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  1. author

    Angel CabanIl y a 9 mois

    Way to go, looks amazing

  2. author

    Kickass TVIl y a 9 mois

    I like your new video, good work.

  3. author

    milkbunniesIl y a 5 ans

    Yo Vice...let me watch the HBO specials, or I'll torch my computer!

  4. author

    jackofblades94Il y a 5 ans

    Why can't I watch your video? Wtf Vice...

  5. author

    Martin LabrosseIl y a 5 ans

    Why put up all the HBO series only for all of them to not be available in my country? Has vice gone mainstream and screwed all of it's supporters?

  6. author

    Vikinger IcelanderssonIl y a 5 ans

    I am from Iceland,The uploader has not made this video available in your country-Can anyone tell me the reason for that?

  7. author

    Random SchmidIl y a 5 ans

    how is the Hermit Kingdom not available in my country? is this a mistake? fix / explain!

  8. author

    AmbedoIl y a 5 ans

    wtf would be nice to see the new videos... how can canadians block content to their canadian friends?

  9. author

    JackDoodle121Il y a 5 ans

    you made a big mistake vice.

  10. author

    Its Jake The BrakeIl y a 5 ans

    Yeah great logic Vice... people tell you they don't get HBO in their country, but would love to see your documentaries, so you say you're going to upload some episodes to youtube...and the you block them in those countries?

  11. author

    bigmouth356Il y a 5 ans

    why is vice not available in canada? fix this

  12. author

    Wooden SpoonIl y a 5 ans

    The uploader has not made this video available in your country - what is the point of making somewhat educational documentaries than limiting the audience?

  13. author

    ajbeniusIl y a 5 ans

    I would love to see a Vice documentary on Christian terrorism. Everyday on the news, we see and hear about Muslim terrorists. Why not some about Christian terrorists? By the way, I don't hate Christians. I just want a different perspective on stuff.

  14. author

    JackDoodle121Il y a 5 ans

    unsubbed. vice is scewed : (

  15. author

    Troop goodguyIl y a 5 ans

    Vice is going down the fucker shitter. It started with crappy documentaries and stuff people didn't care about, then HBO, and now this?

  16. author

    AIIUserNamesInvalidIl y a 5 ans

    can't watch your latest video..

  17. author

    TheAGCteamIl y a 5 ans

    Everyone commenting here should google for "FRreporter Proxy" Thank me later.

  18. author

    bigbadcrazykillahbeeIl y a 5 ans

    ill unsubscribe untill you make your docus visible for everyone again , in the mean time i really hope someone would capture / upload it to e.g the piratebay etc so we all can download / stream it :) thanks in advance

  19. author

    xBadBoy4Lif3Il y a 5 ans

    i remember that video of u Shane SMith whene u were happy cus u had 2mil subsucribers and went naked, now i understand that was becus u feelt that money is coming ur way, money aint shit u dumb ass.

  20. author

    xBadBoy4Lif3Il y a 5 ans

    Unsubbed ur ass vice, i hate u guys now, oh and yeah FUCK YOU and FUCK YOU HBO

  21. author

    baycrdorIl y a 5 ans

    make the hbo episodes available in canada... or else you're racists

  22. author

    JackDoodle121Il y a 5 ans

    The uploader has not made this video available in your country. UNSUBBED

  23. author

    JackDoodle121Il y a 5 ans


  24. author

    JackDoodle121Il y a 5 ans

    fuck you vice.

  25. author

    Bill RobertsIl y a 5 ans

    Yup, definitely not a mistake, thanks for purposefully cutting us non-americans out, unsubbing. I had so much respect for VICE too.

  26. author

    iggysawdustIl y a 5 ans

    It is pretty disappointing to see you've blocked your recent videos for viewers outside the US...

  27. author

    Mat NopeIl y a 5 ans

    Unsubscribed, encourage other people to do the same so that Vice could learn their lesson.

  28. author

    Dave PantherIl y a 5 ans


  29. author

    motrace202Il y a 5 ans

    watch ***

  30. author

    motrace202Il y a 5 ans

    i cant wath the hermit kingdom in Canada ..please make it available here ;)

  31. author

    DougolaiiIl y a 5 ans

    HBO... Sucks to be not from the U.S.

  32. author

    ugogattoIl y a 5 ans

    italians are not welcome bah

  33. author

    Robert DrakeIl y a 5 ans

    Blocked. Unsubscribing.

  34. author

    Is mayonnaise an instrument?Il y a 5 ans

    I understand that it's HBO and only operates in America, but shit loads of the people who watch aren't American. If you're only going to upload HBO stuff barely anyone is able to view it.

  35. author

    Allan CIl y a 5 ans

    And yet the subscriber count continues to grow...pathetic

  36. author

    toofastforlove22Il y a 5 ans

    WTF is up with HBO not being able to be viewed in Canada and other countries... You guys have to fix that cause alot of people are getting pissed off bro.

