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  1. author

    Isaiah BoddenIl y a jour

    Rocket will never win a chip. With james Harden unitl he stop shooting three he bugin

  2. author

    dboy nashIl y a jour

    Max had turned into a real LeBron hater, and he has nothing to do with Leonard load management , that's crazy you should be taking off the job for a comment like that, glad Jefferson was on there too correct you

  3. author

    Diego MendezIl y a jour

    This was a train-wreck from the jump 🤦‍♂️

  4. author

    Jordan EasonIl y a jour

    Max is dumb!! Win another super bowl. But they regret trading him. Fire max

  5. author

    Mad JaKkIl y a jour

    fYI soccer isn’t a American Sport 🤷🏾‍♂️sorry pablo 😭😂

  6. author

    Flight_guyIl y a jour

    *"He only threw 8 times!"* Yeah ok everyone, don't even consider the week 12 GB/49 game.

  7. author

    Hovscorpion12Il y a jour

    No. Every player deserves an opportunity to shine. Garoppolo was hiding in the shadows of Brady. Wasn’t able to show off his strengths and abilities. Now that’s he’s with the 49ers, he’s able to show off his worth. Even if he was never traded, he’ll always be the secondary behind Brady. I can’t wait to see his performance in the Super Bowl.

  8. author

    True JourneyIl y a jour

    Y’all still debating this stupid topic lol

  9. author

    X-Axis CoolOutIl y a jour

    Giannis for MVP

  10. author

    Jay SuaveIl y a jour

    How can you call somebody a goat when you get caught cheating so many times.. Bradys trying to redeem himself and is trying to win a legit SB thats why hes leaving the cheating patriots because he knows all them SB are***

  11. author

    Jelani WoodIl y a jour

    Omfg stahp, ESPN. This is why you're bottoming out over there and people are cancelling you.

  12. author

    Rayjr YoungIl y a jour

    What a lousy topic

  13. author

    Austin LiparyIl y a jour

    Shi looks anorexic

  14. author

    William BaiIl y a jour

    Bro it’s still better than Russel WestBrick shooting them lmfao

  15. author

    DookyIl y a jour

    Brady was carried by the Refs on that final drive of the KC game lol

  16. author

    Robert StrongIl y a jour

    Look how the ball hit AD in the face @ 2:42 😂😂

  17. author

    Loyal Philly fanIl y a jour

    Nah. Since then they’ve been to 2 Super Bowls and won 1. Plus if Tua falls in the draft they can pick him up. Also if they didn’t trade him he would’ve left in free agency cause they wouldn’t have the money to pay him.

  18. author

    DLTIl y a jour

    Did this clown Stephen A say that Deion didn't travel? Are you insane

  19. author

    Ricky AlfaroIl y a jour

    Max and Orvlovsky just need to fight already

  20. author

    Ben BrennerIl y a jour

    Stephen just said this was Cowboy's first PPV event ever and I'm wondering why anyone actually hires this guy.

  21. author

    Treycoyne12Il y a jour

    Omg this show lmao. “Should we be worried about the lakeshow?” They had one bad game

  22. author

    shimène CARITAIl y a jour

    bj boston my boy

  23. author

    Random BSIl y a jour

    How is he like Babe Ruth? He didn’t gamble his team to win.

  24. author

    JerichoIl y a jour

    Brady is not even in the convo

  25. author

    King KyIl y a jour

    Westbrook in the clutch is a chicken with his head cut off

  26. author

    Michael StillIl y a jour

    Max is a clown lol

  27. author

    Broadway JohnIl y a jour

    Marcus spears and Dan orlovsky have been disagreeing all morning going back to Get Up lol.

  28. author

    Jakob GoldsteinIl y a jour

    Max is the dumbest MF i ever seen.

  29. author

    XLIVLPIl y a jour

    I can almost endur an entire ESPN video with Smith in it talking and not yelling. And I'm sure wherever Brady goes, no cheating scandals.

  30. author

    J Millzo RyanIl y a jour

    Dude these topics.... are wack!

  31. author

    Patriots Nation 4 Life Tom Brady is GOATIl y a jour

    Namath is the only person with a brain

  32. author

    Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideosIl y a jour

    Belichick never wanted Garoppolo gone. In fact, he wanted him to start in the upcoming years. Brady wanted to play until he was 46, and wasn’t cool with that idea. So he told Kraft (The Owner) to trade Garoppolo. This is one of the reasons Bill doesn’t want Brady next year.

  33. author

    rogelio9299Il y a jour

    Sorry too all the bucks fans but if they dont win this year and do a repeat of last year..hes gone! Hey at least Milwaukee was relevant for a while..

  34. author

    Fidhel AlvarezIl y a jour

    I’m waiting for these guys to come to blows one day

  35. author

    Duck BanksIl y a jour

    Would love to see steph and klay as reporters after their nba careers lol.

