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  1. author

    Mindy VaughnIl y a jour

    I so love this song. He was so talented. RIP

  2. author

    Star WhoIl y a jour

    Oh well, life goes on.

  3. author

    sarah prasadIl y a jour

    Proud of Kate and William for carrying on their family legacy. These two I think will do well and make the Queen proud. God knows the rest of this family has brought negative publicity over the years.

  4. author

    Easter RabbitIl y a jour

    That Is Fooking Crazy

  5. author

    Shining WitIl y a jour

    No. People do not forget who formed the Labour Party. That is why they lost the last election.

  6. author

    eNdLeS eUpHoRiAIl y a jour

    laila laila hulalla mo ate my chicken massala

  7. author

    Gary WatsonIl y a jour

    Megan already has her freedom, she left and didn't look back, it's really sad to see the Queen trying to save face...

  8. author

    Phileo HammondIl y a jour

    They are like a small cult

  9. author

    Captain Cookie93Il y a jour

    By the time Putin is in his late 70s i bet he'll just retire.

  10. author

    Review WriterIl y a jour

    Why does anyone CARE??

  11. author

    sam FreelancerIl y a jour

    Russia needs Lenin.

  12. author

    DARPA 222Il y a jour

    This is complete dictator bullshivts

  13. author

    Cesar AvenaIl y a jour

    Is it me or is this coverage pretty pro-hongkong police?

  14. author

    Barbara ArndtIl y a jour

    while daddy Charles still gives them 2 mill £ a year. Harry will become a salesman and walking celeb. His wife's decission not his.

  15. author

    Sirius LeeIl y a jour

    MM behavior makes Fergie look like SNOW FLIPPING WHITE .

  16. author

    insert name hereIl y a jour

    Ian Hislop most people will never have heard of gets £20,000 for 2 hours work once a week. Fine! pay him this grand figure, but from subcriptions not the unemployed, Pensioners and People on low incomes.

  17. author

    Azade_ish89Il y a jour

    It makes me sick that those who have the power and the guns do not care about those who do not. Rest in peace everyone onboard.

  18. author

    Kobi KaneIl y a jour

    It is official. Americans serving in the executive branch of their government, most especially in the State Department must first pass the "I AM EXTREMELY STUPID TEST', they must then follow that up with a course qualifying them for a Doctorate of Denial. Hook and Pompeo have graduated top of their class this term !!!

  19. author

    Brother SpartacusIl y a jour

    Jess Phillips is such a feminist she believes the best way for women to get ahead is if men step down or step aside. 🤦

  20. author

    Joe SchmoeIl y a jour

    Nothing would make me happier than to see the protestors being air dropped crates full of rifles.

  21. author

    Louwrens De KockIl y a jour

    I feel light-headed 😆

  22. author

    Trinidadian ThierryIl y a jour

    People that disliked are parents and media

  23. author

    leonard AlphonsoIl y a jour

    A 3rd rate ideology. The sooner it is kicked off our planet, the better v all would be.

  24. author

    Crystal LoveIl y a jour

    Greatings From U.S.A 👸🏽 Wow great 📽️👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽, Please keep us posted on this.

  25. author

    Andy EIl y a jour

    Colonize the colonizer

  26. author

    Brooklynn52 DeeIl y a jour

    He ruined peoples lives! His punishment should be horrid! Or... maybe he should have killed himself and did the world a big favor!

  27. author

    BramHC87Il y a jour

    was not planning on it anyway

  28. author

    K to the LIl y a jour

    i wish i could help them

  29. author

    Blakdog333Il y a jour

    WAaaaahhh... Boo-Hoo! spoilt brattish mp wants a go too.. ..just because ..women!? (forget policy or planning) sick.

  30. author

    Genta Agsal ValendrilIl y a jour

    those correspondent are brave, they let us know what happened in that protest even if it looks like hell

  31. author

    __1231st lilyIl y a jour

    I don't know why everyone hates her i mean her acting is reallt good

  32. author

    _Ψροseidοn Ψ_Il y a jour

    That’s my name

  33. author

    Hubby CubIl y a jour

    Islamic ran governments continuing to fail and fall

  34. author

    klo schuesselIl y a jour

    Iran at it again

  35. author

    Thomas WoodsIl y a jour

    Don't worry They get all the stuff back when they start having sex with underage peasents

  36. author

    Joan ThunderIl y a jour

    One line made sense to me, income from the duchy of Cornwall comes from lands that were once PINCHED from Britain and it's people to begin with, so NOT private money. The story is the same all over the world, wherever the Britts STOLE from or were involved in and today they are the trouble spots in the world. I'm not saying all, but a lot that can't be ignored but that are, funnily enough due to selective memory, totally ignored by the British in general.

  37. author

    Jason DevonIl y a jour

    Labour: betraying the working class since the previous millennium!

  38. author

    gjaddajgIl y a jour

    *Most racism is against white people and white people are the least racist.* Statistics, studies and obvious facts support this, but of course the leftist narrative, as usual, is not just 'wrong', but the exact opposite of reality.

