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We Broke Up.We Broke Up.

We Broke Up.

Il y a 10 jours

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    Grace ChenIl y a jour

    5:46 Dang Jeffree

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    haydens lifeIl y a jour

    i have 4 dogs 2 bunnieees three cats and used to have a hamster named john cena but my cat ate him

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    dolce vitaIl y a jour

    Sabes algo? .... Eres un ser hermoso💓❤️❤️❤️

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    Dat Wahine808Il y a jour

    I’m so sorry Jeffree! I’m sending lots of positive energy and light to you and Nathan! ❤️

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    Ellie rose forresterIl y a jour

    You've just moved and you've broken up :(

  6. author

    LuLzIl y a jour

    Still can't find you on the Grinder app! 😓

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    MilszenIl y a jour

    So sorry i am in shock...

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    maggie kIl y a jour

    Watching this after their break up 😒miss them already

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    Ariana HarperIl y a jour

    i can feel the asbestos

  10. author

    CallMeLilleoIl y a jour

    Dude I'm not gonna lie at all, I never thought you guys would.. stay strong xx

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    maggie kIl y a jour

    I feel like jefree was quite composed and mature Abt it♥️🤗 they're gonna get back together...rooting for them😭🌺🖤

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    Liliana NavaIl y a jour

    Who is here from 2020

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    v commIl y a jour

    13:47 Yaaas Larry !!! :-))

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    Stephanie CoulterIl y a jour

    Hindsight is 20/20 in 2020. He seems really grumpy a lot of the time.

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    Greta NaudžiūtėIl y a jour

    I like you more without eyebrows honey 😘❤️

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    Philipp MelasIl y a jour

    You are the only person who looks good without eyebrows

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    Sara OchoaIl y a jour

    OMG eres versátil 😍🤣

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    Jade CalmeyerIl y a jour

    Favourite part.... the setting spray party at the end :P

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    Zone HermitIl y a jour

    thank you

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    Tati CrayIl y a jour

    I’m going thru a break up myself. Been together for 3 years, and just November I gave birth to our child. Streaming all your videos. It’s helping me get thru. Stay strong Jeffree.

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    Jenna Hopper111Il y a jour

    Who else noticed one of Jeffree’s eyes was green and the other brown 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

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    isadora NotiniIl y a jour

    Ele ficou rindo da e.l.f

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    Prameow MeowIl y a jour

    I hate 2020 already

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    Агата АбдраимоваIl y a jour

    back to my channel Hey HOW ARE YA?!!!

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    Mia GarciaIl y a jour


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    Kay ShortIl y a jour

    I know I am asking this 2 years later (rewatching the queens videos this morning), but does anyone know what brush he is using for the veil technique?

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    Prameow MeowIl y a jour

    What ? T f

  28. author

    Me YouIl y a jour

    Why r u asking the bf? Who cares what he thinks... hes gonna say what u want him too....

  29. author

    Israel CairncrossIl y a jour


  30. author

    Super MenIl y a jour

    sorry, but you fuc... up in the head :-)

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    Don GIl y a jour

    Anything to get more views, likes, and comments. I know I’m just adding to his/her Wallet/purse. At least boy George was original!

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    Anais ArceIl y a jour

    At the end when he has the red lipstick on and the two different color eyeshadow on, he looks like the child version of Harley Quinn, no offense (I’m not trying to roast him btw)

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    Pure NightmareIl y a jour

    I got so confused, in England its TK Maxx lol

  34. author

    Kathy HooverIl y a jour

    I just want to hang out with you for a day and have you do my makeup.x❤️

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    Rickdiculous C-137Il y a jour

    Nobody cares

  36. author


    ????? 0:51 ???? ??

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    Micaela RobertsIl y a jour

    We can see rylans number plate

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    Skyye :3Il y a jour

    Why does he remind me of Jason from Jane the virgin *omg I’m such a loser lmao*

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    Gia HartIl y a jour

    Wow throwing a little shade at Nate and trying to insinuate he might have mental problems. No if what you are saying is True? Two sides to every story he might not wanted to be in the spotlight and if the two of you were fore real & that is all it was you would still be together with him just not being in your video's but I have a feeling you left him and it's because you have the money and also used that money as power in the relationship. Your almighty is the dollar bill not real love through thick and thin. So if he did have some kind of "mental" issue why did YOU not stay and help if that was even the case.

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    C& ProductionsIl y a jour

    What the what 🤔🤔

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    Salty As fuqIl y a jour

    Jeffree : get it off your face right now dont test me Shane : **wait my brows**

  42. author

    tinaphillips1Il y a jour

    You look like Melanie Martinez

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    Philipp MelasIl y a jour

    Hi! I’m new here! I have a question R u trans or gay????

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    Grace_RandomGirl 123Il y a jour

    Thank you for always being honest ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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    Samantha ortegaIl y a jour

    I am so sorry Jeffree

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    the power of pea pigs the power or pea pigsIl y a jour

    I'm such a germaphobe. I could never share drinks and food like that, yucko!!

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    Nits CheetosIl y a jour

    I love tatis makeup is a mix drugstore n luxury makeup..

