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    LIN QINGIl y a jour


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    shelly deckardIl y a jour

    I love soft Oreos

  3. author

    Lily KreiderIl y a jour

    not slime clay

  4. author

    Kimee PhanthavongIl y a jour

    If I see her I am going to tell her your not the Queen

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    // Rodrick But VscoIl y a jour

    *just share with me pwease*

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    Gaming With EricIl y a jour

    U did not u don't even know my grandma Baster you so dumb ik when it's the end of the world ik where u going

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    Kitty SukumaranIl y a jour

    when they say that it's just puberty.....

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    Ahmad AlbawIl y a jour

    I got 40

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    Shantel BootheIl y a jour


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    Amira BoubaIl y a jour

    Hi I'm a big fan of you and I have a on FRreporter to

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    J RosezzzIl y a jour

    shes to good for that highlighter

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    Evie BentleyIl y a jour

    I'm English I say zed

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    Kitten GalaxyIl y a jour

    {\_/} {\_/} ( °▪°) (°▪° ) / <🍹 🍹> \

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    Niamh ConwayIl y a jour

    Canada ain’t cold compered to some places I have been in the UK

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    MimiTheDvaMain :3Il y a jour

    you can see a deers butt in the corner above her dog at 6:58

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    FanOf FunnyIl y a jour

    i ate yo P....

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    kaylee haersIl y a jour

    The last one where the guy threw a fit because he was "detained" walmarts assistant management AND accounting CAN pull their receipts using a program on the computers. But really if you didn't steal anything why make a huge deal of it. That makes you look more suspicious

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    Abbie BullochIl y a jour

    The one that the guy said he stole a horse it looks photo shopped

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    Ellie's lifeIl y a jour

    Nice weave x

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    DJ manIl y a jour

    did you just do a dab in 2020 wtf

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    ĐæŔŘƏñ 333Il y a jour

    4:39 SAVAGE

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    I_ ZingzIl y a jour

    Girl:he took a right and now a left Mum:try and remember I’m coming now Me:cant u just re read the message?

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    Answer SaúlIl y a jour

    Is sssnaiferwolf our sssniferwolf

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    0 robux GIRL!!!!!!Il y a jour

    hello i am new to your channel and i am loving it !!

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    Rabiha DaoudIl y a jour

    For the drink she could have used a straw for that. Also can I get a shout out plzzz!!!!!!!

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    WARRIOR HypeIl y a jour

    I wanted a PS4 for birthday Instead I got spanked for asking too much

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    Dove CIl y a jour

    y’all know they weren’t even her houses LMAO SHE SAYS SHE HAD 4 houses but y’all her rent be free HAHAH

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    Sfinx ErIl y a jour

    4:01 child flavoured

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    Sherry GoddardIl y a jour


  30. author

    LunaGacha SashaYTIl y a jour

    I love all the skittles! 😁

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    OhMyDeePlaysIl y a jour

    8:52 *the FBI wants to know your location*

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    sb zohoraIl y a jour

    nanny is a bangla word

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    채영전Il y a jour

    Live octopus has better taste than normal octopus you cook trust me I’ve eaten both

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    XD CloudyIl y a jour


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    ella joyIl y a jour

    I don't care.

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    GY BLUUIl y a jour

    I love you ❤️💕

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    MaRiUwUIl y a jour

    **Me giving a gift to my little brother** Him : i don't lik... Me : *take a bat* what ? :) Him : the best present ever omg you re the best :')

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    bob69 o69Il y a jour

    My favorite flavour is chocolate ice cream

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    XxGxcha_GurlxX 2019Il y a jour

    At 8:13, Do u think David will come back for his shoe and marble? I DO! lol

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    Shylah JohnIl y a jour

    She finally gets sugar daddy Has baby CANT GIVE REAL MILKKKKKK

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    Arnav AswalIl y a jour

    What if ronaldo is a gay and trying to move on with other guy

  42. author

    Carolina WilliamsIl y a jour

    This how many times she said big ⬇️

  43. author

    ItzMeh_ JudyIl y a jour

    Hell no🤣 My Problem is ur BUTT xD

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    Emma EdeleIl y a jour

    I asked my vegiterian friend if she is allergic to meat and she said no she just choose to be

  45. author

    { KioMāo Gacha kyattoYT }Il y a jour

    why did that guy sound like a dog? XD

  46. author

    Megan BlechnerIl y a jour

    U need to get ride of your apples to move on

  47. author

    Maddison GrayIl y a jour


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    Ppaasskkll HaddadIl y a jour

    haschtak Huniibee asmrs

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    Dude DudeIl y a jour

    Who’s Pewdiepie

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    Unidentified saltIl y a jour

    Ive always had people say how can you see with hair in your face since it completely makes your eye invisible, I can see just fine and they dont believe you until they get some hair themselves

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    Tribe GirlIl y a jour

    I don't get this First of all when I was in public school that cafeteria lunch was DELICIOUS second of all that guy seemed pretty swell and that girl should've felt lucky to have him

