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Halsey - More (Audio)Halsey - More (Audio)

Halsey - More (Audio)

Il y a 3 jours

Halsey - GraveyardHalsey - Graveyard

Halsey - Graveyard

Il y a 3 mois

Halsey - clementineHalsey - clementine

Halsey - clementine

Il y a 3 mois

Halsey - NightmareHalsey - Nightmare

Halsey - Nightmare

Il y a 8 mois

Halsey - CastleHalsey - Castle

Halsey - Castle

Il y a 3 ans

Halsey - ColorsHalsey - Colors

Halsey - Colors

Il y a 3 ans

  1. author

    • Mani • Pōmarë •Il y a jour

    Love you Halsey 😭💙

  2. author

    Karolína AlbrechtováIl y a jour

    UNPOPULAR OPINION: WHY there always have to be half naked girls looking like sluts in music videos these day ?!

  3. author

    afla6o0onaIl y a jour

    RM :hold my coffee for a sec ...

  4. author


    I swear everything she does is perfect

  5. author

    Tanisha ParkerIl y a jour

    I love these videos. They're a great way to show what you do and go through to create for us. I love this album I think it's some of your best yet.

  6. author

    Lwee SaIl y a jour

    Rock I love girl you slayed 🔥🔥🔥❤

  7. author

    Valeria VargasIl y a jour

    Halsey!! OMG! 😭🥺 You make such a beautiful music!! 🥺❣️

  8. author

    Lwee SaIl y a jour

    It's already a hit 🔥♥♥

  9. author

    Bella-Mia RoseIl y a jour

    Poor Ashley man, I'm glad she has a glimpse of hope now

  10. author

    StefanieIl y a jour

    this is the most beautiful song she has ever written

  11. author

    Alex StarkIl y a jour

    This has to be single

  12. author

    Carol SantosIl y a jour

    this song is so fucking good

  13. author

    aidaichik90Il y a jour

    I’m glad i never ever had a baby w you! 💯. Loser you are

  14. author

    Minchen ReyIl y a jour

    Sherri Moon is it you

  15. author

    Jennifer MaukIl y a jour

    I was a Halsey fan from the first time I heard "New Americana". When I saw her perform Without Me on the 2019 Billboard Music Awards and saw her doing interpretative dance for the first time, I knew she was not just a singer, but an artist in every sense of the word.

  16. author

    sabrae locklearIl y a jour

    My favorite song in the album 💖

  17. author

    Hailee vanleysenIl y a jour

    Is this video the sequel to Martin Garrix's turn up the speakers

  18. author

    bridge4Il y a jour

    This song is taking over my day lol. What a talent

  19. author

    K.I.C.Il y a jour

    🤩 Freaking #Awesome

  20. author

    kornelkabgabvbgIl y a jour

    Her stylist soooo copy/pasted Shania Twain - That Don't Impress Me Much, and Shania Twain - Man! I Feel Like A Woman :D unfortunately she doesn't have even 10% of Shania's grace, style and dignity.... :(

  21. author

    Drika SeethaIl y a jour

    Honestly wanna scream, but what's the use

  22. author

    sla •AtenaIl y a jour

    eu sou a única brasileira que ama a Halsey?❤❤ Love you so much Halsey ❤

  23. author

    Elizabeth OIl y a jour

    Easily my favourite song on the album

  24. author

    Go Spidey Go!Il y a jour

    Halsey: Men are pigs for sexualizing women Also Halsey: wears as little clothes as possible to show off her body

  25. author

    Carla CarolIl y a jour

    I don't know how she is going to single this song at the shows, its so emotional and im not prepared to see this, she is so strong and i love her ❤

  26. author

    Hailee vanleysenIl y a jour

    Billie: when we all fall asleep where do we go? Halsey: graveyard Frozen: into the unknown

  27. author

    Tilek AbdykaimovIl y a jour

    This is so sad 😞İ felt bad

  28. author

    Fox GrifterIl y a jour

    I am already addicted : it's like a wound in my heart and I don't want it to heal

  29. author

    * Jasmine *Il y a jour

    Im crying, this is so personal and I haven't even been through it and here I am crying fucking help

  30. author

    Hailee vanleysenIl y a jour

    Underwater videos? Are we in the music video for Martin Garrix's in the name of love again?

