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  1. author

    Howie GrossmanIl y a jour

    The border collie is a breed of its own I own one once I had the pleasure of his company for a short time unfortunately one of the most beautiful sweet loyal

  2. author

    RiCheng LiuIl y a jour

    Good job. Lobo

  3. author

    Fluffy GamingIl y a jour

    Erin Andrews is married. Why is everyone think that she likes Carson Wentz??

  4. author

    Martis JenningsIl y a jour

    This is the closest to whitney in the time slot. Told the story! Go go Demi!!!! You win! Oh but tamar! I can't give it to no beyonce or demi. Tamar!!

  5. author

    Aster BarnivereIl y a jour

    Best in show

  6. author

    SaraIl y a jour

    This is so classic of the breed. 😂 One of the most intelligent dogs, but soooo ADD. This would be my husky too lol

  7. author

    Raiders HuskyIl y a jour

    Love Huskies

  8. author

    Hike BikeIl y a jour

    I'm a husky duh!!! Priceless slalom!

  9. author

    ShadowsandCityLightsIl y a jour

    They are all good bois and gurls and I am proud of all of them!

  10. author

    ShadowsandCityLightsIl y a jour

    He tried his best and that's all that counts! lol

  11. author

    Christopher Falcon-MolinaIl y a jour

    I thought the were going to add the moment Jason Belmonte got the skinniest jeans ever😂😂

  12. author

    Owus. OdIl y a jour

    I’ve never seen citizens honor their country like Americans do . Well done!

  13. author

    JMC Cars N MoreIl y a jour

    But who thought of having a husky doing this was a good idea?? 😂

  14. author

    Andre DuboseIl y a jour

    Glad to be a U FAN.When we rise back up it's gone be something to see.We've been down long enough U NATION LET'S GO.#TIME TO RISE UP.

  15. author

    Jameco MaloneIl y a jour

    Demi did great. There isn't any comparison between she and the iconic legend Whitney Houston. Listen to when Demi spit out the part of the "The land of the free and the home of the brave". She literally lost the note. She was yelling at the end. It's very noticeable if you know music like myself.

  16. author

    annexsunriseshimmerIl y a jour

    Yaayy, Lobo!!

  17. author

    suzi perretIl y a jour

    Such a puppy! But!

  18. author

    Tundra LeonbergerIl y a jour

    My aunt used to breed German Shepherds for the RCMP when I was a child. The German Shepherds of today make me want to cry, I think it's criminal what has been done to them.

  19. author

    Meow MeowIl y a jour

    What a sweet husky. Pretty much as expected. Huskies are hard to train and will disobey. This one is good by husky standards.

  20. author

    Sami MotaghediIl y a jour

    I love Lobo

  21. author

    Delta Bravo DurhamIl y a jour

    Clearly, everybody loves a Golden Retriever ❤❤

  22. author

    Jana GIl y a jour

    LMAO, I didn't even need to see the titled to know that the Husky would do this. The breed is bred stubborn to a fault so that they can do their jobs. Sounds counter intuitive, but if you try to get any other "fun" or "food" motivated dog to run hundreds of km in terrible weather, it won't happen. Huskies are race cars fuelled by sass and will full disobedience to the point that they will literally vocally argue with you. I love them for it.

  23. author

    Ty NickersonIl y a jour

    Demi Lovato did a amazing job singing the national anthem,just hearing her singing it just sends chill bumps down your spine. Chaka Khan and Fergie TAKE NOTE!!!!!!!!

  24. author

    Alex BrownIl y a jour

    The first one looked too hyper activ and annoying.

  25. author

    Effie LiuIl y a jour

    Typical husky! Absolutely capable.,. But i dont feel like it, lol

  26. author

    TopGun 350Il y a jour

    That's why ppl want husky cause they're dumb like them 😂

  27. author

    Alle RhieIl y a jour

    pixel is adorable~~~

  28. author

    AmrutIl y a jour

    Huskies is the kind of breed who participates not to win but just for the heck of it❤️😂

  29. author

    seahawks12thman1987Il y a jour

    Dwayne the rock Johnson

  30. author

    Left Out Of The ConversationIl y a jour

    I want to pet that golden fur so bad!! Looks like silk!!

