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  1. author

    MaryIl y a jour

    Poor girl😪

  2. author

    sPaGeT :DIl y a jour

    either nike sucks or new york times really has dirt on them

  3. author

    Bull VineIl y a jour

    🤔 I have one got it while he was alive though and I was only five

  4. author

    culinaryarIl y a jour

    This version edits most of Clinton’s weird fake smiles & reactions from both. Look for the NBC published version. This is something the NY Slimes slapped together... Or... Slimed together I should say. 😆

  5. author

    xEmpty.AbyssxIl y a jour

    Mommies can be really excited about wanting a child, they can plan for them, cry of joy when they find out the news, be happy to prepare for the baby and get ready for their arrival. These same moms can go through postpartum depression/psychosis. Please have a security net ready, include this in the plan and what actions you will take when you feel this way. Include partner and family. I for one know I have depression, if someone like me wants to have a baby then I need to be ready for the real possibility of developing this. Therefore, I will talk to my husband, have him be prepared. What signs to look for and what to do and how to reach out for help, etc. You can get through it. You can and WILL come out ok.

  6. author

    Samara LimaIl y a jour

    Make one about Brazil and you'll see who's worst lol 🇧🇷 about the minimum wage, price of things and corruption

  7. author

    MaryIl y a jour

    Very sad for the boy and his family.😢. I know Border Patrol Guards have been killed by people across the border throwing rocks at them. Very sad for them and their families also! 😢

  8. author

    Racquel BarkerIl y a jour

    We love u

  9. author

    I love SatanIl y a jour

    To anyone who may feel the need to carry out an attack such as this, please, hear me out Nobody will think that you are cool. Or badass. Or edgy. You will be mocked, laughed at. Even in death. Your death would become the punchline to a joke. Your family will forever live in shame knowing what you did. Even your friends would make fun of the thing you did. You'll be memed into oblivion, and then promptly forgotten of as soon as the joke goes stale. You will achieve nothing. Your legacy will be a joke. And nobody will bat an eye when you die.

  10. author

    frank starkIl y a jour

    three percent unemployment. 10 million more blacks and browns moved off of food stamps because they now have jobs. "trump is the worst president ever!!"

  11. author

    Ahmar SaeedIl y a jour

    You’ve got to admire her. In the way one would admire Francis Underwood.

  12. author

    Matricia HartIl y a jour

    When people ask what are you? It will be nice when one can say human, I just happen to have ancestors that don’t come from the same geographical location or culture. Maybe a alien invasion could help🤔

  13. author

    Sara Meira GootblattIl y a jour

    They don’t stop killary and they do stop trump. #fakenews #enemyofthepeople

  14. author

    Renewed RebeccaIl y a jour

    How a lifestyle is considered a culture beats me

  15. author

    Olivia GonzalezIl y a jour

    this was so soothing to watch <3

  16. author

    anime thugIl y a jour

    thank you, i really needed this tutorial

  17. author

    David TigertIl y a jour

    My son recently asked me, Dad, when will all wars end? I told the truth, when there is no one left to fight.

  18. author

    Wendy DinhIl y a jour

    Omg I thought that sharenting meant that parents forced their kids to pay half the rent at a young age. Thank god it didn’t mean that. I’m not saying that the issue of sharenting is irrelevant tho

  19. author

    Grant JIl y a jour

    A very sad day. This was the tragedy that put the authorities in perspective for me. I was young, 12-13, and the police have proven repeatedly to me personally and through their actions to other Americans, Waco, Bundy... A seventy something in Georgia... Every time they drive it home. They are the ENEMY.

  20. author

    Humayun KhawarIl y a jour

    Directed by Charlie Tyrell 😭

  21. author

    Omzzz ZIl y a jour

    “American people are happy” that is mistaken...

  22. author

    Specules GorgothIl y a jour

    faithful woman devoted mother a good woman (as far as people go ) you win look at you with your Child hm??? who wins? YOU DO!!! EYE WANT TO HEAR THIS WOMANS SOUL NOW!!! the black eyed peas lost big if you ask me.

  23. author

    Rachel RubinIl y a jour

    Busking is the DUMBEST word ever.

  24. author

    Dave HallIl y a jour

    Wow, they looked so hard done by... Go Don...

  25. author

    DarknessIl y a jour

    Double standard

  26. author


    Mini Mike. Not gonna make it.

  27. author

    Susan JordanIl y a jour

    That interviewer is a nasty piece of work.

  28. author

    alexangelIl y a jour

    Sad that schools and parents care more about the gratification of their children being “ivy league college bound” but fail to realize the hardships and long term debt their children end up facing. College is the biggest scam in America

  29. author

    Saqib ZamanIl y a jour

    You do realise the pashtuns are very ritualistic probably the most on earth so selling democracy to mountain is already half way under water. Yes there needs to be change but they have to bring it themselves. I'm pashtun myself and I know forcing someone to do something is not the way to go

  30. author

    timo_du 879855Il y a jour

    empty egg carton

  31. author

    Trxgiic TreyIl y a jour

    Is it just me or did the Store Owner push him to the gang members ?

