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  1. author

    Eftekhar TubeIl y a jour

    Is she Stokes wife?? Who crying after Stokes century.

  2. author

    Imran TlabIl y a jour

    Best attack ever waqar younis and wasim akram

  3. author

    Eftekhar TubeIl y a jour

    2020. February

  4. author

    Rakul RaguIl y a jour

    3:46 4:07 dhoni style

  5. author

    Mdiqbal SambaiIl y a jour


  6. author

    Vishal KumarIl y a jour

    Buttler is best

  7. author

    cricket fan clubIl y a jour

    Dhoni fans like here....and see dhoni best bating ever frreporter.com/v/vid%C3%A9o-LkEVoM260ks.html

  8. author

    Rudhish JenaIl y a jour

    England player loser

  9. author

    Shoaib AkhtarIl y a jour

    Bravo is brilliant 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  10. author

    Ricky KhanIl y a jour

    He ie a bowler of england only. Bowlers like johnson steyn broad of his era has performed all over the world but he has failed to deliver outside of england. So i will rate broad above him any day.

  11. author

    Javed ShaikhIl y a jour

    England should make Flintoff to coach

  12. author

    lokI lokeshIl y a jour

    For that run out if it was Kohli, he might have eaten other end batsmen

  13. author

    Madhav SilwalIl y a jour

    Tendulkar managed to score 30 centuries in just 99 matches, he played 101 more tests and scored 21 centuries more. It is phenomenal record for any other batsmen to have scored 21 centuries in 101 tests, but looking at Tendulkar's early career, he should have scored 10 more centuries during his later half of career.

  14. author

    Muhammad SiddiqueIl y a jour

    What A Great Victory Congrats England🧡💪

  15. author

    Anurag YadavIl y a jour

    Malinga u legend not given a sing length ball in last over even well set buttler can't hit

  16. author

    Girish JamsandekarIl y a jour

    6:04 the helicopter shot, apparently made famous by MSD.

  17. author

    Anayat KhanIl y a jour

    All time fav batsman love from Pakistan

  18. author

    Arjun ShawIl y a jour

    14:45 BOBO by England supporter☺

  19. author

    Arjun ShawIl y a jour

    14:40 run out feel bad for England whatever great match.

  20. author

    Nabhonil GuptaIl y a jour

    Yhi To India Ki Prblm Ha, Ishant Sharma Jaisa Ache Bowlers Ko Drop krake Shivam Dubey Jaise Ghatiya Bowlers Ko Team Ma Lete Ha.....

  21. author

    yash pandeyIl y a jour


  22. author

    Only JuventusIl y a jour

    There are no fielders near the boundary line, all are close to the pitch eventhough the initial bowlers are not spinners. The england batsmen are just thrashing us.

  23. author

    wunnellIl y a jour

    It says something about how easy Ian Bell could make batting look that so many people could consider a man with his record to be a failure. He just looked so good when playing well that you felt like he should have been averaging 50 at a minimum.

  24. author

    M for MastiIl y a jour

    Subscribe for viral comedy videos 👇👇 frreporter.com/v/vid%C3%A9o-4PBW0UucqH4.html

  25. author

    sagar baralIl y a jour

    Ha ha number one always Indian

  26. author

    sagar rabari kalorIl y a jour

    Rohit best Khaledi india team

  27. author

    Sanjeev KumarIl y a jour

    Hearth is not out

  28. author

    TECHNO YATHARTHIl y a jour

    Saale dls se jeete ho khush mat ho itna

  29. author

    Atul bahukhandiIl y a jour

    Good job ab

  30. author

    The Rk StudioIl y a jour

    Well done Scotland

  31. author

    Ax BannaIl y a jour

    Phehlukwayo you bueaty

  32. author

    sturmeyIl y a jour

    Mr Askin my g

  33. author

    Neeraj KadamIl y a jour

    Dislikes why?

  34. author

    Ubaid Khan BangashIl y a jour

    Wellcome to Psl5 Tom Banton

  35. author

    Lokesha HarohalliIl y a jour

    pls upload some more videos of Morgan nets practice

  36. author

    李慧Il y a jour

    Falun Gong practitioners held an all-day activity in London's Chinatown on Saturday, February 1, 2020. They demonstrated the Falun Gong exercises, distributed fliers and collected signatures for a petition asking the UK government to help end the human rights abuses in China. They explained to people about the benefits of practicing Falun Gong and explained the campaign by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) of the persecution against practitioners in China. Falun Gong practitioners demonstrated the exercises, distributed fliers, and talked to the public about the persecution in London's Chinatown. Awareness-raising efforts continue into the evening. Susan and her husband Ian are from Cambridge and were visiting London. They paused to watch practitioners do the Falun Gong exercises and read the information boards.

  37. author

    Kiran ChaudhriIl y a jour


  38. author

    Jeanco Lapierre ArmandeIl y a jour

    Great performance by an outstanding cricketer; pity they’re all wearing the uglist sweater I’ve ever seen!

