5 Most Isolated Communities At The End Of The Earth


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    One of your best videos... though I won’t resubscribe to the channel because you still have people appear on the video that have nothing to do with the material, and that’s just annoying.

  2. emilyfrombulwell

    emilyfrombulwellIl y a 3 heures

    how are you making a list about the most isolated communities without putting pitcairn at the top? its the most isolated community in the world. not very good at list making are you?

  3. emilyfrombulwell

    emilyfrombulwellIl y a 3 heures

    today all but 3 people on the island are descendants of william marston....ewwwww

  4. James Stafford

    James StaffordIl y a 22 heures

    The Wrong Turn movies just got a new spinoff idea.. Wrong Island

  5. James Stafford

    James StaffordIl y a 22 heures

    I want to at least make an appearance in this movie 😂 Perhaps as the boat driver who realizes he's navigated wrong

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    The girl I married ended up being my own sister , not illegal here , we're only 270 people and have no other choice but to Fuxx each other so we can multiply .

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    Inuit, you typically uneducated racial white male. Eskimo? It isn’t 1950 fool

  8. Happy Native American Viking Cowboy

    Happy Native American Viking CowboyIl y a 5 jours

    As far as the "incest island"... hey, why go all the way to neighboring islands for some, when you can just go across the hut? 😂

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    Peaceful lone isolated sound life .. I wish I ......

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    India also have one island

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    full incest

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    Ewww That's Incest, Nasty!

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    Marilyn ZukiIl y a 7 jours

    Pretty darned tough folks living in these places.

  15. William Christopher

    William ChristopherIl y a 7 jours

    I found gold in Minnesota, two rocks the same size looking to be the same type of granite or other weighs more than normal with a 30x lighted magnifier you can see gold veins running through the rocks, using algebra water displacement and weight between a rock without gold and one with gold you can assay how much gold is in it. I figure I have 20 pounds of gold from rocks moved aside when the driveway was made for moving in the house. I was maybe 10 when a rock in maple grove where I lived, should have been around 30 pounds weighed 90. we reburied it aside the house foundation. I often wonder if it is still there.

  16. William Christopher

    William ChristopherIl y a 7 jours

    capillary and grain gold, when the septic is pumped the gold coming up in the well gets dumped with the poop.

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    Where's Detroit?

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    Allen LanzaIl y a 8 jours

    I just want to go there as a tourist. And if i love i would stay there, especially in number 5. As he said visitors are very much welcome.

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    9:47 "40 miles north of Lake Titty Kaka"

  20. Dettederailed whoos

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    ......you find the town of nipple poo-poo?

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    Pitcairn Island should be included

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    Thanks for using metric.

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    The end of Earth? The planet in round, no end .

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    You are a f*cking moron, and I mean that in a nice way.

  25. Real Mexican Food Shouldn't Give You Diarrhea

    Real Mexican Food Shouldn't Give You DiarrheaIl y a 12 jours

    I’ve lived in Az for more than 20 years and barely learned about Shoah last year. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  26. Aldhiru Shan

    Aldhiru ShanIl y a 13 jours

    #GAZA is also most isolated place on earth

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    the earth has not ends couse is round

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    but still good life..

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    Ok FRreporter, I watched this video. You happy now?

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    9:47 la titi coca soinds funny

  31. Klaus Schöll

    Klaus SchöllIl y a 17 jours

    Hey is the Pitcairn island notwendig in the list? The "mutniers of the bounty" decided to live on this island because of the distance to the next civilisation

  32. Elbert Derf

    Elbert DerfIl y a 19 jours

    the very dangerously inbred residents/family of Palmerston are cannibals and file their teeth to a point. anything to do with the degenerate Captain Cook is bad. of course they "welcome" visitors.. do not go there. btw, "Titicaca" is funny.

  33. Jemmy Rizki

    Jemmy RizkiIl y a 21 jour

    And the fanily name is "Lanister"

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    Dude please just edit out your inhales

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    The narrator's voice tone was so uplifting during the last piece... He should really reevaluate his career choice.

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    Keith BenjaminIl y a 23 jours

    Get one thing straight, most of the people are abandoned especially on the British territories are were allowed freedom

  37. Chris Skura

    Chris SkuraIl y a 25 jours

    apparently this guy has never looked at a map of the Candian arctic

  38. xlnt2new

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    has 7 churches - damn, that's filthy, how did that virus get so far north ):

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    Good Lord I thought he said Lake Titty cocka 😂🤦

  40. Milkyway Galazy

    Milkyway GalazyIl y a 14 jours

    It's a quechuan word, mispronounced that means gray mountains.

  41. Robert Ellis

    Robert EllisIl y a 26 jours

    It’s almost like these extreme locations located in developed countries have plumbing and electricity! Who knew?

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    HamezIl y a 29 jours

    Y is st Helena the click bait

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    Pitcairn island in the pacific should be on the list...


    THANOS WARIl y a 29 jours


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    "Thriving with 267 people" 😂😂😂🤦🤣

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    supai sounds cool

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    Simon S.Il y a mois

    Palmerston Island is the Alabama of the Pacific.