  48. author

    Nits CheetosIl y a jour

    When tati looks much more extra...

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    Cait JJIl y a jour

    I dont know the details of his life before his success, but its undoubted that he had struggled. I dont feel he is bragging or jaded to his wealth, I'm really happy and proud.

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    PatlylIl y a jour

    you make James Charles look straight

  51. author

    Ting AmorIl y a jour

    How I wish I’m like jefree can still able to say good things bout my ex after he broke my heart 🤦🏼‍♀️

  52. author

    Uswa FatimaIl y a jour

    *just hit these cheekbones one more time because this just ain’t enough* -Jeffree star after coating his face with highlighter.

  53. author

    Maria VenemanIl y a jour

    Jeffree can u react to the Leah Ashe pink queen colection??😁

  54. author

    Autism ProductionsIl y a jour

    Gay ppl suckkkk

  55. author

    Reina EquinaIl y a jour

    Rofl Ryland walking in the movie theatre :P

  56. author

    Dee ScottIl y a jour

    Ah the fake of it all

  57. author

    Anisah AzadIl y a jour

    Let's talk about Jeffrey's nails they are amazing 😮😯

  58. author

    Frugal MammaIl y a jour

    I'm so sorry 💔😢💔😢 for you. Love you 😘

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    m cIl y a jour

    here after the breakup.. 😔

  60. author

    Rachel ___________Il y a jour

    Heal up love. Start loving you more. And your doggies. It's ok. Plz take care. Plz. Stay busy but remember to rest.

  61. author

    Gameing ChrisIl y a jour

    What the fuck Jeffree

  62. author

    Kerry AnneIl y a jour

    Most genuine person I've come across online in all of my 36 years. Time for some gentle self care. Sending love from Australia xx

  63. author

    Ena MalčecIl y a jour

    You are gay or not?

  64. author

    Katrina McElroyIl y a jour

    i am a big fan

  65. author

    Laura ManninaIl y a jour

    God... it's just a lot. What could a person be so majorly lacking to need all that. Wonder if he's truly happy.

  66. author

    jay bellIl y a jour

    Emmm..... maybe it was a Thanksgiving Lunch..... Oh! Sht!... a Thanksgiving Launch😉

  67. author

    Danielle KIl y a jour

    The fact that he’s never been in a dollar general tho

  68. author

    Joshua DaywanIl y a jour

    Jeffree: Scariest video ME:can't relate

  69. author

    Ayesha PirwaniIl y a jour

    I can’t believe he/she has TATTOOS ON HER/HE’s Chest LIKE OMG that must have hurt

  70. author

    Stacey ByrneIl y a jour

    No I don't want you guys to breakup.. I'm sorry hope all the best xx

  71. author

    Anisah AzadIl y a jour

    It sounds like Jeffree Star has torret syndrome not tbr

  72. author

    Friilai InOmIl y a jour

    I came here specifically for that cute beige doggy

  73. author

    mattIl y a jour

    Jeffree, you shouldn't be in that house alone...hit me up if you want a new boy toy lmao

  74. author

    Yandere_ Simulator 2009Il y a jour

    Oh my god I didnt expect this to happend!

  75. author

    Dekota WIl y a jour

    If you need to take a break take a break for as long as you need. You owe us nothing specially not an explanation that’s your personal life you don’t need to share it with anyone if you don’t want to ❤️

  76. author

    AlexTube TVIl y a jour

    AWWWW MANN!!!!!!! I feel sooo bad for jeffree

  77. author

    Lena BooysenIl y a jour

    Making metal straws is really bad because you have to dig hols in the growd and thats bad because you taking animals habits away and trees

  78. author

    mishal rubabIl y a jour

    Trixie's hairs looking like a lion

  79. author

    Lisa KatzenschlägerIl y a jour

    Ouch:( This hit different

  80. author

    CNicole SearcyIl y a jour

    I love you boo stay strong❤

  81. author

    xXKaliiXxIl y a jour

    When Jeffree Star thinks something is overpriced, that how y’all know it really is overpriced.

