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Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world's most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing.

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    Kk Cons ArdiIl y a 2 mois

    I love this

  2. author

    Jeremy FergusonIl y a 6 mois


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    EvilRickMasterIl y a 8 ans

    You guys should tak to Capcom to let you use their characters in some MARVEL What the...? clips, I'd like to see MODOK's reaction of being in a fighting game XD

  4. author

    6402680Il y a 8 ans

    Make Mine Marvel :D

  5. author

    Lolito TheCreedIl y a 8 ans

    Marvel + Capcom = AWESOME

  6. author

    dc marvelIl y a 8 ans

    marvel is the best

  7. author

    No ChaIl y a 8 ans

    Ultimate Spiderman TV? Spiderman 4?

  8. author

    MJgroove90Il y a 8 ans

    whens 21 being put up plz

  9. author

    0gami1ttoIl y a 8 ans

    Are you guys gonna put the original X-Men series on here?

  10. author

    Terry HopeIl y a 8 ans

    ☺ LIKE THE ▼IDEOS! :)

  11. author

    Jonas Quin SynapsIl y a 8 ans

    Very cool channel

  12. author

    thepouge1Il y a 8 ans

    Happy Halloween, guys! That was a funny vid! Zoinks, ya'll!

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    Joel YoungIl y a 8 ans


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    HawtepIl y a 8 ans

    *Marvel vs Capcom 3 in Wii* is my dream

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    Change Games EntertainmentIl y a 8 ans

    hey there, love your channel and artworks

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    Rangga WarsitoIl y a 8 ans

    hello, cool channel here, i subbed please sub me back.......

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    kiraxdIl y a 8 ans

    Hey about Marvel vs capcom 3 ! Please use Emma Frost or Howard the character List...Please!!! will be awesome...

  18. author

    UninfinIl y a 8 ans

    how many the avengers earth's mightiest heroes episodes are there? not micro ones

  19. author

    marvelfannumber1Il y a 8 ans

    @SuperShadow1010 He will get a cartoon based on ultimate spiderman airing on Disney XD in fall 2011.

  20. author

    snajath123Il y a 8 ans

    Can you please make a SILVER SURFER MOVIE!

  21. author

    Jessmer AbingIl y a 8 ans

    i gotta say i like the ironman movie from the rest

  22. author

    Fernando psyIl y a 8 ans


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    Fernando psyIl y a 8 ans

    avengers 3? woooooooooooooowwwwwww

  24. author

    Ghost DogIl y a 8 ans

    this is late but R.I.P cable

  25. author

    Khalil HuffmanIl y a 8 ans

    You have 666 videos....

  26. author

    Keiji555Il y a 8 ans

    So when is Mary Jane and Peter getting back together for good?

  27. author

    Ryan HealyIl y a 8 ans

    666 videos

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    Gustava VIl y a 8 ans

    Thanks for the X-men Evolution! I've seen all the seasons and I am soo sad that it is over.. :( This is the best x men series ever,because it has more "realistic" story and better action! I love this show! :) PS. can't you revive the X-Men Evolution? :(

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    eyeshild21fanIl y a 8 ans

    i just subbed 2 wolverine!! its a awsome comic!!! i really like mr.bendisses work his writing seems so real the people talk like actual people! i think mr lafanttes art is awsome for usm!!! keep up the MAX awsome work!!

  30. author

    John Guitar SoloIl y a 8 ans

    Love the new videos !!!

  31. author

    PrinceNamor777Il y a 8 ans

    luv this channel keep them coming

  32. author

    13thcrusadeIl y a 8 ans

    Make Mine Marvel True Believers! I would also like a Marvel No Prize Canuckleheads ;)

  33. author

    Brandon DonahueIl y a 8 ans


  34. author

    MOSTxLFCIl y a 8 ans

    marvel rules all the way

  35. author

    SwedishmarvelkingIl y a 8 ans

    Besides OMD Marvel is pretty freaking great. Looking forward to the coming movies and the Avengers cartoon. Also, the Iron man anime kicks ass.

