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Canada Bumps!Canada Bumps!

Canada Bumps!

Il y a an

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    Clement Connie ElenaIl y a jour

    Technocally, this is comedycore

  2. author

    cheskaIl y a jour

    imagine paying to see this

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    TraumnYaumnIl y a jour

    The top 10 Heaviest band 10: Mudvayne 9: Mudvayne 8: Mudvayne 7: Mudvayne 6: Mudvayne 5: Mudvayne 4: Mudvayne 3: Mudvayne 2: Mudvayne 1: Nickleback 0: One direction

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    Alharron BersaminaIl y a jour

    wow youre wearing pants

  5. author

    Michael WronkowskiIl y a jour

    I'm SO glad, "What does the fox say?" has died.

  6. author

    kuippbetLikesToIl y a jour

    Everybody knows that nirvana only has one song

  7. author

    Clement Connie ElenaIl y a jour

    Now who wants a metalcore version of this?

  8. author

    Ger 13 NunYahIl y a jour

    Bloody NICE

  9. author

    That 1 WeaselIl y a jour

    Ah, I've always wantedto be Billie *EYELASH* By he way, Billy Idol is over 100000000000000000000000000000000000x better

  10. author

    Ekam SinghIl y a jour


  11. author

    Mason McNeelyIl y a jour

    i prefer the old school

  12. author

    Nathaniel CavaIl y a jour

    theyre just good at playing to their demographic. Girls who cry every time a hot guy strums guitar chords or does pull-off.

  13. author

    Łukasz PrażakIl y a jour

    PPhones should be forbidden on live shows. Watch the damn concert you smartphone zombie idiot!

  14. author

    Derek TsuboiIl y a jour


  15. author

    Maggie MillerIl y a jour

    Who else had captions on....... -geez-

  16. author

    Random ThoughtsIl y a jour

    Sorry, can't take it!

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    Peter GamelinIl y a jour


  18. author

    laurelIl y a jour

    Hey just so you know it's pronounced "ca-mee-la" and not "ca-mee-ya" because in Spanish the L only makes a Y sound if there are two of them

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    Sky Wolfie ?Il y a jour

    XD billie eilish is my queen but this is funny

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    Félix MorinIl y a jour

    Simply Psychosocial's Breakdown

  21. author

    Kevin WeaverIl y a jour

    And then he got vagina

  22. author

    Simon HoltIl y a jour


  23. author

    jose luis roque villarroleIl y a jour

    Mendez play live, u can do that??? Sorry bad joke

  24. author

    PogonateurIl y a jour

    You're so fucking talented dude you're amazing

  25. author

    Guitar Prepnand1Il y a jour

    That's how i look when i play a 000 Martin. 🎸😎

  26. author

    Poofy cat :3Il y a jour

    The number 9 one was true i tried it and it worked

  27. author

    Thatoneguy onyoutubeIl y a jour

    Anything by soad is fun

  28. author

    offworldresidentIl y a jour

    This fucking asshole is reaching Jared Dines levels of douchebaggery

  29. author

    Falling GDIl y a jour

    I like Green Day :|

  30. author

    Jaspal SarkariaIl y a jour

    I just got Spotify Premium today and listened to your “Negative Comments Song.” Dude, wtf, it was amazing.

  31. author

    Brandon CarsonIl y a jour

    I need tabs of that tokyo ghoul part

  32. author

    Zander HarrisIl y a jour

    Her name is not pronounced Ca-mee-ah Ca-beh-a, its pronounced, ca-mee-lah Cah-bey-oh

  33. author

    SomeAirplane726Il y a jour

    There is such thing as you knooowww that thing called PUTTING THE WIRE BEHIND THE NECK you know

  34. author

    Ryan KaraffaIl y a jour


  35. author

    Vernon ChildressIl y a jour


  36. author

    Axe of LuthieryIl y a jour

    Travis ryan perfected brian jonstons vocals

  37. author

    Vernon ChildressIl y a jour


  38. author

    Musically IngeniousIl y a jour

    Those melodies are making me sweepy... In all seriousness though, you are an awesome guitar player Stevie T! Practice makes perfect!

  39. author

    kacher00Il y a jour

    The hate comments are about them. Losing. Sh#$&$

  40. author

    Matti ViisainenIl y a jour

    9:35 that sweep is cool. Infact it's so cool that I'll add that to my things to learn list.

  41. author

    Axe of LuthieryIl y a jour

    Signs of the Swarm

  42. author

    kacher00Il y a jour


  43. author

    GameZedeX ChanelIl y a jour

    I can't believe you actually used a PICC on a 🅱️ASS... I excuse you cuz at least you SLAPPED it .. EPIC

  44. author

    kacher00Il y a jour


  45. author

    kacher00Il y a jour

    Holy sh@#$# you don’t know how to play the vilin

  46. author

    Lucio HERNANDEZIl y a jour

    I loved god

  47. author

    BusDriver5_YT \Il y a jour

    speakers behind stevies head, look like mickey mouse ears

  48. author

    Nathan CanaanIl y a jour

    I had a really depressed day and only you made me laugh

  49. author

    Raylend BarrIl y a jour

    You where a bra???

