Jeremy Clarkson's, Richard Hammond's and James May's home of epic motoring and pulse-racing adventure.

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    Dead ReckonIl y a jour

    You know you've been in the entertainment industry too long when you're 57 going on 70.

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    VooDooIl y a jour

    its loud on the inside...dump it

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    Isosceles KramerIl y a jour

    LOL I remember when they showed the concept on Top Gear and Jeremy and May just roasted the car, and then Hammond said he reserved one.

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    c0rseIl y a jour

    That grand final finish was something else. Really exciting stuff.

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    There Is No SpoonIl y a jour

    Vantablack makes 3D shapes disappear? I’m going to get my Cybertruck painted with this stuff.

  6. author

    Ian TaylorIl y a jour

    Fugly, is all I can say.

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    BeaterIl y a jour

    Nice toy there mate. Middle age crisis still going strong, huh? XDDD

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    Prakhar TrivediIl y a jour

    What a bloody idiot....

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    Milton M.Il y a jour

    TL;DR: It’s just a Ford Ranger Raptor commercial.

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    rollthelosingdiceIl y a jour

    Time to move out wtf

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    Milton M.Il y a jour

    Those ancient phones and ear phones though...

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    BLACK RAIN ARMSIl y a jour

    Lmao 😄😄😄😄👍👍👍👌

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    Rob CarterIl y a jour

    Dacia Sandero? Definitely the Alpine! Love it!

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    Nosy ParkerIl y a jour

    Vantablack BMW in a Black Panther movie would be pretty epic.

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    l SIl y a jour

    One of James' rules: No sex. Who needs sex when one gets to be near one of such awesome works of car tech. Tempted to use a lame pun but stranger things really have happened. Creepiness aside, metaphor desc regarding the handling nice.

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    Cactus JackIl y a jour

    No more Mike he's dull

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    Taylor-James PyeIl y a jour

    I like how he can just be himself he doesn’t have to watch his language because he’s on tv

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    Cactus JackIl y a jour

    Can I have the floor samples

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    Nicholas YapIl y a jour

    There was no disbandment.

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    Cham JDMIl y a jour

    This is Braazy!

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    jack bowleyIl y a jour

    Id have his mk2 polo

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    shadow haziqIl y a jour

    If me, i would like to borrow Jeremy's green Mercedes Grosser 600 because i want to uses that car horn on the streets

  23. author

    james brennanIl y a jour

    I'd take the Tesla

  24. author

    Richard JohnIl y a jour

    It begins with P. And it's not a Fiat.

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    Nafees Imtiaz SayeedIl y a jour

    3:50 reality check. 300mph not possible in a Rimac. Is this scripted?

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    Simon FeaganIl y a jour

    Id like a drive of his old rolls royce 2dr I seen it in guisbrough near where I live when they where filming in the area years ago

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    Ron KnoxIl y a jour

    Didn't he have a 458? I'll take it please.

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    Patrick ConnersIl y a jour

    Love my 2001 996 in Zanzibar Red with full leather mocha interior with a manual trans. Only 35 k miles! My forever car and then I am giving it to my youngest son.

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    Joshua DunlapIl y a jour

    I mostly agree, global warming is real. Solutions? We’re already implementing them. And yes, they can all fuck off

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    Bryan KincaidIl y a jour

    check out the poop for brains following , way too close , idiots ,

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    MrDieselakiasIl y a jour

    Another USELESS video

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    christdragonIl y a jour

    Any gas car for me has to have a manual trans. None of this silly flappy paddle nonsense. For commuting from A to B an electric car is most efficient and for weekend fun anything rear drive with a manual trans. Thanks.

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    Ian McMillanIl y a jour

    Your a dick

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    Gavin WilliamsIl y a jour

    Less cars = less air pollution... simple.

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    Visan GeorgianIl y a jour

    May:"Hi stoners" Me: *lights joint* "and hello to you too, sir"

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    Mac MashPotatoIl y a jour

    4runner is possibly the skid plate shaking under the truck, probably a loose bolt.

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    CyLoIl y a jour

    the reving and shifting looks and sounds so seamless...

