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Waluigi, UnraveledWaluigi, Unraveled

Waluigi, Unraveled

Il y a 2 mois

  1. author

    Riley JohnsonIl y a jour

    "It's getting a little hard to determine just what a walking simulator is" [Night in the Woods] i screamed

  2. author

    SawyerNQAIl y a jour

    Melody of Difficult talks with your father, huh? I could get behind that.

  3. author

    Morgan PrettymanIl y a jour

    Awww no Delaware love

  4. author

    Michael LemieuxIl y a jour

    God he’s so drunk after drinking that

  5. author

    Bundle85Il y a jour

    Did Brian forget the greatest Mario enemy Reznor?

  6. author

    Loser Big loserIl y a jour

    He was easy

  7. author

    Alonso AlleyIl y a jour

    Castlevania: overture of ruin

  8. author

    Pedro LópezIl y a jour


  9. author

    Casey Mongilloケイシ・モンジロIl y a jour

    Thank you for this!!

  10. author

    Ryan OlsenIl y a jour

    My link predominantly eats hearty steamed fruit. The recipe: 5 hearty durians. It would have been great watching you guys eat that 😄 Nice video. You added a sense of realism instead of imitating the impossible. I saw a video like that where a guy literally threw whole ingredients into a pot on the stove for a few seconds, but every dish turned out dubious at best.

  11. author

    Sage DerbyIl y a jour


  12. author

    Sir HunterIl y a jour


  13. author

    Ryan CasurellaIl y a jour

    This is the worst video I've seen.

  14. author

    Xero The WeebIl y a jour

    Top ten anime plot twists

  15. author

    RJ De La RosaIl y a jour


  16. author

    Edgar trejo vazquezIl y a jour


  17. author

    Sans SkelebonesIl y a jour

    I am mutilated sorcerer and I would like to change my name to that just to see what people would say

  18. author

    Alan WakeIl y a jour

    Griffin is so cute💕💕💕

  19. author

    Enrecili 553Il y a jour

    You know when the couple in Beetlejuice stretch out their faces to look scary? Yeah same thing happened here

  20. author

    Andre BenoitIl y a jour

    As a beginner to monster hunter this entire video felt pointless. The game teaches you all of this.

  21. author

    Aaron ArismendiIl y a jour

    Damn, I laughed too hard with this, incredible video!

  22. author

    BEEELEEEIl y a jour

    I swear to god I have crushes on most of the Polygon staff

  23. author

    CristinaIl y a jour

    brian looks absolutely STUNNING this episode. i want to run my fingers through his hair, and tell him he is a sunflower to the soul

  24. author

    nowa's artIl y a jour

    i love brians voice i just need everyone to know how great he is pls

  25. author

    LinkieTheHeroIl y a jour

    Says Maine "doesn't" have vampires Me: bites all my friends and hates sunlight

  26. author

    TheSonnyfulIl y a jour

    I can't get over the fact Sonic's real name is Sonny.

  27. author

    Natsu 2GIl y a jour

    That hurt.... my feelings :(

  28. author

    Melissa LeyeIl y a jour

    He looks exactly like Baldur😱😱

  29. author

    James TurnerIl y a jour

    My castlevainia title is literaly just "twilight of the night". What?

  30. author

    Elo. ChanIl y a jour

    Your aura both amuses and intimidates me

  31. author

    [よよヤズ]YOYOYAZUIl y a jour

    They really clapped and shook hands to a dad joke we are such a weird species

  32. author

    TheAmaz1ng StopSignIl y a jour

    you had the chance for 420

  33. author

    Mad LadIl y a jour

    Idk man spiders are spooky.

  34. author

    Zachary BlandingIl y a jour

    I love polygon employee's blatant disrespect of Todd howard

  35. author

    PureDesignIl y a jour

    is that agent carter of mary poppins?

  36. author

    Moist EnvelopesIl y a jour


  37. author

    koffiewolfIl y a jour

    Nintendo will prob leech off from the kids who are now watching weird Mario youtube vids.

  38. author

    PureDesignIl y a jour

    Step 1 : i know how to read Step 2 : grow up Step 3 : get a job Step 4 : get payed buy online done.

  39. author

    James PetersonIl y a jour

    I would have NEVER guessed that it's an experimental piece in terms of structure/form. That's so fuckin cool to know

  40. author

    Clara GallagherIl y a jour

    "I inhaled some" Isnt that what link does with every crumb of food?

  41. author

    Kieron SchweitzerIl y a jour

    *H A R D M A N*

  42. author

    Okra VendakkaiIl y a jour

    Why dost thou disrespect Miyazaki-San?

  43. author

    thangerstringsIl y a jour

    biggestjeremy is the OG mr. meeseeks

  44. author

    Shinypokemoncollector ShadowpokemonruleG1KCZ8Il y a jour

    i mean Hastune miku

  45. author

    Shinypokemoncollector ShadowpokemonruleG1KCZ8Il y a jour

    yes i love hasune miku

  46. author

    Madame MothIl y a jour


  47. author

    notourzIl y a jour

    Y'all should try Native American/Indian Frybread it's like so bad for you but it's also transcendent

  48. author

    Mad dIl y a jour

    Jogging.... Don't like that

  49. author

    Julius Gotthardt MøllerIl y a jour

    Simone "you, bitch" de Rochefort

  50. author

    The WaffleWarriorIl y a jour

    I have watched this video 50 times and I still love it

  51. author

    your god senseigodIl y a jour

    was jeralt from fe three houses on this list

  52. author

    JMG_161Il y a jour

    So... where are the DLC characters classified?

