5 Most Isolated Communities At The End Of The Earth


  1. Gilmar Da Costa

    Gilmar Da CostaIl y a 11 heures

    Interesting! Although I have no idea how I ended up here

  2. clintinterface

    clintinterfaceIl y a 4 jours

    i might have thought that pitcairn is in the list.

  3. IcebergWater N.Y.C.

    IcebergWater N.Y.C.Il y a 5 jours

    theres only 62 pple on that island because they probrably get abducted and sex trafficked by the sickos in australia.

  4. Craig Campbell

    Craig CampbellIl y a 7 jours

    The other way you can get to Utqiagvig is to go on a Coast Guard polar icebreaker and then take an LCVP to shore. Interesting place.

  5. Gigi Atkins

    Gigi AtkinsIl y a 7 jours

    This is a random tidbit in case anybody is interested..I grew up in the Northernmost tip of Ca before growing pot was legal so growing was a big and clandestine business. I visited a good friends mother once...the trip consisted of: 1. Driving down a 2 lane road that winds around a very steep cliff and is unpaved at parts 2. Pulling off the road and driving onto a patch of gravel totally obscured by trees 3. Waiting for my friends mother to crank up the generator 4. CROSSING A BODY OF WATER ABOUT 100 FEET BELOW FROM A JINKY HOMEMADE PLATFORM CONNECTED TO A PULLY 5. Arriving at the most beautiful and remote spot on a meadow that I have ever seen

  6. J Munoz

    J MunozIl y a 8 jours

    I love this video👍

  7. Hassan Ali

    Hassan AliIl y a 8 jours

    Earth is SO massive! There are many places to visit.

  8. Hassan Ali

    Hassan AliIl y a 8 jours

    If you were to stay over at any of these islands, the residents there would probably kidnap you and force you to become one of them.

  9. 사미나 하기마사미나 하기마

    사미나 하기마사미나 하기마Il y a 8 jours

    Soo it means that the earth is flat? *Shane Dawson was right* 🤔 lmao

  10. Renegade Dragon

    Renegade DragonIl y a 9 jours

    Yeah...inbreeding and deformities that's how the elite repopulate the planet after they destroy it!

  11. Jaden Claws.

    Jaden Claws.Il y a 9 jours

    The best Way To get To SUPAI Is Offroad bike.

  12. Jaden Claws.

    Jaden Claws.Il y a 9 jours

    Intresting facts!.

  13. Kimberly Simpson

    Kimberly SimpsonIl y a 13 jours

    adopt foreigners stay in there homes🤨hmmm idk about this

  14. crybaby

    crybabyIl y a 14 jours

    supai village, AZ is where The Devilles rejects / Hills Have Eyes were based on. Not common knowledge but now you know :)

  15. crybaby

    crybabyIl y a 14 jours

    holy crap 1:32 look at every dude over 18 yo they look spot on the same just at different ages or one is balding. then you got the clever white lady researcher undercover who came all the way there just to snap that photo for reasons unrelated. BUT, some of them know the true true of her visit yes. The big man at the table in the red shirt is one of them.

  16. crybaby

    crybabyIl y a 14 jours

    palmerston....all from the same blood line.....uhhh........ I'm only 1 min in, is this going to be about incest?

  17. crybaby

    crybabyIl y a 14 jours

    now I'm very curious to know the anonymous health records of this island.

  18. Cubing Adventures

    Cubing AdventuresIl y a 15 jours

    Utqiagvik is just barrow Alaska lol lots of people know about it EDIT More well known than Noorvik or Kotzebue or Kaktovik or Diomede

  19. Elaine Morgan

    Elaine MorganIl y a 10 jours


  20. Michael S

    Michael SIl y a 18 jours

    Beautifullll the places

  21. Roleplaying Pain

    Roleplaying PainIl y a 20 jours

    I imagine the annexation of Tristan Da Cunha probably went something like this. UK: This Island is now part of the UK! Islanders: ok

  22. Jory White

    Jory WhiteIl y a 20 jours


  23. This is the Zodiac speaking

    This is the Zodiac speakingIl y a 24 jours

    Earth would have an end if it was flat.. But its round.

