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How Square Makes MoneyHow Square Makes Money

How Square Makes Money

Il y a 11 jours

The Rise Of ToyotaThe Rise Of Toyota

The Rise Of Toyota

Il y a 2 mois

  1. author

    lio laiIl y a 48 minutes

    They are the BEST in this areas

  2. author

    Carly BIl y a 49 minutes

    But the services at ulta☠️ the workers are untrained and the areas are unsanitary. My mom got an viral infection after she got her eyebrows waxed there

  3. author


    Terrible coffee and donuts taste like plastic. Much prefer Coffee Time and Country Style. Even MacDonalds has much better coffee...

  4. author

    Live JonesIl y a 52 minutes

    RS6 Avant is about to change that.

  5. author

    RAYMOND PalmerIl y a 52 minutes

    Your no Steve jobs tim cook

  6. author

    Jrome ANGIl y a 53 minutes

    This solution has a benefit but there's also bad effect.

  7. author

    mustLoveDogsIl y a 53 minutes

    I have noticed that in election 2020 MOST of the democRats have been dissing the rich. Up until the current election, democRats have been the promoters of "let's fleece the poor and middle class" and keep gettin' richer. She has NEVER put back in... as she is asking of everyone else.

  8. author

    Kratos314Il y a 54 minutes

    Next thing GM needs to do is put a hinge and latch on it to make the doors open vertically like a supercar. Come on GM, just do it, such a small investment to make such a huge statement

  9. author

    Dean ZarkovIl y a 54 minutes

    And what guarantees those deepfake detection systems aren’t gonna be used to censor genuine exposé videos? Not really solving anything, just shifting the problem elsewhere.

  10. author

    whitebird77Il y a 55 minutes

    need some luck too. some country dun grow in value overtime.

  11. author

    Float CircuitIl y a 55 minutes

    High quality video but I disliked it for *not answering the question AT ALL.*

  12. author

    Jesse FukvoldIl y a 55 minutes

    Because it's a trash system and only garbage people play XBOX.

  13. author

    Scot AffleckIl y a 55 minutes

    Up here in Kanuckistan, if you stick your head in the door of Tim Horton's and squint, it looks like an old folks home for men.

  14. author

    Kratos314Il y a 55 minutes

    cant believe CNBC released something that wasn't trash. very cool take

  15. author

    tocaIl y a 56 minutes

    Well xbox 2 is going to win ps4 sorry playstation bust that's what they say

  16. author

    Mary StevensonIl y a 56 minutes

    Love Tim Hortons!

  17. author

    vijay_mnIl y a 59 minutes

    How about opening a section which is only for buying returned items with considerable discounts and *no return condition. Which is win win situation for both retailers and consumers.

  18. author

    DanIl y a 59 minutes

    Once sentence: because it's not on the same level as other big sports when it comes to teamwork.

  19. author

    Nathalie MercedesIl y a heure

    I would shop there if it wasn't so dark in each of its stores and if they stopped attacking ppl with the smell of that perfume as you walk in.

  20. author

    Cody GamboaIl y a heure

    Why not take the brine and put it in the desert and make salt plants

  21. author

    Donkey KongIl y a heure

    More fleecing of taxpayers

  22. author

    iPolitelyIl y a heure

    I only rock Bape, Supreme, Off white, Gucci, LV. Things like that. A&F is for people with no style

  23. author

    Jstarr524Il y a heure

    I love shopping at the thrift store. I’m clearly too old to watch this or care lol.

  24. author

    Denz CanlasIl y a heure

    F*cking ads :(

  25. author

    Cody GamboaIl y a heure

    Wow, food for thought

  26. author

    lord palmerston!Il y a heure

    how funky is our currency

  27. author

    GuantanaMoeIl y a heure

    Lionel Messi is mildly smiling.

  28. author

    Mario's TVIl y a heure

    Another marketing tool for Uber I down loaded the app and the prices are way to low, most of them are lower than coyote the cheapest broker that I know. It was a waste of time downloading the app, as owners operators we are struggling with the brokers rate and now with Uber freight they want to put ya out of business, no way I will not recommend to no one, I rather negotiate with brokers and try to make a living to pay my bills than to go out of business with Uber freight!! And that’s a fact!!

  29. author

    Natalie Itliong FechterIl y a heure

    This was so popular when I was in middle school and high school along with doc martens!

  30. author

    Jerry ZIl y a heure

    Which wagon can allow me to rock crawl through Moab and come back in one piece?

  31. author

    phat billIl y a heure

    Jp Morgan

  32. author

    Millie millIl y a heure

    Their clothes are so out...this company is on its way one wears this stuff anymore

  33. author

    Cinthia CortesIl y a heure

    Too darn expensive

  34. author

    Jim BatemanIl y a heure

    Free speech, the 1st amendment is for ALL Americans. Not just for those who demand others are wrong.

