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  1. author

    Dipesh RanabhatIl y a jour

    Zane:Get the thumbnail David:Next time buddy.!!!!

  2. author

    Ryoko SmithIl y a jour

    The miracle of Botox 😂 she do look good tho

  3. author

    simplemelodiesIl y a jour

    I want behind the scenes for this one!

  4. author

    rabia tayanIl y a jour

    this one is a good as vlog

  5. author

    Daisy MasonIl y a jour

    Omfg lmao can we take a moment for David’s face 3:46

  6. author

    Mustapha BashirIl y a jour


  7. author

    BuBulubu CrackerIl y a jour

    Y tf is Charlie even in this like no one gives a fuck

  8. author

    Jorge RodriguezIl y a jour


  9. author

    Julian FosterIl y a jour

    Nicole Scherzinger needs a youtube channel! She is hilarious! "She llok good in bright lights!" lmao

  10. author

    Jesse MartinIl y a jour

    When Charli met Charley.

  11. author

    Rolando RodriguezIl y a jour

    Dis was in birtday hell yeah

  12. author

    Lesley MerazIl y a jour

    David really did like them ethnic 😩

  13. author

    Carolyn KeimIl y a jour

    Yes yes yes David I want you to surprise me with Charli D’Amelio 😂😂😂

  14. author

    jj reiterIl y a jour

    Abortions are free with a set of stairs you know

  15. author

    Jimmy AsteroidIl y a jour

    David should collab with Charlie more

  16. author

    Sam 15378Il y a jour

    When Nicole touches David with her nails he went ^ ^ ^

  17. author

    Cookie MeowIl y a jour

    The "we're not dating" on Tana's shirt 😂

  18. author

    carmanovIl y a jour

    Yo david just a suggestion maybe you dont need every vlog just to be fucking crazy like fire drinking and shit go back to your roots like shooting in the apartment with dom seth josh peck making jokes and stuff

  19. author

    AndrewHambrewIl y a jour

    I know accidents happen im in this world

  20. author

    Jovan GastelumIl y a jour

    When they said “yeah maybe two at once” you can see Mariah say it as well like, wtf...

  21. author

    ASSAULT SEEK3RIl y a jour

    Fake as hell

  22. author

    S SIl y a jour

    3:41 Stepmom seduces son part 1 😂😂 I have watched too many weird videos to not think that way lol

  23. author

    D.Il y a jour

    david is such a baby

  24. author

    Claudia CSIl y a jour

    Lol poor zane wasn’t even the thumbnail

  25. author

    cvhastingsIl y a jour

    She look good in bright lights!!!!!!!!!

  26. author

    elleIl y a jour

    bro what did david and corinna say at the same time ?

  27. author

    FrezyIl y a jour

    we all going to ignore davids voice crack in the beginning

  28. author

    yuli beeIl y a jour

    So Scott had to catch on fire to make it in the vlog ?? 😂😂😭 lol

  29. author

    Sebastián YIl y a jour

    Omg. This was crazy, right? I never feel like David’s Vlogs are 4:20... it’s always more. He’s hacking

  30. author

    lcelisIl y a jour


  31. author

    Drea VegaIl y a jour

    David was EXCITED for the thumbnail

  32. author

    Orenthal JamesIl y a jour

    aging like milk

  33. author

    PUSSY CUMIl y a jour

    David I love you

  34. author

    0GallifreyGirl0Il y a jour

    How is Zane still alive

  35. author

    Rebecca FritzIl y a jour

    was the bartender josh dallas???

  36. author

    Daus PausIl y a jour

    0:08 Jason is sitting there quietly and is like "Yep that's me"

  37. author

    Piang PauIl y a jour

    3:09 I thought Scott always want to die

  38. author

    David Canas LopezIl y a jour

    Tana: 10 million Dollars Everyone: get the fuk out Jason: shit she made more money than me😮 😂😂😂😂

  39. author

    Yung LagyIl y a jour

    Tanna: I just want you to touch my tits Tanna a week later: HOW DAVID DOBRIK RAPED ME

  40. author

    ItsKateYTIl y a jour

    I see Nicole, I click. #pussycatdolls4life

  41. author

    Marky MarkIl y a jour

    My sister is 34 and she looks older than nicole lol

  42. author

    Aaron WeissIl y a jour

    aaaaaaaand still the best

  43. author

    rachel berryIl y a jour

    she actually looks pretty bad for 41

  44. author

    Nebeyu ZelekeIl y a jour

    How many words charlidemilio said 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇

  45. author

    Gaby SpinolaIl y a jour

    and you don’t use charli damelio as the thumbnail?

  46. author

    Dawniece SadeIl y a jour

    I love Jason so much 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  47. author

    Banjo The FerretIl y a jour

    This is the weirdest vlog so far😅🤣

  48. author

    Philip RibasIl y a jour

    Scott literally has to be on fire to make it to the vlog now lol

  49. author

    K AIl y a jour

    Scotty really out here lighting himself on fire to get in the vlog. I like it.