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    Văn TrầnIl y a jour

    Does anyone know where i can find that gt jacket he's wearing when they show up to his place? (If they even released it of course)

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    Mac MashPotatoIl y a jour

    the rain sensors on my wipers seem to work ok most of the time, but sometimes will do what was described in the video

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    JimJIl y a jour

    The new mechanic in WD seems to be a celebrity mechanic if there is such a thing. Could outshine Mike ?

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    EthansWRLDIl y a jour

    The closest I'll get to a gt40 is the pw40 I got off of Craigslist

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    David ChamberlinIl y a jour

    I'm partial to the Rothmans livery Honda.

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    blond339Il y a jour

    Grand Tour's latest "season" is TWO episode only now, you have thousands of amazon subscribers associated with your show and you assholes take for GRANTED you will have a following... GOOD LUCK here are three posts from >grandtournation< that support Dave Burkitt October 5, 2019 at 3:24 am Only 2 episodes. Why are we paying for prime. Susan October 5, 2019 at 3:15 am Surely they can do more than two a year. Like others, it was because of The Grand Tour that I signed up for Amazon Prime in the first place. Please rethink the number of episodes. We really look forward to watching Jeremy, James, and Richard. H. Wood October 4, 2019 at 9:21 pm It’s not really a “season” with only 2 episodes. That sounds more like 2 stand-alone specials. I too decided to get Amazon Prime for this show, along with Amazon shipping discounts. I find myself watching less and less on Amazon. Much of their programming requires paying yet another fee on top of the Prime membership. I will probably cancel my membership and try another streaming service with more shows that don’t require a payment on top of payment. PULL YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR FUCKING ASS"S

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    rcpmacIl y a jour

    3d scanner? What year is this! I can do that with my 2yo iphone!

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    Paul MooreIl y a jour

    I caught a wet fish once and I had a poo the same day, chose not to make a youtube channel about it

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    CMDR NyxtonIl y a jour

    I just watched a ten minute ad for some god damn gas. HAMMOND!!

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    Stuart MacleanIl y a jour

    Pulling all of those old, beautiful trees down in itself would be a travesty. I'm with Jeremy on this one!!

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    ErmakBrovarIl y a jour

    How can you not fart? How can you stop someone from farting? And how can you check if someone actually farted or not?

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    Pawel RapczynskiIl y a jour


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    Wrecked And Loose PublishingIl y a jour

    why so much focus on the shed ? why is that so wierd ? If theres an internet connection it doesnt matter where he is ?

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    Nicolas HerreraIl y a jour


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    Milton M.Il y a jour

    His Tesla.

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    Ian SpencerIl y a jour

    The analogy between those three cars in particular was terrible

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    unskeIl y a jour

    Nice fake video

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    Mats LindbladIl y a jour

    Home version, without lego, is to play Trivial pursuit and you have to drink whenever you miss a question. :)

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    Srini AeroIl y a jour

    You dirtied the Ferrari car cover by covering it on a Tesla

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    Derrick WilliamsIl y a jour

    Morgan finally joins the 21st century and, amazingly, it's better.

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    Kevin DavidIl y a jour

    Lo mas seguro para conducir tranquilo por la noche

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    Chris SeanIl y a jour

    i lived in a two story house and drive a camry

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    Mr.SlapHappyIl y a jour

    4:23 Lol Communism.

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    Dr. BillIl y a jour

    Richard Hammond Channels Al Pacino. Doppelgänger

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    Jack CareyIl y a jour

    Well at the age of 25 and having a 1198 ducati, I think that's more than enough for the road at a fraction of the cost hahaha but if I had to choose I'd have a skyline r34 with schumachers v10 :p yeah baby!

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    YoshiIl y a jour

    *jazz music stops*:

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    Mahmoud ElgassierIl y a jour

    I really like this! I'm happy to see this esport. I enjoy the fighters and FPSes and RTSes, but racing is dope! Please keep bringing this up.

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    sasa haIl y a jour

    my dreamcar aswell...i want one but they are hella expensive

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    shaddapushaddapIl y a jour

    Worst video ever, oh I think I would have the paint tins at the front as well .

