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  1. author

    Samuel SandovalIl y a jour

    Its all depends how far you drive a vehicle

  2. author

    John GrzeskowiakIl y a jour

    Humans are so gullible

  3. author

    First LastIl y a jour

    I need sperm stain filter glasses.

  4. author

    scipher99Il y a jour

    I went to visit in Canada from the U.S. and returned with $780 in parking fines like these. Too bad they can't collect from me as their laws end at the boarder. The fines are not on my credit and I have already sold that car. Oh they try to call to collect but give up as soon as I say I'm a U.S. citizen and refuse to pay lol.

  5. author

    melissa zeaIl y a jour

    They may test negative today but will test positive later because they are carriers...We should of never released them, there is NO cure at this time so do you really think after being in quarantine they will be cured.....sink the ship, burn it like the Vikings did.

  6. author

    Thomas TurnerIl y a jour

    I hope this virus has not mutated GID BLESS THE PEOPLE OF IRAN May this virus not get out of control ALSO GOD WATCH OVER THE MEDICAL PERSONNEL FIGHTING THIS VIRUS

  7. author

    Chris Van BekkumIl y a jour

    And who is surprised at that sentiment ????

  8. author

    Me TVIl y a jour

    Hey look forex is going up

  9. author

    Team JesusIl y a jour

    I bought Anrri blue blockers on Amazon for $21 and they ABSOLUTELY work for relieving eye strain. Before wearing them my eyes would ache and no matter how much sleep I got my eyes were constantly tired. Upon wearing blue blockers my eye strain has been eliminated. And that’s the true purpose for them.

  10. author

    Precious GemsIl y a jour

    50% Of all children are first molested at a. Daycare.

  11. author

    Rachel Lea BuechlerIl y a jour

    500,000+ dead

  12. author

    RealDJDoryIl y a jour

    this is canada's locksmiths... now think about america... HOLY

  13. author

    bo dukeIl y a jour

    alberta cant break away u think the people that were here first going to agree on this, dont think so

  14. author

    Matthew SjogrenIl y a jour

    Again media is falling for or painting the picture that trump wants to go against Bernie sanders. Trump want you to think he wants to go against sanders. However he is afraid, don’t forget the video evidence of him openly admitting his fear of sanders.

  15. author

    LeosRuleTheWorld •Il y a jour

    I'm on methadone still an addict but alot better want off it though still don't feel good about myself you get treated differently in the pharmacy

  16. author

    Liam JerezIl y a jour

    BERNIE2020! 🙌🏻

  17. author

    Geoff OzzyIl y a jour

    It's funny when the people commenting "oh they left comments on for once!" are almost exclusively babbling unproductive nonsense and conspiracies about the CBC. Gee I wonder why they usually don't bother?

  18. author

    Ron LobatoIl y a jour

    Wouldn't you just shave that little piece of hair off your head?

  19. author

    Ricky leeIl y a jour

    So CBS please explain how you track someone called Collin down with just his first name I think u added that in as a lie

  20. author

    Sam KnaptonIl y a jour

    One of these people is a genius and one doesn’t know what they are... hmm

  21. author

    suysarIl y a jour

    stop expanding NATO to the East!!!Russia is only defending itself !!!

  22. author

    RadnallyIl y a jour

    Russian bots again

  23. author

    SheWhoWalksAloneIl y a jour

    People are believing this propaganda? Pandemics create fear, fear creates demand for their vax, always an agenda!

  24. author

    JULIUS BLITZARZIl y a jour

    The government and media are incredibly dangerous. Sucking the life out of Canadian voices and concerns. Only giving information they want you to hear and diminishing or not informing you of what actually are the real issues in Canada. This is a very dangerous precedence. All while the government and heritage minister are pushing for more government control over the free press in Canada.

  25. author

    Ethel HooseIl y a jour

    It is easy to criticize the staff but as a former CNA it is not an easy job and you are always under staffed

  26. author

    Jeff HarringtonIl y a jour

    I always love to go back in time and see how WRONG all these pundit predictions were....lol

  27. author

    John LoIl y a jour

    Listen it's from USA it's military bio chemical warfare

  28. author

    Jason SwannIl y a jour

    Anyone reminded of Deliverance?

  29. author

    KAIIRUIl y a jour

    I'm not even finished with the video but to be fair, extremely old people in their 90s or around 90 are always projecting themselves victims after being extremely rude. The dude was probably trying to get the lock open and she was breathing down his neck nagging him so he snapped.

  30. author

    André Vila FrancaIl y a jour

    We want new episodes.

  31. author

    Jack LandersIl y a jour

    It’s not a reunion episode. It’s not even an episode from the series in fact. It’s the actors who played the 6 characters reuniting in an unscripted hour long episode talking about their time on friends for the new HBO streaming service and of course for that $2.5 million. They are not going to be playing their characters.

  32. author

    BUZ1952 ZIl y a jour

    At least they didn't check Chick-fil-A

  33. author

    Farzana NasimaIl y a jour

    He is so general this moment. No rush and i liked he is focusing the kids than the election. Its means do not care election either pass and fail

  34. author

    Galenda WagenIl y a jour

    Souf koreans, get your guns ready.