  32. author

    NikIl y a jour

    If you're an American and ever want to be shocked, horrified, and disgusted, leave the country for half a year and then come back. Land whales EVERYWHERE

  33. author

    Daniel RojasIl y a jour

    If they can only use the same violence in their country they can overthrow their corrupt governments and they can take their country t

  34. author

    sekailuIl y a jour

    I love her gracefulness. They wanted to produce music that went against her morals, she did not want to be objectified. But she did not hold it against Fergie. Its not something to be ashamed of, but it was not her goal. What they wanted was something commercial and she wanted to stay true to herself, and that was not it. She stepped down not with bitterness, but to find what truly made her happy. So much respect.

  35. author

    Donna ColemanIl y a jour

    Just buy dough already made ijs

  36. author

    Jose BocanegraIl y a jour

    Great example of someone who is given political job security by voters in a little state and gets to hang around long enough to get awarded and promoted, but when he actually has to compete seriously against higher quality talent for something more important, then his personal deficiencies and flawed outlook get exposed and he shrivels.

  37. author

    L.A. Harris GomesIl y a jour

    Because you would be in JAIL!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥

  38. author

    Zacki ColatoIl y a jour

    Very different attitudes between Arab iss wife's and European converts

  39. author

    Michele Of The OaksIl y a jour

    I used to watch Bob Ross on TV once in a while. A few years ago I discovered his videos on FRreporter and watched dozens of them for weeks on end. Watching him is a great way to relax.

  40. author

    Spike SpiegelIl y a jour

    Funny we have a government that cannot discern what's legal and what is right...

  41. author

    Nam HIl y a jour

    Classic nytimes lack of diversity

  42. author

    FARK GOOGLEIl y a jour


  43. author

    Queen Lee-mayesIl y a jour

    I live in "point comfort, Virginia" Which is Hampton, Virginia!! Thank you for making this wonderful soul deep ad.

  44. author

    culinaryarIl y a jour

    18:30 & 25:07 Watch the woman wearing glasses over Trumps left shoulder, when H.C. puts on her giant FAKE smile, then starts spewing BS. 😏She TOTALLY caught Hitleries insincerity...😆

  45. author

    ΛHSΛN NΛDEΞMIl y a jour

    After spending 20 trillion on wars in last 20 years they still can't prove this quote wrong "Afghanistan is graveyard of empires"

  46. author

    Lama SamsaraIl y a jour

    boycott nike so many bad stories about this company. if you buy your part of the problem.

  47. author

    John FerryIl y a jour

    Another liar running for Democrat. Give me a break Mike. Keep your trillions in your wallet.

  48. author

    Craig BIl y a jour

    The Jew York Times strikes again.

  49. author

    Jeff GoodmanIl y a jour

    It was the 80s....rise of the so called "moral majority" that is neither. My RPG club got disbanned at high school because of these bible thumpers.

  50. author

    Katerine RoroIl y a jour

    Ohhh I remember her!

  51. author

    Xara PrimexIl y a jour


  52. author

    Bobo BabaIl y a jour

    A dog @1.13? Thought they hated dogs? Must of been left behind :(

  53. author

    Nealah_PlayzIl y a jour

    Yes we have different anatomy but what’s bugging me is that “Men can take harder training but woman aren’t designed to” Idk why but that just triggers me

  54. author

    AmrtvideoIl y a jour

    Top Scientist Tells CBS: HAARP Responsible For Recent Hurricanes - What is Cloud Seeding?

  55. author

    jojan powersIl y a jour

    I want to be the president of North Korea I would let everyone have freedom but no one from North Korea can actually see this 😭😢

  56. author

    Barry BlonjeauxIl y a jour

    Keep up the good work Mexico .

  57. author

    Repsychler 808Il y a jour

    And I thought I had problems. Sheesh.

  58. author

    J.N.J. 704Il y a jour

    This is a issue with coaches making so much money and athletes making nothing. NCAA has these problems going on in almost all sports.

  59. author

    Mehta VishnuIl y a jour

    where is the third level?

  60. author

    pitzboechannelIl y a jour

    Title says “A new face for North Korea?” But at 2:25 they clearly say it’s probably not.

  61. author

    David TigertIl y a jour

    Nothing to worry about, we are going to die anyhow. All of us, soon

  62. author

    Agent SmithIl y a jour

    This why you always gotta fight back! But jokes need to be allowed still.

  63. author

    Smd IdgafIl y a jour

    I don’t even think the army acts like this😂

  64. author

    mani dhimanIl y a jour

    Stop your propaganda

  65. author

    courtneyliuIl y a jour

    Notice how different the accounts of the incident are. I can certainly sense subversive racism when the officer describes Mr. Brown's face as a demon. That was completely inappropriate and speaks volumes about his character. America still has a long way to go in educating its people to be more culturally competent and introspective of their prejudice.

  66. author

    JasonIl y a jour

    I love when people make inquisitive sounding commentary that sounds smart but really doesn't say anything "Electricity is really more important than most people realize". No. Everyone thinks it is important. You're not insightful.