  24. notvalidcharacters

    notvalidcharactersIl y a 26 jours

    It's pronounced "koon-Ya", not "coona" Portuguese uses NH the way Spanish uses Ñ

  25. TheCircle000

    TheCircle000Il y a 26 jours

    People don’t go to the Grand Canyon to “escape reality”. They go there to FIND reality. Most of us live lives of fictional numbers and media overload (which creates a distortion of reality). The Grand Canyon is a very “real” experience.



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  27. t a t t . t o o n

    t a t t . t o o nIl y a mois

    7:17 “30 Days Of Night”. If you haven’t seen that movie, go watch it!! It’s about vampires in that town.

  28. Louis Ramos

    Louis RamosIl y a mois

    They need to add Onion Town NY to this list.....

  29. General Maximus

    General MaximusIl y a mois

    how many flipping ads!

  30. GeneralSirDouglasMcA

    GeneralSirDouglasMcAIl y a mois

    I thought the northernmost town was still called Barrow. Since when did the name change?

  31. Raindrops On roses

    Raindrops On rosesIl y a mois

    #5 island is very creepy with incest. Wow how sad

  32. Dolly Tangog

    Dolly TangogIl y a mois

    The movie of nicolas cage and Jessica biel title NEXT I’m 100% sure the supai is one of thier shootings location.😊

  33. Gerald McMorrow

    Gerald McMorrowIl y a mois

    Yes indeed - Trotsky did this -

  34. kiran kumar

    kiran kumarIl y a mois

    Please pick a system and stick with that, saying outloud km and miles is irritating, you can put the other system on the screen if you want.

  35. Azania Pulse

    Azania PulseIl y a mois

    "Isolated, cold, poor" I felt that 😂

  36. 3rdman

    3rdmanIl y a mois

    Am I the only one that keeps hearing the breathing of the speaker in between sentences?

  37. കാരക്കൂട്ടിൽ ദാസൻ

    കാരക്കൂട്ടിൽ ദാസൻIl y a mois

    3rdman me aswell

  38. Ibrahim Daniel

    Ibrahim DanielIl y a mois

    I will like to live in any of those countries for me to live in Africa

  39. PragaMaterUrbium

    PragaMaterUrbiumIl y a mois

    I was in Supai those waterfalls there, beautiful!!!

  40. Jimmy Marketti

    Jimmy MarkettiIl y a mois

    Lots of coconuts and fish

  41. Scien Calderon

    Scien CalderonIl y a mois

    How about the "sentinelese" island in India??.? Why don't you include that "SENTINELESE" most isolated island of all.

  42. Samimarwat Dik

    Samimarwat DikIl y a mois

    I want to go there,,, but I have no money for visit these places

  43. Rocco Gant

    Rocco GantIl y a mois

    mucho inbreeding here folks...

  44. Sam The Man

    Sam The ManIl y a mois

    I should go to bed early tonight Me at 3 am:

  45. WildRoot

    WildRootIl y a mois

    Incest is the beginning of humans. With whom could you have had sex, except a relative.

  46. RiEsther Mawthoh

    RiEsther MawthohIl y a mois

    The grandpa is horny asf😱😱😱😱. Can't imagine people there marrying their own siblings.

  47. Paul Trusten

    Paul TrustenIl y a mois

    I just came back from my first visit to Nevada, and after seeing that place, I think that Nevada should secede from the US, replace the UK in the post-Brexit EU, and let’s get statehood for Guam!

  48. Livingston Tuigamala

    Livingston TuigamalaIl y a mois

    No 4. Have a soup pie village

  49. cristian ruberti

    cristian rubertiIl y a mois

    That is fantastic. It's a real American doc, how about in Russia, Iceland, greenland.

  50. WTFPurpleAlpaca

    WTFPurpleAlpacaIl y a mois

    *"Edin-buruh". Save the "-buh-rows" for places in rebellious colonies.

  51. seven korpse

    seven korpseIl y a mois

    So out of the 5 isolated communities, which one do you choose?

  52. eddiequest4

    eddiequest4Il y a mois

    Too bad every one of these places will die out when the nastier effects of climate change begin to show.

  53. Dji nn

    Dji nnIl y a mois

    then consistently called city "a town"

  54. kris wraa

    kris wraaIl y a mois

    Stupiest videoe i ever seen!

  55. Friendly Creature

    Friendly CreatureIl y a mois

    He should come to Algeria 🇩🇿 We have plenty of isolated villages as such, in the center of the desert.

