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Il y a 3 mois

Who is SMARTER?!Who is SMARTER?!

Who is SMARTER?!

Il y a 3 mois

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    God PlaysIl y a jour


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    bryson bourgholtzerIl y a jour

    Play more with Chang he is funny

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    Graffiti GachaIl y a jour

    I figured out who broken it’s biff

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    Jarrett WilliamsIl y a jour


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    Lucas AstburyIl y a jour

    You awesome wonder full and foot

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    axel wederIl y a jour

    Please more pixlemon

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    Simon BIl y a jour

    My name is Simon

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    Ahmad KamranIl y a jour

    To much combos

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    Ethan MathisonIl y a jour

    They got to hit that like butttttttonnnnnn

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    Jaclyn DzedzyIl y a jour


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    Jenny SmithIl y a jour

    72k likes in 23 hours. Good job y’all

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    Radmir KarimovIl y a jour

    sub to my channel and like plz

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    Radmir KarimovIl y a jour

    sub to my channel and like plz

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    BLAZD PITBULL420Il y a jour


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    Jonathan contrerasIl y a jour

    Do more

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    BevyBevIl y a jour

    now THESE were the days,,,

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    Stephen MasseyIl y a jour

    How about 122k likes Is that good for you?

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    Jackson CashIl y a jour

    Foot Bolton

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    weirdgamer20Il y a jour

    how can i make a emerald helm when the ore spawn emerald helm is in the way

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    Russian UnionIl y a jour


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    Darylann StirlandIl y a jour

    Did you know you Kane brake diamond blocksn and take it in to your base in bed wars

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    XSI_ VividIl y a jour

    If you get max wood then you have to hit that like button

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    Eddie CloverIl y a jour

    No matter what ssundee will always use shock waves in his combos

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    Chris BeltanIl y a jour


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    RX_PlayzzIl y a jour

    I I'll come here every year because it's good content 2019👍 2020👍 2021 X 2022 X 2023 X 2024 X 2025 X 2026 X 2027 X 2028 X 2029 X 2030 X

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    Omar MuhammadIl y a jour

    Pls next vid idea : HIDE OR SNITCH

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    star broIl y a jour


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    Hippy ClippyIl y a jour

    how do we download crazy craft i would love to play this

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    weirdgamer20Il y a jour

    this is for anyone nice how can i make a emerald helmet since ore spawn tangles with it with it

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    Andrew FultonIl y a jour


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    UnlxckIl y a jour

    9:14 i thought the women said "what do u mean" and not him 😂😂

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    Jackson PerrinIl y a jour

    momyyyyyyyyyyyyy momyyyyyyyyyu

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    Matthew CorryIl y a jour

    Annually yes not a celebration tho

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    Hussein HijaziIl y a jour


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    Mike JakuboIl y a jour

    Stop footing

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    giuseppe delpreteIl y a jour

    Never troll Craner back. Eight months ago in fort nite

  37. author

    Pr0p3xIl y a jour

    I think that fighting map is from pixel gun 3D

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    Jesus TorresIl y a jour

    Hey SSundee let me join ur clan on clash Royal

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    Adan QaqishIl y a jour

    Foot-Mouth and a Mouth-Foot

  40. author

    Isaac RodriguezIl y a jour

    This is what happens when you put in tomato grill

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    damickoIl y a jour

    hi random person scrolling through the comments

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    Sharon RobertsIl y a jour

    the like buton is blue how they all should after ssundee wins.

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    Ieuan SmithIl y a jour

    Maybe some people don’t have a FRreporter account

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    Jacob BroomfieldIl y a jour

    ya how did you get a kill?