  82. author

    Hanie HedayatiIl y a jour

    i'm so sorry to hear this 😥

  83. author

    notjustarandomgirlIl y a jour

    omfg, you look seriously damn good with the eyebrows

  84. author

    ヴァネッサVanessaIl y a jour

    Jefferyyyyy doing a pizza palette in a Taco Bell shirt yessss

  85. author

    Elaine MerrillIl y a jour

    This may sound corny, but you deserve better. When it feels like the sky is falling, do not camp out in this moment, nursing it too long. You have more love in you, not to give away, no, now you will receive more then you could ever dream possible. You have a very unique fingerprint to leave on the world. When you hold yourself in too long, some of your uniqueness es start to dim. When you are ready to take forward steps you will grow in diamond dimensions. Multiple facets, to shine even more brilliant. There's a reason why, in this phase of your life, your light went dark. That light was not from you. Someone tried to dim you down to their shine, in their weak glow. Bust through all that old dim dim, like Hailey's Comet your light will shine brighter than even the largest Star. On the darkest night Hailey's Comet is visible burning through even the darkest midnight. I believe love will lift you to the brilliant display you are worthy of. Look up hun, your crown is slouchin' let's fix that just a bit. There look in the mirror. No pointing at flaws, no morbid past doubts...look at you. Ask yourself "where do I need go t de stress?" First idea out loud...first one no doubts no "oh maybe's nots" pushing it not ask anyone's advice. Do not ask anyone for permission. Do not say one thing about it. Do not tell hundreds of people. Tell one confidential helper where you need to go, and move on it immediately. No hesitation. No over planning. No over packing. Remove fancy shmancy make up, clothes shoes...down to simple jeans shirt hat loafers. And be. Be. Just breathe. And be. How long? As long as it takes. When you return. And just breathing isn't a struggle then add one thing you have never done as you go about getting back to your routine. While smells and senses heal and you face something overwhelming write that trigger down. Do not correct your thoughts or grammer as you write. Do not look back on pages until those triggers detensify. How long? As long as it takes. No time frame....when ready you will smile at those memories. Keep practicing one thing different you have never done but want to try. When making that different part, put on basic clothes, not to deny who you are but to remimd yourself "Just look at how beautiful I am" and get that you in focus..hun you gonna shine. As you go about your " up days, and down days, be on the look out for those what if's. Throw them thoughts in the trash can. Negativity? Just throw it all away... You are not bad to feel think or be. Please allow yourself to be changed into a better version of yourself. Hun you are wonderful just the way you are. Hailey's Comet is visible in many atmospheres passing planets and moons, burning after dozens of yrs... I have to practice saying these words to you, my own children have layers of sensuality like yours and other outer edges traits I have yet to know about. They have to limit my time when visiting, my foul attitude has caused them to limit their trust with me. When i faced extreme abuses i neglected to protect them, over drinking over indulging. A few yrs ago I lost 5 great friends in one yr then my 3rd husband dissappeared, my home burned down and my abusive Dad on death bed asked me to forgive him which I did. In 2012 i was hit by a truck while walking in the cross walk. I should have died . I didn't use pills or go back to drinking. I'm celebrating 14 yrsof sobriety this June 6th. I have suffered so many tragedies i thought "why live?". My love of my life [not my husbands] told me he loves me, but cannot live with me and stay. I've had many trials pains so i can know this. I know real love. I know real joy. From all these broken piece I rise like a Phoenix. My gay brother has adopted and guardianed 3 of my 5 kids. The older ones older ones and all kids are healing. We are all in need of a safe place to be trigger less. So we stop fighting and warring each other. I know laughter now because of dark anger, i know life will bring happiness and love, but as i grow on, I would rather encourage you and others to have love then to break myself trying to make love so for myself. I love your tutorials you videos. The you parts. I am pulling my big girl panties up. I needed someone in my corner as I detached from things i thought i needed had to have. I have multiple careers now. I have no inheritance coming. Monetary things do not have priority. I have places now for being authentic. Patience for all those i love to be themselves. I am so sorry this is long. I needed to remimd myself too hun as I have asked of you, i continue to heal. I cannot ever know your pains hurts or traumas. I have felt those in my life. But you make my day. And the corners of my lips turn up. And when that happens I feel blessed and soooooo happy. I do not know you. But i know hurt/loss and pain. I will pray. That's what i do more of now anyway. God make His face shine upon you and give you peace. My love to you hun.

  86. author

    Elena-Rose PattasIl y a jour

    I’m here for you jeffree❤️❤️ be strong!

  87. author

    Coffee JelloIl y a jour

    This really hurts- I feel like I’m going through a breakup :’(

  88. author

    Mohamed AlmoosawiIl y a jour

    I fell bad for him he was in love with him but idk how they broke up

  89. author

    cjw wooIl y a jour

    It saddends me that nate has no say on this since it is jeffrey's money

  90. author

    Namy YumyIl y a jour

    FRreporter started to recommend me this videos after their breakup FRreporter, you bastard.

  91. author

    aesthetic bunny108Il y a jour

    Shane: spends 300$ Jeffree: judges it harshly

  92. author

    aesthetic bunny108Il y a jour

    You can twll shane loves kylie but tries to hide it xd

  93. author

    Nelly VoskoboynikovaIl y a jour


  94. author

    Fernanda YugovichIl y a jour

    I am so sorry Jeffree 😞 letting go someone you truly love can be devastating. Totally can relate. But we will be fine. Sending you lots of love. 😔❤️

  95. author

    Stephanie DurhamIl y a jour

    Im sorry🙏🏽❤️

  96. author

    ŞafakIl y a jour

    Did he sell his house or just moving? I know his new house but just wondering...

  97. author

    Sofija BlesicIl y a jour

    Will you make more youtube videos

  98. author

    Shipmate | Revengefull TroutIl y a jour

    What in thw flying fuck is this

  99. author

    Angela AshbaughIl y a jour

    Eww Kathy is the worst. Ask her about the show she did at Universal...the one where she was SO hateful towards gays, we ALL walked out. She a phoney.

  100. author

    Hiếu MinhIl y a jour

    It like the hit man map goddd