  53. author

    Jack FlackIl y a jour

    When are you releasing "what does a gamer need" as a Single?

  54. author

    summerisanerdIl y a jour

    this is a segment called: BRING GILL AND GILBERT BACK

  55. author

    Cameron HayIl y a jour

    So luigi pulled a Jekyll and hyde when he created waluigi, I buy it

  56. author

    H HIl y a jour

    This series is so fucking cursed

  57. author

    PaulThePuppeteerIl y a jour

    0:23 is that a JoJo reference, Pat?

  58. author

    O BriesIl y a jour

    Garbage boy sounds like Merles son

  59. author

    Pastor of MuppetsIl y a jour

    I live in a rushed out country that was built by USSR immigrants, there's brutalism, beige, and rough texture asbestos walls everywhere I absolutely love it, mostly because the people who live in those buildings leave an impact on it, flowerpots, windchimes, chairs and hookas on balconies That along with vines that climb along the concrete and the overgrown flora around the building really add to it It's old, decaying, and kinda cozy

  60. author

    workman LuIl y a jour


  61. author

    wawiu 2Il y a jour

    I’m pretty sure botw is chi old timeline lol

  62. author

    Óscar ProtovichIl y a jour

    What is the song used at the end? When he has his own revelation?? PLEAAAASE

  63. author

    NOMASANIl y a jour

    "reality brian"? that's something simulated brian would call himself

  64. author

    Dreamline78Il y a jour

    Kratos: Why do the Elves suffer from memory loss? Atreus: I don't know. Kratos: Because they're Alfheimers. Atreus: .........

  65. author

    Peter L.Il y a jour

    mr. music is SHOOK

  66. author

    summerisanerdIl y a jour

    God if anyone wasn't sure Brian wasn't a theatre kid before the pokerap fucking hell lmao I forgot that he went That Hard

  67. author

    NOMASANIl y a jour

    Noma, Sunken Magistrate

  68. author

    Haley DunningIl y a jour

    he didnt even say the color of sonics hands

  69. author

    Stuie MalanIl y a jour

    Abzu is just over in the corner saying "Hi! I'm a swimming simulator!"

  70. author

    NOMASANIl y a jour

    7:22 Its funny... cuz its true for all of us

  71. author

    KyrieFortuneIl y a jour

    "You can't have a Waluigi without a Luigi" Sometimes i hate how well-crafted the Unraveled Cinematic Universe truly is

  72. author

    mutatontherocks01Il y a jour

    Can we just talk about how perfect an actor for Sonic that Ben is? The perfect balance of quick wit, sarcasm, and fun just fits Sonic so perfect. This interview 10/10 👍

  73. author

    pbtenchiIl y a jour

    Brian. Are you okay?

  74. author

    Albert GoreIl y a jour

    12:45 “you’re going into orbit, you stupid mutt”

  75. author

    Leonard MIl y a jour

    So basically its the Backstory of fallout

  76. author

    Wesley DaBesIl y a jour

    I LOVED this game as a kid!!! Thinking back on it, now I'm a little disconcerted... 😅

  77. author

    ChristianVSIl y a jour

    had me laughing, this interview. I'm talking like Yoda now.

  78. author

    Vishesh SinghIl y a jour

    What the fuck

  79. author

    aaron austinIl y a jour

    They just don't know how to play.

  80. author

    Jonah ProchniakIl y a jour


  81. author

    Jason StarlightIl y a jour

    Yes, I don't need to work. This is a perfectly constructive use of my time. *E V E R Y T H I N G I S F I N E*

  82. author

    Danielle & yonatan MittlerIl y a jour

    if you make my nose this small I can't smell your sins

  83. author

    the octopyeIl y a jour

    ok love you bye

  84. author

    jdjk7Il y a jour

    2:23 nice

  85. author

    Mudsville1Il y a jour

    I want to see James Marsden and Ben Scwartz having gay sex

  86. author

    WeirdoIl y a jour

    I got castlevania polyphony of anxiety and honestly that is a 100% accurate representation of me as a person

  87. author

    Jon MathesIl y a jour

    Thank you for referencing Tomba. I feel seen

  88. author

    Red HellgarIl y a jour

    2:53 This kinda feels like cheating

  89. author

    IJS GamingIl y a 2 jours

    Jaa'm turned into a horribly mutated Donkey Kong

  90. author

    MihaelIl y a 2 jours

    10:45 that's the "NO!" of a man regretting every decision that has led him to that point

  91. author

    RuokIl y a 2 jours

    this guy looks like the absolute hipster that would run over in GTA5

  92. author

    ReineDeLaSeine14Il y a 2 jours


  93. author

    ZLDLIl y a 2 jours

    *P O L I T E L Y*

  94. author

    DArkwiNgIl y a 2 jours

    Well done Harry Potter!

  95. author

    McrufflestufflesIl y a 2 jours

    I don't think they play smash

  96. author

    A.O.JIl y a 2 jours


  97. author

    biopentaIl y a 2 jours

    you become a woman/man when spore eats your magnum opus and the five fucking hours it took you

  98. author

    rønney xIl y a 2 jours

    wow missing these streams in 2020

  99. author

    Sorry In AdvanceIl y a 2 jours

    Ah, okay, I get it. (Does not get it)

  100. author

    Gus's Music ChannelIl y a 2 jours