  39. author

    Laife LaineIl y a jour

    Highlights not good because no score board

  40. author

    Wasi KhanIl y a jour

    M shocked ABRAHAM ABD retrn

  41. author

    Varayan. V VarayanIl y a jour

    ഹുസൈൻ മൂഞ്ചി

  42. author

    Humanity And CultureIl y a jour

    3:40 Adil Rashids Run out 😊😊 Thanks me later

  43. author

    Umar SaidIl y a jour

    He is part of Zalmi team in PSL 2020 ...welcome ❤

  44. author

    Zubair KhanIl y a jour

    Jonny berstow my favourite player

  45. author

    Aizaz AhmedIl y a jour

    Welcome To Pakistan For Psl 5

  46. author

    Sawan KhanIl y a jour

    We love England

  47. author

    Uzair AfaqIl y a jour

    Where are mich starc and Pat cummins

  48. author

    Saifu XdIl y a jour

    Ali 😘 love you

  49. author

    RISHIKESH YADAVIl y a jour

    3:40 what you are here for

  50. author

    RocketIl y a jour

    Selfish innings by Dhoni

  51. author

    Rohith RathulaIl y a jour

    ABD wouldn't have retired if RSA didn't put so much pressure (workload) on him

  52. author

    Qi-Eazy _Il y a jour

    3:42 me n the boys when one of us pulls a 10/10

  53. author

    filmi DunyaIl y a jour

    My favorite batsman

  54. author

    Nakul GandotraIl y a jour

    3:37 who came here for this Dont forget to like Lol

  55. author

    nishu qIl y a jour

    I will also subscribe your channel sirf ek comment kijiye subscribe kar k

  56. author

    little boyIl y a jour

    James Anderson lots of respect for this legend :)

  57. author

    Mar JaavaanIl y a jour

    Im Pak but i like Eng Players

  58. author

    Afroz BegumIl y a jour

    4:09 wait! This is Dhoni's style!!!

  59. author

    Afroz BegumIl y a jour

    3:40 this reminds me of our legend MS Dhoni!!!

  60. author

    Jamal RjIl y a jour

    Fixed match .. Because Australia didn't review why why why in this crucial time too much ....!!!!

  61. author

    Nahid hussan Nahid hussanIl y a jour


  62. author

    Nahid hussan Nahid hussanIl y a jour


  63. author

    Adios17 GamingIl y a jour

    The fact that they have uploaded it yesterday make us think it's a fresh one

  64. author

    Veerchand KumarIl y a jour

    Congratulations SA🥰

  65. author

    Ankit PalIl y a jour

    Blink your eye and england change their jersey 😂😂

  66. author

    ForeignAidIl y a jour

    Oliver Twist

  67. author

    Soumen ChatterjeeIl y a jour

    Star cricket televised this match live for indian cricket fans

  68. author

    Soumen ChatterjeeIl y a jour

    I remember this game Ravi was on commentary when uthappa hit that last boundary to win the match he commented uthappa u deserve ten dosas but the foundation was laid by two legends of Indian cricket Sachin and sourav what a pair they were

  69. author

    Daydreamer WorldIl y a jour

    I miss him 😭💔💔💔

  70. author

    Kamrul IslamIl y a jour

    3:44 adil Rashid

  71. author

    Aakash KumarIl y a jour

    Both Curran bros r talented

  72. author

    Ujjwal KhannaIl y a jour

    Now england Australia are looking same as a side and then South Africa and New Zealand are same and India and Pakistan hopefully get the same as a side Bangladesh and Afghanistan and Sri lanka and West indies in white ball cricket

  73. author

    Aakash KumarIl y a jour

    Sound of bat👌

  74. author

    THE ULTIMATE FUNIl y a jour

    Hello indians m from pakistan should we react on india?

  75. author

    Pubg GodIl y a jour

    Bad luck, otherwise he would definitely stay till the end

  76. author

    Mukesh MishraIl y a jour

    Ball of the century

  77. author

    Muthu PandiIl y a jour

    What ahh match is this......

  78. author

    Pruthvi ThakorIl y a jour

    The Wall of test

  79. author

    Boopathi ABIl y a jour

    I am big fan KL

  80. author

    Sri KaturiIl y a jour


  81. author

    Mahesh KotaryIl y a jour

    England ge win ago opportunity thippiddu kushi aithu

  82. author

    Utpal DeyIl y a jour

    My all time favorite Freddy the boss

  83. author

    Aditya BhardwajIl y a jour

    Where can i watch the highlights of ongoing series between Eng and SA.. Please reply please..

  84. author

    Asad IqbalIl y a jour

    Jammie "Awesome" andarson

  85. author

    edwin jaiIl y a jour

    Sam Curran looking good to see in CSK...

  86. author

    Dhruv KhannaIl y a jour

    AB De VIlliers fans like here

  87. author

    Sajjad KhanIl y a jour

    Roy played against his country!!

  88. author

    kishan shettyIl y a jour

    Sarfaraz 97 ..🔥 Damn... I thought he knw only to scold his own players😂😂😂😂...

  89. author

    Movie LoversIl y a jour

    De Kock Monster 🖤🔥🔥🔥🔥

  90. author

    shrikant shrivastavaIl y a jour

    Its not a drama its a fair play of a very good game by good indian player

  91. author

    Aditya goyalIl y a jour

    What’s that song 8:38

  92. author

    ronald ronaIl y a jour


  93. author

    Pawan KumarIl y a jour

    Iske to l lag gaye

  94. author

    mohit sharmaIl y a jour

    हिंदुस्तानी शेरनी।

  95. author

    GB talent huntIl y a jour

    england my fvrt

  96. author

    Saurabh PatilIl y a jour


  97. author

    Fazle AbbasIl y a jour

    Ashes is my favourite series

  98. author

    Faizy SayedIl y a jour

    Wahi sochu M. MORKEL kaise 🤷‍♂️

  99. author

    NAATH KABOOTREEIl y a jour

    Salute to you sir,the WALL.... Love..Pakistan

  100. author

    Mohmmad AbdullahIl y a jour

    He should be given Knighthood for match winning performance