  36. author

    LodossWarzIl y a 8 ans

    MARVEL STEP YOUR GAME UP!!! DC is killin you guys in animation! why cant your animation be more adult? your Hulk series is the closest thing you guys got to DC and that still FAR way from what they offer...

  37. author

    Belligerent SquirrelIl y a 8 ans

    Would love to see some more Avengers!

  38. author

    hilic3Il y a 8 ans

    Many of your fans are not happy with your desicion to add M.O.D.O.K. for Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

  39. author

    EriIl y a 8 ans

    What happend to the Iron man anime? it looks terrible, and nothing like the trailer you shown us :(

  40. author

    Paget MusicIl y a 8 ans

    marvel helps me to see the future ahead off time teen to man

  41. author

    NoahaonIl y a 8 ans

    and will you upload or make any trailer for SHS: Season 2?

  42. author

    NoahaonIl y a 8 ans

    is the new x-game for consuls or only online?

  43. author

    VaportrailIl y a 8 ans

    Hey Marvel guys. If I may, I'd like to suggest you guys set up some playlists for your different FRreporter series. Searching for earlier/later videos is kind of a pain when they're unsorted like they are.

  44. author

    SonicsnoutIl y a 8 ans

    Yout Avengers playlist is out of order. Thanks for posting the episodes!

  45. author

    Jorge MadgeIl y a 8 ans


  46. author

    eyeshild21fanIl y a 8 ans

    thanks 4 the invite aceptt! :D marvel is awsome because there charachters seem like normal people unlike superman!

  47. author

    Timothy HarrisIl y a 8 ans

    does that hydra mech look like Brainiac's head or what? Besides that looks good.

  48. author

    ShartimusPrimeIl y a 8 ans

    Love the Micro-episodes! I've geekasmed for each one!

  49. author

    Deadpool25mmIl y a 8 ans

    MARVEL YOUR THE BEST ! + the SHIELD comic is AWSOME!!!!!!

  50. author

    kjhulk jenkinsIl y a 8 ans

    new micro episodes??????

  51. author

    eyeshild21fanIl y a 8 ans


  52. author

    eyeshild21fanIl y a 8 ans

    MARVEL IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!

  53. author

    Magic BreezeIl y a 8 ans

    Hey, thanks for accepting my friend-request! ~~Peace Benjie~~

  54. author

    John DennerIl y a 8 ans

    Loving the featured video !!

  55. author

    DazzOne3099Il y a 8 ans

    I'm looking at you guys list for movies and what, do you guys disown 'Blade'? WTF?

  56. author

    Andre GrantIl y a 8 ans

    I like DC but Marvel is just way better because it has separate shows i freaking love the X-men, Iron-man Spider-man, and the Hulk .Im insane about the super villains like Venom the Mandarin The Abomination Mr. Sinister and Apocalypse these are way better and more bad ass then any villain in the DC universe.

  57. author

    mistermanedIl y a 8 ans

    i love marvel, i still love playing Spiderman on PS1 after all these years

  58. author

    schrecknetIl y a 8 ans

    Avengers looks great.

  59. author

    Geo MegaIl y a 8 ans

    MARVEL rocks and will always be number 1.

  60. author

    Luisa ReyesIl y a 8 ans

    Gran canal

  61. author

    Márcio BarrosoIl y a 8 ans

    I like your new Avengers series. I know that maybe any Marvel boss will read this ,but I actually think that you can put some money in a Captain America animated series. He never had his own series, only appeared as a cameo or in this new Avenger series. With Thor getting his own series and Iron Man having his, Captain America could own it! Half season in WW2 and half season in modern days. But he could be discovered by SHIELD ,not the Avengers [because they have their own series]. It could be really good.

  62. author

    fabribreIl y a 8 ans

    thank you!! i wait your subs!!!!

  63. author

    929shooterIl y a 8 ans

    thank you

  64. author

    robvandellIl y a 8 ans

    hey is nightcraweler going to be in marvel vs capcom 3 game

  65. author

    8AnsaIl y a 8 ans

    i love x-men, tho i haven't seen the movies. i've seen x-men evolution, it's so totally awesome. i wish i could be a mutant. marvel is really cool! i love their superheroes.

