10 Relationship Goals From 2018 Reviewed By Couples | The 10s (React)


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    Hey react to Why Don’t We

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    react to this frreporter.com/v/vid%C3%A9o-aW8BDgLpZkI.html people react to being called beautiful

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    REACT yuhjh

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    Pofno ..nombre idea r

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    imagine they break up but they binge their old videos and see this its just UGH

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    Whos also watching this but is single😔😂

  9. Hazel Is my eye color

    Hazel Is my eye colorIl y a mois

    "life is just so much better and happier with a partner" Me: ohhh NOT TRUE!

  10. Hazel Is my eye color

    Hazel Is my eye colorIl y a mois

    +Mr. Meme breaking up is hard, but being by by yourself, is just as great as any relationship. Sometimes better.

  11. Hazel Is my eye color

    Hazel Is my eye colorIl y a mois

    +Mr. Meme I'm 30, I've had great relationships, but I've also learned to love being with just me. And trust me, things are just as great!

  12. Mr. Meme

    Mr. MemeIl y a mois

    Ooh believe me, it is. Just wait until you've had a good relationship, it's really hard after it.

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    Hazel Is my eye colorIl y a mois

    +Squirrels are cute you're amazing!

  14. Squirrels are cute

    Squirrels are cuteIl y a mois

    It's better with a dog in my opinion 🤗

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    Sylvia YoungIl y a mois

    it would be so perfect if one of the couples proposed

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    Juana MendezIl y a mois

    Bring Madison's boyfriend on more videos

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    Take notes homies

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    I hope we see Madison and her boyfriend again!!!!

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    Nice to see how the dude who got excited about the promis ring is smoking a joint tho😂👌🏼

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    who are you stranger?? :/

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    LITERALLY watching this on the toilet

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    Lmfao 💀

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    Okay Madison’s boyfriend is BEAUTIFUL


    MAD HATTERIl y a 2 mois

    2:44 just completely ignored the joint in my man's hand

  29. Pham Jessie

    Pham JessieIl y a 2 mois

    the people who said the old couple who were dancing weren’t relationship goals... let me just say... that old lady had great dancing moves

  30. Sara AlHammadi

    Sara AlHammadiIl y a 2 mois

    I am from a big family my parents had six kids as well

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    Queen Stargirl Twins 👯

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    Sara AlHammadi SAME

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    My hubby and i have sperate gaming setups just so we can play

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    Heavens Flames awww 🥰

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    Yeah just drank some beer "Hey wanna get married?" "Yeah sure."

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    "I's" IS NOT A WORD

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    SINGLE AF!!😨😢😫😭😭😭

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    Omg yass we love this. Soooo goood! I’m just starting out on FRreporter and would love for you to check my latest video out and leave a comment and like and maybe sub❤️ thanks!

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    11:25 My reaction: DRAKE!? DRAKE?!?!???

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    Diana looks like Veronica lodge and she said if he proposed it should be in their own speakeasy

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    what's speakeasy?

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    yesss lol

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    aww they giggle the same

  45. JinXy NinNja

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    Those couples being really similiar to each other and thats the real goal right there.

  46. sarah salupo

    sarah salupoIl y a 2 mois

    *where my single ladies at*

  47. Lights, Camera, Fashion!

    Lights, Camera, Fashion!Il y a 2 mois

    at 0:50-0:54 that was so cute how they laughed just exactly the same awww

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    FRreporter really wants to mock me, this has been in my recommended list for days

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    Same though

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    Dianna kinda looks like Camila Mendes (Veronica) from Riverdale

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    berta143140 I was looking for this comment

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    Haha god I’m so single hahahaha...ha!

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    Laughs in single...

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    tHE TEa iS SpiLlInG omg ME 😂

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    I'm just like I'M SO LONELY!!!!😭

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    Madison and Caden were my favs in this. I think they should do a couples proposals reactions😂

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    promise that is a song by Bts Jimin

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    JinsLeftButtCheak 💜

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    Mariiiaaa Ramireszz Yess I love Bts you’re right girl 💜💜

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    0:51 yoo wtf

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    The blonde girls boy looks kinda like Noah Centineo 😍

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    I thought this was Brent Rivera and Dove Cameron...

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    Me too

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    Madisson and Caden are so cute❤

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    thought that was girl from Disney mal

  69. Anthro Girl

    Anthro GirlIl y a 2 mois

    I proposed to my ex-boyfriend with a laptop, he said yes, so now he's my fiance. ^___^

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    Anthro Girl to your ex? 🤔

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    Ok I was totally expecting and hoping that this video would end w a surprise proposal for one of the couples

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    *Madison and Caden are goals!!* 😍🙌

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    Alexandra N i was thinking "am i the only one that think they are so cute" but glad you think so too

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    Oh yeah yeah

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    My brotha

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    What's this reference

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    My idea still tops everyone of yall

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    Was it just be or did anybody else see Brittany modeling for James Charles!?