  37. author

    Thomas EganIl y a 5 ans

    i will unsub then gratz vice

  38. author

    Thomas EganIl y a 5 ans

    why the fuck did you block holland form watching your vids?

  39. author

    DesecraterNmHIl y a 5 ans

    Thanks vice, for not letting me watch really the only thing I come on youtube for.

  40. author

    aaroninkyIl y a 5 ans

    unsubbed. VICE, so edgy now they're only uploading content for american mega-media institutions. radical, bro.

  41. author

    Paulo DIl y a 5 ans

    Are you going to say something about it to your subscribers? All general website inquiries should be directed to All editorial-related inquiries should be directed to All photo-related inquiries should be directed to All media inquires should be directed to All internship inquiries should be directed to All video related idea submissions should be directed to All article submission ideas should be directed to If you want VICE in your place of business, email for more details. All advertising related inquiries should be directed to

  42. author

    cramulh4oIl y a 5 ans

    UNSUBSCRIBED. It is pointless to upload content not available for everyone. If it is HBO's exclusive do NOT FUCKING UPLOAD IT TO youtube just to TEASE US.

  43. author

    Paulo DIl y a 5 ans

    Please! put these fuking restrict videos out of here, if you don't want people to watch let on TV!

  44. author

    OLA PharmIl y a 5 ans

    The documentaries not available to the rest of the world is due to the fact that it is quite incriminating to America as a country. LOL the greatest terrorist in the world.

  45. author

    Con EsterhuizenIl y a 5 ans

    not available in my country, well go fuck yourself vice im not wacthing anymore. information control much CUNTS!!!

  46. author

    DrizuzIl y a 5 ans

    WTF VICE, regionlocking is lame. I expected more from a pioneer in internet docs. Unsubscribed!

  47. author

    emokillerrIl y a 5 ans

    WTF this video cant be seen in your country SERIOUSLY FUCK VICE unsub.

  48. author

    OLA PharmIl y a 5 ans

    LOL i can watch it in the UK by proxy. Love you Shane. Vice is officially the pirate FRreporter channel

  49. author

    CoolRidgeIl y a 5 ans

    Stop regionlocking content plz.

  50. author

    Ricardo RubianoIl y a 5 ans

    It's completely ridiculous post a video that can not be seen worldwide. That is segregation. Es completamente ridículo publicar un video que no es posible ver en todo el planeta. Eso es segregación.

  51. author

    tigerclaw1000Il y a 5 ans

    What the guy under me has said, and the guy under him.

  52. author

    iamandrisIl y a 5 ans

    Don't be stupid, use a proxy from America. Watch the HBO series. Easy.

  53. author

    TheAGCteamIl y a 5 ans

    Dear VICE, Please stop region locking your videos, it takes me exactly 5 seconds longer to watch them so it isn't useful anyway. Proxy sites for the win. Greetings, An avid fan.

  54. author

    Cynthia TinyIl y a 5 ans

    Hey why is it I can't see the HBO documentaries?

  55. author

    RelaxenIl y a 5 ans

    Fuck HBO this is bullshit well I guess it's over with the free media / free speak idiologie

  56. author

    spikeyfishIl y a 5 ans

    So let me get this straight.. You say in your first video that you are letting non HBO owners watch the series. You then block countries which don't have HBO from watching the videos. I'm really annoyed about this Vice, because you're kind of giving us the middle finger on this one. Sorry Vice, but you've lost a subscriber.

  57. author

    Hot Communist A-10 WarthogIl y a 5 ans

    Wow really block the new video in Canada. Is it because hbo ask you not to let us see it or because you desided to fire all your Canadian crew andsend us the finger. Its bullshit.

  58. author

    BrendanGBRIl y a 5 ans

    Damn Vice sort out whatever regional restrictions you have going with HBO pronto!!

  59. author

    RageMorePloxIl y a 5 ans

    same shit in croatia unsub bai shitlords

  60. author

    xBadBoy4Lif3Il y a 5 ans

    wth ? not available in canada ? what the hell Vice, did you forget about us already ? i was very happy this morning to see some new content, unfortunatly not for me to watch, make it available vice, thats just not fair.

  61. author

    samthedarkpaladinIl y a 5 ans

    screw you vice that is fucking bullshit

  62. author

    Joaquin CalderonIl y a 5 ans

    make the new episodes available everywhere !!! is not fair that in central america we cannot see them ,

  63. author

    Banane23Il y a 5 ans

    Why can't I see the newer stuff? Did you grow to fast and now you fuck your german subscribers...???

  64. author

    Wojciech ZubowiczIl y a 5 ans

    "not available in Your country " How could You do that to us SHANE !? !! FUCK HBO !!

  65. author

    Sakuraba85Il y a 5 ans

    So i cant watch your stuff anymore VICE, becuse i live in sweden?

  66. author

    MrWaddefakIl y a 5 ans

    All your interesting content is on HBO. Guess I'll unsubscribe. Fuck.

  67. author

    Alex LawiIl y a 5 ans

    Fuck HBO

  68. author

    Dan WalkerIl y a 5 ans

    It's ok guys, they hate us for our freedom.

