Green Day
Green Day
Green Day

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    Corey HarrisIl y a jour

    This song describes Trump as president completely.

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    meliodas 1Il y a jour

    Billie: I walk alone Two other people that r with him: am I a joke to u

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    RSdabeastIl y a jour

    Y’know, a lot of people have varying opinions on the new stuff, but I’m in the next generation growing up with this. I love it.

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    tony ceeIl y a jour


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    Bary 90's TVIl y a jour

    Feb 2020

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    NewYawkahBroadIl y a jour

    A moment in time that will stay with each person until their dying day.

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    Niel SODJIl y a jour

    Im pretty sure this is the eviction song of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash 2010

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    Junior Chaves o Picasso de YahushuaIl y a jour


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    Pierrre ZambranoIl y a jour

    Like si viniste para ver el escudo del Ídolo

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    thicc_ IidaIl y a jour

    Green day is addictive as fuck

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    Ryan CunninghamIl y a jour

    This album should be called “How Do You Do Fellow Kids?”

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    Hezron MomiaIl y a jour

    This sounds like "hound dog" by eEvis

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    rednoiseIl y a jour

    No offense but Ian Lloyd did it before Joan...

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    shadow wolfIl y a jour

    I lovvve this song

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    Pablo VillalbaIl y a jour

    2:06 Better Call Saul?

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    Lynette HarrisIl y a jour

    Happy Birthday Billie Joe!!! 🎂🎂🎊🎊✨✨🎉🎉🎈🎈🖤🖤🤘🤘💯💯

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    Cinthya Salas Salas AcuñaIl y a jour

    Q nadie q hablé español lo ve

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    KierenIl y a jour

    This song is a vibe song

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    Nady NadaIl y a jour

    It's sounds likes very cool, I rember my Youth of Green Day, and youre great.... The Kids watching.. Gregs Tagebuch😊😊😊😊🌈💎🎁☘️🌞😎😎😎😎😎🌈🌈🌈😊💎🎁☘️🌞🌞🌞🌞I've ever smile 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞💎💎💎💎💎💎💎🎁🎁🎁🎁☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️It's cool and great I've smile.. Because I've like You since 1995 and it's ever been great💖💝💎💎💎☘️☘️☘️🌞🌞🌞☘️🎁💎💖💝🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Best Regards from Germany 💖💝🌟🌟🌟💎💎💎☘️☘️☘️☘️I Stand for my Dauther, who their Father if her a Fahter was in Memory to her and me. She loves he rFather her Memory... 💖🎁🌞☘️💎💎🌟💎💎As. A great good father.. She's a Rainbow Kid, with so some 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈💎Energy, to be pleased with the only some Kind of Rainbow Energy🌈🌈🌈💎💎💎🌞🌞🌞☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️💎🌈💎🌟☔🌞🌞🌞Thank you please to make a kind /and Style of Gregs Tagebuch💖💎💎💎🌟🌟☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️🌟🌟🌟🌞💎💎💎🌈🎁🎁🎁🎁💖💖💖💝💝💝She is 7 Years old and like this Music very great, Thank You, Green Day, You've get a might of Lucky, Thank You, the Fade is that I like You at the Beginnings at 1995,and fader it, and my dauther find your Music, Gregs Tagebuch, the Movie she liked, she watched all of of Gregs Tagebuch, and she liked it... I smile because Your Sountrack💝💖💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎🌞🎁💝But she has the Luck might to be a very loverly Stepfather to love her as she be..and me💝💝🎁🎁💖💖💖🌈🌈🌞😊😊😊😊😊🌞🌞😊😊💎🌂🌞🌞🌞😊🌞😊🌞🎁💝💝☘️💎💎💎🌈🌈🌈💖💖💖☘️☘️☘️🎶☘️☘️☘️🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️

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    RedGanerdIl y a jour

    ¿And The Punk?

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    ヒガコIl y a jour

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    thicc_ IidaIl y a jour

    I don’t get all the hate about this album. Like, yeah, it’s a slightly different style, but overall it’s still green day, and it’s still a good album

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    JHJhonib10Il y a jour

    This era is kind crazy but I like it

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    Step by stepIl y a jour

    Топовая группа, давно слушаю, и смысловая нагрузка есть в песне это классно👍

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    L4mboIl y a jour

    Check out these glasses guys, i just got circumcised That killed me

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    Mykel Mods NerfIl y a jour


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    i like turtles 4365Il y a jour

    Any one else watching this eating spam...