  36. author

    philip cooperIl y a jour

    Reeves hating

  37. author

    DookyIl y a jour

    Jimmy has been carried by that defense and run game. Put Jimmy in that Patriots team this past season and the Pats don't even make the playoffs. This is coming from a Patriots hater.

  38. author

    riley garciaIl y a jour

    They should've kept Ingram instead of Kuzma. Dude cares more about his hair then the game. He has a new haircut every week. And the most important part he's a ball dominant scorer which isn't gonna get him anywhere with LeBron and Ad in tbe lineip

  39. author

    kasper riebergIl y a jour

    SURPRISE !! But Westbrook ‘messed around and got a triple double’ ! Stat padders

  40. author

    D AveryIl y a jour

    How many super bowls have they won since?

  41. author

    J RocIl y a jour

    23-5. Let’s stop the sucking off fest of mahomes. Hasn’t won yet.

  42. author

    Nicooo SuaveeeIl y a jour

    Thumbnail got belichick looking like he finna choke tf outta him 😂

  43. author

    chaolin xingIl y a jour

    well atleast max is consistent with his bs

  44. author

    Juan MorilloIl y a jour

    Nadal, Federer, S. Williams, Messi, Ronaldo... You guys are funny!

  45. author

    MrVenz81Il y a jour

    Jimmy is an average quarterback on a good defensive team.

  46. author

    Hustler MantineIl y a jour

    Brady won mvp the year they traded him and put up 505 yards in the sb (even though they lost)

  47. author

    LeeboniczIl y a jour

    Smh SAS had to take a sick day

  48. author

    KR TrainingIl y a jour

    Last Season: Lebron is not playing hard. This Season: Lebron is playing too hard lol. Smh.

  49. author

    marthkid1Il y a jour

    Espn despite your beliefs there are more than 2 American team sports and exponentially more in the rest of the world personally I’d say Usain Bolt who’s isnt on a team sport but has been the most consistent throughout the decade

  50. author

    Gwalla BearIl y a jour

    I have no clue why she left like that... you never do that to your kids Idgad. i’d be a proud parent if my son or daughter picked where they wanted to go and I would support them

  51. author

    Sports 311Il y a jour

    Max is a Brady hater up until the day he retires

  52. author

    Calvin LeeIl y a jour

    You are the doubters. NINERS FANS NEVER DOUBTED JIMMY G or anyone on our team!

  53. author

    Richard HillIl y a jour

    Well, TOM TERRIFIC felt threatened, ergo the trade.

  54. author

    Raul GutierrezIl y a jour

    Bart Scott stupid

  55. author

    Aries AndersonIl y a jour

    These topics getting out of hand And mahomes haven’t won a championship yet

  56. author

    MergIl y a jour

    obviously at this very moment Mahomes is at the top of the sports world

  57. author

    Jonathan VicoIl y a jour

    Wait why is the narrative that Dak is the only player that needs help. Outside of Watson who still has a good receiving core. Mahomes has Andy Reid, Kelce. Hill and players running a 4.3-4.2. Kirk has arguably the best 2 WR duo, and a great run game. All the best Qbs have a HOF coach or a pro bowl level roster. And i love how everyone automatically thinks Amari and Gallup are all pro recievers when nobody respects Amari and killed the cowboys for not taking DJ Moore. But since its Dak they make it seem like Amari and Gallup are Julio Jones and Antonio Brown. GTFO

  58. author

    Chatha PhugubIl y a jour

    How ridiculously American can this topic be when we definitely have an MLS, at least try and not make us look like buffoonery personified to the rest of the globe. Stay out of Donald's lane he's got that sewn up

  59. author

    gotspeeIl y a jour

    Max was spot on!

  60. author

    Brittany GarrisonIl y a jour

    GO BIRDS!!!!!

  61. author

    Fego OrohIl y a jour

    Molly stfu!!!🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  62. author

    J AlvesIl y a jour

    Tom Brady is the MVP of all sports, it’s pretty simple. Prisoners of the moment will take this question as this past season or in recent memory, Tom Brady plays the hardest position in sports and dominated that position and the sport for two decades. It’s easy.

  63. author

    alvaro209209Il y a jour

    Brady won 2 more chips sine they traded him

  64. author

    Darrion FreemanIl y a jour

    Rockets are starting to look like the browns... In my opinion

  65. author

    Liftheavy85Il y a jour

    Regret what? He was a non-factor in the championship game so I would say no.

  66. author

    Toribio RomoIl y a jour

    Marcus sounds like an idiot, we haven’t seen Mahomes against the Niners defense either so shove a donut in your face hole and shut up bruh

  67. author

    Ferdinand CarsonIl y a jour

    This is my favorite team I am still trying to figure out the past draft. But this confirms my thoughts all along.

