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  1. author

    b metrixIl y a heure

    Christian Ponder is a fortunate dood to have a lady like Samantha.

  2. author

    Sacklife SakIl y a heure

    Ravens: Good Game The 49ers are a Great Team 49ers: The Ravens only won because Lamar Jackson "BLACK"

  3. author

    Wolfgang Amadeus MozartIl y a heure

    The lakes have less losses then the nicks have wins 😂😂😂😂

  4. author

    jpgk1927Il y a heure

    Max should do that with the Patriots

  5. author

    OG DANNYIl y a heure

    Time for rockets to consider trading Westbrook for a 3 and D player and a stretch big. Knicks have like 5 PFs and could be stupid enough to trade for westbrook.

  6. author

    Dre SavageIl y a heure

    Devin booker is way better but Brandon Ingram has most improved this year by far

  7. author

    BIG AIl y a heure

    Joshua summoned that African Mandingo warrior spirit 4 this one congratulations 2x Heavyweight champion A.J Black power 💪💪

  8. author

    JayXhunter HDIl y a heure

    Who seeing this rn ?lol

  9. author

    Sun RooIl y a heure

    What a stupid take. But coming from Tim Legler, I say NO SURPRISED!

  10. author

    Marketing And Design EssentialsIl y a heure

    Plot Twist: Nikola out here secretly filming live game footage for Space Jam 2 🤔

  11. author

    Mr. GrIl y a heure

    He is just out of shape He was awful prior to the season on the FIBA world championships but they didn't watch that

  12. author

    BK NYIl y a heure

    Lol the worst advice you can give Westbrook... might as well tell him he can’t avg a quintuple double.

  13. author

    M3gaManIl y a heure

    Who here after he lost by unanimous😞

  14. author

    Aleksandar DjuricIl y a heure

    Man, they should get Paul Pierce and Rachel Nichols off tv. They straight up suck. Have no idea what they are talking about.

  15. author

    Ryan TerryIl y a heure

    I love how all of you are sitting on a couch, eating Doritos and have the nerve to call a player “trash” or “Shameful to the game”. Point of the game is to win games, right? Harden has never had a losing season as the man in Houston. “Harden doesn’t have a ring tho???!??” Ok you try going against the 14-15 warriors (in WCF when his starting PG was Prigioni and PF was Terrence Jones or Motijunas), 72 win Warriors (Shouldn’t be considered a bad loss), (Yes he did not play well be SAS, I’ll concede), then takes GS to 7 games in WCF with his best teammate out the last 2 games, then lost to them last year but he did average 35/6/7 but of course it is somehow still his fault as always even though when LeBron averaged a trip dub to GS and lost in 5 (I think) you all slobbered over him. Y’all are just haters, just watch the game and stfu unless you want to go out there and try to win a game yourself, then I’ll gladly stfu.

  16. author

    Organic Beats and EatsIl y a heure

    Stephen looking good in that Black On Black!!

  17. author

    mark priceIl y a heure

    Slow news day at ESPN. What's next? Lebron makes friends with the groundskeeper? How many times can you run this????

  18. author

    Joseph GomezIl y a heure

    I’ll give a piece of advice if you want to guard Giannis. Either be Giannis or be Kawhi.

  19. author

    Scott HinkensIl y a heure

    Dudes aggressiveness is a blessing and a curse. Obviously u want guys that give it their all every game, but his aggressiveness often leads to tons of turnovers and I'll timed shots. If Westbrook could have just become more controlled over the years and figured out a 3 point shot, he would have literally been unstoppable....still obviously a great player though.

  20. author

    Dabba dooIl y a heure

    Well she sure hasn’t missed a meal 😱

  21. author

    Billy HouleIl y a heure

    I hate when Jalen says he never got dunked on or crossed over EVER 😂 yeah bud cause you never ever tried on defense 😂😂😂😂😂😂 seen a clip where Jalen is talking about “if you haven’t been dunked on or crossed over you ain’t playing defense” but here he is talking about how no one ever postered him or anything 😂

  22. author

    EPetit84Il y a heure

    Geez Perkins is getting Huge! Starting to look like Damian Woody 🤦‍♂️

  23. author

    zaheer shaikhIl y a heure


  24. author

    HOrseshoeMIl y a heure

    Jokic is NOT power forward, he's point center and his stats for nov. are the same as they were last year!! They'll improve as they always do... Denver players cannot hit 3ptrs and that's it, once they start hitting open perimeter shots Jokic will have more chance to score, assist and bunny-hop (offence rebound and point) more points.. Out of the league?? This Jacoby dude is on drugs obviously..

  25. author

    J.B No limitIl y a heure


  26. author

    Serg NYCIl y a heure

    Paul Pierce is not the smartest guy at all.

  27. author

    Gradi DodoIl y a heure

    He called it so well🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  28. author

    Ryan EgbertIl y a heure

    Seriously? This is an actual talking point? This is actually what these sports “analysts” are talking about? What is happening to ESPN? This is the most garbage story I’ve ever heard.

