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  1. author

    Anthony PasquarielloIl y a jour

    "Can appreciate up to 1,000" is some clever wording

  2. author

    incantationIl y a jour

    hm this is not something i will like to have. if i have the money, i will just buy the zenbook pro duo, or someone could come up with a truly dual screen laptop with a cover style keyboard like the surface, wrapping around the two screens when closed

  3. author

    Aarav RahtoleIl y a jour

    Ok he's complaining from the beginning. Love it

  4. author

    Primus#GamingofficialIl y a jour

    This is *so good for streamers*

  5. author

    350 zoIl y a jour

    Do it with a 2 liter

  6. author

    PixelLordIl y a jour

    4:05 why do you keep saying that it has 64 MP main camera, if the main is 12 mp, and 64 for telephoto?

  7. author

    Changing RoomIl y a jour

    this is good and very productive product but this cable is deal breaker!

  8. author

    C-FU gamingIl y a jour

    Waduhek, looks like a laptop made for two headed ogres in warcraft

  9. author

    REN Banana 2Il y a jour

    Why do i get hungry when i watch these videos

  10. author

    Sebastian AriasIl y a jour

    just get an ipad chief

  11. author

    Samuel whiteIl y a jour

    Song used is “ghost notes” tape 8

  12. author

    Fusion 890Il y a jour

    Play RD2 max out on both screen 🤪

  13. author

    Il y a jour

    Reminds me of juicero

  14. author

    Usman HaiderIl y a jour

    The old style unboxings were best, this new freestyle is so annoying!

  15. author

    Cameron HunterIl y a jour

    This is such a stupid idea, something you'd see in the early 2000's

  16. author

    Judah GriffithIl y a jour

    👍 for 2 liter test

  17. author

    MattAllMediaThingsIl y a jour

    How do you remove the magnets on your laptops tho?

  18. author

    TravisIl y a jour

    Aye Lew u got Drake in your studio man

  19. author

    Brunas PIl y a jour

    120hz refresh rate???? 144hz is beter

  20. author

    you thoobIl y a jour

    Lew farts. Lew: Willy Du everyone.

  21. author

    Igors TracumsIl y a jour

    Why tf is this in my recommended 6 years after

  22. author

    Arjan Singh BhallaIl y a jour

    So much work, couldn’t you have used sidecar on mac instead 😂

  23. author

    Andrew StewartIl y a jour

    Am I able to come by the studio and meet everyone. I love your channel and live right in Toronto.

  24. author

    KilianIl y a jour

    i really dont like this new style at all. it feel like they just want to make the videos unnessesary longer :S

  25. author

    J_ RICHIl y a jour

    @unboxtherapy Lew ... I don't know if you'll see this but you inspire me to be more .

  26. author

    Jack KellyIl y a jour

    Nice video bro really nice 👍

  27. author

    Will Power PCsIl y a jour

    the ronco reference lmao

  28. author

    Josh RamosIl y a jour

    For $250 that is expensive for that cheap looking monitor.

  29. author

    Lucifer MorningstarIl y a jour

    Still waiting for under display camera

  30. author

    Zaheer AhmedIl y a jour

    Bro love uuu

  31. author

    Lil FamIl y a jour

    F*ck, I thought it was the under display camera...

  32. author

    Tom Kamín - VideoprodukceIl y a jour

    There are no hard drives in MOST new laptops. Def not on the mac

  33. author

    Robert BobIl y a jour

    Lew ruined Willie Du laptop, how's is he getting those magnets off the top. 😡

  34. author

    Ted TedIl y a jour

    Dude stop wondering around and get to the product jeez

  35. author

    Val CiobanuIl y a jour

    Or you can use your iPad.

  36. author

    shubham bhardwajIl y a jour

    How many ppl actually hit a like when he said we have to take some tough decisions around here ? 😂😂😂

  37. author

    Timothy AndrewsIl y a jour

    What to do when the back of the Laptop is plastic ? 😒

  38. author

    Han CIl y a jour

    What’s the thing with Dave2D

  39. author

    Bugheanu MarioIl y a jour

    Remembering the razer

  40. author

    Eli DjondoIl y a jour

    Usb cable could have been shorter. Just make it connect to the bottom left of the second screen instead of top right.

  41. author

    Simnikiwe MpabangaIl y a jour

    Ubuntu is the 🇿🇦Zulu word for 'Humanity'.

  42. author

    Fadil KarmallyIl y a jour


  43. author

    Tha King RyanIl y a jour

    What website is he in? Me: definitely pornhub

  44. author

    Dean LambeskiIl y a jour

    So many neckbeardy comments

  45. author

    Johan VanlerbergheIl y a jour

    is it like a toy ore not i haved to say i like th razer more....-the razer is for boys and the z flip is for girls ande btw z flip looks more like a make up mirror box and razer is mor futuristish 😊

  46. author

    AunovaDluxIl y a jour

    Y'all remember when Unbox Therapy never wasted time unboxing stuff and getting into the actual gadget? Me neither...

  47. author

    Adrian ReeceIl y a jour

    Picked this up a week ago. Absolutely love it!

  48. author

    Slater bilnIl y a jour

    Review the slide n joy

  49. author

    Travis TerrellIl y a jour

    The comments section confuses me. I scrolled down to get some takes on the monitor (which looks great for my needs), yet only see comments on the personalities, with no talk of the monitor at all!

  50. author

    Jeff FarIl y a jour

    250 for a taped on tablet with no computing power of its own is that your thoughts on this too?