  31. author

    26savengerIl y a jour

    Im super sad n frustrated

  32. author

    Rahaf RaadIl y a jour


  33. author

    White HorseIl y a jour

    And 🌈❤️💚❤️

  34. author

    Sean JuanIl y a jour

    Mami te amo chula ps juan🎶

  35. author

    Настя АхматоваIl y a jour

    I love your songs !!!

  36. author

    Google UserIl y a jour


  37. author

    Hailee vanleysenIl y a jour

    Ashley frangipane? You here????!

  38. author

    Tom ReynoldsIl y a jour

    Greeat fucking song! She is the real deal..writes all her lyrics, has a very distinctive voice, she's gonna be around for a long time...

  39. author

    Jay XDIl y a jour

    Thee only bad thing about this Is that it is too short 😭😭😭

  40. author

    sleepy wizardIl y a jour

    Lmao catfished

  41. author

    sliders chroniclesIl y a jour


  42. author

    gerard the crowIl y a jour

    I love this song so much, but that aside am I the only one who thinks the beginning kind of sounds like Minecraft music.

  43. author

    シGachasistersシIl y a jour

    Я одна от миёк??? ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 🖤

  44. author

    Miranda_MRDIl y a jour

    ame ame ame, amo amo amo y amare esta canción

  45. author

    The VilIl y a jour

    is nathalia bt i luv it is beautiful !

  46. author

    Rani SudhakarIl y a jour


  47. author

    Jared MagauIl y a jour


  48. author

    SeleemIl y a jour

    I'm Here before 1M Views

  49. author

    Tom ReynoldsIl y a jour

    So who is she talking about in this song?

  50. author

    M. DavitIl y a jour


  51. author

    Sinou dz officielIl y a jour


  52. author


    Halsey is the truth

  53. author

    Gergely JuhaszIl y a jour

    I am really not sure what I have just seen...

  54. author

    JonathanIl y a jour

    This song makes me angry at the boyfriend I don't have 🤬

  55. author

    Jay XDIl y a jour

    "TALK TO YOUR MAN.... TELL HIM HE'S GOT BAD NEWS COMING" is the best lyric of this album😂🤟

  56. author

    Milena GhazaryanIl y a jour

    I like this song very much.This song make my mood is a maximal happy.Tnx Halsey

  57. author

    JKKillerBIl y a jour

    (27) Club Member ?

  58. author

    Peter MorenoIl y a jour

    So this is what really happens; orgies

  59. author

    courtney12410Il y a jour

    She's dressed like Shania in that leopard outfit and the red hair. The part with the horse kind of reminds me of Nikki Minaj's one video that came out years and years ago.

  60. author

    Manika DixitIl y a jour

    Nothing but this song can just make you change your decision and rethink about the idea that you dropped of proposing your long time crush.

  61. author

    pocohantas05Il y a jour

    Two of the outfits came from Shania Twain 's videos " man I feel like a woman" and " that don't impress me much". I got a little confused though, is she trying to get into country music now? Scratching my head.

  62. author

    Natalee FlóresIl y a jour

    Starts a capella and it was interesting to listen to and I was please and thought: now she's just showing off. Jk . Seriously prob in my top 5 fav songs on this album

  63. author

    Trap CrewIl y a jour

    Lady Gaga - Yoü and I?

  64. author

    Reham MoustoIl y a jour

    no I'm not crying YOU ARE CRYING...

  65. author

    Zeke MapiscayIl y a jour

    This is how you do a great music video. 👌❤

  66. author

    Natalee FlóresIl y a jour

    Musically great. Lyrically meh

  67. author

    Brajesh KhaterkerIl y a jour

    0:30 who else felt that east side song.

  68. author

    OniketIl y a jour

    Jennifer's Body ♡

  69. author

    Kennita PombarIl y a jour


  70. author

    Yarely RodriguezIl y a jour


  71. author

    SleepHaterIl y a jour

    I wonder why there's 3 women in the drawings..