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    That laugh tho

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    My face hurts from smiling so much from Madison and Caden. Favourite couple!

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    Oh yeah yeah

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    se mas de ingles por esto que por la escuela

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    Nobody gonna mention that, that’s not even how you pinky promise. You use the same hand... lol (left and left or right and right, NOT left and right) 😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️

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    thiccity diccityIl y a 2 mois

    These are some cute couples (the reacters)

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    Gaming setup heck yeah with my boy #CoupleGoals 😍😍😍😍

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    I do nat know wut to sayh

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    My mom has six kids aswell😄

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    I’m so lonely

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    no ur not we exo-ls r with u xD

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    Me too

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    austin and dianna are perfect wow

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    I'm fuking Single

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    KaHLiL 2Classy relatable

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    "I'll let you know when I poop next time" "Me too" "Will you be proud of me?" "I will."

  96. Isabella Campos Matson

    Isabella Campos MatsonIl y a 2 mois

    I love to see the difference between the young/new couples versus the “older” couples. Some of the new ones say they’re always in sync and agreeing with each other, when the oldest couple disagrees peacefully and moves on.

  97. Cass Conde

    Cass CondeIl y a 2 mois

    Madison and Caden is like Barbie and Ken ❤

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    React to ‘All Night’ by Astro!!!!🖤🖤

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    Please react to 7 rings music video

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    Thandi Wiltshire yessss

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    Single people unite!!!!!!!

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    We're here

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    That chick that said that a gf should also buy her bf gifts like that. She is right.

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    I'm watching this the day I get a gf (I'm a girl btw)

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    +creepypasta Ashley campbell Ya thx

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    +Silver Wolf oh, well that's still cool🤘

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    +creepypasta Ashley campbell ya i haven't told anyone i just got a gf

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    Oh your bisexual?^~^ (if so same!)

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    I Just Noticed How The Video Is So High Quality And The Comment Section Is Actually Sad XD

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    The longer haired married guy was just not having it💀

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    Madison DeLeon lmao

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    thottie I LOVE CAMILA MENDES!?!!

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    One of the girls looks exactly like Camilla Mendez

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    I am a very single Pringle 😿

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    lol me too don't worry

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    feel your pain grl

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    Velly pringles aren't single tho😂😂

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    pretty sure my grandma sent me the video of the dancing old couple

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    +Neo Draconequss so I actually dunno the video (frreporter.com/v/vid%C3%A9o-IgtiVCsZOj4.html) but watched another one with the same couple

  122. Neo Draconequss

    Neo DraconequssIl y a 2 mois

    Do you know the name? I'd love to watch the full thing!

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    Oh god I’m so single😂😢

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    0:52 my heart melted lmao they are real goals

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    Please react to “Big Plans” by Why Don’t We

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    Yesss omg and the 8 letters album 🙌🏾❤️

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    just anotherviewer475 yeah, they are pretty fire 🔥

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    Or 8 letters

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    Toy story is Pixar!

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    And Pixar is Disney!

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    shay hayon Disney owns Pixar :)

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    1:04 it creepy they did all the same thing

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    7 years!!! Good for him

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    I’d play any game with a guy. Not only because i like games, if we’re dating I’d like to support each others interests.

  139. Anime_ Chan_T

    Anime_ Chan_TIl y a 2 mois

    Those wedding photos with that couple were so beautiful. I’d love to do that!

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    i lost it at get it bitch

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    Jonathan and Taylor for 7 years... I STAN GAYS. (I love lgbt so much)

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    12:00 *blonde guy rolled his eyes when his partner said no*

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    How cute is this episode 😍

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    Makes me depressed

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    commoner & co is my uncles restaurant..thats crazy.

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    "it's not a performance for everyone else" spittin truths boi

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    10:52 I'm like: Grandma is that you?❤️

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    I just wanna believe that all of them are going to get married and stay together forever 🥰

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    bisexual culture = finding every person in this video obnoxiously attractive

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    The best couple: Jeannie and Clem. I shipp them.

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    10:29 7 KIDS SHES PREG

  154. Jon Targaryen

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    Sara - there are five kids on the bed plus the preg - six in total.

  155. Abby Corbin

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    +Sara Borges docs.google.com/document/d/1Piwn0NvKQ9B-yHJMFh2siqOF5A6X4nSJ-0axz3yMwiQ/edit?usp=drivesdk

  156. Sara Borges

    Sara BorgesIl y a 2 mois

    +Abby Corbin no if you look theres 6 kids on the bed if you look closely

  157. Abby Corbin

    Abby CorbinIl y a 2 mois

    Plus the one she's pregnant with is six

  158. Abby Corbin

    Abby CorbinIl y a 2 mois

    There are only five kids in the bed

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    The comment I've been looking for 😂😂

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    8:47 wtf Pewds is in the wedding lol

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    Omg yeah

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    “Me and my siblings are close to each other “ Can’t relate 😂

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    Whos also watching this with their partner next to them or states or even countries away?

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    Aah I wish I had a partner so we could watch it together 😂