  31. author

    Charmed StarIl y a jour

    When he just stood in the middle of the see saw oMg

  32. author

    idylle♡dollIl y a jour

    When you’re hung over at work and the boss walks in.

  33. author

    Delta Bravo DurhamIl y a jour

    Announcer: "Lobo...a Siberian Husky?" That guy saw it coming 🤣

  34. author

    BellaIl y a jour

    I have an English, my favorite dog in the world

  35. author

    Joe KramerIl y a jour

    With the photos, is Ken Rosenthal eluding to the possibility that Arod started using in high school? His last comments contradict that. Very confusing

  36. author

    idylle♡dollIl y a jour

    “Lobo is now going for a leisurely and relaxing stroll through what appears to be the weaving poles...” - what my commentary would be.

  37. author

    Dolla BillzIl y a jour

    The NRL National Rigged League and every year it's more bold in are face love football but it's hard to watch

  38. author

    Jenn FerleyIl y a jour

    My sisters husky is also called Lobo and he almost look the same :D Lobo has a second life we didn't know :D

  39. author

    Brennen JohnsonIl y a jour

    Lol who thought a husky would do this?? They’re way too stubborn and not interested in doing tricks for people. So awesome hahaha

  40. author

    Marcus WilliamsIl y a jour

    If Landry Jones is the your starting quarterback. Forfeit the game before hand please.

  41. author

    Jason RIl y a jour

    They should have an event for which dog can take a threat down fastest.

  42. author

    Nihat KayarIl y a jour

    Share. Happy birthday, the GOAT.

  43. author

    Kenny LeeIl y a jour

    Tony G it was for you too.

  44. author

    Amber WarnkeIl y a jour

    I feel kind of and for his trainer... I hope he didn’t feel embarrassed!

  45. author

    Colonel ACEIl y a jour

    Points for personality.

  46. author

    OG Pudgy PoKcettzIl y a jour

    Check out my Chiefs Anthem below 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  47. author

    Marco SalgadoIl y a jour

    What a classy dude. He looked for every teammate, there is no I on team!!!

  48. author

    MWILLIAMS 21Il y a jour

    I can't understand what Dana is saying. This Is what happenseven the horses a$$ is talking

  49. author

    OG Pudgy PoKcettzIl y a jour

    Check out my Chiefs Anthem below 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  50. author

    OG Pudgy PoKcettzIl y a jour

  51. author

    OG Pudgy PoKcettzIl y a jour

    Check out My Chiefs Anthem below🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  52. author

    OG Pudgy PoKcettzIl y a jour

  53. author

    Mike KaatmanIl y a jour

    Yup....that's a Husky allright....hahaha

  54. author

    Kevin AlanIl y a jour

    Much better than Fergie

  55. author

    WinstonS84Il y a jour

    His ADHD got the better of him

  56. author

    JOE DELLIl y a jour

    thats not pj walker thats lamar jackson

  57. author

    Jihad JamesIl y a jour

    Dana White: “I wanna know where this guy is gunna go to make over $100,000 a year!?!” Vince McMahon: “Hold my 6 figure contract”

  58. author

    Marcus AdamsIl y a jour

    I too love watching cheaters get MVP!!

  59. author

    John gattiIl y a jour

    Bull.....Daniel should have won

  60. author

    Tonny TimesIl y a jour

    Good stuff🙂

  61. author

    Momo L.Il y a jour

    Baby looks sleepy

  62. author

    Maden0413Il y a jour


  63. author

    Henry AirconceptsIl y a jour

    Im too pretty to feel guilty

  64. author

    5610winstonIl y a jour

    Norwegian Elkhound is the best family dog you could ever ask for, and the most versatile breed in the world, ideally suited for any task you set for it.

  65. author

    권준연Il y a jour

    1:08 2:42 3:14 7:00 11:05

  66. author

    loc powerIl y a jour

    My 2 favorite players Ray Lewis and Kobe Bryant. I Love you both. You guys have helped me through some rough times.

  67. author

    Rachael MuncieIl y a jour

    Who else is here for "WEAVE POLES!!!"

  68. author

    Red13NanakiIl y a jour

    I could have seen my husky doing that.

  69. author

    djbasquiatIl y a jour

    PJ Walker: One of my favorite XFL players. He's electric

  70. author

    재형 / ジェイムズIl y a jour

    humans and their silly game..