  69. author

    icca bodIl y a 5 ans

    fuck you vice al of a sudden I cant watch in Canada fix that please

  70. author

    b1gg5yIl y a 5 ans

    Sort it out already FFS Vice ! Fuck HBO !

  71. author

    Gary CorrbazIl y a 5 ans

    Well VICE. Nice going being bullied by corporations. Free media they said. Corporately controlled they meant.

  72. author

    TheBigTroll1226Il y a 5 ans

    this is stupid

  73. author

    DeiviZZZIl y a 5 ans

    Vice how does it feel having HBO d**k is your anus?

  74. author

    Stryker RedIl y a 5 ans

    i'm in Puerto Rico, a fucking US Territory and i can't watch your HBO Docs? this is bullshit.

  75. author

    fuyocouchIl y a 5 ans

    Hey come watch this cool doc....DENIED!!!

  76. author

    SnarfindorfIl y a 5 ans

    Fuck off VICE, not letting Europeans watch your excellent docs? What a piss take

  77. author

    NestulIl y a 5 ans

    I can easily work around this issue but are you fixing it or just be a major sellout? Cause if you aren't, I'll just do the same as these people and unsub for the sake of fairness. Why'd a information channel deny it's own purpose and limit the viewers to this extent?

  78. author

    Andy FisendenIl y a 5 ans

    Don't send me emails to watch your unavailable videos. Unprofessional as always Vice. Also, why do you find it necessary for your reporters to say fuck all the time. Also unprofessional. Go to school.

  79. author

    Wild OpenIl y a 5 ans

    Sigh, can't watch the HBO episodes..... I guess that's what I get for being european.

  80. author

    jeppe jonholtIl y a 5 ans

    The uploader has not made this video available in your country WHY??????

  81. author

    cramulh4oIl y a 5 ans

    The uploader has not made this video available in your country. FUCK YOU... FUCK YOU... FUCK YOU... FUCK YOU... FUCK YOU... FUCK YOU... FUCK YOU... FUCK YOU... FUCK YOU... FUCK YOU...

  82. author

    Jonathan ChenIl y a 5 ans

    Wow, i was so looking forward to watching the full episodes for days... Please kindly sort this out if possible

  83. author

    wardymullIl y a 5 ans

    vice why are you telling me what information i can and cant watch? unsubbed

  84. author

    SERIOUSRONANIl y a 5 ans

    VICE What the fuck --- The uploader has not made this video available in your country. ---

  85. author

    CallousDnbIl y a 5 ans


  86. author

    OLA PharmIl y a 5 ans

    The uploader has not made this video available in your country.

  87. author

    jom jimisonIl y a 5 ans

    fuck you vice for not making shit available in australia you bunch of analcacti!

  88. author

    kiddaedalusIl y a 5 ans

    I seriously hope you get that HBO shit sorted out, very disappointing.

  89. author

    Ben SmithIl y a 5 ans

    Seriously wtf happened to you vice, Not available in your country!? WTF is this and people wonder why others turn to piracy.

  90. author

    sZeRo0XxIl y a 5 ans


  91. author

    sZeRo0XxIl y a 5 ans


  92. author

    Fiach O'ByrneIl y a 5 ans

    Saw Bill Mahers name as a producer on one of the shows , anything connected to that c*******r is tainted . Unsubbed .

  93. author

    Brad HuntIl y a 5 ans

    I really love the content of this channel, but now I can't even watch it... I thought that Vice was all about fun and enlightening people. You have a video of a guy going to a dog show on acid for fuck sake and you are going to let these assholes tell you who gets to watch it? Shane really wtf man!? You go to Liberia and hang out with a cannibal general who allegedly drank the blood of innocent children before he goes out to battle! Yet you let these HBO dipshits tell you what to do... I'm dissapointed man and this may cause me to unsub.

  94. author

    Steve GriffithsIl y a 5 ans

    wow nice to see you have bitched out and sold out to a corporate like HBO so now i can watch any of the TV content legally in New Zealand any more. fuck sakes guys i thought you were trendy hipster types that gave a fuck not poser ass holes.

  95. author

    tasty2chocIl y a 5 ans

    you know what, i'm deleting the subscription! was fun until now!

  96. author

    tasty2chocIl y a 5 ans

    thanks for nothing VICE! blocking videos in parts of europe!

  97. author

    Mat NopeIl y a 5 ans

    Yeah, they Vice shouldn't be surprised when people pirate their stuff after they do this exclusionary shit and rub it in peoples faces.

  98. author

    Rikki RenigageIl y a 5 ans

    Sellouts! thanks for cutting the rest of the world out of the news loop wankers!!!!!

  99. author

    Njoroge's With an eyeIl y a 5 ans

    no longer feeling guilty of downloading torrents with HBO stuff.

  100. author

    Lord PinedoIl y a 5 ans

    Why would you block your videos from other countries? Thins information is previous and very valuable. Dont be a bunch of sellout salad tossers