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Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world's most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing.

  1. author

    Roaring LionIl y a jour

    Why’s the hero so slim? She’s not skinny.

  2. author

    Abhinav MamuduriIl y a jour

    Loved that bgm

  3. author

    Nakia DorseyIl y a jour

    Make me a hero/villian

  4. author

    RedSoulBeatIl y a jour

    I'd read a comic with this character in it!

  5. author

    nut sackIl y a jour

    Remindes me of Hanta Sero

  6. author

    raju kambleIl y a jour

    Salute you MARVEL 👏👏👏🙏👇

  7. author

    Mema Lng poIl y a jour

    Powerfull hands

  8. author

    Mr.Wolfchamp 1999Il y a jour

    She said "their powers are". Who's "they"? It's one hero.

  9. author

    Delightaming 11Il y a jour

    Well if this isn't names hawk tie then you all will die 😛😛

  10. author

    Adham MansourIl y a jour

    Breh,I wish I was on here.

  11. author

    GrassBladeIl y a jour

    is there a way to get on this show?

  12. author

    Petar DjurisicIl y a jour

    4:10 huh...neat

  13. author

    Mr.Wolfchamp 1999Il y a jour

    Having blonde hair and blue eyes made people call her "other"? She must live somewhere other than America.

  14. author

    HazyIl y a jour


  15. author

    Mema Lng poIl y a jour

    Thats pretty cool

  16. author

    Fanytion tvIl y a jour

    Alguém do Brasil

  17. author

    Hp Haydar HanoğluIl y a jour


  18. author

    trex adventIl y a jour

    That's so cool, I want to try to make my own marvel hero

  19. author

    Yessi TorresIl y a jour

    Love it!!!

  20. author

    Setingz IncIl y a jour


  21. author

    min liIl y a jour

    Can you make more runaway?

  22. author

    Naraj 85Il y a jour

    First comment ❤️❤️

  23. author

    Sivakalaipriya DIl y a jour

    Hi marvel

  24. author

    comic ethIl y a jour

    Do more of these these are cool

  25. author

    Marvi and OrianaIl y a jour

    Great and nice video💥💥😊👍

  26. author

    MattSm00thIl y a jour

    I love marvel make me a hero

  27. author

    Jibril AriffinIl y a jour


  28. author

    Manas BasuIl y a jour

    Came here

  29. author

    iisxfieIl y a jour

    Early yay

  30. author

    min liIl y a jour


  31. author

    K1NG •Il y a jour


  32. author

    Its craxyIl y a jour


  33. author

    Nathan NixIl y a jour

    This story sound really bad in my opinion

  34. author

    Jagruti JagrutiIl y a jour

    I absolutely love drake Bell and dove Cameron

  35. author

    Can I get 10 subs?Il y a jour

    Is it me ? or there are parts of The Trailer was different to the actual movie?

  36. author

    Steve SmartyIl y a jour

    Why is this not a movie the movie sucked

  37. author

    Steve SmartyIl y a jour

    Why does nick fury look like that? He’s for some reason he’s white and he has hair

  38. author

    M. MirzaIl y a jour

    Spider-Man‘s Taskmaster > Avenger‘s Taskmaster

  39. author

    Seventh Trumpet TattoosIl y a jour

    So this is taking place after civil war correct?

  40. author

    M. MirzaIl y a jour

    Why is Captain America‘s shield so small?

  41. author

    M. MirzaIl y a jour

    I just realized something. The Hulk in this game looks like a combination of Ed Norton‘s Hulk and Mark Ruffalo‘s hulk. Nice!

  42. author

    M. MirzaIl y a jour

    Something about the combat just doesn‘t feel satisfying

  43. author

    Asad RollinsIl y a jour

    Avengers Assemble Still man this is the best film ever

  44. author

    prathamesh kirdatIl y a jour

    Avengers assemble

  45. author

    Trevør AckertIl y a jour

    So she died the way X and juice wrld died I see how it is

  46. author

    THE DAILY THRILLIl y a jour

    It’s been almost a year since this came out but my heartbeat still goes rlly fast when they all say whatever it takes

  47. author

    Tyler GrahamIl y a jour

    They better show Budapest in this film!

  48. author

    rock A MIl y a jour

    I will be waiting for that movie about the life of Stan Lee.

  49. author

    Olaf BenjaminIl y a jour

    *Remember The Hype*

  50. author

    Lokesh .bIl y a jour

    తెలుగు ప్రజలు ఈ ట్రైలర్ చూసి ఉంటే కామెంట్ చేయండి పేరును

  51. author

    #C Boy cKIl y a jour


  52. author

    AH Ashfaq ShajahanIl y a jour

    I want Fitz as director of S.H.I.E.L.D

  53. author

    suriya ParthibanIl y a jour

    Love u Chris pratt

  54. author

    Jordan GanIl y a jour

    “Black Widow Movie gets announced” Me: Yes! “Writers of The Hustle and Thor Ragnarok attached to the project.” Me:No....

  55. author

    Anibal RodriguezIl y a jour

    Yo o soy yo ?