  39. author

    Stasi GanchevIl y a jour

    Liberal reforms.. pfff Russia has never been a more desirable place to live then now. Putin made that a reality, so it makes sense that he will want to keep it that way.

  40. author

    Barry RobinsonIl y a jour

    ASLEF have a chance to run a rail franchise They're such experts that they can over man over pay and make a great success of it Who reckons they are gobs on sticks and are all mouth Bankrupt in a month

  41. author

    Susan ZimmerIl y a jour

    Shame on the government, they are driving people to suicide. Others are so stressed that they get sick and die slowly.

  42. author

    Steve RosebudIl y a jour

    When he says "all of society is involved" he means it. Rich will get the poor to sell drugs, the folks in the middle and the poor use the drugs. In america replace Rich with CIA

  43. author

    Jason DevonIl y a jour

    She has no clue about what the people of this country want. Labour are no longer Labour any more, they are anti British far left losers.

  44. author

    No OneIl y a jour

    Can’t wait when this is in history books 40 years from now. And the keywords will be like (Fake News, CNN)

  45. author

    Jke 1Il y a jour

    What a wuffer!.

  46. author

    Johnnn DoeeeIl y a jour

    Listen is megains wanted her cake and eat it she and harry we're not senior royals ,megohm never wanted to follow protocol, give it 14/18months and he'll be back with a divorce

  47. author

    Russell BromleyIl y a jour


  48. author

    dom garrettIl y a jour

    And I would like to thank the people for putting up with me,ha ha ha priceless.

  49. author

    kokaltiIl y a jour

    That message at 0:30 proves the statement. The problem with this world is that The idiots are cock sure of themselves while the genius are full of doubt.

  50. author

    Steal the painkillersIl y a jour

    12:00 for when they actually start talking about the title of the video after all the brexit shiet

  51. author

    Opheliah BurgherIl y a jour

    Harry said, let my people go. Lol.

  52. author

    J Trent0016Il y a jour

    I definitely would buy 1

  53. author

    heatherIl y a jour

    This is what Harry wanted, he wants a normal life for his wife and Archie. The Management of the Firm has failed to address certain protocols. So the young Royals took things up in their own hands. Kudos to Harry & Megan..proud of yah...x

  54. author

    Dan TempletonIl y a jour

    Isn't this how it started last time?

  55. author

    Catrina DeeleyIl y a jour

    Couldn’t wait to get shot of Epstein’s ex call girl.

  56. author

    Intellect FirstIl y a jour

    AMAZING! 😱😱😱🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ The 💯% “Toxic British Press” has hounded this lovely couple daily; forcing them to rethink carefully their future after being targeted 🎯 relentlessly with a hate campaign against them..~ The British Press 🐽 need some serious regulating and fines! 🤷‍♀️

  57. author

    ivan ashleyIl y a jour

    They've chosen a life away from the spotlight being Royals puts upon them, fair enough. That said neither of them are, or have been shy of being in the public eye and I expect their plans include using public interest to generate quite a considerable income. Up to now Britain has been the main beneficiary of the worldwide fascination for the Royal family, which is as it should be considering the burden of cost placed upon the taxpayers. Now we'll have a situation where Harry and Megan will be able cash in on their celebrity and keep the proceeds, let's see how private they keep themselves once their roadshow begins.

  58. author

    GTI GamingIl y a jour

    english metropolitan officers uniform look so cringe lmfao

  59. author

    Fran TremlIl y a jour

    Typical MSM. Keir Starmer has a Londons seat.....presenter ‘is this a problem’? WTF Where does she think Boris Johnson seat is? It is also in London yet he claims to speak for ‘the north’

  60. author

    Tootie RamseyIl y a jour

    I am black and I dont like her. It's not about race, it's how shes disrespected our Queen and our country. Period! Quit playing the race card. I have faced actual discrimination. I have had men spit on me in the tube and call me the n word. That is racism.

  61. author

    20quidIl y a jour

    Less racism doesn't mean no racism, and we all know that the tabloid press represents the worst of our society and culture.

  62. author

    alicia-rose miller-grayIl y a jour

    Edward and Bella who...?

  63. author

    Paul RoddyIl y a jour

    Least racist country that opted out of Europe because people of colour were a threat to the country and basically we don't want immigrants result Brexit and brexiteers and all that hatred that has bred

  64. author

    The WalnutIl y a jour

    I'm all for stopping global warming, Greta, but all that talking is only releasing CO2.

  65. author

    bobby bingleIl y a jour

    Harry is under her thumb but I guess she gives great head and takes it up the arse so can't blame him really.

  66. author

    TakerKaneanite619Il y a jour

    They had 8 years to make the ground safer before the '89 disaster.

  67. author

    vincent perezIl y a jour


  68. author

    Ali the pyrofishIl y a jour

    That boy just failed to land and rolled away but to the wrong way ;-;

  69. author

    Omar AlmniniIl y a jour

    0:56 That dude looks like Ironman LOL

  70. author

    mogznwazIl y a jour

    Brings them truly back to life. A generation that really had it hard, made of so much sterner stuff than we are.