  68. author

    J NicIl y a jour

    This is such a dumb debate. I’m clearly the MVP.

  69. author

    Fernando ValenzuelaIl y a jour

    Guys it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out Lebron is playing this many minutes because he knows he can't beat the Clippers. He wants to have another excuse lined up for when he loses 🤔

  70. author

    Nicooo SuaveeeIl y a jour

    Harden don’t care bout winning🤷‍♂️ .. my mans just wanna score .. SIMPLE

  71. author

    earth barIl y a jour

    Why would Phoenix give up Booker stupid, we will be better than he lakers in a few seasons

  72. author

    J DUBIl y a jour

    I am the KING of American sports !!!!

  73. author

    Frank GreyIl y a jour

    I like Mahomes, seems like a cool dude and very humble. But its topics like this that can make you already tired of a player because of ppl like Max. Brady is a standard and Lebron is important to the NBA in many ways.

  74. author

    dēaþIl y a jour

    If it devolves into a shootout, I'm taking Mahomes.

  75. author

    Terence GrantIl y a jour

    Marcus is the best talking head on ESPN.

  76. author

    Nick GonzalesIl y a jour

    I was starting to think Max was losing his mind but after watching this segment, I realized he lost that thing a long time ago

  77. author

    Kenneth MillsIl y a jour

    Want to sit on my bat?

  78. author

    ItsMattIl y a jour

    Kyle Shanahan laughing at these reporters hyping up the run game lol Chiefs going to forget that Kyle Shanahan has a lot of throwing plays he didn’t use in the playoffs nobody has seen yet

  79. author

    Bert SuluvaleIl y a jour


  80. author

    Malik SimsIl y a jour

    Steelers nation

  81. author

    ALB -_-Il y a jour

    Mcgregor grosse fresse nichts dahinter

  82. author

    Juan jesus ferreiraIl y a jour

    Celtics beat the Lakers by 32 Media : Kemba beats Lebron for the first time media is very biased in favor of the Lakers (and Lebron)

  83. author

    G WilliamsIl y a jour

    Lebron will be ok

  84. author

    Solomon ClearyIl y a jour

    James Harden is so overrated. Definitely not MVP just like last season. Oh my god he’s averaging over 35 oh my god THAT MEANS NOTHING IF YOU CANT WIN. Scoring is not everything

  85. author

    Fuzzy WuzzyIl y a jour

    This is what happens when you put your child under the spotlight

  86. author

    Gentrified KanyeIl y a jour

    Brady put up better numbers this year than Jimmy Garrapolo with worse weapons

  87. author

    Medijine TimeIl y a jour

    Brady is staying with the Pats.

  88. author

    BooBlatIl y a jour

    I'm Tom Brady with a green face

  89. author

    Juan MorilloIl y a jour


  90. author

    MiloIl y a jour


  91. author

    derrick davisIl y a jour


  92. author

    SShaBazzzIl y a jour

    The conversation should be between Rodger Federer and Tom Brady. These two guys have literally won more championships than everyone else. I cant put Lebron in this conversation because you have KD and Steph who have won just as much as he did. KD for a good 3-4 year stretch held the mantle of best player in the league. Pat mahomes is just starting. He hasnt even won a superbowl yet so how is he in the conversation? Rodger Federer and Tom Brady are the only 2 players who have dominated for 2 entire decades and are still going.

  93. author

    larry smithIl y a jour

    The answer is Mike trout baddest man in sports

  94. author

    Edler AlceIl y a jour

    Load management is a thing now, even SAS is doing it.

  95. author

    Mario WrightIl y a jour

    i think its so ridiculous that these people have nothing at all to talk about. i could come up with better topics espn come hire me

  96. author

    DookyIl y a jour

    I'm honestly losing what little respect I have for First Take. I'm struggling not to hit the unsubscribe button. Who is the moron that decided this would be a segment. The meaning of MOST VALUABLE PLAYER has been completely ruined by morons who think stats and winning is everything. Say what you will about LeBron, but he makes his team a contender every year, and yeah, his he's only won 3 chips, but he's gotten to the Finals 9 TIMES no one can say that.

  97. author

    Robert AlcalaIl y a jour

    I really hate these topics especially one who never played any of these sports real simple LeBron goat for Basketball Brady goat of Football they should name the MVP of super bowl T Brady and the Super Bowl trophy after Bill Belichek it's time for change!

  98. author

    K KIl y a jour

    The MVP of all sports is that camera and buzzer thing attached to Altuve's nipple.

  99. author

    Delusion In The BrainIl y a jour

    lol heres a stradagy, stop chuckin 3s

  100. author

    Nestor GarciaIl y a jour

    If Tom Brady leaves, Dak Prescott goes to the Patriots