  50. author

    One TwoIl y a jour

    charli did not say a single word

  51. author

    AlexDareIl y a jour

    This man has the best vlogs on the internet 😂😂

  52. author

    Ahmed YousriIl y a jour

    1: wake up 2:go to school 3: see a hot girl 4:kiss a hot girl correct order : 2,3,4,1

  53. author

    SquishyIl y a jour

    So Harry styles is next right? I’ve been wait- I meaning... Carly and Erin have been waiting 😂

  54. author

    NoyuIl y a jour

    what's the question he's asking her in 0:00? i can't make it out

  55. author

    Danica ZandovalIl y a jour

    Jason looks so good

  56. author

    A FIl y a jour

    She was shaking because that was a bold face lie lol

  57. author

    Kent YoungsIl y a jour

    Everyone Scott just lit himself in fire to get in the vlog

  58. author

    Gia MarieIl y a jour

    I thought Zane just had a melted jolly rancher on his head or something I’m sjsjsj

  59. author

    Kortney and Erica VlogsIl y a jour

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  60. author

    OofManCrankThatIl y a jour

    So your just gonna run Zane over and not put him in your thumbnail........smh 🤦‍♂️

  61. author

    FrankieIl y a jour

    Charli looks like natalie i can’t be the only done

  62. author

    Corey MolinaIl y a jour

    Bro David was fucking shook when Nicole scherzinger caressed his face lmaooo

  63. author

    alex yostIl y a jour

    How can anyone genuinely watch and like tana mongeau

  64. author

    HeyyitsmayaIl y a jour

    When she was like I’m 41 I rl blurted out “bitch you look 50”😂

  65. author

    Jan CardonaIl y a jour

    What was David and Tana talking about?

  66. author

    jamila moralesIl y a jour


  67. author

    misskristinyooIl y a jour

    “My hearts beating” well that’s good Tana I’d be concerned if it wasn’t.

  68. author

    Edry MatiasIl y a jour

    She is hot

  69. author

    Amelia AIl y a jour

    Why are all his vids 4:21 lmao

  70. author

    Paige DuffyIl y a jour

    David was so turned on I’m sorry

  71. author

    Robert MartinezIl y a jour

    2020 Erin is still most searched for mental breakdowns

  72. author

    taylor merlinoIl y a jour

    She's fourty one and still so young vibe bet she bad ass in sex mama mia

  73. author

    Adrianne GalvanIl y a jour

    does anyone know the name of the outro song

  74. author

    brandon hodgesIl y a jour

    My god Davids the best in the world

  75. author

    pennywiseisme67 pennywiseIl y a jour

    Looks like Jonah hit it

  76. author

    Mini ChmelnikIl y a jour

    Is it just me or did this vlog have a lot more action than normal 😂

  77. author

    Drip UniverseIl y a jour

    1:06 is that finn wolfhard

  78. author

    Myersva YTIl y a jour

    I came for nicole left for charli smh

  79. author

    Juicy JanelleIl y a jour

    Nicole looks so good wtf

  80. author

    M GIl y a jour

    Best one yet

  81. author

    SiigmaIl y a jour

    0:16 Everybody: Laughing Jason: :|

  82. author

    Lil Academically DishonestIl y a jour

    Nobody: David: GeT tHe FUCK oUtTa hErE

  83. author

    Carlos ZamoranoIl y a jour

    3:09 I thought Scott wanted to die😂😳

  84. author

    taylor merlinoIl y a jour

    She probably has nice pussy

  85. author

    Jack BuckenmeyerIl y a jour


  86. author

    Sullivan RockIl y a jour

    No one Absolutely not one soul David - How are we going to incorporate the paint ball gun into this video.

  87. author

    Ryan MIl y a jour

    Charlie didn’t even make the main channel 😞

  88. author

    Maria VillegasIl y a jour

    This is my new favorite David dobrik video it seems so genuine

  89. author

    supposed to do homeworkIl y a jour

    scott deserves so much more appreciation, he‘s such a good friend🥺

  90. author

    Hyng AsIl y a jour

    Stream "The Box" by Roddy Rich, make a spotify playlist with only this song and leave on when you sleep!!🤩🤫😘

  91. author

    julia burnsIl y a jour

    can someone please tell me what david asked tana? his voice cracked

  92. author

    elyciavellaIl y a jour

    what song does he play with the light savers

  93. author

    Madelyne MartinezIl y a jour

    When it comes to David you can never be bored. T~T

  94. author

    QDibieIl y a jour

    2:38 Whatever happened between Matt and Miranda Cosgrove

  95. author

    Edward MirandaIl y a jour

    David if you didn't fuck Nicole...... you might just be gay lmao jk

  96. author

    T α ყ αIl y a jour

    Ugh tana’s is back smh just cuz David had the real Justin bieber lol

  97. author

    emily bIl y a jour

    id prefer not to see charli

  98. author

    LaMEIl y a jour

    David was ready to risk it all for a sec 😳 3:43

  99. author

    AshleyIl y a jour

    i love how these are all so staged but still fun to watch

  100. author

    Gianni AlexaeIl y a jour

    4:16: Not gonna lie she looks 60 with a lot of Botox and lip fillers