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    its ERDIIl y a jour

    Henwi is a foot

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    Veron SamraIl y a jour

    Nice vid love u

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    Marie DevereuxIl y a jour


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    Alex AtkinshardingIl y a jour


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    Glenda HolmesIl y a jour

    I Pixl just got put in so he can get 10 million subscribers

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    FREE MEMESBOIIl y a jour

    No one: Absolutely no one: Absolutely absolutely no one: Sundee: i am going to find you and I am going to cut you tail nails

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    YEET_YT_GAMERIl y a jour

    Do not epokemon vids

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    Twist3dTigeRIl y a jour

    When he hits max wood YOU GOTTA HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON

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    TTV_NightfireIl y a jour

    Replay 12:28 a few times and it sounds like aloha

  54. author

    Jeffrey TorrenceIl y a jour

    Use your company double jump to help you jump.

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    Spring YouIl y a jour

    Hi five!

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    phillip ørIl y a jour


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    Kyle OsemanIl y a jour

    Airpdactle is a legendary

  58. author

    Ayden PittmanIl y a jour

    The skin is peely

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    Mohammad HossainIl y a jour

    Ssundee has 2 belly buttons LOL

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    Renatas JankauskasIl y a jour


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    Unholy DoritoIl y a jour

    Petion to play more Crazy Craft Like if you agree👌

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    Charles LebbieIl y a jour


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    Ruth ReyesIl y a jour

    Have a good and blessed day 😊

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    William SmithIl y a jour

    Of crazy craft

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    William SmithIl y a jour

    My brother want to see one more video be for hepass

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    Jayden wuIl y a jour

    i wanna join it it looks fun

  67. author

    Jayden wuIl y a jour

    what is the map code ???

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    William cruzIl y a jour

    You gotta hIt ThAt LiKe BuTtOn

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    Ryan MacDonaldIl y a jour

    You should play five nights at Freddie’s

  70. author

    Melanie SmeenkIl y a jour

    That was fun

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    Oliver RaymondIl y a jour

    Banana Yeet

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    SarithagajjalaIl y a jour

    Dance party

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    Chase ApplerothIl y a jour

    Ssundee is the ugliest for the fashion show

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    Dylan JonesIl y a jour

    Your Sans!

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    Tyler op omg jackson op omgIl y a jour

    I am idiot like if u agree |

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    Alex Fornite5Il y a jour

    This is how much I love Ssundee

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    Corbin SewellIl y a jour


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    Noah TodrankIl y a jour

    I love you ssundee

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    Jake RainsIl y a jour


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    Jost LavricIl y a jour

    Storm is a foot

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    star broIl y a jour

    SSUNDEE who else thinks that like and comment ye

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    Yunus OrpiaIl y a jour

    who is watching at 2020

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    David SeglallIl y a jour

    What about agent fishstick?

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    Big0729Il y a jour

    Foot foot feet feet

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    Sub WebsterIl y a jour

    Mum I broke my phone because ssunde said hit that like button

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    IDK _CLaNIl y a jour

    Like for a free foot

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    Kalvin RodgerIl y a jour

    Ssundee mcundy

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    Aqua-marine & 60 studiosIl y a jour

    Do u really have 2 belly buttons

  89. author

    Ben BridgettIl y a jour

    biffle was the uglyest

  90. author

    Chanelle GriersonIl y a jour

    Do murder mystery with mythic weapons

  91. author

    Christopher GalopeIl y a jour

    Is noone wondering how he got bedrock for armor

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    lisa humphreysIl y a jour


  93. author

    Ali SalemIl y a jour

    It's play use the Midas drum gun

  94. author

    Tim ZellerIl y a jour

    Your awsome

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    Zesty HotSauceIl y a jour

    Henwy is a fooot.

  96. author

    Dominck WalaszekIl y a jour

    For the last round he had a minigun

  97. author

    Henry CamposIl y a jour

    Bring back turtle neck sweater bunch

  98. author

    Tara SandrinIl y a jour

    Who thinks grapplers are better then shock waves

  99. author

    fiSh dino annTIl y a jour


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    the joker 2019 movieIl y a jour

    i remember saturdee