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    Got7_ Exo_ ShineeIl y a jour

    Happy birthday 🎉 Billie May you fulfill many more ... Much health and blessings ...💕🎂🎉

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    Sofia RyeIl y a jour


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    Got7_ Exo_ ShineeIl y a jour

    happy birthday 🎉 Billie Joe many hugs and successes ... 🎉🎂

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    Tiffany CoxIl y a jour

    Bring back the REAL Green Day...💚🤟so disappointed...makes me feel like I'm watching/listening to a JC Penney commercial. 😔

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    ayr1225Il y a jour

    This energy has been killed

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    Super Sonic TimeIl y a jour

    Why does this sound like the Johnny test intro

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    Alisiya MorozovaIl y a jour

    Love love love love love love 🤤🤤😍😍😍🤤😍🤤😍🤤😍😍🤤😍🤤😍🤤😍😍🤤😍🤤😍🤤😍🤤😍😍🤤💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

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    IvyIl y a jour

    Green Day is posting new music, MCR is doing a reunion tour, FOB and Panic! are active. Fellas, 2020 is a good year to be a punk.

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    mr.keepitreal entIl y a jour

    The twin towers felt this 😂

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    Saurav KumarIl y a jour

    Moral of the song : when no one wants your company your shadow makes your realise that you're not alone.

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    Joe FetzkoIl y a jour

    great indie rock song green day

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    K WIl y a jour

    If Gary Glitter makes any royalties from this song I urge him to donate it to a children's charity.

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    IanIl y a jour

    Sounds more like old Joan Jett. I hope they paid her for using her song.

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    Video Studio ProductionsIl y a jour

    What show was this?

  42. author

    David LisingIl y a jour

    Can be a background for a Samsung Commercial or Iphone Commercial.! hit that like button if you agree with me?

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    Alex FarleyIl y a jour

    "Next stop is therapy."

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    Нейтральный МапперIl y a jour

    when your school is only one which still works while other schools on quarantine

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    Federica NapolitanoIl y a jour


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    FOOELIl y a jour


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    Jennesse Kitt3NIl y a jour

    I love this song but play a bit faster speed at 1.25 or 1.5 ❤ HappyBirthDay Billie Joe

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    EndZiielIl y a jour

    Why so many likes?? The song and album is the worst

  49. author

    EndZiielIl y a jour

    Wtf this is horrible as . Not real greenday at all

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    Yuri PlisetskyIl y a jour

    Srry guys but this is shit. Tell me please the (maybe) new album of Mcr is going to be rad, because I'm disappointed with Green Day. But no hate guys, love their work (Well, their old work)

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    Davein GarciaIl y a jour

    Yo vine por B.S.C.

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    Rocky FericoIl y a jour

    This song fits to Weezer

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    Josue David Parra CastilloIl y a jour

    p´+´ñ´´´p´pópplmllllpokolpo9uilñ.ñpkoklkm,iguhyjjnnmj jnjk hhhjh huiu '''''''''u ++++++++.{uhk kjlklñlñklñhlf ñhñkj k ñ{ñp´lññ{ jljkkjljklvjkl jjkjr okm 9kh jjjuioiujhjhujhrhbhhjmijl6 k juan

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    Yuri PlisetskyIl y a jour

    No one: Literally no one: Me: 🗿

  55. author

    SitronusIl y a jour

    When your comment doesn't have over 1k likes

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    Nicole PerezIl y a jour

    Happy birthday Billie Joe🎂

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    Jackson SheafferIl y a jour

    Does anybody know where this was at?

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    Kreoswalldo LaranjaIl y a jour

    Eu quero é rock isso é rock não

  59. author

    iilxveYourMom -Il y a jour

    Come on naa come on naaa

  60. author

    Justin McCueIl y a jour

    All of these comments are new thats how u know a song it good

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    It's ya boy, Chips Ahoy.Il y a jour

    I'm by myself with two people.