  35. author

    Big DeeperIl y a jour

    Repeating the obvious is WHO's main skill.

  36. author

    City Boy DaltonIl y a jour

    Dalton is my name!

  37. author

    Green BastardIl y a jour

    Couldn't happen at a worse time. We have a completely incompetent government responsible for public health. Start at least doing topical prepping people. Can guarantee it's coming and there is little to stop it.

  38. author

    CatIl y a jour

    Here is the news. Annoying stutter.

  39. author

    sanujit royIl y a jour

    China need to make a strategy

  40. author

    Cotton CloudIl y a jour

    My house would be perfect for kids. Big back yard, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Big garage in in but like the area surrounding it. 3 fences one made out of would were our dogs are right now. another black tall fence. After that fence a parking fence that extends around the whole house, and a yard. And a dining room, kitchen, and a living room.i would never become a day care tho

  41. author

    the UnrepentantIl y a jour

    *COVID-19 **_cannot_** be contained.* It transmits like the common cold. While it may be avoided by _never_ coming into contact with liquid droplets harbouring the virus this possibility in everyday life where people must interact is virtually non-existent. Persons handle cash, goods and touch objects. A droplet in a plastic shipping package makes the journey to another continent without requiring a human host. Like the common cold an individual may be subject to infection several times. Immunity cannot be acquired. Transmission cannot be avoided. COVID-19 will run its course, take its toll and transform society. _Agenda 21._ Right on schedule. Right on time. _Arriving soon in your neighbourhood._

  42. author

    JpTrIl y a jour

    Prince Harry is the best continent I have known in my life

  43. author

    Judge JennyIl y a jour

    What does Bernie really offer? Legalized drugs???? C'mon!

  44. author

    ViKii SkuIl y a jour

    Whenever I tell my parents something like this, they don't believe me. They tell me I am crazy and should stop with conspiracies because of fda/cfia would never let that happen. Nieve people like this who turn their head from how unregulated the business world is are the ones who get hurt in the end. Awareness is nice, but this should be stopped altogether for those who look away because as long as people like my parents exist, they will never stop if it makes money. previous generations allowed these giant corporations flourish before consumer knowledge was spread, and most of them would NEVER grow now and get canceled pretty quick. It's about time people with morals and without bottomless greed took over and put an end to everything this series reports on. Million/billion dollar companies piss me off and shouldn't exist.

  45. author

    Stan KnowltonIl y a jour

    Trump in-directs the vote to Bernie, Bernie implements J. Hopkins Health on the public and give Trump his cut, win win win.

  46. author

    natalialeon56Il y a jour

    Give your life too JESUS

  47. author

    Karishma SharmaIl y a jour

    I saw a server at Subway picking her nose.

  48. author

    Sean AndernachtIl y a jour

    You love to see it!

  49. author

    Judge JennyIl y a jour


  50. author

    RadnallyIl y a jour

    I guess we are all russian bots now

  51. author

    Calvin J.Il y a jour

    All travel to and from China needs to stop!

  52. author

    somethingsomethingnicknameIl y a jour

    any type of ''recycling'' company usually don't even following what they preach

  53. author

    Zoltán BerzsenyiIl y a jour

    Plastic surgery and rehab that is what you get!

  54. author

    Vasu MaruIl y a jour

    They should go in prison

  55. author

    PoisonpinballIl y a jour

    Shout out the black dude in the grey beanie spitting facts about the best way to live life. "The same vibe you give off to me is the same vibe I'll give back to you. That's the way I live my life." Beautiful words, wish more people would live by them.

  56. author

    V GIl y a jour


  57. author

    Pink FreudIl y a jour

    Imagine a future where those who survived Corona re-infect everyone every 20 days. Or a future where those who survive Corona have to live on an island together away from all other humans because their infection keeps recurring and transmitting. Bloody sci-fi this is!

  58. author

    RadnallyIl y a jour

    If he is smart he will get in front of the covid issue and start really talking up healthcare before it hits hard

  59. author

    Sair Sair SairIl y a jour

    As plantas medicinais curam , e o Magnésio Dimalato, e a vitamina K 2 é otma tome Vocalista do Glass Tiger vc fica curado , mas os médicos não indicam porque trabalham pro sistema e ganham em cima disso enquanto isso milhares de pessoas morrendo de bobeira

  60. author

    Paul IndreIl y a jour

    I am so glad that Davis found the books and articles written by Prof. Seignalet in France 30 or 40 years ago. It is a great shame that he does not even mention him as I see that the articles written by Davis are ,in my opinion, taken largely from Seignalet.

  61. author

    YasmineIl y a jour

    This coincides with the leaks that Chinese hospitals were releasing people despite not being cured. Guess it's confirmed then? Or maybe they really are just getting re-infected. Idk which is scarier.

  62. author

    LLT CollectionIl y a jour

    These exposed merchants should have reported themselves to nearby quarantine centers. Speeches they acted selfish and ignorant 😡😡😡

  63. author

    Peridot The BeardieIl y a jour

    This is proof that purina is the worst

  64. author

    Hey ThereIl y a jour

    Why tf are planes still flying from China? This is fkin ridiculous. These fools are more worried about money instead of people's lives.