  72. author

    Kennita PombarIl y a jour


  73. author

    Dányka AbrilIl y a jour

    This is that song that I cant listen as others because I start crying a lot I really hope that one day she can make her amazing dream come true because she deserves it

  74. author

    car2rockIl y a jour

    I have an idea of what this song means to me as I can really relate and many of us can with Halsey's songwriting. Is that you think you can try and 'fix' someone and make them feel whole and better again by sacrificing something of yourself in order to do that. And not in a condescending way that everyone needs fixing. But try and heal them in some way and they just don't want to be fixed. They aren't willing to. And it is sad. Because sometimes you can't fix yourself on your own. But if you don't want to be fixed or healed by someone who is trying to help... that's when you should be sad.

  75. author

    Sandy sIl y a jour

    I love this song can't stop listening it

  76. author

    Amanda PesinaIl y a jour

    Getting Jeffrey star to be in this video was a win! #whitehorse

  77. author

    Jasmin DIl y a jour

    i wondering how bts would react if they see this 😂😂

  78. author

    Randy MonroeIl y a jour

    Van Halen - Sunday Afternoon in the Park

  79. author

    Lorel DienIl y a jour

    g eazy 2018: Hit it, no rubber, never would no one touch her halsey 2020: I'm so glad I never ever had a baby with you

  80. author

    Catherine S. AhnIl y a jour

    I feel so sad that I reached this song after 9 days.... Love ya lots Halsey ❤❤❤

  81. author

    Simply Michal LeIl y a jour

    Director: Do you want it more like Shania Twain or Lady Gaga? Halsey: Yes.

  82. author

    stavroula galaniIl y a jour

    Its giving me Miley Cyrus-adore you vibes

  83. author

    akrockstaransIl y a jour

    I've listened to this song so many times since it came out, but every damn time i can't help but cry. It's such a beautiful and vulnerable song. Halsey ❤️

  84. author

    Emir ÖzenIl y a jour

    Alanis makes everything better, halsey is great as well😭

  85. author

    magna116Il y a jour

    Just do a porno already.

  86. author

    Natalee FlóresIl y a jour

    Love it. Love it. Literally, this moment the first time i ever enjoyed male kpop vocals. This was my gateway song lol. THIS IS SO GOOD and uh yes I don't speak korean but the syllable patterns, the beautifully contrasting voices. This is an intriguing hybrid Sonically, I'm getting some flashback feeling to Coldplay's mylo xyloto which I thought was a good album. Suddenly remembered how, during an earlier song, I wondered if Halsey covered Fake Plastic trees would that be interesting? SUGA's flow makes me wanna nod, explain things with hand gestures, and dance. Meaningful music with visceral impact. Kudos you guys!

  87. author

    MaryChristineIl y a jour

    Halsey is so freaking hot 🔥

  88. author

    • MichelleIl y a jour

    Halsey e seu talento de lançar hinos maravilhosos pqp

  89. author

    K JonesIl y a jour

    She doesn't care so much that she just can't stop making songs about her anf G-Easzy. And she's so over him, that she must show as much skin in her MV as possible. Pathetic.

  90. author

    Natalee FlóresIl y a jour

    "I won't ever feel this way again " is a lyric that should never happen. Writing coach.

  91. author

    Pouria AlijaniIl y a jour

    there is some music video in this porn

  92. author

    Dallas BurrIl y a jour

    Gut wrenchingly beautiful

  93. author

    Natalee FlóresIl y a jour

    That drum machine track. The song sounds shrouded. I guess that's okay. I prefer my gay anthems proud and danceable. But maybe here's a niche that Halsey can explore. Yay Alanis

  94. author

    Alex BatonisashviliIl y a jour

    the rawest and honest song on manic, love you so so much ash

  95. author

    Sami BsfIl y a jour

    My favorite song of this year 😍

  96. author

    JanalushIl y a jour

  97. author

    Vojta ŽákIl y a jour

    The song (which I really like) doesn't correspondent with the videoclip (which I find very stupid) at all.

  98. author

    Faith SloanIl y a jour


  99. author

    The-1DarkKnight_Il y a jour

    I was just about to skip this song then Suga started rapping

  100. author

    alex callisIl y a jour

    this is gonna be the bad at love of manic