  62. author

    Palhares Filho REPRESENTAÇÃOIl y a jour


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    Soggy FriesIl y a jour

    When you find out your dad was an emo weeb like you and you’re still getting over the shocking amazement you felt that day...

  64. author

    Jean MoreiraIl y a jour

    Enquanto todos dormem,eu ando sozinho

  65. author

    What The pieIl y a jour

    Normal people: ready aim fire People in sitcoms ‘playing video games’: fire ready aim

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    dasha trofimovaIl y a jour


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    Renzo Carlos Arroyo GarnicaIl y a jour

    It sounds like more green day than the last album

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    Злата КолодинаIl y a jour

    happy birthday BILLIE JOE🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🥳🥳🥳🥳

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    Yazzy SaintIl y a jour

    is nobody gonna talk about this video?

  70. author

    sbstekIl y a jour

    I love this song, gives me vibes of Fell in Love with a girl by the White Stripes. Already a contender for me for best song under 2 mins.

  71. author

    Techno Gamer53Il y a jour

    Hella Mega Tour with Fall Out Boy Weezer and you got it, GREEN DAY

  72. author

    Paul SampsonIl y a jour

    I like it, I don't , I do, I don't, dang, Its just different, its ok

  73. author

    MariowskiIl y a jour

    Remember when Green Day used not to be shit?

  74. author

    Dawg CraftIl y a jour

    Song: I walk alone, I walk alone! Him: walks down a road with 2 other guys. Me: O_o

  75. author

    Master CrafterIl y a jour

    *when you can relate to the lyrics*

  76. author

    starnight543Il y a jour

    Happy birthday Billie!! Will always love you and and your music ❤️🎂🎁 🥳

  77. author

    gabriel thelinkIl y a jour

    WTF THIS??

  78. author

    Manuel PasseriniIl y a jour


  79. author

    Chrissy HillIl y a jour

    How the hell did the stranger thing's kid get this gig?

  80. author

    Chrissy HillIl y a jour

    This is.....awful 😓 this song is a huge downfall compared to American idiot, 21 Guns and etc

  81. author

    Manuel PasseriniIl y a jour

    So pop that it's disgusting

  82. author

    A1fha hybridIl y a jour

    1:05 is the best part

  83. author

    CØLD_RAMENIl y a jour

    If American dad was an anime, this would be the opening

  84. author

    Jacqueline DesbiensIl y a jour

    Great song.

  85. author

    Lisa CarvinIl y a jour

    Totally stole the "Oh yeah" chorus from Joan Jett & the Blackhearts: "Do You Wanna Touch Me There."

  86. author

    Drake is a CakeIl y a jour

    Here from Adam Crossing!

  87. author

    Peyton PhillipsIl y a jour

    This is ass compared to old green day

  88. author

    I'm DuckinthleeIl y a jour

    Greenday for moodbooster!!!🍺

  89. author

    ๖ۣۜ♥๖̶tacokitten๖̶Il y a jour

    song is good in a rockabilly sort of way but video is kind of corny

  90. author

    Poorly Made ArtIl y a jour

    To a one Audrey H: I hope you had as much fun as I did. Good riddance, and fuck off.

  91. author

    Daniel Thomassiny MeredizIl y a jour

    Happy Birthday Billie! Congrats on reaching 48 years old!!!

  92. author

    raccoon1776Il y a jour

    3:00 Here we gooo

  93. author

    CUNT BITCHIl y a jour

    Billie Joe?

  94. author

    Raditz the SaiyanIl y a jour

    This is the shittiest album from Green Day ever

  95. author

    Damian SeefIl y a jour

    When you walk in Australia:

  96. author

    Patrick142099Il y a jour

    For those of you who don't know this is a reference to Macy's Day Parade (not the song)

  97. author

    Patrick142099Il y a jour

    How could no one like this song

  98. author

    Hi I’m JuliaIl y a jour

    This song makes me cry because I remember being a little eight year old jamming out to this song. Now I’m teenager that still loves this music much better than most music today

  99. author

    Pranab MedhiIl y a jour

    Happy birthday Billie

  100. author

    RikzanIl y a jour

    The moment when they said “Bismillah” 😭