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    Hus 9Il y a jour

    When humans figure-out Solid State Batteries humans will have faster Electric Cars

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    Tohunga UwishinIl y a jour

    What kind of sewing machine?

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    mistrekuIl y a jour

    actually, mid engines cars tend to have a rear bias regarding weight distribution, iirc. while a lot of front engined sports cars tend to be very close to 50/50 distribution.

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    Den BettsIl y a jour

    These esport gamers are all professional some are millionaires from tournament prize money and have sponsorship deals with the actual car manufacturers themselves. The gran turismo academy program has seen gamers graduate to careers as professional racing drivers.Also the lead designer on gran turismo Kaz Yamauchi is a proper car nut he raced le man 24 hour.

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    Guillermo castillaIl y a jour

    old rolsr.

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    Borja OjedaIl y a jour

    If that Alpine were mine, I would've punched you out of the car the second after you slammed the door shut. Where are people's manners when it comes to closing doors on someone else's car??? It freaking drives me nuts.

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    Servitoros GamesIl y a jour

    I love the McLaren 720s because it's not an ordinary McLaren like the others. It's different

  74. author

    Simon MorrisIl y a jour

    Where is his polo neck and tweed cap. Never mind the backless driving gloves!😁

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    Luke CollinsIl y a jour


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    larsmonsen88Il y a jour

    Meet an idiot*

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    Josh RinleeIl y a jour

    Id take his 458

  78. author

    schuletripIl y a jour

    Alpine 110 for me. Love love love it!! Want one!

  79. author

    Michael BurgessIl y a jour

    SatNav was invented by the military for the military. Just had to get your sales pitch complete, eh?

  80. author

    Simon GreavesIl y a jour

    Well, Not exactly a well lit room Can't help thinking that was on purpose.

  81. author

    Luke PageIl y a jour

    The interior of Toyota cars are fuucking ugly 😂

  82. author

    max powerIl y a jour

    Fantastic, enjoyable, sexy little car ! yeah, JOYTASTIC

  83. author

    Nitin ArunIl y a jour

    Still the A110

  84. author

    Conner FenshamIl y a jour

    Can I have the Ford GT. That is my favourive car and in my favourive color!

  85. author

    Conner FenshamIl y a jour

    I love the stack a track. I collect Hot Wheel cars so i think this would be a gret addition to my collection. Thanks James.

  86. author

    Darren KeoghIl y a jour

    This is going to spend more time outside schools and hauling shopping around than off road. This is too stylish, modern, Range Rover like to be anything resembling the old defender. Toooo much tech for things that wasn’t asked for

  87. author

    Lukas PhillipsIl y a jour

    Let’s get the fan base to 1 mill

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    Lavagreat The greatIl y a jour


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    Dale SubicIl y a jour

    I am trying to figure out why a pine tree is now a peen tree. They do have alpine environments in Europe yes?

  90. author

    PissMyAss LynchIl y a jour

    Can I have your 458 ?

  91. author

    Michael BarnesIl y a jour

    Jimmy Broadbent brought me here and now I’m hooked

  92. author

    itsallac0nspiracyIl y a jour

    ‘Kerbing’, not ‘curbing’. Come on, James!

  93. author

    Ken 1138Il y a jour

    Hello Jimmer!

  94. author

    Hussam AzzabiIl y a jour

    Hello there

  95. author

    Random KindnessIl y a jour

    the 458...

  96. author

    Remus DIl y a jour

    The Alpine would be my choice

  97. author

    A BCDIl y a jour

    Wow.. this channel has reached a low. Lets focus on another episode of the grand tour (seaman) or perhaps a new series of our man in japan

  98. author

    Savage HistorianIl y a jour

    More than a million subscribers you'd think they can afford a decent microphone..

  99. author

    Juan Jose Peña QuevedoIl y a jour

    I would have his 458 Speciale.

  100. author

    AbidingDuderIl y a jour

    I would definitely pick one of Mr. May's motorcycles to take for a spin.