  29. author

    Mike SmithIl y a heure

    Stephan A is a national treasure, we must protect this man at all costs

  30. author

    Wade GokuIl y a heure

    Anyone here after Joshua redeemed himself and rightly beat Ruiz

  31. author

    HottestOnTheBlockIl y a heure


  32. author

    Anibal SalarisIl y a heure

    Right now for me is Gianni's with out a doubt. Then doncic, then harden and James in forth place.

  33. author

    EPetit84Il y a heure

    Stephen A been workin out.. His face looks slimmer... keep it up 💪🏼😎

  34. author

    Veego von DOOM- Reviews!Il y a heure

    Class act.

  35. author

    Lunan CopelandIl y a heure

    Say what foolz🥴

  36. author

    BABY GIRLIl y a heure

    giannis always breathes heavy like he is digesting food he just ate every video

  37. author

    Mantas LukosiunasIl y a heure

    Couple of weeks ago: Melo will never play in this league again. Today: Melo will play more seasons in this league.

  38. author

    Rodney MortonIl y a heure

    Stephen a Smith what fight we're you watching?? He knocked him down twice as you seen

  39. author

    Ya RoIl y a heure

    Love Richard Jefferson in the show^^ but wait, the Knicks have TWO wins against teams over 0,500 in a year, did I hear right? So both against the Mavs this season...?

  40. author

    finchaplinIl y a heure

    Jokic just hasn't a clue how to be real professional in NBA yet. There was a reason why serbian NT coach who is a living legend in Serbia btw, started games in WC with Boban playing C, he (the coach) actually have accolades to do so. I think he got in bad physical shape during summer, Serbian coach Djordjevic punished him for it, and he is still in process getting into his best shape. He will learn from all of this, he will get tired hearing criticism from medias and he will get better. It's a learning curve, he will get back to his best as season goes forward.

  41. author

    Aren MooreIl y a heure

    Why would anyone want to go after being stood up like that?

  42. author

    James ParkerIl y a heure


  43. author

    Tommy Gunnz805Il y a heure

    Teddy Atlas called this FIGHT TO THE TEE!!!!💯💯💯

  44. author

    Cesar FadulIl y a heure

    Hes just waiting for the post season

  45. author

    cheet0_9Il y a heure

    I thought portnoy was that Character jack black played in TROPIC THUNDER

  46. author

    bassbumpaIl y a heure

    3:00 for Melo

  47. author

    Johnatan SalazarIl y a heure

    Been watching so much first take, get up and undisputed that I feel like I’m a professional debater in real life lol 😅

  48. author

    Crimson JaxIl y a heure

    I'm not sure if ESPN favors the SEC or not....

  49. author

    Larry WhipitIl y a heure

    my question: Who is winning? Colin or the NFL?

  50. author

    Johnny savage Juicy JIl y a heure

    Stephen A you got to ride the trubisky wave💯🐻🐻🐻

  51. author

    Un KnownIl y a heure


  52. author

    Ivan KIl y a heure

    these fools ran out of topics to talk about.. buddy said he’s worried the Lakers defense, we’re still #1 in the league. period pooh

  53. author

    Josh AntleyIl y a heure

    I'll never understand how people say Roethlisberger is a HOF but eli is borderline I just dont get it

  54. author

    therandompizaguyIl y a heure

    Houston played on of the their smartest games with Harden against the Raptors. Great ball movement, getting everyone involved, off-ball movement, just high IQ ball. All that almost got ruined by Westbrook who has the basketball IQ of a rock. So please no.

  55. author

    HIl y a heure

    Nowadays Paul Pierce lookin like he runs a book club

  56. author

    khelwiiIl y a heure

    Steven A is Hilarious HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

  57. author

    Samuel RobertsonIl y a heure

    Big fan of bronny right here. hes going places.

  58. author

    Dragon ManifestIl y a heure

    Ruiz SMART.. HE DEFINITELY RING SMART so he will pace himself

  59. author

    Rayvon LawsonIl y a heure

    Y they always lookin up ??..... teleprompter🤔

  60. author

    Bank RobbaIl y a heure

    He has such a recognizable face

  61. author

    M CIl y a heure

    If your going to get the call wrong review it and make it right, I don’t like the refs lately these past few years stop playing sides and then they even try to make it up with another dumb call for the opposite team just stop it’s not professional.

  62. author

    KristijanIl y a heure

    He calld it

  63. author

    RonIl y a heure

    SAS same guy who said that he sees Haskins more as a runner just because he's black

  64. author

    Joe Is my heroIl y a heure

    Yoooo anyone forget about demarcus cousins on the lakers

  65. author

    Shi Oon YiIl y a heure

    Lol Jalen, the sarcasm is thicc in this one.

  66. author

    b_phoen1xIl y a heure

    Let’s Go Suns ☀️

  67. author

    Anthony HodgeIl y a heure

    That’s a crazy

  68. author

    lamanticoraIl y a heure

    Yeah, Westbrook, keep turning over the ball at a historical pace and taking boneheaded shots! You are clearly doing something right with all that playoff success

  69. author

    Leiden mIl y a heure

    0:57 Isaiah Thomas playing defense?