  35. author

    Paula JohnsonIl y a heure

    Yelp is as crooked as a ram's horn. They delete unfavorable reviews.

  36. author

    Brent NallyIl y a heure

    Danny boy looked pretty excited about his little website WesMatch...

  37. author

    michael fraserIl y a heure

    Over priced boiled bark

  38. author

    rita JingokuIl y a heure

    Nintendo=loli waifu PS4 = Ara Ara waifu Xbox= stormy Daniels Honestly wat would u pick...

  39. author

    Game ZoneIl y a heure

    Glass is glass and Glass breaks!!

  40. author

    Kevin SchmidtIl y a heure

    Well then she needs to pay more taxes also

  41. author

    Jiyaa PIl y a heure

    Need anyone nanny from India..?. Plz msg me.. Will talk in details...

  42. author

    PackagedOnEasyIl y a heure

    I nEed aN sUV BecAUaSe I haVe kIDs

  43. author

    Christopher Kirk-WilliamsIl y a heure

    But we don’t have guns

  44. author

    Timbrock1000Il y a heure

    A&F appearal and accessories are STILL banned at Bob Jones University!

  45. author

    Jay ShockIl y a heure

    I wouldn't give you a Wooden Nickel to see any of those NBA black boys running up and down the court

  46. author

    Al LoomisIl y a heure

    oz doesn't have a medicare for all system. there is private insurance and private facilities, that offer drugs and treatment not available to the national service. but it's a good national service, cheap, effective and free to pensioners. usa could do worse than copy it.

  47. author

    Brian StevensonIl y a heure

    there is NO water shortage

  48. author

    Tasos JuanitoIl y a heure

    Respect for the vietnamese they know how to eat food...if i was governor i would have banned those foreigners fast food chains

  49. author

    rita JingokuIl y a heure

    The only reason people around the world buy this sht console is coz it's 2k cheaper than PS4 lmao

  50. author

    Antonio TalluriIl y a heure

    The Mini and the Dauphine, small cars popular in Europe, associated with oil crisis? Hystorical error. Such cars became popular over one decade before, along with many others. German microcars where popular in the fifties. Two decades before crisis.

  51. author

    Raggedy ExynosIl y a heure

    Stupid corruptors

  52. author

    Victor_ the_9thIl y a heure

    It’s called CORRECTION!!

  53. author

    DaisyIl y a heure

    Wow I remember when I was poor and could never afford to go into stores like that and to think I use to want to be able to go into those stores to wear nice clothes ....I’m glad I never got s chance to ...things are not always what you think

  54. author

    Doison DoiIl y a heure

    Her voice , I can’t take it

  55. author

    George MacauleyIl y a heure

    The real answer is because Tim Hortons coffee is hot garbage

  56. author

    jeff belli slackIl y a heure

    Do not lose your focus or yet get to go beyond..................

  57. author

    Tanfiz ProttoyIl y a heure

    If we can like find a way to turn salt into some kind of an energy producing element than it should solve our problems no?

  58. author

    Ashan MendisIl y a heure

    They listened to bob lutz

  59. author

    google userIl y a heure

    Uh well I'm not sure how on-board any insurance company will be with these self-driving vehicles. If the goal of self-driving cars is to REDUCE the number of accidents, then slowly but surely insurance for vehicles won't be a thing, right?

  60. author

    Martin WeberIl y a heure

    tried it in saudi arabia no thanks donuts can't complete with krispicream

  61. author

    Miguel Angel Medina RiseIl y a heure

    I wish the Corolla Touring Sports (wagon) would come to the US :(

  62. author

    SkylineToTheSeaAndMeIl y a heure

    They quoted that 6 amazon employees died in the last year. But 3 of those were pilots in the Amazon Air crash in Texas (and that accident appears to be weather related or mechanical failure).

  63. author

    이윤재Il y a heure

    Cause they’ll gonna be destroyed in the future, so why build a nice one? Lmao

  64. author

    ACE KingIl y a heure

    American likes to be wasteful.

  65. author

    kapaimasIl y a heure

    Malaysian sold thier soul to KFC and Mcdonald

  66. author

    Mr PecoIl y a heure

    they just make so much money fast they just don't have to care about the old stuff

  67. author

    98d31Il y a heure

    If I had to choose between let's say BMW 3 series touring and x3, it would be touring for me. It will look better, drive better, and be cheaper to run/buy. Happy Saab 9-3 sportcombi (or sportwagon or sportestate or sporthatch) owner.

  68. author

    Rajeev Lochan BeheraIl y a heure

    As Royal Enfield #Bullet is King in India ,no one look at Harley Davidson.

  69. author

    sicabeatIl y a heure

    i personally can't stand cargo shorts... ugh.

  70. author

    hearttoheart4meIl y a heure

    I actually miss KMart and Sears. Everything closed in my state so nothing to buy unless you go online.