  65. author

    Monitory ReportIl y a jour


  66. author

    Ever GarciaIl y a jour

    Tradition got everyone sick

  67. author

    That's no moonIl y a jour


  68. author

    joan jarretteIl y a jour

    People cover your eyes, that is where it is getting in..

  69. author

    Jaimie ConroyIl y a jour

    Sounds like anri-Canadian bias.

  70. author

    P ValIl y a jour

    They stole. XX. R

  71. author

    Paul GIl y a jour

    760 million quarantined in China.. it's still just a flu right?

  72. author

    joan jarretteIl y a jour

    One million have died.

  73. author

    Art VuilleumierIl y a jour

    Nothing but drama here ...

  74. author

    TheZombaslayaIl y a jour

    You know if they’re going to keep it the way it is, please legalize LIDAR jammers and Radar detectors

  75. author

    manatoa1Il y a jour

    Can we, for the love of God, close the damned borders now? If not, what is their criteria to determine whether Canada's risk is no longer "low".

  76. author

    P ValIl y a jour

    Prince ?? William's mom lied ??

  77. author

    David BowerIl y a jour

    American Presidents never seem to learn from the mistakes of their predecessors.

  78. author

    DosflamingosIl y a jour

    Canadians support violent protest in HK, condemns peaceful protest in Canada. What a hypocrite.

  79. author

    DosflamingosIl y a jour

    Canadians support violent protest in HK, condemns peaceful protest in Canada. What a hypocrite.

  80. author

    Jay YouTubeIl y a jour

    It’s not the tap water, it’s the pipes that carry the water to my house that’s the reason I won’t drink tap water.

  81. author

    Claudine ProsperIl y a jour

    Trudeau reads his script like he is in a drama class! I do not trust him. He has lied and covered up so much criminal activity. It boggles my mind how he ever got to be a Prime Minister.

  82. author

    FlyLike aButterflyIl y a jour

    China jiayou 🙏

  83. author

    PppIl y a jour

    It's the same with most tradesman. Just look at the car or house they have and going on holiday 3 times a year.

  84. author

    Revolutionary CommunistIl y a jour

    Teachers must have the right to protest so they can improve their own lives and the quality of our education.

  85. author

    L FIl y a jour

    Well certain "canadians" voted these left wing clowns in and now they're paying for it... Real Canadians didn't.......

  86. author

    Geneva McdanielIl y a jour

    She is so wrong...

  87. author

    Andrew ChiaIl y a jour

    WHO said no worry.

  88. author

    Michael CoaxumIl y a jour


  89. author

    DAB 369Il y a jour


  90. author

    MrTekwizIl y a jour

    It's ridiculous to allow 5 unelected chiefs to go against the will of the majority of the Wet'suet'en people, including their own elected council. Not very democratic, IMO.

  91. author

    Michael GarciaIl y a jour

    Eskenazi was a society that came out of the caucus after its collapse. The askenazi split up went to Asia Russia and the other half went into the Middle East studying the religion Judaism and they became Jews. They couldn't pronounce Judaism. So they Jews. And that's what caused all the wars. Since the beginning. Jews didn't have any land they wandered and countries took them in. What is it until 1914 the Rothschild family approach England for some land for the Jews in the Middle East. If the war between Japan was one. America got involved won the war and England in 1941 gave them lands that belong to Palestinians and called it Israel. ApacheHopiTribe

  92. author

    Mi ChIl y a jour

    WHO failed us, its end of humanity

  93. author

    Tamx GoldIl y a jour

    I have been asking. How are people being cured if there is no treatment or cure? The people that have been tested positive a second time after being so called cured. Does this mean they were never cured to begin with? They were just not showing any signs of the virus so they was let go because more space was needed ? How can one be cured if there’s nothing to cure the disease with 🤷🏾‍♀️.

  94. author

    Daniel CIl y a jour

    I heard the hospitals pushed people out before they were fully recovered to boost the recovered number. Maybe that's why people "get infected again". Generally speaking, it's not possible to get infected again by the same virus unless the virus has mutated or the immune system overreacts.

  95. author

    Kelvin JonesIl y a jour

    How I was raised, the older the vechile with high milage twice a year. And it all depends if your vechile is hauling heavy loads all the time or not. If easy driving once a year. I have a 02 sunfire gt with 235000km I change it twice a year. And the car starts and runs like the day i bought it with 88,000km on it.

  96. author

    Jeremy HillIl y a jour

    The officer should be fired.

  97. author

    Joe DIl y a jour

    “They don’t trust the mainstream media” yup them and literally everyone else. CBC is garbage. They only thing that keeps you grifters employees is through theft of taxpayer dollars

  98. author

    Chi TsangIl y a jour

    Trust no ccp and who

  99. author

    Saurabh AnandIl y a jour

    Please convert to vegetarian please and stop killing wild life

  100. author

    Al CortezIl y a jour

    Someone is triggered..