  49. Simon S.

    Simon S.Il y a mois

    Sweet Home Palmerston!

  50. Simon S.

    Simon S.Il y a mois

    The Earth has no end. Only a flat-earther would believe that.

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    Pamerston island Family strokes joined the group.

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    *Palmerston island* - *Alamaba of the sea*

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    +Memestiff what do you expect from a redneck

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    Can't even spell Alabama 😂


    VASU CHOWDARYIl y a mois

    Sentinal Island India??

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    Welcome to incest island my friend.

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    Isn't this entire planet a case on incest?

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    You can't seem to get basic facts right... like altitude...

  59. WildBill22360

    WildBill22360Il y a mois

    Well you said "communities". I would like to see a list of most separated communities not including light houses, or research centers. A criteria might be at least three generations have lived there. Along the lines of Pitcairn Island. Somewhere on an island in a river in Africa is one town with shantys built on top of each other. I believe two countries claim them, but neither really help. When you went from hotel observatory, to Antarctic scientist to lighthouse, I lost that whole communities thing.

  60. Samir Roy

    Samir RoyIl y a mois

    North Sentinel Island is one of the Andaman Islands, an archipelago in the Bay of Bengal which also includes South Sentinel Island. It is home to the Sentinelese, a people who have rejected, often violently, any contact with the outside world. They are among the last uncontacted peoples to remain virtually untouched by modern civilization

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    seriously, how many ads are you gonna put in one video?!

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    Lake Titty caca

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    Pitcairn Island.?????

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    9:48, lake what?....

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    9:36 "extreme cold" Shows girl on screen with shorts

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    Suck it up DNA experts..incest brings genetic diseases..

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    imagine ur whole family having their own island

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    imagine all of them are incest

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    Supai is classified as one of the most remote communities in the world because it requires walking a whopping 13 km? Kinda sums up the USA

  70. Fongpay

    FongpayIl y a mois

    Vishaan Singh yeah, if you choose to do it in the small fraction of the year it actually gets that hot haha. But it’s still only 13km

  71. Vishaan Singh

    Vishaan SinghIl y a mois

    Kinda leaves out the fact that you have to hike through the Grand Canyon in 100+ degrees...

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    What about the north sentinel island?

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    Thirty two hundred kilometers!! Or two thousand miles.... Three thousand two hundred you muppet.!

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    Are you from us?

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    Read that again... :p

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    7:14 You pronounce it wrong

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    Why do I find Lake Tittiecaca so funny 😂 🤣😂🤣😂

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    Dettederailed whoos LOLOLOLOL

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    what until u find out its situated 40mile from the city of nipple poo-poo....😂😂😂

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    You aren't alone, I thought it, too. Lmao!

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    I never though of that. where is your mind girl

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    This list didn't include Grise Fiord or Longyearbyen, and is therefore wrong.

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    Captain James Cook??? OK so this is the son of bitch who brought my ancestors over here 💥💥💥 and take this bullshit azz name with you💥💥💥

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    you mention the polar night but not the polar day.

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    La Rinconada doing its part to recycle plastic, what a shithole!

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    Where's Easter Island? It's very isolated

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    The places got less and less isolated from 5 to 1. Just the opposite of what I expected.

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    The narration for the last location was hilarious

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    Travel to Iran is very cheap🇮🇷🇮🇷

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    Sweet home alabama!!!

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    are you fucking kidding me with these green screen graphics? hahhaha

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    Mc murdo ?

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    Where is Paradis island?

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    I’m sure the people of Peru deeply appreciate your comment that their town wasn’t worth visiting. If ever there were an area that needed the help of its country, as well as the global community, it’s there.

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    Very interesting.

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    incesterton island

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    that gasp of air lol

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    HOW BIZARRE. MY VIDEO WAS ADDED TO THIS VIDEO MONTAGE. He says the name of our town incorrectly. :( 7:44

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    Helina? You mean Helena?

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    whitch means,in the end of the earth,if the earth is flat like this new age of people saed,this people whoo lives on the end of the world could easely fall out in too what,space. Im kidding,in this new crazie world I m thinking to ask for a permision to move there. NO 5,is beautyfool,but who knows what rools you must respect there. And I m sorry for speling, I m from Serbia and English is not my first langvid.

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    Pitcairn Island wasn't mentioned at all...

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    Earth is round

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    Big thanks to Ned Flanders for doing the voicer-diddly -overdoo

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    Lots of inbreeding on Palmerston Island.

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    The town pictured in the thumbnail is not on the list.

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    Incest is not wrong

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    What about Siberia?

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    **sharp inhales intensifies**

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    take a shot everytime he takes a sharp breath to talk lmao.

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    This is to prove nobody needs: internet , malls , credit cards , and brands, and all this shit Americans want you to buy , 😜 and except no.2 , any of these places have oil , or there will be Macdonalds shit by now 😂😂😂

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    Where is Pitcairn island?