  51. author

    Dillion RossIl y a jour

    I would say you just created a Windows 10X device easy as pie. Just need Windows 10X OS now to complete this laptop. DONE! Sweet!!!

  52. author

    Bryan L WeierIl y a jour

    Still loving this format!

  53. author

    Samsung OfficialIl y a jour

    Mehangi Masti Lew bhai ki taraf se ~ "महगी मसती" Hindustan Hindustan 👇👇

  54. author

    Mr.TibsIl y a jour

    So a portable monitor

  55. author

    wakamoto1105Il y a jour

    Razer please bring back project valerie!

  56. author

    Al Hareth Bani AwwadIl y a jour

    This is really good. Im writing my dissertation and i always need a second screen. This thing will apare time and i can write anywhere! I think 250 is a lot tbh. If they do improve the quality, Brightness and cut off a bit of bezels, ill buy it.

  57. author

    jake liuIl y a jour

    I’m keeping my iPad Pro as duel screen setup, $250 for that is too expensive.

  58. author

    Eli WolkensteinIl y a jour


  59. author

    WubbzIl y a jour

    This new video style is the shit.

  60. author

    HamboIl y a jour

    even if you have the money, having a case that's more expensive than your phone is just plain idiotic.

  61. author

    musicIl y a jour

    Where's the old unboxing therapy

  62. author

    D3ADHAWK87Il y a jour

    How do I trust this

  63. author

    Peter WIl y a jour

    So these guys stole the Razer prototype not Linus?

  64. author

    Eagle10021Il y a jour

    "Isn't it dangerous to have magnets near hard drives?" Lew "why are you so anti magnet?" Both forget modern laptops use SSD's and not HDD's. I know that older laptops have HDD's, but they are located near the screen.

  65. author

    ctct19Il y a jour

    250 price is pretty low for this channel lol

  66. author

    NeonFXIl y a jour

    The new unboxing style is kinda lame :( I really prefer the old style

  67. author

    Rubin lopezIl y a jour

    Meh lol

  68. author

    Radz DayticIl y a jour

    imagine running a ds emulator with this

  69. author

    МусоркаIl y a jour

    Project Valerie but it works

  70. author

    Nothing SpecialIl y a jour

    Can you give this to me pleeeeeeeeeeeeease

  71. author

    Samsung OfficialIl y a jour

    Now that's something want make sense of spending my bucks Good one Lew..!!! 👇👇

  72. author

    Tony EdwardsIl y a jour

    Mfrz just make anything now a days . next, quad screen iron man base laptop.

  73. author

    Oh3ProductionsIl y a jour

    But does it drain your battery

  74. author

    August GreyIl y a jour

    Why do people like peeling stuff.

  75. author

    DaddyIl y a jour

    I would not trust buying it from them but since you have one if you want to sell it to me I would buy it from you. I would just change the skin and desktop pic.

  76. author

    RomaricSIl y a jour

    Productivity up: Let me open a youtube video

  77. author

    Agnes AkneIl y a jour

    display sucks, borders re too wide

  78. author

    Robert GeierIl y a jour

    I would love one of those

  79. author

    kobla nyomiIl y a jour

    Clearly riding on the success of Duet with a name like that.

  80. author

    Doberman KDIl y a jour

    "Ubuntu" is Humanity in Zulu.

  81. author

    Ross BrianIl y a jour

    Just a tip........ speakers are the worst to review lol they always sound like shit on video compared to in person, it's kinda pointless

  82. author

    Petr BandaIl y a jour

    How is the stand for his macbook called?

  83. author

    - ARDMOREIl y a jour

    Will had that same new hat on two videos ago

  84. author

    Stavros KarasIl y a jour

    Can you give me this thing to play Fortnite on 0 ping?

  85. author

    Ludwig SandströmIl y a jour

    *04:17** If that Mac has a spinning hard drive in it my name is Tim Cook*

  86. author

    Ace RockolaIl y a jour

    Just wanna say love the new format! Shout out to EDITING! Great job boys!

  87. author

    META2000BIl y a jour

    Ubuntu is a Xhosa word that means (compassion and humanity)

  88. author

    Tech NerdIl y a jour

    Not impressed with the viewing angle of it, considering its an IPS display which should be better and it seems to have a greenish cyan tint to it.

  89. author

    Greg SierackiIl y a jour

    I don't think the hard drive is behind the screen so you don't have to worry about the magnets! Duh!

  90. author

    Martin PedersenIl y a jour

    how does it sound if the bottle has some content in it?

  91. author

    Dovahkiin DragonbornIl y a jour

    Thanks for stalling so the video is longer

  92. author

    vnz88Il y a jour

    $250 for an external screen... or $329 for a whole iPad then extend via sidecar? Choice is simple.

  93. author

    morphiuzIl y a jour

    The CEO of Escobar INC Olof Kyros Gustafsson is from Sweden my contry.

  94. author

    mushahid miahIl y a jour

    Screen could have bigger with less bezel

  95. author

    Sasu Attiogbe RedlichIl y a jour

    you can also diy this .

  96. author

    nike soloIl y a jour

    The price has come 44 dollars currently

  97. author

    lizard with 10k subscribers ?Il y a jour

    Or just go buy another laptop man that's says 250$ 💀 it really amount less than 150

  98. author

    SeanIl y a jour

    6:14 the dog😂😂

  99. author

    mitu petreIl y a jour

    It not nice but it is something to workc on!

  100. author

    ZickZakIl y a jour

    If it were connected to it without a cable, it could be ok.