  70. author

    Bronsexual Patrol-#HOKAGEIl y a heure

    He’s trash, most definitely not a top 10 player or top 3 big man

  71. author

    Chris MannoIl y a heure

    Stopppp, please... this dudes the LEAST dependable. Liable to up and leave, do something dumb like drive drunk, or domestic violence. Can’t be a leader of other young men if you can’t been accountable in your own life

  72. author

    D JonesIl y a heure

    Kuzma missed camp and all that give him a month or 2 to come all the way to form

  73. author

    David FranciscoIl y a heure

    So yall aren't gonna make a video of your golden boy team the clippers getting blown out by the bucks?

  74. author

    Paul HansonIl y a heure

    Looking at this in the future: it’s amazing how the network powers that be really want to drive a narrative that has the Lakers on top-as if that’s the natural order of things. Guess what? In December 2019 the Lakers are 1st in the league standings, doing very well-and ratings across the NBA are down. TV viewership is down. Be careful of what you wish for.

  75. author

    Inhinyero AbogadoIl y a heure

    Load management as supposed to be!! Play your a-game, take a comfortable lead, then rest during the later part of the game in preparation for the next one...NOT that ploy where you take a game off in preparation for the next game. That's blatant disservice to the fans, to the game, and in small part to the team which you chose to take a rest on.

  76. author

    GutsIl y a heure

    Kaepernick is a joke. Lol

  77. author

    nmb Memphis beast24Il y a heure

    Too much praise that's what's going on they trying to force him to be a superstar

  78. author

    romeo JosephIl y a heure

    Yes get rid of him, i think he is a liability. He’s going to cost Lakers in the the playoffs, i truely beleave so.

  79. author

    D’angelo RusselIl y a heure

    Caught pat bev slippin

  80. author

    Throw Congress OverboardIl y a heure

    Notice how REAL NVA PLAYERS just think differently from everyone else ??? Lol fans and media think they know everything but ACTUAL players nearly always disagree with them 😂 😂. The players that actually play/ played the game and have a deeper understanding of the NBA than folks sitting on the couch eating Pop tarts watching . Idiot fans will say Russ needs to stop being aggressive but NBA players will say no he needs to stay aggressive

  81. author

    Abdullah ASIl y a heure

    to much fat gain in the summer for the fatty boy! he need to work harder next summer and lose some weight, period.

  82. author

    Juan NegroIl y a heure

    Rj n fat dude wak MELO DA GOAT.

  83. author

    Toby SchneiderIl y a heure

    The Knicks Owners dont care about the product, they sell out every year and make their money, feel bad for the fans

  84. author

    Jos AllapaIl y a heure

    16 Dec against the Mavs, 19 Dec against the Lakers. Two elite West teams. If you beat them both, there is no excuse for not getting the crown this season. Giannis, the world talks about you so go, go, go.

  85. author

    Josaiah GonzalesIl y a heure

    I hope he goes to super bowl n lose to niners

  86. author

    birdmangorilla100Il y a heure

    Stephen A. was wayyyy cooler about this guy then he was about Kap..... smh I’m not even gonna go there this dude lame.

  87. author

    DeAndre PageIl y a heure

    Lonzo Trier should be traded to the Lakers (Slasher-style) for Quinn Cook. 😀😀😀

  88. author

    Jay RoseIl y a heure

    bruh the beat drop @3:11 couldnt have come at a better time

  89. author

    Robert LewisIl y a heure

    She can’t read

  90. author

    John ArgiresIl y a heure

    Not only do you not need evidence, you don’t even have to state what the word(s) are anymore. The only thing worse than Garret is these media clowns who just propagates the lie. I actually was on Garett’s side until he played the race card. Just remember black people and media, every time you play that “card” your winning the battle but loosing the war.

  91. author

    Chris AlcantarIl y a heure

    Rex was a badass defensive cordinator we should get rid of gus bradley and get him

  92. author

    oiuet souiuIl y a heure

    "I love me some jj reddick" stephanie gay smith

  93. author

    J StarrIl y a heure

    Why is Stephen A. Always screaming? Kinda comes off as just a loudmouth. And I know nobody really likes a loudmouth. Not always he comes off like this sometimes his views are how you’d say.. questionable? Lol. I will admit he’s one of their best commentators though

  94. author

    David ChandlerIl y a heure

    paul is overrrtaed be was barely and not even all star half his career and allstar maybe galf of it but not elite never was elite except a couople playoff series

  95. author

    DeAndre PageIl y a heure

    Teams change from 1 year to the next: Lakers Portland Trailblazers

  96. author

    Michael J. GiulianoIl y a heure

    Lol ya what’s wrong with him!???? 3rd in the west and averaging 15.7, 10, 6. It’s a bad season if u ask me

  97. author

    Winfield CorpeningIl y a heure

    They jerked Ty$on

  98. author

    David RothleutnerIl y a heure

    If memory serves me right did Pat Riley play with the Phoenix Suns during the 1975-76 session before he retired?

  99. author

    Jack CoopeCooperIl y a heure

    Trade Kyle kuzma for a Knockdown three point shooter who plays good Perimeter defense

  100. author

    Egg ToastIl y a heure

    Sco ducks