  71. author

    xchamp101Il y a heure

    Proud member of my local ufcw for the past view years. It is super important as it protects my job and gives me rights. I get paid extra for working on Sundays and Holidays as well as paid vacation just as a part time employee at the age of 21. They even gave me a scholarship to help me pay for school. How is any of this bad? Unions are super important for workers!

  72. author

    anoynm anonymousIl y a heure

    Facebook spending 10m on deepfakes LOLOLOLOL. I can use deepfake to make much more LOL

  73. author

    Alex AIl y a heure

    I once made the mistake of buying a pair of Ezra Fitch ripped jeans for almost $200. Till this day I still kick myself in the balls. 😑

  74. author

    Jason LimIl y a heure

    Mcdonalds is not only the #1 fast fopd but real estate. This was 30 years ago

  75. author

    Alan GloverIl y a heure

    It's what makes ALL political leaders weak n feckless! Dream crap...and plastic Sheople leaders...WHERES THE BALLS AND INNOVATION!!!?

  76. author

    symmetry08Il y a heure

    Why . . . it is simple in US as big business will protect its market share - colluding with one another

  77. author

    Luke MartinIl y a heure

    Don't you just love living in a rural area where you don't need a minivan to haul 5 kids? You just need to put them all in the back of a truck, or better yet, they drive themselves on fourwheelers

  78. author

    Gryphon HallIl y a heure

    Crossovers I see as either taller sedans or hatchbacks: looks big, but the boot space leaves much to be desired.

  79. author

    Generic UsernameIl y a heure

    Democracy for Hong Kong

  80. author

    Juan Carlos AbrilIl y a heure

    Thank Michael Jordan, Magic, Bird(1992 Dream Team) NBA players can play in the Olympics which is a global audience.

  81. author

    Zero EffortIl y a heure

    2:41 that literally makes no sense. At all. There is no similarity between Amazon and Yelp's business model

  82. author

    AnsemIl y a heure

    Logos make you look like a fool

  83. author

    Rebekka GarzaIl y a heure

    Warren is goofy and will never be president.

  84. author

    LillianIl y a heure

    Chick-fil-A, a chain store, picked the worst possible location within my city's limits. The lines were ginormous for 2 weeks; now, there going under and that makes me happy. Their claim to fame is a salty, dried-out chicken nugget sandwich. They also openly discriminate against anyone who doesn't fit into their definition of socio-heterotive norms. Screw Chick-fil-A

  85. author

    akash pajaiIl y a heure

    Oil companies don't want it in US

  86. author

    Mona *4Il y a heure

    We called this store RAF...Racist As a F#!k.

  87. author

    Luis GIl y a heure

    Well, today’s crossovers are lower to the ground than most old station wagons and those were made in body on frame.

  88. author

    RobIl y a 2 heures

    Because the Australians have good taste whereas the rest of the world does not. People have to be eased into a thing that tastes bad.

  89. author

    sabena aniesIl y a 2 heures

    when i was a kid about 20 years ago its for free a glass of water in every restouran all around city. no i have to buy 2 buc for 600ml fresh water to make rich banker more rich and claim water source as they belong. I see no more love in a glass of water,(thanks for God only , because of those advace high superbmodern technology suppoerted by richest creepy little brain bankers. my advise to stop over liquid robotic technology brain as i see liquid drop on your ear. now back to nature and ask solution from only one God. peacefull heart, enough just enough.

  90. author

    Cal Commercial InsuranceIl y a 2 heures

    Not all Asians are the same.

  91. author

    Joe WilderIl y a 2 heures

    Why can't we fill Death Valley with Fresh Water?

  92. author

    Armando casolaIl y a 2 heures

    Who cares.

  93. author

    Zachary ZinkIl y a 2 heures

    Electric cars are better, just need to drive one to understand that. Unfortunately a lot of Americans are stubborn and don’t like changes. We will be late to adapt to the superior technology.

  94. author

    Nk DadsonIl y a 2 heures

    Say what you will but I still think wagons are pretty cool. Especially the current designs from BMW, Volvo Audi and even Opel/Vauxhaul.

  95. author

    MelanieIl y a 2 heures

    Buy it now . In 20 years sell it for gold 🤷🏻‍♀️

  96. author

    Manoj KumarIl y a 2 heures

    Anti-Hindu propaganda machine

  97. author

    Mario PadronIl y a 2 heures

    Tim hortons smacks no question

  98. author

    Tim VerdouwIl y a 2 heures

    I wonder if adding solar panels to the roofs of the buses as well might give them a slightly longer range like the wave wireless pads do. It will also allow a bus that has run out of charge to wait on the side of the road for a few hours and then get back to a charging station on its own.

  99. author

    sabena aniesIl y a 2 heures

    with nucklear technology absolutly you speedly destroy fresh water on other side oh the world where the dig all country destroy poluted world just for a size of finger uranium

  100. author

    Democracy_is_truthIl y a 2 heures

    California itself is a deficit