  71. author

    Digital Soldiers 17Il y a jour

    ❤️🙏Praying for Hong Kong, Godfirst. The police needs to wake up like the firefighters and police in France, and side with Freedom to the people, freedom for themselves and families.

  72. author

    Liam SandersIl y a jour

    Greta be like:How DarE UuUUuu

  73. author

    Liam SandersIl y a jour

    Greta be like:How DarE UuUUuu

  74. author

    Chantal NoisinIl y a jour

    The biggest reason for H&M emancipation is because of the relentless RACIST attacks by the media, who are apparently getting their information/instructions from the bullie’s camp. The rhetoric has gotten so bad that they have been inciting hatred and consequently, H&M are NOT SAFE in England. Make no mistake, if Canadians media creates the same type of hatred, H&M will go to CAPITALISTIC USA, where their revenues will be TOTALLY welcomed. Imagine the amount of money “fantasy” Cinderella, Snow White generate in the USA. The “real deal” will be such a hit in the USA. The USA will know just how to capitalize on Royal. Once again, the UK media has shot down one of its CASH cow... total blunder. The USA never talks bad about anything that generates revenue, even if that something is a mouse... like Mickey Mouse. In a nutshell, the Uk doesn’t know how to capitalize on one of its great asset & we already know that UK Media MURDERED its greatest asset... Princess Diana. UK media are a bunch of DEMONIC losers!

  75. author

    Darek MatuszewskiIl y a jour

    Unfortunately we have to be cautious about falls information and camouflages of facts made by the media and the EU leaders. One of them is that since the Brexit letter it is now 27 against 1. Well, there is and will not be in the future no 27 but certainly there was constantly through many years at least Germany and France (with their supporters) to 1 and this is what ruined UK in many areas, as well as the cause for Brexit. Don't put all the countries into one pot. Other is that EU and its policies are dangerous for not only Britain. Deal "security for trade" is very wise for with todays EU policies endangered are not only the EU countries, but also their neighbors. Doing trade with the EU is not wise with EU plans to eliminate NATO, keep the same idea of open borders and immigration practices.

  76. author

    Vanessa HeIl y a jour

    Same ole game plan, trying to use people of color to denounced racism. That is so predictable.

  77. author

    Pokémon fan 158Il y a jour

    Poor lil animals!

  78. author

    sam mooreIl y a jour

    Good by eu. U will not last long

  79. author

    Sergeant Arch DornanIl y a jour

    All hail tsar Putin

  80. author

    Polen 123Il y a jour

    I like they're idea with water cannons :)

  81. author

    Meerkat Kit KatIl y a jour

    Why do so many disagree with her? I’m not looking for someone’s opinion I would like someone to educate me...

  82. author

    Laurence CoIl y a jour

    The Audience can see clearly that the media is not neutral and on the side of the Anarchist protesters just because these terrorists are asking the help of the West.

  83. author

    Enter TainIl y a jour

    Is he going to hide before war?

  84. author

    Step UpIl y a jour

    Stop with this is incredibly hard to be born into a life of privilege! The point has been married the poverty born into that they can turn out to be outstanding individuals. JUST STOP giving the "woke" any attention it is a self focused group!

  85. author

    Harvey An-Nasir Salah ad-Din RoyceIl y a jour

    4:14 sums up the labour party nicely.

  86. author

    Yalji fortniteIl y a jour

    He was cranking 90s to fast😂😂

  87. author

    QcumberIl y a jour

    They are very naive if they think they will be left alone by the media after their resignation from royal titles.

  88. author

    Kike NatarenIl y a jour


  89. author

    Kike NatarenIl y a jour

    Should be banned

  90. author

    RR ExtraIl y a jour

    agent provocueteurs a plenty.

  91. author

    ChizBoyMentalityIl y a jour

    These protestors have not been taking notes from the hong Kong protestors

  92. author

    Kike NatarenIl y a jour

    Garbage of documentary

  93. author

    carole gerstIl y a jour

    Prince Harry smeared head of photographer what a shame must be an awful embarrassment to the queen to know that her grandson is so immature

  94. author

    Kike NatarenIl y a jour

    Basura de documentary

  95. author

    Roderick Van HeesIl y a jour

    Captagon Commando's

  96. author

    Angie MIl y a jour

    Ah an egirl saved him

  97. author

    Lavender RoseIl y a jour

    Duchess Meghan was publicly vilified by your racist and hateful British media, and no one came to her aid. Now everyone is talking. Blah, blah, blah and utter nonsense.

  98. author

    VideoIl y a jour

    Because he is scared overthrow, thrue people

  99. author

    Geoffrey PowellIl y a jour

    She was bloody sacked, tell the truth how much the council tax payer had to cough for her so called retirement.. for a bloody woman doing a mans job..Disgusting ,I would NEVER take orders from a bloody woman....

  100. author

    IrishtradchannelIl y a jour

    If a candidate is too firmly against antisemitism, they'll alienate a large segment of the activist base. Too soft and they alienate the working class.