gonna talk about the heme review caption when he was talking about blood

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    I bet chubbyemu's last words will be emia... meaning presence in blood

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    Lack of vitamin B-12 Me: Starts putting Marmite onto toast

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    Ok im gonna eat chips till im 19 not 20 i dont want my eyes to die

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    0:33 *unrelated pickle rick footage*

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    Lesson: eat healthy

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    college life much?

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    Oop my dad told me I lacked iron so I took stuff to help me so I still kinda lack iron =p

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    And so it will happen to vegans...

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    Don't worry, you need to have only two lettered name to get horrible diseases.

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    12:38 that sudden painting switch created great effect.

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    Wait 20/20 means objevts within 20 meters are visible but 20/200 means you need to be in 20 meters of it to see it??? That sounds the same. Im confused

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    Who would downvote this?

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    0:32 average teenager: shows pickle rick

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    5:03 He got me good there

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    Why are all these people doing such dumb shit?

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    A woman ate a boiled egg for a week. This is how her penis grew

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    So where are this kid's parents?

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    It was definitely the PewDiePie videos and game app(s) that caused the damage (lol). A lot of people are commenting that extremely picky eaters, or rather that the behavior of these individuals, with regard to their diet and eating habits, is often a sign of autism or some behavioral/psychiatric disorder. Will just overlook the fact that this particular case (in the video) is fictitious, because it doesn't matter to my point, which is to say that it's definitely not true that all or even most "picky eaters" have some kind of disorder. Also, there are picky eaters who are not so extreme in their diet but still restrictive enough that it may cause issues for their self and/or others, even if nothing more severe than a bit of social friction.

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    Shit i need to eat better

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    I've heard about this case elsewhere. The patient's mother sued the NHS because she said they didn't warn her that eating only chips, fries, and bread alone aren't enough. Um, hello? Common sense?

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    My pancreas is a carrot !

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    My uncle ate nothing but fries and white toast for 32 years once and he was fine afterwards.

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    Why you hating on PewDiePie? Why?

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    I wish when I was in high school I could watch a video like this. It would of been a lot more effective in a health class unlike the boring videos they show.

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    HG is a 15 year old boy presenting to the emergency room dead on arrival

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    8:35 "But this isn't the end of DA's problems" Dear Lord what's next🤦‍♀️


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    Adolf killed hitler. This is what happened to world war 2.

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    4:32 What is up with that nasty looking exam table? No way I'd sit on that thing! 😱😖

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    Man ate a gas station hot dog, here’s what happend to the sand at the Jackson hole, Wyoming

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    Parents-left the chat

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    Why is all of their names two letters or initials

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    It’s crazy how when I was younger I used to drink only soda and ate tons of honey buns, cakes etc. Please real food of course but I’m surprised I didn’t get ill. Then at 21 I started drinking only water maybe have juice once every two months and ate right hmmm interesting

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    Why does everyone have two letter in their name like literally everyone "this woman Kc" "This boy Mk" '-'

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    Ohhh ok 😂😂

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    arisa marie not quite. It’s the initials of the actors who play the victims

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    It's probably their initials. If I'd be featured there, i'd be called AI. And if you were to be featured there, you'd be called AB.

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    I’m more worried about his stomach

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    I fing gate his narrating

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    A guy was watching a FRreporter video for 13 minutes, this is what happened to him

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    It seems that the video didn't explain how b12 was deficient while measurements was normal.

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    My dream meal

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    That's informative. Let the vegans kill themselves out of the gene pool. We omnivores can't be any happier.

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    That clinical examination room be sketchy as hell.

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    And what was wrong with this kid's parents?!?!

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    Bread makes you fat?!?!

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    I wonder if any one knows what I'm talking about

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    where were his parents