  71. author

    Anne BialeckiIl y a jour

    My eyes were teary for the Golden. Best dogs ever.

  72. author

    For PewdsIl y a jour

    Pantene ad?

  73. author

    Ageless OnIl y a jour

    Love Lobo!!!!

  74. author

    SamIl y a jour

    All I’ve learned from this comment section is that I don’t want a huskey lmao

  75. author

    Von45RoseIl y a jour

    I’d take lobo over the dog that ran the course perfectly.

  76. author

    gn naIl y a jour

    The problem with a husky's obdurate attitude is that it assumes that it is the most stubborn. Get a handler who is just as stubborn, or more, with lots of love and patience. The husky will start to comply. It may still be defiant, but in the dog world, they respect the alpha.

  77. author

    재형 / ジェイムズIl y a jour

    animals > humans

  78. author

    Jhon Doe36Il y a jour

    "The lion and the tiger are stronger, but the wolf doesn't perform in the circuse." - Who knows.

  79. author

    Myron GainsboroughIl y a jour

    2 men, probably 2 BF scouting him out.

  80. author

    Gregory ReynoldsIl y a jour

    Ray Lewis said it best kobe was killer, never be another Rip to his daughter and the others that where lost.

  81. author

    ShelbyIl y a jour

    Me in class

  82. author

    Arely's Blog video’sIl y a jour

    Can a 8 year old do agility I want my chihuahua to do agility

  83. author

    Douglas SerranoIl y a jour

    why not try the peanuts take over NASCAR on Fox!

  84. author

    Eric Cartman's Strength and PowerIl y a jour

    Winky should consider getting on the sauce.

  85. author

    Bryon LettermanIl y a jour

    The sign language person always kills me. They always put such an over the top amount of physical movement into it

  86. author

    KidJVIl y a jour

    typical husky behavior haha

  87. author

    Chon LaLondeIl y a jour

    He protecc he attacc but most importantly He don't run tracc

  88. author

    Lina UlnesIl y a jour

    Hahaha. This is so femiliar. My husky jumps, does tunnels, wave her paw, look at me, stays. No problem. Its just that as soon as its done there is ALLWAYS something more intresting to focus on 😂 Getting my huskies focus compared to my Papillon is just depending on if she wants it enough, or want the treat enough. My Papillon will focus on me and keep the world out, my husky will focus on the world an keep me out 😂 When thats said, training a husky to go lay down or go around things etc is so much easier because they are super smart and they are super calm, they don waste their energy and they learn much better from voice alone because they are breed to take a comand while not looking at you, being in front of you. My Papillon is more like a border collie that way, she looks you in the face for cues, and she dont have time to sit still, much harder to train for the same things but will keep the focus much longer on a task like for eksempel search work.

  89. author

    Brad MagnusIl y a jour

    The year of screwing the dog. First the Rottweiler on the masked singer and now Daniel. SMFH

  90. author

    Thebeautiful11Il y a jour

    Lo Bo does what he wants. Like all huskies do!

  91. author

    Vijay KIl y a jour

    As a dad of a smaller dog, watching these competitions makes me so happy. I have received comments like, "why don't you get a real dog," when on hikes with my doggies, but these competitions prove that small dogs are can very athletic and active.

  92. author

    Cloud AnimeIl y a jour

    Where is shrek?

  93. author

    82gigigiIl y a jour

    they should just let them run as they feel like and award them all :)

  94. author

    Ed rockIl y a jour

    I bought a Frisbee for my Huskie . I threw it once she chewed on it , it became her mobile water dish. Her walks/runs were all about her.

  95. author

    SolidSilhouetteIl y a jour

    Lobo: *sarcastically weaves the poles*

  96. author

    martybadboyIl y a jour

    News flash: Australian Shepards and border collies win agility In other news, fish are good at swimming and Japanese student aces math test.

  97. author

    HKim0072Il y a jour

    Geez, the border collie.

  98. author

    Vijay SwearingenIl y a jour

    Cam Phillips 👀

  99. author

    Christopher MullerIl y a jour

    Fast forward 2 months later. Aztecs #4 @ 26-0 and sceptical people "who have they played" well 3 of their wins are against current top 25 teams

  100. author

    FOX SportsIl y a jour

    Do you think L.A. is the worst team in the XFL so far?