  56. author

    Steven BIl y a jour

    Let's see ... do I wanna spend my money on women led movies where they openly hate white males ? NOPE …. Marvel can F' OFF

  57. author

    Yashwanth KathiresanIl y a jour

    The best trailer and the second best movie , r.i.p Loki ( we miss u buddy !!!)

  58. author

    Oscar JohnsonIl y a jour

    1:40 so does this scene exist or was it just something the Russo Brothers threw in for excitement value

  59. author

    George YiacasIl y a jour

    Its water weight roffl

  60. author

    handsom.chrisIl y a jour

    My excuse when someone tells me that i'm fat "It's mainly water weight"

  61. author

    domblueIl y a jour

    Excited for Red Guardian in Black Widow

  62. author

    Jesus Christ RepentIl y a jour

    HOW TO BE SAVED : 1. Admit that you are a sinner. 2. Turn away from sin. (Repent) 3. Believe that Jesus Christ died for you, was buried and rose from the dead. 4. Through prayer, invite Jesus into your heart to become your Saviour.

  63. author

    Technical GIl y a jour

    please return iron man in avengers

  64. author

    Game ChangersIl y a jour

    After death of black widow in end game Marvel released her trailer of solo movie

  65. author

    Eddie RainIl y a jour

    Silver surfer name is norrin radd

  66. author

    AdnanIl y a jour

    0:33 Goosebumps

  67. author

    Jason RollinsIl y a jour

    Compared to uncanny x-force... this probably sucks

  68. author

    ethan beirne2Il y a jour

    So sad because I love marval and when I found out about it it ended

  69. author

    Gray FullbusterIl y a jour

    I didn't know taskmaster can also forget life with his wife. I'm used to seeing him kicking butts for money

  70. author

    Pixel GammingIl y a jour

    I remember this guy from spongebob the movie 2006.

  71. author

    Chucky AxeIl y a jour

    Can we get more episode's it's 2020 already

  72. author

    Attila KóborIl y a jour

    Imo, this looks horrible. Hope they just f*cked up the trailer

  73. author

    Facundo OrellanoIl y a jour

    La mejor pelicula del 2019 espero con ansias black widow

  74. author

    Aries jr30Il y a jour

    Wow 😮

  75. author

    ThreefireOn 001Il y a jour

    Hey marvel pls make a tv series about kid loki with timothee chalamet

  76. author

    cikifIl y a jour

    Godfather reference?

  77. author

    Macaroni CheeseIl y a jour

    So this is what the Russians did to Hopper

  78. author

    JJ MIl y a jour

    Infinity War was so GOOD. But Endgame was so BAD. I was so disappointed and shocked after I watched endgame because it was so so bad. Wish it was good like Infinity war.

  79. author

    Jaron TalottaIl y a jour

    My favorite MCU film. Yes, Infinity and Endgame are better...but this. It has more soul.

  80. author

    preethapoojaharishIl y a jour

    I love avengers But gonna to miss it

  81. author

    Brian BoydIl y a jour

    Stan <3

  82. author

    brian fernandezIl y a jour

    What a rip off

  83. author

    BaronVonTacocatIl y a jour

    _Tom Harper, the immortal time traveler was here_

  84. author

    sandy raiIl y a jour


  85. author

    sandy raiIl y a jour

    Captain marvel also joined with the other Avengers to defeat Thanos .

  86. author

    sandy raiIl y a jour

    We all are the adherent of Avengers.

  87. author

    Nutan UpadhyayIl y a jour

    Who else can not move on,for avengers Endgame

  88. author

    InspectorScoobyIl y a jour

    Kevin Fiege has said a lot of interesting stuff in interviews, but when you stick a camera in front of him, he just throws out a ton of meaningless stock responses.

  89. author

    NobodyIl y a jour

    Please make more films i am getting tired of watching the same 22 films every month...

  90. author

    InspectorScoobyIl y a jour

    It's odd that this is a film about her past, yet in Endgame, she's surprised to learn who her father's name is. You'd think by the time she *spoiler alert* dies in Endgame, she'd be given the opportunity to work this stuff out.

  91. author

    InspectorScoobyIl y a jour

    Black Widow was a little awkward at times when written by Joss Whedon. I'm glad he left when he did, because it would've only got worse. Whedon's Black Widow says the most clique things. "I'm always picking up after you boys?"

  92. author

    Randy1337Il y a jour

    I am Taskmaster.

  93. author

    Force GamingIl y a jour

    Easy Talk *He is a COPYCAT*

  94. author

    Geraldthewitcher2Il y a jour

    No really, who the hell was that guy????

  95. author

    TonyshazamIl y a jour

    Taskmaster is Black Widows Sister... nice twist marvel

  96. author

    Ken NguyenIl y a jour

    Iron man now become a Legend of Avengers :)

  97. author

    Chhavi GuptaIl y a jour

    sherlock is in the room

  98. author



  99. author

    GabrieleIl y a jour

    Whatever it takes.

  100. author

    Moh lachiIl y a jour

    SHE'S CUTE, right?