  50. author

    Bernard DebbarmaIl y a jour

    Do more on indian bollywood.. You will find more😆😆

  51. author

    LaidToRest04Il y a jour

    What about Bullet For My Valentine? They went from metalcore, to hard rock, to alt. metal. Temper Temper and Gravity were still sick

  52. author

    Raylend BarrIl y a jour

    Leave me alone it's scary

  53. author

    Adriana MolinaIl y a jour

    listen to soap revelations

  54. author

    James McCoyIl y a jour

    Ok but... I don't think blaring an over-complicated solo over every song is helping the world hear them... All I hear is like 5 seconds of each song then your solo. Just let us hear the music.

  55. author

    BOX ASMRIl y a jour

    Steve T,you are perfect... Don't let anybody change that... ❤

  56. author

    A. Od-ReszkiIl y a jour

    Do rob vigna plz

  57. author

    Matías Tang Oliva-MontiIl y a jour

    4:30 OMG

  58. author

    V0r4xizIl y a jour

    It's pronounced Kuh-mee-luh, not Kuh-mee-yuh. Camila with one L, not two.

  59. author

    Tyson BrazierIl y a jour


  60. author

    Laii RidgewellIl y a jour


  61. author

    stefano sebastianiIl y a jour

    Ma questo è un coglione!!! Ma non suona più di tre note alla volta.

  62. author

    Bob ManciniIl y a jour


  63. author

    okIl y a jour

    hes strooming

  64. author

    Subscribe to PEWDIEPIE!!!Il y a jour

    John Lennon: We’re bigger then JC Steve T: I am God

  65. author

    angelv0515Il y a jour

    9:00 steve stop that your attracting the wrong person your gonna make me go gay with those solos man!

  66. author

    Raylend BarrIl y a jour

    He ugly michal

  67. author

    Raylend BarrIl y a jour

    You be grinch

  68. author

    Always SomethingIl y a jour

    That was a solid solo

  69. author

    Zeno DonWeebIl y a jour

    517 dislikes are your love rivals on camcoster cabeoster

  70. author

    Raylend BarrIl y a jour

    Me like jhonas brothers

  71. author

    BusDriver5_YT \Il y a jour

    umm thtevie why are you picking on unpopular bandthhhhhhhh sthsthsthsthsth A joke only the people who watched the video get.

  72. author

    Zeno DonWeebIl y a jour

    Should make Steve vs Bottle shred, plssss Stevie

  73. author

    MansplainerIl y a jour


  74. author

    Hadi ShadowIl y a jour

    hmmm if only i had his confidence :|

  75. author

    Maria DuronIl y a jour


  76. author

    Matthew HolmanIl y a jour

    Pop fans are too easily impressed when someone plays a note on guitar

  77. author

    shysky67 & princesspea44Il y a jour


  78. author

    Derek BuchananIl y a jour

    I skipped you talking about Raid Shadow Legends. Sorry, not sorry. Good video though man.

  79. author

    Lucio HERNANDEZIl y a jour

    You sound like dame tu cosita

  80. author

    Will WhittIl y a jour

    Ha uu we have a starer

  81. author

    Jerimia FerrerIl y a jour

    Never got this til 2 years later... "Violet, you're turning Violet!"

  82. author

    Veselin JokanovićIl y a jour

    So Vai/Satriani sounding solo at the end. Loved it.

  83. author

    Mobile Sports MachineIl y a jour

    did randy newman write toy story

  84. author

    Nicolas Aguilar GonzalezIl y a jour

    Dude you absolutley shred

  85. author

    Just Me SoccerIl y a jour

    People: Animals: Computer: OhHhH I NeEd a mAn tO F₩€k BacK

  86. author

    MattycakesIl y a jour

    Stevie has the voice of a goddamn angel.

  87. author

    Charlie ManIl y a jour

    i am creepy man

  88. author

    Rafael MoraisIl y a jour

    Take a look at this Brazilian disciple of Richard Benson

  89. author

    Afonso FRANCO PEREIRAIl y a jour

    Was I the only one who noticed that steve had a Cabila Cabello´s picture on the background?

  90. author

    Nathan KinleyIl y a jour

    Your an incredible human homie. Keep making priceless content! Takes balls to tell the truth over some bs lie. At least your not lying to yourself 👊🏼

  91. author

    Bahram AkhlaghyIl y a jour

    that intro music is soooo fucking amazing look at this peetograph my girlfriend so ugly really makes me laugh XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  92. author

    Doyoon HanIl y a jour

    U didnt read my comment U r still pronuncing her name wrong Its Camila Cabeyo

  93. author

    Jose SalesIl y a jour

    Here's a good video for Stevie to react to

  94. author

    Aeden DabossIl y a jour

    Nobody: The video:ThIs ViDeO iS SpOnSeReD bY RaId ShAdOw LeGeNdS

  95. author

    Wyatt RobertsIl y a jour

    7:48 shawn Mendes......

  96. author

    Wyatt RobertsIl y a jour

    Some one needs to time stamp every time he swoops his leg

  97. author

    Roberto TinelliIl y a jour

    You should wash your mauth before speaking about the great Maestro Bini.

  98. author

    rayden lowryIl y a jour

    I actually think Bring Me The Horizon changed over-all more than Metallica did, just not as many times.

  99. author

    cussing gerryIl y a jour

    a fire burns a house me:i thought the fire was in the holeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  100. author

    Tracy KubitzkyIl y a jour

    6 string core XD