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    banana_squidIl y a jour

    the people in high schoools have to wear shirts

  53. author

    Gacha_Star starIl y a jour

    100000000000 trys

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    Nay playsIl y a jour

    Ok I cried when she picked kill the baby

  55. author

    Stinki Sox E *-*Il y a jour

    -what if Roly was her son?- No more live ur life *no more life for u*

  56. author

    Joe ProbertIl y a jour

    I pet my dog stand up and kick her sooooooooooryyyy

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    Ariel LopezIl y a jour

    Yo you are really wrong about how you looked when you drew yourself bc you were actually really ugly😀 its true😔😔😔😔

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    TheMagicalUnicornIl y a jour


  59. author

    Dragon XiongIl y a jour

    My dad said if a girl smokes they have a hole in their chest

  60. author

    Ma3ks_WTFIl y a jour

    me:starting to eat yesterdays hamburger my mom: what u doing /trows in trash/ xDDDD

  61. author

    TheMagicalUnicornIl y a jour


  62. author

    Walters FamilyIl y a jour

    Love ur tik toks ❤️

  63. author

    Casee RiceIl y a jour

    that phone sssiperwolf uses is lit

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    yakooltIl y a jour

    uhh a student from a private school here,, yes our food is actually pretty good, new meals everyday and its fresh in a way, very yum. they also sell uh coffee and other drinks to students,, we actually get to choose our meals im not sure about public school but i think the public schools here are also good haha

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    Thomas OunsworthIl y a jour

    ßßßñ803429ĺf 47ł3ß What is the code???

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    twice X onceIl y a jour

    I don't like her look

  67. author

    Bushra DerbasIl y a jour

    I am in Atlantis right now and my mum and dad went on itfortwo times and they said that it’s like you not even on the it’s like you are flying

  68. author

    Sophia ThomasIl y a jour

    Yeah and u looked great

  69. author

    Erin ClarkIl y a jour

    My name is erin

  70. author

    Miss Chloe JenkinsIl y a jour

    i know this is like 2 years too late but maybe you could go on the Celebrity get me out of here 2020 id love to see you do 3 weeks in the jungle :)

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    Wolf GirlIl y a jour

    15:56 so hilarious🤣🤣🤣🤣

  72. author

    Coda edits IntrosIl y a jour

    G why they all blonde

  73. author

    CHKind girlIl y a jour

    RIP nail

  74. author

    shookwithteaIl y a jour

    house: *haunted* me: *church is free y’know?*

  75. author

    Stinki Sox E *-*Il y a jour

    The mom kidona looks like Michel Jackson

  76. author

    Yumi BurnettIl y a jour

    •Sweety •

  77. author

    LilGacha GirlIl y a jour

    SSSniper: what was the last thing you wrote? Me: ... my homework and school work

  78. author

    theawsomemini rayIl y a jour

    That's from Rhapsody

  79. author

    Grace joyIl y a jour

    2020 anyone?!?!?😂 this channel has grown so much 17 million wow

  80. author

    Tripti RajvanshiIl y a jour

    I like your reactions more than anything 🤩🤩

  81. author

    morrissey mozIl y a jour

    This video makes a awsome point... ur just as bad as the snobs in the world... congrats sniper....

  82. author

    jigglypuff 1981Il y a jour

    Your coping like pewdiepie

  83. author

    Lea TičinaIl y a jour

    This is so creepy... that photos of it... If I were that dude I, I don't have idea what to do. If I was brave enough, I'd sell all stuff, buy new everything in other country, find some friends there and then move with my pets there. Or just... end up sadly. Seriously, I would rather live In psychiatric hospital then this

  84. author

    Trenton ManisIl y a jour

    I got Kicked out of a dance to try and help my friend get rid of a Beer he Brought

  85. author

    Amber AdamsIl y a jour

    towards the camera the whole damn time bruh

  86. author

    Aimee KaneIl y a jour

    !leggings for life!

  87. author

    Wolfie and Foxy PlayzIl y a jour

    Me: THEY'RE FROM HOME ALONE Also me: MY MOM WAS IN THAT MOVIE My sis: it was the second one Me:oh

  88. author

    Yumi BurnettIl y a jour

    -Wolf pack-

  89. author

    Disney Princess IsabellaIl y a jour

    That girl can not be talking about poor because she is obviously poor herself that facr that she can not get her teeth fixed

  90. author

    Mandy MalcolmIl y a jour

    try eting cottencandy and frotetella (NOT STARBURSTS)

  91. author

    Wolf GirlIl y a jour

    OMG! That is such a nice house. Hope you enjoy it. I love you.😍

  92. author

    Matiyas AkliluIl y a jour

    I think I know who does not eat chicken chickens don’t eat chicken

  93. author

    Xi Charlie IxIl y a jour


  94. author

    505 q8Il y a jour

    0:45 I will use it for pranks hahaha 😈

  95. author

    Oliver’s FunWorldIl y a jour

    The worst prentsent I got was this key chane that said kiss my a* in Irish

  96. author

    Kookies And Tae With A Little Bit Of SugaIl y a jour

    When her shower is the same size as my bathroom :(

  97. author

    Makeup MuffinIl y a jour

    No one: Legit no on: Trisha: GaMeR gAmEr

  98. author

    Niamh PeasgoodIl y a jour

    Your hair looks cute!!!

  99. author

    Danilo MachadoIl y a jour

    If there a rich kid then they would have gucci 😐😐

  100. author

    Flower MoonIl y a jour

    Ok, I live in the UK and it's around -2 degrees in winter if your lucky and 20 in summer.