  66. author

    good roryIl y a 8 ans

    is there any new info on the iron man and the wolverine anime

  67. author

    Megalo Mike Darg VelkIl y a 8 ans

    Marvel!!!! Why don't you make a Marvel Vs Capcom 3 comic? even if its a one shot it would make an epic game and an epic comic.

  68. author

    sayanskywolf13Il y a 8 ans

    hey what happen to the weekly watcher? DDD: iron man Forever!

  69. author

    NoahaonIl y a 8 ans

    Ron Perlmen should voice Azazel

  70. author

    hilic3Il y a 8 ans

    Doctor Doom is my favorite!

  71. author

    Alyssa YoungIl y a 8 ans

    marvel is frigging awesome

  72. author

    hilic3Il y a 8 ans

    Dr. Doom is the best villian ever made!

  73. author

    im2not2coryIl y a 8 ans

    i really like the trailers but im not seeing alot of comedy that spidey is known for! So just an idea make the next Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions trailer a funny one! just saying....

  74. author

    eli2424Il y a 8 ans

    I would kill to have an x-men evolution season 5,6,7,8,9 you know just to continue the awesome series

  75. author

    kim jong ILLIl y a 8 ans


  76. author

    Enrique BurgosIl y a 8 ans

    Hulk is the best FOREVER !!!!

  77. author

    kim jong ILLIl y a 8 ans

    punisher still is the best i think

  78. author

    IronSpiderman2099Il y a 8 ans

    hope theirs a part 2 of spiderman shattered dimensions with free roam and with more dimensions and characters and stan lee

  79. author

    Bezimienny15150Il y a 8 ans

    will there be x-men evolution season 5 ? pleaaseee ! do season 5 !

  80. author

    IronSpiderman2099Il y a 8 ans

    hey are there going to be toys of spiderman shattered dimensions plz i hpe there are i would get them all plz reply

  81. author

    Michael JonesIl y a 8 ans

    nice channel

  82. author

    rationalwarriorIl y a 8 ans

    Marvel>DC That Thor movie is gonna be awesome!!!!

  83. author

    Alex MarksIl y a 8 ans

    i can't wait til shattered diemensons

  84. author

    bryan456unknownIl y a 8 ans

    hey Marvel I cant wai tto see the new show Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes on Disney XD! Looking forward to watching it.

  85. author

    IronSpiderman2099Il y a 8 ans

    marvel is beast get it beast better than dc

  86. author

    NoahaonIl y a 8 ans

    i fear the spider-man reboot will be dark and adulty & will fail badly

  87. author

    Evan MollerIl y a 8 ans

    I always thought is should of been Mortal Kombat Vs. Marvel Universe.

  88. author

    AnUnfetteredMindIl y a 8 ans

    i think it's time Deadpool had his own game..

  89. author

    Brother MalachaiIl y a 8 ans

    Fire Daniel Way! His Deadpool SUCKS! X'(

  90. author

    IronSpiderman2099Il y a 8 ans

    I pre-ordered Spiderman Shattered Dimensions it is asome

  91. author

    John DennerIl y a 8 ans

    Loving the new video !

  92. author

    ShadesAtKnightIl y a 8 ans

    Is there any reason why Marvel display picture has stayed as a Galactus action figure?

  93. author

    The Fields AgencyIl y a 8 ans

    Love you guys

  94. author

    Brandon DonahueIl y a 8 ans

    You rule

  95. author

    Florentino Alva LopezIl y a 8 ans

    Saludos !

  96. author

    Krad seventwentyIl y a 8 ans

    I love you marvel

  97. author

    LGGamingNetworkIl y a 8 ans


  98. author

    BloodTalonHeroIl y a 8 ans

    is there chance of continuing fantastic four: world's greates heroes?

  99. author

    TooCooLFoRYou123Il y a 8 ans

    I'm almost positive nobody with any control over the matter reads these but here goes. I think you should bring back Spectacular Spider-Man it's by far the best thing I've seen animated and even the public's response to it is amazingly positive.I mean come on a video of the theme song has like 1.5mil views on here. Canceling this show was a giant mistake,fix it.

  100. author

    chelseasmile696Il y a 8 ans

    Spider-Man > ALL.