  67. author

    Agent SmithIl y a jour

    These "comedians" aren't funny, at all. They look more like angry, feminist, radical leftist.

  68. author

    isaiah baughmanIl y a jour

    Lmao theyre all dead, if I was on that .50 and I got hit with a tomato, that’s a dead man

  69. author

    Tobydog444 _Il y a jour

    It’s still a viola which automatically makes it worth 5 bucks at the most

  70. author

    Nomi ShanyaIl y a jour

    YES!!!!!!! PROTECT YOUR SPIRIT FROM THE EVIL. She is so strong to say no to selling her body!

  71. author

    lbacker90Il y a jour

    "The others" The American way. Hate.

  72. author

    William RIl y a jour

    Poetry in motion. Truly a thing of rare beauty! :0)

  73. author

    courtneyliuIl y a jour

    jury of one's peers. n. "a guaranteed right of criminal defendants, in which "peer" means an "equal." This has been interpreted by courts to mean that the available jurors include a broad spectrum of the population, particularly of race, national origin and gender." I doubt that the jury included much diversity. If you've participated in jury duty and witnessed selection of jurors, you would know it's a heavily biased and arbitrary process.

  74. author

    Patty JonesIl y a jour

    The Catholic Church.....oh please.....

  75. author

    Jesus55Il y a jour

    no mercy☝️☝️☝️☝️

  76. author

    Hardliner independenceIl y a jour

    great speech mr. President, LOVE FROM KURDISTAN

  77. author

    save your heroIl y a jour

    and people who are against this , are probably shills to the big corporation. or they are privileged to not be homeless and stuck in a situation like this. yes people should get paid for the skills they provide but they are people too. they need food, house, utilities.

  78. author

    Victor YanezIl y a jour

    Child abuse.

  79. author

    Master BatesIl y a jour

    Big up mufc

  80. author

    Cheryl KimballIl y a jour

    i like the kid who said "i almost walked into the mirror"

  81. author

    MemarthioIl y a jour

    *Freemasonry abusing a false lottery system called stardom.* I am so glaaad I didn't become a popstar. It is *MONEY for loneliness!* And, it is Freemasonry abusing a false lottery system.

  82. author

    Sharmistha JatuaIl y a jour

    It's with menstruating blood...those men have come in the world.. Arseholes!!!!

  83. author

    Terry TomaszewskiIl y a jour

    Bravo to you for speaking up! May you heal and thrive! I am mad that you were treated like that! Shame on Nike and shame on Salazar! 1

  84. author

    R CoronetIl y a jour

    It's because we have over 14 Million Immigrant Doctors from War Torn Countries and paybacks a biotch.. Strategy Art of War

  85. author

    BaneOfPhillipBurnellIl y a jour

    Manchester United Jersey 😂 that Steve G guy must be stevie g probably saw the Manchester Jersey and got salty

  86. author

    Ethan HaydenIl y a jour

    This isnt “what do Europeans think of American life” its “what do Europeans think of cherry-picked bad parts of American life”

  87. author

    Craig MoorerIl y a jour

    So she obviously has an opinion of herself that she has high value… She lives like a slob, and spent her 20s whoring herself out to multiple guys. And now she thinks that the high-value man is just going to come into her life? Oh dear god that is funny. I sincerely hope she wakes up and lowers her expectations.

  88. author

    Lilianna BIl y a jour

    my mom had four kids, I was her first with a man & I was also an accident. I’m 18 now and she’s hated me everyday of her life & shown it physically & verbally because she got stuck with a man she wasn’t in love with by conceiving me! Yay

  89. author

    Bruce HoudiniIl y a jour

    2001: A Poop Odyssey

  90. author

    AGamingBaconIl y a jour

    School shooter: *shoots* *Battlefield theme plays*

  91. author

    Albert JohnIl y a jour

    Its time to talk about these syria ..nobody can support God almighty put them into right places..we can support..n help

  92. author

    Matthew LiIl y a jour

    He is so handsome and manly. ppl need to calm down and stop giving opinion on other ppl's life.

  93. author

    Daniel DamishIl y a jour

    The whole gang needs to be on death penalty because they all attack they all should die after

  94. author

    Comrade YanaIl y a jour

    Toxic family blinded by old-fashioned traditions. This woman is very strong, cause can think out of the box. She is the future, her family's the past.

  95. author

    kawaii gamerIl y a jour

    Bro me and him have the same brithday..lets go

  96. author

    ksj 0212Il y a jour

    What a waste of time. Such a preposterous notion that the umbrella man would be making such an obscure protest. And people say conspiracy buffs come up with unbelievable facts.

  97. author

    Salty SagIl y a jour

    American culture is so disgusting

  98. author

    MarimilitarybratIl y a jour

    Once, I read the New York Times every day. Not now. View the testimonies of women who escaped from North Korea.

  99. author

    Simply SasukeIl y a jour

    I will never buy nike again after this. I can not POSSIBLY support Nike as a woman after this.

  100. author

    1bridge11Il y a jour

    Trump 2020