  56. Manish Mishra

    Manish MishraIl y a mois

    The. Guys gasping is annoying

  57. Sudarshan Salunkhe

    Sudarshan SalunkheIl y a mois

    Sentinel island india.. missed from this list😃

  58. Marie Jones

    Marie JonesIl y a mois

    #1 city of 50,000 idiots clicked for the thumbnail which NEVER showed up 👎🏼

  59. My Travel Vanz

    My Travel VanzIl y a mois

    That island look like and ovary. Wonderful review. Nice

  60. My Travel Vanz

    My Travel VanzIl y a mois


  61. Zeno Karlsbach

    Zeno KarlsbachIl y a mois

    I need one of the two toilets immediaitely! okay, the second one then ... pfffff plop. good night hahaha

  62. Brainticket

    BrainticketIl y a mois

    Well, Arizona isn't exactly at the end of the earth, is it?

  63. MelNaturalle

    MelNaturalleIl y a mois

    I hate his buzzfeed voice over

  64. Mocanu Catalin Cristi

    Mocanu Catalin CristiIl y a mois

    i wish to go there as a monk, but no money... who wants to pay a trip for me? i really go

  65. Mocanu Catalin Cristi

    Mocanu Catalin CristiIl y a mois

    what about SVANETI Georgia, that is the most isolated of Europe and higest region of Europe with villages

  66. Duvall Mark

    Duvall MarkIl y a mois

    Incest!!!!!! The game the whole island can play!!!!!!

  67. Maki Hilo

    Maki HiloIl y a mois

    That place is paradise

  68. Carol O'Dean

    Carol O'DeanIl y a mois

    My grandfather is from Tristan Da Cunha. Thanks also for mentioning my birth place/home St Helena Island :)

  69. Nona Yobiz

    Nona YobizIl y a mois

    I was fascinated when I found out about Tristan Da Cunha. My husband secretly ordered me some stamps for my birthday. They took many months year to arrive, long after my birthday. I don't collect stamps, but stamps were all he could get. It was sweet of him.

  70. P Auluknow

    P AuluknowIl y a mois

    We welcome them feed them fuck them then eat em

  71. Vickrant James

    Vickrant JamesIl y a mois

    More like 5 most isolated communities at the end of the Americas.

  72. Lakai Silas

    Lakai SilasIl y a mois

    So the people at the first place having sex with each other and they're all related?

  73. PremisedaWildChild

    PremisedaWildChildIl y a mois

    62 people...ewww

  74. Jacque Renee

    Jacque ReneeIl y a mois

    So cousins fuckings and sucking cousins

  75. justaname

    justanameIl y a mois

    calls video "most isolated communities", shows almost exclusively communities living by western standards, just rougher and communities founded by western travellers (as in Tristan and Palmerston). There are so many other communities like this. But there are also the really isolated ones like the Sentinelese, many peoples in the Amazon, etc.

  76. Nathan Jessen

    Nathan JessenIl y a mois

    More than 20,000 people visit Supai every year on their way to the campgrounds. It's not all that isolated or "hidden"

  77. Ebla Trading

    Ebla TradingIl y a mois

    Is this Mike Corey voice?

  78. JeevesReturns

    JeevesReturnsIl y a mois

    He said “titty”... giggle.

  79. Eva Glam

    Eva GlamIl y a 2 mois

    Lake Titi Kaka. Gee I wonder why they gave it that name??🤣

  80. Reyco Mojares

    Reyco MojaresIl y a 2 mois

    Tristan for me Send me there please

  81. General purpose

    General purposeIl y a 2 mois

    La Rinconada, what the fuck?

  82. jason thompson

    jason thompsonIl y a 2 mois

    You mean they get internet

  83. Bing Coool

    Bing CooolIl y a 2 mois

    I guess this was a pretty cool video for the most part but I have one thing to say white people didn’t find none of the places that he keeps saying. Maybe the island with the cows and valcano (Tristan de cuna) but other than that somebody already lived.

  84. A F

    A FIl y a 2 mois

    Here in Australia we have the Cocos Keeling Islands. Two postcard-perfect atolls with bright white sand and covered thickly in coconut palms. They are closer to Sumatra than Australia. The population is 600, most are Malay Muslims and speak Malay, but they do school in English with Australian school system.