‘DiversiTEA with Naomi Wadler’: Sophia Lillis and Students on the Future of Their Generation


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    I love Sophia's smile

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    I'm so proud of Sophia ❤️

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    Naomi, where were you, when I was in Elementary School?!?

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    I'm loving her videos so much. Congratulations everyone involved.

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    This video is wonderful. I want to use it to teach English to my students here in Vietnam and also give them the language to deal with bullying etc in their own lives.

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    *replacing white people in their homeland is some progressive future fantasy???*

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    Im from kurdistan iraq! This is amazing show

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    What an beautiful and dynamic young girl!. You go girl!! 💖

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    Can't believe this kids encounter bullying in this generation for their race.

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    Wow! Very brave. The kid at 3:33 smiled

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    Naomi is so young yet she's so inspiring!!!

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    Naomi ~ You are amazing! Support you 1,000,000%. All of the kids in this video are amazing. Kids deal with as much hardship as adults, but many times have less support and resources. You all are amazing for following your hearts and speaking your truth! XO

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    She's so wise! 👏

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    Sophia Lillis looks so much like Ariel! Her smile her eyes! She is exactly like her! I found a page on instagram @sophiaisariel, there is so many pics with Sophia as Ariel

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    1:26 Both are agree!! 🤣🤣🤣

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    I support them. They are intelligent, thoughtful, caring and empathetic towards other beings.

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    *Ellen, please react to the NEW Netflix SHE-RA cartoon. Season 2 comes out on April 26.*

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    Sophia Lillis looks like that GPU test nymph named Dawn by NVidia in the 00s.

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    All these kids are so smart and MATURE I'm in 9th grade and Majoraity aren't this mature

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    Ximena Ruiz “Majoraity”... mhmm.

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    omg that girl so talented! she know how to manage conversation, give her big show

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    More of her please. She reminds me of Oprah! This is inspiring!

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    Great inspiration Naomi 💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿

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    BRAVO I think the ONLY appropriate time to have kids on tv like this, is when THEY do they interviewing. I firmly believe that minors are exploited on the regular for "TV Journalism" and I think they are manipulated and encouraged to go in front of a camera, because they think it would be some sort of recognition, when in fact being on tv is anything but for MOST. I love the fact that she chaired the meeting and not some "journalist" adult with an agenda, trying to get kids to say funny things or trying to get them to say what they want to hear. BRAVO!!!!

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    The future I love it changing the world's next generation

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    Soooooo are all the interviewees White people/women? Ok, right! Let's have a uprising for the white girls, after all they never get on the news or magazine covers.

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    Amazing girl, what an incredible job she’s done!!

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    The middle school was clearly staged lol they all just instantly turn around like they knew who to look at

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    No matter if you're black, white, mexican, asian, spanish, etc embrace who YOU are! Much love and blessings from a small channel!

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    tori itimu Don‘t worry, it will eventually end someday and you will become a strong, successfull woman! Try to concentrate on your own strenghs and work hard, those i*iots who bully you don‘t want you to be happy! But please believe in yourself, STAY STRONG and you‘ll show them your middle finger one day!!! Speaking from my one experience :) Karma is very powerful sometimes Greetings from Italia

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